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court in bank or that of a higher Cranch C. C. 620, 27 Fed. Cas. court.

(U. S.) 907. Case stated. Same as Case agreed. Casting vote. The deciding vote at Case to move for a new trial. The an election. losing party's statement of the

Castle. A fortified building; a fortcase prepared for use on his motion for a new trial.

Castleguard. Feudal services or payCase system. A method of law study ments toward the maintenance of by means of the analysis of cases

a castle. or decisions.

Castlery. The government or tenCash. Ready money, money in hand, ure of a castle. either in current coin or other

Castleward. Same as Castleguard. legal tender, or in bank bills or

Castlewick. The district under the checks paid and received

jurisdiction of a castle. money. See 136 U. S. 257, 34 L. Ed. 514, 10 Sup. Ct. Rep. 1034.

Castration. Severing the testicles;

emasculation. Cashier. The manager of a bank.

Casu consimili. In a similar case; Cashier's check. An acknowledgment of the bank of its indebted

a writ of entry to recover a re

version in land alienated by the ness to the payee of the order.

tenant. See 186 Ill. 440, 78 Am. St. Rep. 294, 53 L. R. A. 232, 57 N. E. Casu proviso. A writ of entry to 1061.

recover a reversion against a ten

ant in dower. Cash account. An account in a bank subject to draft or check.

Casual. Accidental; of unknown Cash-book. A book of account of

origin; one irregularly employed

as a servant. money received and paid out. Cash-note. A

Casual ejector. The fictitious denote payable in

fendant in an action of ejectment. money.

See 67 N. J. L. 260, 91 Am. St. Cassare. To nullify; to annul; to

Rep. 433, 57 L. R. A. 956, 51 Atl. dismiss.

509. Cassatio. Cassation,

Casual pauper.

A pauper who reCassation. Annulment; abatement; ceives aid outside of the jurisdicto dismiss.

tion of his residence. Cassetur billa. Let the bill be dis- Casualis. Casual. missed.

Casualties. (Scotch) Sums due from Cassetur breve. Same as Cassetur a vassal to his superior on the billa.

happening of certain events. Cast. To decide against; to con- Casualty. An inevitable accident.

vict; to allege; to proffer; to de- Casus fortuitus. An inevitable acciposit, as a ballot.

dent or event. Castellan. The governor of a castle. Casus. Case; event; happening. Castellarium. Same as Castlewick.

Casus belli. A cause or occasion of Castigation. Chastisement.

war. Castigatory. A contrivance for pun- Casus foederis. A case within the ishing scolds. See 3

provisions of a treaty.




Casus fortuitus non est sperandus, Catholic creditor. (Scotch) One

et nemo tenetur divinare. A whose debt is secured by more chance happening is not to be ex. than one property of the debtor. pected, and no one is held to fore

Catholic emancipation act. A stat. see it.

ute passed in 1829 relieving Casus fortuitus non est supponendus.

Roman Catholics from the disA chance happening is not to be

ability of holding civil and miliexpected.

tary offices.

Catoniana regula. A Roman law Casus major. An unusual event.

rule that lapse of time will not Casus omissus. A case omitted.

cure what was invalid at the out

set. Casus omissus et oblivioni datus

dispositioni communis juris relin- Cattle. Domestic animals used for quitur. An omitted and forgotten

food and husbandry. case is left to the disposal of the Cattle range. Uninclosed land common law.

where cattle may range. Catalla. Chattels.

Cattle-gate. A right to pasture on

the land of another. Catalla juste possessa amitti non possunt. Chattels lawfully pos

Caucus. A local political meeting. sessed cannot be lost.

Causa. A cause; an action; a rea

son; a consideration. Catalla otiosa. Dead goods; cattle other than work animals.

Causa adulteri. By reason of adul

tery. Catalla reputantur inter minima in

Causa causae est causa causati. lege. Chattels are regarded in

The cause of a cause is the cause law among things of lesser im

of the effect. portance.

Causa causans. The causing or imCatallis captis nomine distinctionis. mediate cause. A writ to distrain for rent.

Causa causantis causa est causati. Catallis reddendis. For the return The cause of the thing causing is of the chattels.

the cause of the effect. Catallum. A chattel.

Causa data et non secuta. Consid Cataneus. A tenant in capite.

eration given and not followed.

Causa ecclesiae publicis aequiparatur; Catching bargain. An heir's bargain for the sale of his prospec

et summa est ratio quae pro retive inheritance at less than its

ligione facit. The cause of the value. See 47 Mich. 94, 41 Am.

church is equal to that of the pubRep. 711, 10 N. W. 123.

lic, and most important of all is

the reason which makes for reCatchland. Land the tithes from

ligion. which went as a right to the first of two preachers who claimed

Causa et origo est materia negotii. them.

The cause and origin is the ma

terial of business. Catchpole. Same as Catchpoll.

Causa hospitandi. For the sake of Catchpoll. A bailiff; a constable.

hospitality. Cater-cousin. A fourth cousin.

Causa impotentiae. By reason of Cathedral. The church of a bishop. impotence.



Causa jacitationis maritagii. An ac- Cause of action. A right to sue.

tion to enjoin one from represent- Causidical. Relating to pleading. ing himself to be the plaintiff's

Causidicus. An advocate; a pleader. spouse. See 3 Bl. Comm. 93.

Cautela. Caution; vigilance. Causa matrimonii. A writ for a

Cauti juratoria. Caution juratory. woman who has been jilted by a man to whom she gave land on

Cautio. Caution. promise of marriage.

Cautio fidejussoria. Security by way Causa mortis. In expectation of

of a surety bond. death.

Cautio pignoratitia. Security by Causa patet. The reason is appar

way of pledge. ent.

Cautio pro expensis. Security for Causa proxima. The proximate cause. expenses. Causa proxima non remota specta- Cautio usufructuaria. Security

tur. Proximate and not remote against waste by a tenant. causes are regarded. See 27 Fla.

Caution. Prudence; a written caveat 1, 17 L. R. A. 33, 9 South. 666. filed with the recorder of land Causa qua supra. For the reason titles; security; collateral; pledge; above stated.

one who gives security. Causa rei. An appurtenance or ac- Caution juratory. Security by means cessory.

of an oath. Causa remota. A remote cause. Cautionary. By way of pledge or Causa scientiae patet. The reason security.

of the knowledge is apparent. Cautioner. A surety. Causa sine qua non.

A cause with

Cautionry Suretyship; becoming out which the event would not surety. have happened.

Caveat. Let him beware; a notice Causa turpis. For a base or evil or warning filed or recorded in a cause.

public office so as to prevent anyCausa vaga et incerta non est causa one from acting to the prejudice

rationabilis. A vague and uncer- of the caveator. See 38 N. J. Eq.

tain cause is not a reasonable one. 485. Causae dotis, vitae, libertatis, fisci Caveat actor. Let the doer beware.

sunt inter favorabilia in lege. Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beCauses of dower, life, liberty and ware. See 72 Ark. 343, 65 L. R. public moneys are among those A. 80, 80 S. W. 582. favored in law.

Caveat emptor; qui ignorare non Causam nobis significes quare. A debuit quod jus alienum emit.

writ against a town mayor direct- Let the buyer beware, who ought ing him to give seisin to a grantee not to ignore the fact that he is of the king.

purchasing the right of another. Causare. To litigate.

Caveat venditor. Let the seller beCausator. A party to an action.

ware. Cause. An action or suit; consid- Caveat viator. Let the traveler be

eration; motive; origin. Cause list. A calendar or docket. Caveator. One who files a caveat.





Cavendum est a fragmentis. Be- Censuere. A judgment or decree of ware of fragments.

the Roman senate. Caver. A thief stealing ore from a Censumethidus, or censumorthidus. Derbyshire mine.

A dead rent, like “mortmain.”Cavere. To beware; to take care;

Blount. to be cautions.

Census. A decennial official count Cay. A quay or wharf.

by the United States govern

ment of the inhabitants and Cayagium. Wharfage duties.

wealth of the country. See 149 Ceapgild. Payment of an animal.

Ind. 255, 48 N. E. 1025. Cede. To assign; to transfer; to

Census regalis. The royal property grant.

(or revenue).- Bouv. Cedent. An assignor.


An abbreviation of centum, a Cedula. (Spanish) A promissory hundred. note.

Cental. An English weight measure Celation. Concealment of pregnancy. of 100 pounds. Celebration of marriage. The sol

Centena. A hundred. emnization or ceremony essential to a formal lawful marriage.

Centenarius. The president of the

court of a centena or hundred. Celibacy. The condition of one not married.

Centesima. One hundredth.

Centner. A hundredweight. Cenegild. A fine paid by a murderer to his victim's relatives.

Central Criminal Court. The court

having jurisdiction of crimes comCenninga. A vendee's notice to a

mitted in London, Middlesex and vendor that the goods sold have been claimed by a third party.


Centum. One hundred. Cens. An annual payment to a superior lord as a tribute to his

Centumviri. The 105 Roman judges superiority.

appointed to decide common causes Censaria.

See 3 Bl. A farm, or house and

among the people.

Comm. 515. land, let at a standing rent.Cowell.

Century. The Roman hundred. Censarii. Farmers.

Ceorl. Same as Churl.

Ceorlus. A churl.
An assessment; a tax; a

Cepi. I have taken.
Censitaire. A tenant paying cens. Cepi corpus. I have taken the body.
Censive. The land, the tenant of

See 3 Bl. Comm. 288. which paid a cens.

Cepi corpus et est in custodia. I Censo. (Spanish) A ground-rent.

have the body and it is in cus

tody; a form of return for a writ. Censor. A high Roman officer who with the other censor kept the

Cepi corpus et paratum habeo. I census, attended to matters in- have the body and I have it ready;

a form of return for a writ. volving public manners and morals

and administered public finances. Cepit. He took it. Censors, Council of. See Council of Cepit et abduxit. He took and led censors.






Cepit et asportavit. He took and Certificate of deposit. An obligacarried away.

tion, or promissory note of the

bank issuing it. See 14 How. Cepit in alio loco. He took in an

(U. S.) 240, 14 L. Ed. 404. other place; a form of plea in replevin.

Certificate of registry. A certificate Ceppagium. Tree stumps.

reciting the due registration of a

ship. Ceps. The stocks.

Certificate of stock. A certificate Ceragrum. A payment to provide evidencing the ownership of a cercandles in the church.-Blount.

tain number of shares of stock of Cere. Wax; a wax seal.

the corporation therein named.

See 49 N. J. L. 48, 7 Atl. 672. Cert money. Yearly payments to

the lord of the manor for the Certificate, trial by. A form of trial keeping of the leet.

which was allowed where the eviCerta debet esse intentio, et nar

dence of the person certifying was ratio et certum fundamentum, et

the only proper criterion of the certa res quae deducitur in judi

point in dispute. See 3 Bl. Comm.

333. cium. The intention, declaration, foundation and matter brought to Certification. The return of a writ; judgment ought to be certain.

a formal attestation of a matter Certa res. A certain matter

of fact. thing

Certified check. A check certified Certain services. Base services, by a bank as being payable out of

stinted in quantity and not to be a specific fund deposited to meet exceeded. See 2 Bl. Comm. 61.

it. See 67 N. Y. 458, 23 Am. Rep. Certainty. Distinctness and

129. racy of statement.-Bouv.

Certiorari. A writ issued by a Certificate. A signed statement by higher court to bring up the rec

an officer giving authenticity to ord of a lower court or judicial the facts therein set forth. See

officer or body for review. 27 Misc. Rep. 576, 58 N. Y. Supp.

Certum est quod certum reddi potest. 574.

That is certain which is capable Certificate into chancery. A law

of being made certain. See 130 court's decision on a matter sub

N. Y. 642, 15 L. R. A. 218, 29 N. E. mitted for such decision by a

142. court of chancery.

Cervisarii. (Saxon) Tenants who Certificate of acknowledgment. The

were bound to supply drink for certificate of a notary or other

their lord's table.-Cowell. officer evidencing the due execu

Cervisia. Beer. tion of an instrument. See 108 Am. St. Rep. 528, note.

Cervus. A deer; a stag. Certificate of assize. A writ by

Cesionario. (Spanish) An assignee. which a retrial was had. See 3 Cess. To neglect a legal duty; a Bl. Comm. 389.

tax. Certificate of costs. A judge's cer- Cessa regnare, si non vis judicare.

tificate enhancing damages in tres- Cease to reign if you do not wish pass. See 3 Bl. Comm. 214.

to judge.


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