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Gabel. Same as Gavel.

a stake. See 113 Mass. 193, 18 Gabella. Same as Gabel.

Am. Rep. 466. Gablum. Same as Gavel.

Gambling contract. One wherein Gabulus dendriorum. Rent money.

the parties stake their property Gafol. Same as Gavel.

or money on an event which in its

nature may or may not happen. Gafolgild. The payment of tribute.

and whereby one is to lose and Gafol-land. Land liable to gafol the other to win. See 113 Ala. gild.

120, 36 L. R. A. 81, 21 South. 409. Gag. Something forced into one's See, also, 79 Tex. 543, 23 Am. St. mouth to prevent outcry.

Rep. 363, 15 S. W. 569. Gage. A pledge; to pledge; to Gambling device. Anything so used wage; to challenge.

in gambling that the event deGage, Estates in. Estates held in pends more upon chance than skill. pledge.

See 18 Fed. (U. S.) 253, 9. Sav.

333. Gager. To pledge; to wage; an offi

cer charged with the duty of Gambling policy. A life insurance

measuring the contents of casks. policy, the beneficiary named in Gager de deliverance. To give

which has no insurable interest in pledge for the delivery up of dis

the life of the insured. trained goods after action brought. Gambling verdict. A jury's verdict Gager del ley. Wager of law, which reached after agreeing to leave it see.

to some chance, as by tossing a Gain. Profit; acquisition; benefit. coin, and so doing. See 83 Tenn.

See 86 App. Div. 405, 83 N. Y.
Supp. 849.

Game. Animals pursued and taken Gainage. The gain or profit in by sportsmen, including wild bees

crops; beasts of the plough. . and fish. Am. & Eng. Ency. See Gainery. Tillage; profits thereof.

51 S. C. 51, 38 L. R. A. 561, 28

S. E. 15. Gale. A wind blowing at 40 to 70 miles an hour (see 65 Kan. 390, 58

Game laws. Laws regulating the L. R. A. 399, 69 Pac. 338); the

open and closed seasons for huntpayment of interest, rent or taxes.

ing wild game. Gales. Wales.

Game warden. Same as Game

keeper. Gallows. A framework of two upright posts and a bar across from

Gamekeeper. One employed to guard

game in a preserve and against which capital criminals are hanged.

poachers. Gallows-tree. A gallows.

Game-preserve. A private park Galravage. Same as Gilravage.

stocked with game for hunting. Gamacta. An assault; a battery.

Gaming. An agreement to risk Gamalis. A legitimate child; a child

money or property in a contest or of betrothed parents.

chance where one may be gainer Gamble. To play any game of and the other loser. See 33 Am. chance for a stake; to wager for Dec. 134, note.




Gaming device. See Gambling de keeping the worn ones in circula. vice.

tion. Gaming-house. One furnished with Gard. A guardianship; care; cus

means and facilities for gambling tody.. to which the public is tempted, in Garde. Same as Gard. vited or permitted to attend for Gardein. A guardian; a keeper. the purpose of gambling. See 151

Gardianus. A guardian; a warden. Mo. 566, 74 Am. St. Rep. 571, 52

Gardinum. A garden. S. W. 365.

Garene. A warren, which see. Gaming-room. A room maintained for gambling or gaming.

Garner. To garnish. Ganancial property. (Spanish) Com

Garnish. To warn; to notify; to munity property of husband and cause a garnishment to be served. wife. See 18 Tex. 626.

Garnishec. To garnish; one upon Ganancias. (Spanish) Income of whom a garnishment is served. community property.

See 21 Me. 499, 38 Am. Dec. 276. Gang. Current as money.

Garnishee proceeding. A proceedGangiatori. Ancient officers of

ing by which the creditor takes weights and measures.

the debtor's position with respect Gang-days. Same as Gang-week. to the latter's debtor, the garGang-week. Rogation-week, which

nishee. See 31 Kan. 180, 47 Am. see.

Rep. 497, 1 Pac. 622. Gantlet. Same as Gauntlet.

Garnishee process. Same as GarGantlope. Same as Gauntlet.

nishment. Gaol. Same as Jail.

Garnisher. One who garniches. Gaol delivery. The trial and dis

Garnishing process. Same as garposition of all the prisoners in a

nishment. jail.

Garnishment. An attachment whereGaol liberties. The prescribed lim by money or property of a debtor

its around a jail within which in the hands of third parties, prisoners may roam upon giving which cannot be levied upon, may bond. See 2 Johns. Cas. (N. Y.) be subjected to the payment of the 205.

creditor's claim. See 37 Neb. 849, Gaol limits. Same as Gaol liber

40 Am. St. Rep. 522, 56 N. W. 711. ties.

A warning; the act of garnishing. Gaoler.

Garote. Same as Garrote.
A jailer.
Garandia. A warranty.

Garrant. A warrant.
Garathinx. A gift.

Garrantie. A warranty. Garaunt. A warranty.

Garrena. A warren. Garaunter. To warrant.

Garrote. A capital punishment for

crime in some countries by stranGarauntor. A warrantor.

gulation with an iron collar comGarba. A sheaf of grain.

pressed by means of a screw, or Garbales decimae. Tithes of grain. by severing the spinal cord in Garbling coins. The practice of tak- like manner. ing out good coins for melting and Garsumne. A fine; an amercement.



Garter. The badge of the Order of Gavelmed. Customary service of

the Garter, the highest order of mowing meadows. British knighthood.

Gavelrep. The service of reaping at Garth. A yard; a fish-weir.

the command of the lord. Gast. Waste, which see.

Gavelwerk. Customary services by Gastaldus. A bailiff; a steward. manual labor or with carts. Gaster. To waste.

Gazette. A British official newspaper Gastine. Waste land.

announcing declarations of bankGate. A servitude for the pastur ruptcy, official promotions and

age or passage of cattle. See public events; to publish anything Cattle-gate.

therein. Gaugeator. See Gager.

Gebocced. Conveyed.—Black. Gauger. See Gager.

Gebocian. To convey. Gaugetum. The measure of a Gebur. One owning an allotment of barrel or cask.

land. Gauntlet. A military punishment Geburscript. A village.

by running between two ranks of Geld. A fine; a tribute. men and being lashed by each.

Geldabilis. Taxable.—Black. Gavel. A tax; an excise; a duty;

Yi Geldable. Taxable. rent. Gavelbred. Rent paid in produce.

Gelding. A castrated horse (see 2

Tex. App. 293), but not a mule. Gaveled. Held by gavelkind tenure.

See 4 Pa. Dist. R. 172. Gaveiet. An ancient writ for a land

Gemma Gems. lord for collection of rent from his tenant. See 62 Md. 458.

Gemot, or gemote. A meeting or as

sembly. Gavelgeld. Yearly profit, toll, or tribute; the subject thereof. Genealogy. The tracing of one's de

scent from his ancestors. Gavelherte. Customary service of

Genearch. The chief of a tribe. ploughing.

Geneath. A vassal. Gaveling men. Tenants who paid

Gener. A son-in-law. rent and rendered customary services.

General. Prevalent but not uni. Gavelkind. An cold socage tenure

versal. See 35 Neb. 676, 17 L. R. by rent paid in money, services

A. 821, 53 N. W. 595. (other than military), or produce; General administrator. One who adthe land held thereby; an estate ministers the whole of a decein land descending to all the sons dent's estate either under a statute who could partition their several of distribution or under a will. interests or dispose thereof when

See 40 Ala. 189. fifteen years old. See, also, Irish Gavelkind.

General agent. An agent who is

authorized to do all acts connected Gaveller. A royal appointee who with a particular business or in

had charge of coal mining in cer. a particular place. See 157 Ill. tain districts in England.

554, 48 Am. St. Rep. 341, 41 N. E. Gavelman. A gavelkind tenant.




General appearance. An appearance

without reservation or qualifica

tion. See Appearance. General assignment. A debtor's

transfer of all his property in trust for the benefit of all of his creditors. See 85 N. Y. 516, 39

Am. Rep. 674. General assumpsit. Same as Indebi

tatus Assumpsit. General average. That contribution

which is made by all who are parties to the same adventure toward a loss arising out of extraordinary sacrifices made, or extraordinary expenses incurred, by some of them, for the common benefit of the ship and cargo. See 3 Wall.

(U. S.) 347, 18 L. Ed. 155. General credit. A witness' general

reputation for veracity. General creditor. A creditor who

has no lien on property of the debtor. See 5 N. M. 442, 8 L. R.

A. 691, 23 Pac. 780. General criminal intent. That in.

tent which the law presumes from the voluntary commission of an unlawful act without justification

or excuse. General custom. One which prevails

throughout a country and becomes the law thereof and whose exist. ence is to be determined by the court. See 23 Me. 90, 39 Am. Dec.

611. General damages. Those necessarily

resulting. General demurrer. A demurrer speci.

fying that the pleading demurred to does not state facts sufficient to constitute a cause of action or a defense, as the case may be.

See 63 Neb. 713, 89 N. W. 256. General denial. A pleading or an.

swer which traverses all material allegations of the pleading at which it is directed. See 146 Ind.

Law Dict.--13

509, 58 Am. St. Rep. 367, 36 L. R.

A. 59, 45 N. E. 702. General deposit. One which is to be

repaid on demand, in money. See

19 Am. Dec. 418, note. General devise. One which fails to

specify the quantity of the estate devised. See 8 Houst. (Del.) 334,

2 L. R. A. 724, 16 Atl. 558. General executor. One appointed to

administer the whole of an estate. General guaranty. One for the ac

ceptance of the public generally. See 101 Wis. 193, 70 Am. St. Rep.

907, 77 N. W. 182. General guardian. A guardian of

the person of the ward or of all of the ward's property within the

jurisdiction, or of both. General heir. See Heir general. General hypothecation. Hypotheca

tion by a debtor of all his prop

erty for the benefit of his creditors. General indorsement. One wherein

no payee is named. General issue. A plea or answer the

effect of which is to traverse or deny all the material allegations of the declaration or complaint.

See 94 Md. 290, 50 Atl. 1046. General judgment. A judgment in

personam. See 69 N. J. L. 365, 55

Atl. 805. General law. A law affecting all

persons or things of a given class, order, genus or kind. See 21 Am.

St. Rep. 780, note. General legacy. One the bequest

whereof does not describe specific chattels or money. See 6 N. J. L.

133, 10 Am. Dec. 392. General lien. The right to retain

the property of another to cover and secure a general balance of account against him. See 37 Am. Dec. 522, note.




General malice. General desire to Generalia praecedunt; specialia se

injure mankind, as distinguished quuntur. General matters prefrom ill will toward a particular cede; special matters follow. person. See 117 N. C. 393, 53 Am. Generalia specialibus non derogant. St. Rep. 590, 23 S. E. 428.

General words do not derogate General ownership. Such unquali from special ones. See 97 Tenn.

fied dominion over a thing that it 697, 34 L. R. A. 541, 37 S. W. 689. belongs to the owner exclusively. Generalia sunt praeponenda singuSee 74 N. Y. 568.

laribus. General matters should General partnership. One wherein

not be placed before particular all the business is carried on for

ones. the joint profit of all the partners.

Generalia verba sunt generaliter inSee 3 Fed. Cas. (U. S.) 349, 1 telligenda. General words are to Cliff. (U. S.) 28.

be interpreted generally.

Generalibus specialia derogant. SpeGeneral power. A power to appoint whomsoever the donee pleases.

cial words derogate general ones. See 3 Whart. (Penn.) 287, 31 Am.

Generalis clausula non porrigitur ad Dec. 502.

ea quae antea specialiter sunt com

prehensa. A general clause is not General restraint of trade. A pro

extended to include those things hibition in an agreement against

which have been previously specarrying on a specified business or

cially included. occupation anywhere. See 3 Pinn.

Generalis regula generaliter est in· (Wis.) 123, 56 Am. Dec. 164.

telligenda. A general rule should General ship. One in which the

be generally understood. masters or owners engage separately with a number of persons

Generosi filius. A gentleman's son. unconnected with each other to Generosus. A gentleman. convey their respective goods to Gens. A Roman tribe composed of the place of the ship's destina- : families of the same name and tion. See 6 Cow. (N. Y.) 173, 16 descended from a common anAm. Dec. 437.

cestor. General verdict. One that finds in Gentes. Plural of Gens.

favor of the plaintiff or the de- Gentiles. Members of the same fendant on all the issues or any

gens. one of them. See 8 Ga. 201, 52

Gentleman. Any man ranking above Am. Dec. 393.

a yeoman; one having a crest or Generale dictum generaliter est in

coat-of-arms. terpretandum. A general state

Gentlewoman. A woman of the ment should be interpreted gen

same rank or status as a gentleerally.


.. Generale nihil certum implicat. A

Gents. People. general expression implies nothing certain.

Genuine. Real or original, as op

posed to counterfeit or adulterGenerale tantum valet in generali

· ated. bus, quantum singulare in singulis. That which is general prevails in Genus. A kind; a class. general matters, as that which is George I. King of England, 1714particular in particular matters. 1727.

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