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the warmest gratitude towards our God, || is the day on which he consults his Bible who so signally supports and prospers a at greater length, and on which he devotes work, the extent of which to appearance, more time to that communion with which would evidently transcend the means of the Father of spirits condescends to ina society so small as ours. More than dulge him. Having shaken off the slumthirty-three thousand converts from heath bers of the night, he approaches God, as en nations, are at this time in different re on other days, with this language, gions under the special care and guidance voice shalt thou hear in the morning, of the Brethren; and seven new establish- Lord; in the morning will I direct my ments for missionary purposes have been prayer unto thee, and will look up." But effected since the last Synod. No less | he adds, “I will come into thy house in than one hundred and twenty-seven per- | the multitude of thy mercy, and in thy sons, during the same period, received and fear will I worship toward thy holy temaccepted, calls to the service of our missi- | ple.”. He will say also to his children jons. Unexpected and unsought, but al and household, “O come, let us worship together most essential aid has been re and bow down, let us kneel before the ceived from Christian friends of other de- | Lord our Maker. Let us enter into his nominations, towards a cause, which oth- || gates with thanksgiving, and into his erwise could have scarcely been sustained. courts with praise. This is the day the The assistance of several particular asso Lord has made, we will rejoice and be ciations among our own members, such || glad in it.” When the public services are as the Societies for the furtherance of concluded, he recalls the substance of the Gospel among the Heathen, at London them to the remembrance of those around and in North America, has become more him, and having renewed those admoniand more efficacious. Unto the Lord betions, which neither tire by their extent, rendered praise, for it is of his mercy that nor provoke by their spirit, he commends this has been done. ,

his listening family to the protection and In like manner the Synod found great blessing of his father and their Father, of reason to be grateful for the signal bless- his God and their God. ings which the Lord continues to bestow on the different seminaries for education, through means of which we strive to render ourselves useful to our fellow Christians. A number of pupils, exceeding

REVIVAL. thirteen hundred, committed to the care of the Brethren in the different boarding schools established in our congregations,


THE EDITORS, on the European continent, in the British Islands, and the United States of America, are, we trust, for the most part now im

Eastport, April

Rev. Sir, proving in useful knowledge, and imbibing principles of religion and morality, I have the pleasure of informing yoů of which will one day prove invaluable to the further progress of the revival in Luthem.

bec, Maine, of which some account has the Moravian church, of whom four reside work has continued until the present time,

There are now living nine Bishops of sometime since been given. The good in Germany, two in the British islands, tional church under the pastoral care of

and is still extending: The Congregaand three in the United States of Ameri- | the Rev. Mr. Bigelow have received about ca.-In our next we propose to publish some extracts from the admonitory epis- thirty, if I am informed correctly, and the tle addressed by the Synod to the differ- Baptist church has also been increased.

Rev. Nathan Cleaveland baptized twentyent congregations upon their internal state. This document breathes a spirit of great | January last, where he had been some,

one, previous to his leaving that place in simplicity and true piety.

time labouring, assisted by Rev. Edward Harris, a licentiate from the province of New Brunswick, who is still supplying

them. The labours of Rev. John Roundy How A GOOD MAN SPENDS THE LORD'S

were also useful in calling up the attention of the people at the commencement

of the work A truly pious man consecrates the

I have visited them a few times, and whole Sabbath to the Lord, nor thinks it preached and also baptized thirteen, so long. It fills him with great ideas, it ex that this church has received thirty-four cites his best principles to vigorous exer- | by baptism, since the 19th of November cise, it bears him forward in his spiritual || last, and the prospect is still encouraging, career, and it forms a welcome prelude | and more are expected to come forward. and preparative to that everlasting rest, || I have been reminded of the joy with which remains for the people of God. It ll which the eunuch went on his way, when



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I have witnessed the placid serenity which of the gospel ministry. Introductory sat on the countenances of those who

prayer and sermon by Rev. William Taywere baptized, or heard the burst of exul- | lor, of Sanbornton; consecrating prayer tation in hope, or of exhortation to sin- by Rev. Charles Blanchard, of Shapleigh, ners, or of gratitude and prayer to God, Maine ; charge by Rev. P. Chapin ; right which the candidates often made, as we hand of fellowship, by Rev. S. Tripp, of came up straightway out of the water. Campton; and concluding prayer, by

A most interesting attention in deep sol Rev. T. Pillsbury, of Hebron, Maine.
emn silence has been given at the water,
interrupted only by the voice of the speak-
er, the sobs of spectators, or at intervals
the low murmur of the small ocean wave
breaking on the shore. Ah my brother,
my heart truly rejoices to lead the willing
converts down into the water, and to bap-

By a letter from Mrs. Colman to a cortize them after the primitive example;

respondent in this city, we have received and with gratitude I desire to record it, I

the gratifying intelligence that Mr. Boardhave seen few if any baptizing seasons

man and his wife reached Calcutta the which were not weeping and joyful.

first week in last December. They were residing at the Chitpore missionary cot. tage with Mr. and Mrs. Wade. We hope

in our next number to furnish a more parORDINATIONS.

ticular account of their voyage, arrival,

and plans of operation in India. On Saturday, December 31, 1825, Mr. Robert Elliot, a member of the Wabash Baptist Church, Knox county, Indiana, was ordained to the work of the gospel

DONATION OF BIBLES. ministry. The services were performed by the Rev. S. Anderson, and the Rev. Mr. Sharp acknowledges with great Abner Davis.

pleasure, the generous donation from Mr. In Rumney, N. H. on the 25th of Jan- || R*** of Two Hundred and Fifty Bibles, uary, Mr. Caleb Clarke, formerly a mem to be disposed of among the destitute at ber of the Theological School in Water- || Missionary stations or elsewhere. ville College, was ordained to the work

Boston, April 20, 1826.



and for the last twenty years of his life he Our learned and venerable countryman,

was entirely confined to his house. who lately died in England, was the eldest

Soon after his settlement in England son of Robert Murray, who established in

he commenced his literary labours. His New-York the two great mercantile hous. principal works are his English Grammar, es of Robert and John Murray, and Mur

Exercises in English Grammar, An A

bridgement of the Grammar, and an enray and Sansom. He was born in the year || larged octavo edition, Introduction to the when he was but two years of age. Here English Reader, The English Reader

, he received his education in the common

Sequel to the English Reader, The Powa schools, and through the instruction of a

er of Religion on the Mind, and other private teacher. At the proper age, he

smaller works. With the titles of these studied law with Mr. Kissam, and was a

works almost all persons are acquainted; fellow student in the same office with thoroughly informed. Suffice it to say

of their value, immense multitudes are John Jay. Though his prospects at the bar were flattering, after a short time he

that they are standard works, of the highrelinquished the practice, and engaged in and talents of the author, and most use

est reputation, honourable to the learning mercantile business. In consequence of ful to all classes of people. No less than severe sickness, which impaired his constitution, and reduced him to a state of led under his own inspection at York.

37 editions of his grammar were publishgreat debility, he was induced by his med

As a philanthropist, Lindley Murray was ical advisers to remove to a milder region; distinguished among the benevolent men and accordingly visited England, and finding the climate more favourable to his

of the age : and to all his other excellenhealth, in the year 1784 he purchased a

cies of character, he added a firm and livehouse at Holdgate

, near the city of York, ly piety: his life was a practical exposiand there passed the remainder of his long | faith; and his death, like that of the right

tion of the soundness and sincerity of his and useful life. His constitution, however, never recovered its original' vigour ; || cous, was peace.--New Yorke Observer.


66 Carey




From do. for Education purposes, 15,00 20. From the Boston Society, auxiliary

to the General Convention, for Fourth Quarterly Return of the Agent to

translation of the Scriptures, 100,00 the Treasurer of the Baptist General

From do. for Burman Mission, by

James Loring, Treasurer, 703,84 Convention of the United States for the Quarter ending 30th of April, 1826.

$1549,14 Domestic Missions.

HEMAN LINCOLN, Treasurer. April 8. By allowance from United States

for Indian Schools, for the quar

ter ending 31st March, 1826, viz.
For Withington School, Creek In. 150,00
** Valley Towns" Cherokee “ 125,00

* Tinsawattee

62,50 " Putawatomie," 150,00 “ Tonawanda 66 Seneca

75,00 « Oneida “ Oneida 100,00

For the Am. Baptist Magazine. Feb. 2. By Francis W. Emmons,



663,26 My spirits droop with illness now, Foreign Missions. Feb. 2. From Francis W. Emmons,

76 And yet I would submissive bow, Mar. 22.

Spring Hill Fem. Soc. (n.c.) 6,00 My Heavenly Father, to thy will; April 4. 6 Richmond Bap. Foreign and I would not breathe a single thought Dom. Miss. Soc. (Vir.) Fem.Soc. 50,00

With discontent or murmurs fraught, Female Judson Soc.

20,00 13. Washington Fem. Judson Soc. 10,00 But suffering, own and love thee still.

86,76 And yet there is a pensive air
General Purposes.

Steals o'er me, ere I am aware,
Feb. 2. From Dividend of United States
Bank Stock,the Gregory Legacy, 27,50

And clasps me in its soft control;
Mar. 13. 66 Thomas Cooper, Eatonton, (Ga.) 50,00 A mildly melancholy mood
“ Georgia Assoc. Mission Board, 100,00

Of sickness, and of solitude, “ Ocmulgee “

" Gen. Ass. of Bap. Den. in Geo. 100,00

Sad and subduing to the soul.
15. “ Bap. State Con. of South Car.
April 4. “ Richmond Bap. For. and Dom. At times I wipe the starting tear,
Mission Society,

180,00 13. “ Norfolk Bap. Mission and Ed

And think, my Father, thou art here, ucation Soc.

50,00 And I am thine, forever thine ; “ Washington Fem. Mite Soc. 5,00 Should blow succeed to chastening blow, “ Baltimore Missionary Soc. 7,00 Thou art the very same I know,

681,00 And future blessings dost design. For Columbian College. Feb. 27. From the General Committee of Whence then the sadness that I feel ? Churches remitted in the Charles

Why do these tears unbidden steal? ton Bap. Ass. (S. C.) for the use

of the Columbian College, 450,00 And whence this deeply mournful mood? Mar. 13. “ Gen. Ass. of the Bap. Denom. Still must I weep? Then vanish pride, in Georgia,

25,90 | And let this grief be sanctified,
15. “ Baptist State Con. of So. Caro. 88,50
April 4.
“ Richmond Bap. For. and Dom.

And gush in holy gratitude.
Missionary Society,

13. “ Norfolk Bap. Mission and Edu Breathe, Holy Spirit, on my pain,
cation Society,

50,00 * Washington Bap. For. Miss. Soc. 175,00

And I will weep o'er Jesus slain,
Fem. Mite Soc. 100,00 Drenched in His bursting blood for me;
“ First Bap. Ch. Washington, 100,00 When in that dreary period,
** Fem, Judson Soc.

Baltimore Missionary Soc. 100,00 Of insult, agony, and blood,
“ East Jersey Missionary Soc. 308,18 He languished on the fatal tree.
* Southwark Bap. For. Miss. Soc. 113,00


He was no servant once! As God,

He saw me from his high abode,

Total, 83060,70
Received the above,

Deep sunk in sin and guilt and shame;

Compassion kindled with that look; HEMAN LINCOLN, Treasurer.

For me a servant's form he took,

And down to earth to save me caine.





Oh it might gush an angel's tear, Monies received on account of the Baptist | To see that man of sorrow's dear, General Convention of the United States. Rejected and despised by men!

For angels knew how rich before,
Mar. 31. By amount received of the Wash-

He was-what poverty he bore,
ington Missionary Society, by
Rew. O. B. Brown,


To bring us back to God again. April 11. From Salem Bible Translation and

Foreign Mission Society, by J. Melt then my soul ! 'Twas for thy guilt,

Moriarty, Esq. Treasurer, 200,00 18. From the Rhode Island Baptist

Jesus' atoning blood was spilt;
Convention, by Rev. David Ben-

He could not sink in suffering lower, edict, Treasurer,

200,30 Oh! if thou hast one spark of love,
19. From the Middlesex and Norfolk
Auxiliary Missionary Society, by

To him who left his throne above,
Deacon James Fosdick, Treas. 300,00

Go, weeping, “ go, and sin no more!"

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Satr Pastor of the Baptist Church Farsley:York: Eng

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