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Convention, designating at least five dol- ; with almost unparalleled rapidity, there lars of the same to the College, as afore can be no doubt, that frequent accessions said, may constitute one " contributor ;" will be made, from the emigrants who for a hundred dollars, or more, annually, I will throng thither, in search of employtwo contributors; and for every additional ment. A meeting-house is needed immesum of two hundred dollars annually, an diately. Liberal subscriptions, by way of additional contributor; and this ordinance loan, have already been made, and we shall remain unalterable, without the con think, that the brethren there, have a sent of at least three fourths of the whole strong claim on the aid of the Baptist pubnumber of the 'Trustees.

lic. 62. That as to the limitations and restrictions" under which these contributors shall vote for the Trustees, (thirtyone in number,) they shall elect them out

The new and commodious, Baptist of a nomination for that purpose by the Meeting House in East-Haddam, erected aforesaid General Convention; provided

by the second Baptist Church in Colchesthe said Convention shall furnish a nom

ter* and their friends, was opened for the ination of at least fifty persons, triennial- | public worship of Almighty God on Wedly, or before the first Monday in May; nesday the 14th day of December last. nor shall this ordinance be alterable, with

The services on the occasion were as out the concurrence of at least three

follows:-Reading a portion of Scripture fourths of the whole number of Trustees."

(2 Chron. 7th chap. 12th to 42nd verses.)

Singing ; prayer by brother Alvin Ackly; It is deemed important to publish these singing The assembly had met in exregulations at this time, in order to re

pectation of hearing a discourse from Rev. mind those Societies and other bodies, Asa Wilcox; but as he was providentialwhich intend to send delegates to the ly detained from the meeting, a very inGeneral Convention, of the requisite qua jeresting and appropriate discourse was lifications, to vote for Trustees. It is delivered by Rev. Henry Stanwood, foundhoped, that every delegate will be thus ed on Ps. xxvii. 4. " One thing have I qualified, and duly authorized, to partici desired of the Lord, and that will I seek pate in this election, on the issue of which, | after, that I may dwell in the house of the in connexion with the measures which Lord all the days of my life, to bebold the Convention must adopt, the prosperi the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire

if not the existence, of the College in his temple.” will depend.

The public exercises of the day were concluded by prayer offered by Rev. Harmon Vaill, pastor of the Presbyterian church in Millington, and by singing.

The deep attention and almost breath

less silence of the audience during the On Wednesday, the 8th inst. a new service encouraged the pleasing hope that Baptist Church was constituted in East the worship of God in that place will be Chelmsford, Mass. An Ecclesiastical productive of much good to the cause of Council, composed of delegates from sev- | religion. eral neighbouring Churches, convened on that day, and after the usual inquiries in

ORDINATIONS. regard to the character of the members, their proceedings, articles of belief, covenant, &c. which were unanimously ap

On the 12th of Nov. last, Mr. JOSHUA proved, the public services took place in Key, of Burke co. Ga. was ordained and The following order. Introductory Pray- || set apart to the work of the ministry, by er, by the Rev. Mr. Parkhurst, of Chelms- || prayer and the imposition of hands. The ford; Sermon, by Rev. Gustavus F. Da- | introductory prayer, by brother Kilpavis, of South Reading, from Isaiah Ix. 22, trick; the ordination sermon, by brother "A little one shall become a thousand, Kerson; the examination of the church and a small one a strong nation.” The and of brother Key, relative to his call to fellowship of the Churches was presented the ministry, and an explanation of the by the Rev. Dr. Bolles, and the Conclud- qualifications of a gospel minister, by ing Prayer was offered by the Rev. C. 0. || brother Kilpatrick; the ordination prayer Kimball, of Methuen. There is every || by brother Huff; the Bible presented, and promise, that this infant Church will ra the charge given by brother Kerson ; and pidly increase ; and we pray, that as its the concluding prayer by brother Brinson. members have adopted the "Apostle's | The congregation was serious and attenductrine,” they may be assisted to walk | tive, and the whole scene solemn and afsteadfastly in the fear of the Lord and infecting. the comfort of the Holy Ghost. There are several persons now ready to be bap

• The second Baptist Church in - Colchester has

now assumed the name of the Baptist church in tized; and as the village is increasing | Colchester and East-Haddam.


On Thursday, the 2d inst. in Swanzey,

been paid before, see Lum. for N. H. the Rev. Benjamin Dean was or

February, 1825.)


1826. dained as an evangelist. Sermon by the Jan. 9. By the Burlington Female MissionRev Elijah Willard, of Dublin; ordaining

ary Society for Missions

10,00 prayer by the Rev. Charles Cummings;

16. By the Chester Female Mite Soc.
N. Y. for Missions,

6,00 right hand of fellowship by the Rev. Levi 27. By the Rockville Baptist MissionDunham; concluding prayer by the Rev.

ary Soc. Aux. to Gen. Con. - 5,00 Tristam Aldrich.

Total, 8310,00 On the second Sabbath of January last,

For purposes of Education, College, 6c., Mr. James Challin was ordained at Lex

1825. ington, Ky. to the work of the gospel | Dec. 12. By the Dorset Female Mite Soe. ministry. The Rev. Mr. Noel, of Frank

Vt. for Col. concern,


26. By the Richmond Baptist African fort, preached the sermon, and the Rev.

Mis. Soc. for the Col. College, Mr. Harris, of Aurora, delivered the

dona. of a friend there designa. charge. Five persons were afterwards

ted, hoping a Missionary for Li

beria may at some period be edubaptized by brother Noel. A very flatter

cated in said College,

30,00 ing account is given of the qualifications 27. By the Bap. Conven. of Vir: for of brother Challin. His labours are

'Col. College concern,

100,00 much needed in the West, and we hope

31. By the Georgia Ass. Mission Board
for College concern,

193,00 that they may prove extensively useful.

By the Co umbian Bap. Soc. Aux.

to the Convention, for College ORDAINED at Jay, N. Y. on the 9th of



1826. February, 1826, Rev. Stephen Wise.

Jan. 9. By the Burlington Fem. Miss. Soc. Introductory Prayer and Sermon by the

N.J. for Col. concern,

90,00 Rev. Holland Turner, of Champlain, N.Y.

27. By the Washington Soc. for supOrdaining Prayer and Charge by the Rev.

porting a native Burman Mis.

sionary, for the Columbian Col. Samuel Churchill, of Elizabethtown.

lege concern, the sum designed Right hand of fellowship by the Rev. Jer

by the donor for that purpose, emy H. Dwyer, of Westport, N. Y. Con

hoping a Missionary for Burmah

may be educated in said Col. 90,00 cluding Prayer by brother Ebenezer Scott.

By the Rockville Bap. Miss. Soc. The day was fine-the season peculiarly

Aux. to the Gen. Con. for the refreshing.

College concern,


Total, 81002,00 Total quarterly return, 82417,78

Of The above has been duly received by Heman Third Quarterly Return of the Agent to

the Treasurer of the Baptist General | Lincoln, Esq. Treasurer.
Convention in the United States, for
the quarter ending 31st of January,
For Foreign Missions.

Account of Monies received on account 1825. Dec. 26. By the Richmond Baptist African

of the General Convention. Mission Society, for the Mission

1825. to Africa,

316,66 Jan. 25. From the Vermont and New-Hamp31. By receipt of James R. Burdick,

shire Union Society, of the Woodsee Luminary, Oct. 1825, 113,00

stock Baptist Association, Auxilia1826.

200 00 Jan. 26. By the Minerva Female Mite Soci

From the Bapưist Convention, Verety, N. Y. for Burman Mission, 3,00

mont, by band of Capt. Lord, from 27. By the Washington Soc. for sup

Gen. A Forbes,

100 00 porting a native Burman Mis. Feb. 4. From Jacob Shaw, for Foreign Missionary,


1 00
From a Society of young men, for
Total, 8442,66
Foreign Missions

2 16 For Domestic Missions.

From Hadley Proctor, for Foreign

1 84 1825. By the United States for the quarter

8. From Elihu Morton, Treasurer of the ending, the 31st of Dec. 1825, to

Black River Missionary Society, by the following Indian schools, viz.

hand of Francis Thompson, for
For Withington, Cr. In.

Burman Mission,

50 00
For Valley Towns, Cher. 125,00 11. From Miss Huldah E. Thompson, for
For Tinsa wattee, do.


the education of R. Eugenia ThompFor Carey, Putawatomie, 150,00

son, a child at Rangoon, annual pay.
For Tonnawanda, Seneca,


15 00 For Oneida,

100,00 27. From the East Jersey Baptist Missionary Dec. 31. By receipt of James R. Burdick, see

Society, for Foreign and Domestic
Lum. Oct. 1825,


Missions, from Edward Jones, Treas-

100 00
Total, 8663,12 From the Monthly Concert collections
For General Purposes.

at Saxton's Village, Vermont, for Do

mestic and Foreign Missions, by Rev. 1825.

I. Taylor,

12 00 Dec. 3. By the Washington Missionary Soc. Ky, for Missions, 139,00

8482 00 26. By the Baptist Convention of Virginia for Missions, 850 having


ry, &c.

07 Memoir of Rev. H. Vesey will appear in our next.

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All my


· Late Pastor of the Baptist Church of Christ in Bow, (N. H.) The subject of this memoir was || no relief. Sin appeared most born in Brentwood, September 12, odious; and my transgressions, 1785. His parentage was respect- with the weight of mountains, able; both father and mother having pressed me down. In running to for many years, been worthy' mem- the law of God, I was slain. I bers of the Baptist church in that found it pronounced nothing but place. In early life, he was not a curses upon my restless soul. Darkstranger to religious impressions. |ness was on every side. When not more than seven or eight pharisaical righteousņéss, by which years of age, he was frequently ter- I had flattered 'myself, was now rified at the thoughts of death, as lost, and I felt myself entirely nahe was sensible of being an offender ked in the eyes of Jehovah. I against God. It was not, however, mourned, lamented, and wept. [ til his 16th year, that his mind be- felt myself a lonesome object, came thoroughly awakened. The friendless and hopeless. In this following extract from his journal, | situation, I went to an evening contains an account of his conver- | meeting, but found no relief. At sion.

the close, I returned to my father's, After mentioning an outpouring and before entering the house, of the Spirit in Brentwood, during kneeled down, and poured out my that year, he proceeds to speak of complaints before God.

. I thought himself.

6. I was again alarmed on if I died, I would die a beggar. account of my situation. Ilearing I was sensible I could not help of the conversion of some of my myself; that if it pleased the Lord companions, I feared that with me, to have mercy upon me, it would the harvest was past, and the sum- be indeed an act of grace; and mer ended, and that I should not that if he cast me off, he would do be saved. I was led to a view of justice ; for I verily deserved it. my miserable situation by nature, While thus praying and crying, and saw myself polluted in sin. I

peace broke into my soul. My looked this way and that, but found burden of sin, which I had long APRIL, 1826.


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