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Fraus et dolus nemini patrocianari Free warren. A franchise of hunt

debent. Fraud and deceit ought ing and preserving game in a to excuse no one.

warren. Fraus et jus nunquam cohabitant.

Free-borough men. The inhabitants Fraud and justice never live to

of a free burgh. gether.

Freedman. One freed from bondage. Fraus latet in generalibus. Fraud

servitude or slavery. lies hidden in generalities.

Freedom of the press. The same

rights and immunities in speakFraus legis. Fraud of the law.

ing the truth in reference to acts Fraus meretur fraudem. Fraud mer of government, public officials or its fraud.

individuals that are enjoyed by

the public at large. See 88 Ky. Fray. An affray.

603, 21 Am. St. Rep. 358, 11 S. W. Frectare. To freight.

713. Frectum. Freight.

Freefold. Same as Foldage.

Freehold. Any estate of inheritance Prednite. Immunity from fines.

or for life in either a corporeal or Fredum. A fine paid for a pardon incorporeal hereditament existing

for breach of the peace; a pay in or arising from real property of ment to a magistrate for protec free tenure. See 18 Colo. 298, 36 tion against vengeance.

Am. St. Rep. 280, 33 Pac. 144. Free. Without restraint or coercion; Freehold estate. Same as Freehold.

not enslaved; not bound; exon- Freehold in law. A freehold to erated; certain as applied to which one is entitled, but has not feudal services.

entered upon. Free alms. See Frankalmoigne. Freehold land societies. Societies Free bench. Dower in copyhold land.

for the aid of workingmen in ac

quiring freeholds. Free burgh. One which had charter

Freeholder. The owner of land in rights from the crown.

fee, for life or for an indetermiFree burrow. A frank pledge.

nate period. See Ann. Cas. 1913D, Free course. With the wind favor. 327, note. ing, in sailing a ship.

Freeman. A free holder, as opposed Free fishery. The exclusive right of to a villein. fishing in a public river.

Freeman's roll. A list of persons Free on board. See F. o. b.

entitled to participate in the vilFree services. Services becoming a lage government.

freeman ; such as were not base. Freight. Compensation for carFree ships. Neutral ships during riage of goods. See 3 Pick. war.

(Mass.) 20, 15 Am. Dec. 175. Free socage. Tenure by certain, Freighter. The charterer and free, and honorable services.

loader of a ship. Free socmen. Tenants in free Frendlesman. An outlaw. socage.

Frendwit. A fine for harboring an Free tenure. Freehold tenure; ten outlawei friend, ure by free services.

Freneticus. A lunatic.



Frentike. Same as Freneticus. Frith breach. Breach of the peace. Freoborgh. A frank pledge, which Frithman. A member of a comsee.

pany or fraternity.—Blount. Frequent. To visit frequently.

Frithsocne. Same as Frithsoken. Frequentia actus multum operatur. The frequency of the act effects

Frithsoken. Power to preserve the much.

peace. Fresh disseisin. Recent disseisin, Frithsplot. Sacred ground, where

such as one might resist by force. fugitives might safely hide. Fresh fine. A fine levied within the Frivolous. So palpably insufficient next preceding year.

as to show lack of good faith, as Fresh force. Force used within the

a pleading, argument, motion, obnext preceding forty days. See

jection. See 53 N. Y. 497. Assize of fresh force.

Frodmortel. Freedom from punishFresh pursuit. Pursuit of one's ment for killing.

goods immediately after their From and after. From and after a wrongful taking (see 11 N. H. 540;

date certain means excluding also 17 R. I. 437, 14 L. R. A. 317, that date and beginning with the 22 Atl. 1111); pursuit of a next one. See 35 Minn. 294, 59 criminal immediately after his Am. Rep. 326, 28 N. W. 919. commission of the crime. See 27

Fructuarius. One entitled to fruits Cal. 573.

and profits; a lessee. Fresh suit. Same as Fresh pursuit.

Fructus. Fruit; fruits.
Fret. Freight.
Freter. To freight.

Fructus augeat haereditatem. The

fruits go to increase the inheritFreteur. A freighter.

ance. Frettum. Freight.

Fructus civiles. Revenues; recomFretum. A strait.

penses. Friars. Members of certain reli

Fructus industriales. Annual prodgious orders.

ucts of the soil raised by yearly Friborg or Fridborg. Same as Freo.

manurance, labor and cultivation. borgh.

See 42 Minn. 412, 32 Am. St. Rep. Friend of the court. An amicus

571, 16 L. R. A. 103, 52 N. W. 36. curiae, which see. Friendly societies. Mutual aid or

Fructus legis. Fruit of the law;

execution. benefit societies. Friendly suit. Same as Amicable

Fructus naturales. Fruits and prod

uce of perennial trees, bushes action.

and grasses. See 49 Minn. 412, Frigidity. Impotence.

32 Am. St. Rep. 571, 16 L. R. A. Frilingi. Freemen.

103, 52 N. W. 36. Friscus. Fresh; recent.

Fructus pendentes. Fruits un. Friscus fortia. Fresh force, which plucked. see.

Fructus pendentes pars fundi videnFrithbote. A fine exacted for tur. Hanging fruits seem to be breach of the peace.

a part of the soil.



Fructus perceptos villae non esse Frustra petis quod mox es resti

constat. Gathered fruits are not turus. It is vain that you should a part of the farm.

seek what you will have to re

store immediately. See 15 Maşs. Fructus rei alienae. Fruit of an

407. other's property.

Frustra petis quod statim alteri redFructus separati. Plucked fruit.

dere cogeris. It is vain that you Fruges. Produce.

should seek that which you will Fruit. The produce of trees, plants be compelled immediately to or other vegetation.

transfer to another. Fruits of crime. Gains acquired in Frustra probatur quod probatum or by commission of an offense.

non relevat. It is vain to prove Frumenta quae sata sunt solo that which when proved is irrele

cedere intelliguntur. Grains vant. See 13 Gray (Mass.), 511. which are sown are understood to

Frustrum terrae. A segregated go with the soil.

piece or parcel of land. Frumentum. Grain.

Frutices. Bushes. Frumgild. The initial recompense

Frutex. A bush. to the relatives of one murdered.

Frutos. (Spanish) Fruits; profits. Frusca terra. Barren land.

Frythe. Clear land between woods; Frussura. A ploughing.

a strait. Frustra. In vain.

Fuage. A tax on hearths; hearthFrustra agit qui judicium prosequi

money. nequit cum effectu. He sues

Fuer. To flee. vainly who is unable to prosecute his judgment with effect.

Fuero. (Spanish) A use and cusFrustra est potentia quae nunquam

tom which has the force of law. venit in actum. A power or au

See 37 U. S. 410, 9 L. Ed. 1137. thority is vain which is never ex- Fuero de Castilla. (Spanish) The ercised.

old laws of Castile. Frustra expectatur eventus cujus Fuero de correos y caminas. (Span

effectus nullus sequitur. It is ish) A tribunal with jurisdiction vain to look forward to an event over postoffices and roads. which is to be followed by no re- Fuero de guerra. (Spanish) A trisult.

bunal having jurisdiction over Frustra feruntur leges nisi subditis military matters. et obedientibus. It is vain to

Fuero de marina. (Spanish) A make laws unless for those who

tribunal with jurisdiction over are subject and obedient.

naval matters. Frustra fit per plura, quod fieri po

Fuero juzgo. The old Visigothic test per pauciora. He acts vainly

laws of Spain. by many agencies who could act

Fuero municipal. (Spanish) A by a few of them. Frustra legis auxilium quaerit qui

town or city charter. in legem committit. One vainly Fuga catallorum. A drove of catseeks the law's aid who has trans

tle. gressed it.

Fugacia. Flight.


FURCA Fugam fecit. He has filed.

Fumage. Same as Fuage. Fugator. A privilege of hunting. Function. An official duty. See Fugie. A fugitive.

121 Ind. 20, 22 N. E. 644. Fugie-warrant. A warrant for the

Functionary. An officer, arrest of a fleeing debtor.

Functus. Performed. Fugitate. To outlaw.

Functus officio. Having performe! Fugitation. Outlawry; the flight of

its office; legally defunct; of a

process which has been returned ; a criminal from justice.

of an agent or officer without Fugitive from justice. One who, authority to proceed furtser. having committed an act crimi

Fundamental. Going to the essence nal in the state, left that state

or to the merits. See 28 Tex. Civ. and is to be found in another state. See 115 N. C. 811, 44 Am.

App. 541, 68 S. W. 329. St. Rep. 501, and note, 28 L. R. A. Fundamus. We found, i. e., estab289, 20 S. E. 729.

lish the foundation of. Fugitive slave. A slave who has Fundatio. A foundling. fled from his master.

Funded debt. A debt for whose Fugitivus. A fugitive.

payment a specific fund is proFull. Ample; complete;

vided. See 21 Barb. (N. Y.) 294.

perfect; not wanting in any essential.

Fundi patrimoniales. Inheritable See 44 Ala. 506.

lands. Full age. The period of life at

Fundi publici. Public lands. which a person becomes legally Funditores. Pioneers. capable of transacting business or Funds. Cash. of becoming contractually respon

Fundus. Lands. sible. See 34 Ky. 597.

Funeral expanses. Expenses conFull blood. That of the sons and

nected with the funeral ceremodaughters of the same parents. nies of a decedent, the burial, the Full court. One whereat all of the purchase of a lot and the mark

judges thereof are present on the ing of the grave. bench.

Fungible. Consumable by use and Full faith and credit. Applies to and returnable in kind, e. g.,

the judicial proceedings and the wine.
public acts of a sister state. See Fur. A thief.
39 Neb. 679, 42 Am. St. Rep. 613,

Fur manifestus. Ono palpably a 23 L. R. A. 210, 58 N. W. 226.

thief; i. e., taken red-handed. Full life. Existence both in law

Furandi animo. With intent to ‘and in fact, de facto and de jure.

steal. Full proof. Evidence which satis

Furandi animus. Intent to steal. fies the minds of the jury of the truth of the fact in dispute to the

Furca. A fork; a gallows. entire exclusion of every reason Furca et flagellum. Gallows and able doubt. See 38 N. J. L. 441, whip, a species of servile tenure. 20 Am. Rep. 409.

Furca et fossa. Gallows and pit, Fullum aquae. An aqueduct; a signifying punishment by hangstream,

ing and by drowning.



Furcare. To fourcher.

Furtively. Stealthily; by stealth. Furent criblés. They were debated. Furtum. Theft; larceny. Furigeldum. Payment for stealing.

Furtum conceptum. Discovered lar. Furiosi nulla voluntas est. A mad

ceny. man has no will.

Furtum est contrectatio rei alienae Furiosity. Raving madness.

fraudulenta, cum animo furandi, Furiosus. Mad; insane.

invito illo domino cujus res illa Furiosus absentis loco est. A luna fuerat. Larceny is the fraudu

tic is regarded as one who is ab lent taking of the goods of ansent.

other with intent to steal, against Furiosus nullum negotium contra.

the will of him in whose control here (gerere) potest (quia non in they were. telligit quod agit). An insane Furtum grave. Aggravated larceny, person cannot make a contract. e. g., from the person, from a (Because he cannot understand building. what he is doing.)

Furtum manifestum. Open theft, Furiosus solo furore punitur. An

wherein the thief is caught redinsane person is punished only by

handed. his insanity.

Furtum non est ubi initium habet Furiosus stipulari non potest nec

detentionis per dominum rei. It aliquod negotium agere, qui non

is not larceny when the detention intelligit quid agit. An insane

of the thing has its beginning person, who does not understand

through the owner. what he is doing cannot contract nor carry on any business.

Furtum oblatum. Receiving stolen

goods. Furlong. An eighth of a mile.

Fustigatio. A form of punishment Furnage. Fees exacted from tenants

by beating with club or cudgel. for use of the lord's bakehouse.

Fustis. See Fistuca. Furniture of a ship. Everything

Future debt. An existing debt not required to be furnished a ship to make her seaworthy. See 1 :

yet due. Wall. Jr. 359, 29 Fed. Cas. (U. S.)

Future estate. An estate, the pos489.

session of which is to begin at a Furor contrahi matrimonium non

future time. sinit, quia consensu opus est. In

Futures. Contracts for the sale sanity prevents a marriage from

and future delivery of stocks or being contracted, because consent

commodities, wherein either party is necessary.

may waive delivery and receive

or pay the difference in market Further advance. A further or ad

price at the time set for delivery. ditional loan to a mortgagor,

See 71 Miss. 514, 14 South. 33. often secured by the original

Futuri. Persons not yet born. mortgage. Further assurance. See Covenant Fyhtwite. Same as Fightwite. for further assurance.

Fyrdwite. Same as Ferdwit. 189

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