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pointed a Missionary for three tion of their souls. The Trustees months in the

are not without hope that they

shall continue to receive gratifying Province of New Brunswick.

intelligence from this devoted Although he has not fulfilled | servant of Christ. the duties of his last appointment, yet, in giving an account of a

Vermont. previous mission, he states some Rev. John Spalding has been particulars, which, it is believed, employed three months by this will be interesting to the Society. Society. Morristown, Johnson, On that tour, he visited a place Waterville, Jericho, Essex, Westcalled Cardigan settlement, in ford, Franklin, Sheldon, Swanton, which he found about thirty Welsh | and several other towns, have been families. They were extremely favoured with his ministrations. poor, but many of thein were truly In six towns he was so far successpious. Having preached to them ful as to

to establish 12 Mite repeatedly, Mr. James prevailed Societies, auxiliary to the Burman on such as gave evidence of piety Mission. He has also promoted to hold a general conference, at the establishment of Sabbath which, twenty persons came for- Schools in several towns, and ward and agreed to walk together his preaching, it is hoped, has as a Church of Christ.

The fol- not been without good effect, lowing Sabbath he administered to them the Lord's Supper." Chris

Rhode Island. tians, says he, were refreshed, and There is reason to believe, that sinners seemed to tremble under an appointment given to Rev. the word of the Lord.”

Samuel West to labour 6 months From Cardigan, he travelled to in a section of this State has been Miramichi River. He preached attended with good. In a letter at several settlements in the vi- dated from Richmond, he recinity of the river, and went from marks" I commenced preaching house to house exhorting the peo- statedly in this town and vicinity ple to flee from the wrath to come. in February last. At which time, He remarks, “ a number seemed there were but very few attended to be affected by the preaching of publick worship. The church was the word of God." After an ab- | broken down and scattered. sence of some weeks, he returned Meetings

discontinued. to Cardigan settlement, where || However, a few of the best famihaving spent sometime and preach- lies in the vicinity expressed a ed almost every day, he had the strong desire that publick worship high satisfaction of baptizing 8 should be resumed.

But that persons who gave evidence of a which gave me the greatest enwork of grace on their hearts. couragement was a few pious praySometime after this, he again ing females, who through a long visited them, and remained near scene of wasting and darkness, ly two months; when, says he still kept up regular prayer meet- the Lord glorified his grace in a ings amongst themselves.

I wonderful manner. Seventeen thought surely God has not wholly, more have been added to the forsaken the place, since some of church, of such, I hope, as shall his children have hearts to pray: be saved." Şince he finished his The assembly has been, and still first missionary appointment, he is, gradually increasing. has understood that several per- meet on the Lord's day morning sons on the Miramichi river were an hour before publick worship seriously concerned for the salva-| to pray for a revival of religion.



The devotional exercises have When I consider the blessings been interesting, and we begin to which the Great Head of the be a little encouraged.”

Church has bestowed on my poor,

imperfect labours, I can say, HithNew York.

erto hath the Lord helped me. The situation of many towns in | And when I remember the Baptist this great and increasingly popu- Missionary Society of Massachulous State, has occupied the serious setts, I feel that we all have reaattention of your Board. They son to say, Blessed be the Lord have not only sent Missionaries to God who hath put such an heart preach among the destitute, but in our brethren to help us in our have granted pecuniary aid to sev-necessities." eral feeble Churches. The Society Rev. Jonathan Blake has renit is believed will be gratified in dered an account of six months' hearing what have been some of service in New-York under the the fruits of their charity.

direction of this Society. 'The Rev. Asa Averil who has receiv- principal field of his labours was ed a Mission for the term of three in Cataraugus county, and he months, and who has for several seems to have been blessed in his years been occasionally employed work. The people were anxious in the service of this Board, has to hear the gospel. He found a given us the following information. nuinber of pious persons who were * Owing to the weak and defence- desirous of being formed into a less state of the Churches in Church. Arrangements were acWoodville and Richland, and in a cordingly made; and, assisted by greement with instructions receiv- an aged and' venerable minister of ed from you, I thought it my duty the name of Vining, an investito pay some attention to them ; and gation took place concerning their particularly to the Church in the christian character and principles. latter place. My hopes were not The result being satisfactory, they disappointed. The Lord poured were acknowledged as a regular out his spirit, and there were add- | Church of Christ.

Before they ed to the Baptist Church in left the place one man came forRichland, 15 persons; and some, ward, related his experience, and who we hope have experienced re- offered himself as a candidate for ligion, have not yet united them baptism. Mr. Blake stayed over selves with any Church.

the Sabbath, and administered The Church in Woodville has baptism and the Lord's supper to until lately been in a very weak them. 6. It was, says he, a pleasstate. About a year ago, the Lording opportunity. It was the first was pleased to call up the atten- | time that either of the ordinances tion of the Church and people, and had been administered in this wilthe happy result has been that 21 derness.

Three years ago

it was persons have been added to the a waste howling desert. And to see Church by baptism. A Society the Lord's Table spread, and hear has been formed, agreeably to the the expressions of gratitude to God statute of this State, for such for his great goodness, from the cases provided. A meeting-house, lips of these dear disciples, would 60 by 40 feet has been projected ; have well rewarded the Society for and a good portion of the shares the expense of sending the gospel are taken up. The meeting-house to them. with the exclusive jurisdiction of From thence, I visited Cold ! it, and all its appurtenances, are Spring, where í found a female guaranteed forever to the Baptist who was waiting for some one to Church and Society in this place. | baptize her. Here this holy ordi


For a

nance was administered for the In Clarence, although but little first time. There are in this is yet accomplished, there is a neighbourhood 20 persons from pleasing prospect of a revival, and different and distant Churches, of a number of valuable additions ; who in about a month will prob- some by letter and some by bapably receive fellowship as tism. Concerning Buffalo, he Church. I have never seen any says, “I know not what to write. pel labourers more than thirds, gos. Our prospects have been scarcely

two days alike. The first SaturOn the 17th of August, Mr. day in February we spent in fastBlake returned to Cold Spring, ing and prayer. I believe we exand assisted in the organization of perienced the presence of God, à Church. From this place he and were blessed with a token for proceeded to Conewongo, where good. We have since enjoyed he had the pleasure of baptizing some refreshing from the presence another female on a profession of of the Lord. More than 30 have faith. It was the first time that obtained a hope in Christ; and any one had ever been buried in others are still inquiring what they baptism there. Two more con- must do. verts were expected soon to follow Never have I felt so deeply my their Lord and Master in this own insufficiency, or met with so blessed ordinance.

many discouragements. In a letter accompanying his considerable time, I feared that journal, the brethren in that I was planting upon a rock. But region state, that they had lived of late I have hoped, that I was there from one, to three years, not labouring in vain. I have without any preaching, until in visited 17 towns ; preached 70 the providence of God the benevo- times ; attended 40 or 50 other lence of this Society sent them meetings, and visited as much as Elder Blake. They express the my strength would admit. I have most unfeigned thankfulness for formed two tract Societies; and the attention which has been distributed several thousand pages paid to their case, and in pathetic of tracts." terms beg, that we would remem Rev. Whitman Metcalf, who acber them in their deep poverty, companied the above named Misand send them Missionaries, or sionary, and we are happy to they will have no one to dispense say, is a brother of a kindred spirto them the word of life.

it, has also gone forth under the Rev. Ezra Going has been ap- patronage of this Board for one pointed to labour as a Missionary year. In concurrence with Mr. for one year in the western part ||G. he also formed an itinerant of New-York. When he first ar-circuit, in which he has not preachved at the scene of his opera- ed in vain. He has been instruns, he experienced much dis- mental in promoting a very pleasragement. But he described ing revolution in one church in himself a missionary circuit, particular. When breaches were prosecuted with zeal the du- i healed, harmony restored, and

of his profession. After a spirit of humiliation and prayer ntioning the towns which he was visible, then it was the pleasernately visited, he observes, ure of God to bestow the influenVhile at Buffalo the Church ces of his gracious Spirit. In one

! to revive, one was restor- neighbourhood in particular, where hacksliders returned, a a few weeks before, a dozen perious, and meetings sons could not be persuaded to at

tend a conference meeting, al

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most the whole neighbourhood | And it may be proper to add, that will now collect three evenings in in the course of my visits, I a week. Not unfrequently ž0 or have distributed several thousand 30, and sometimes



pages of Tracts." speak in an evening of the goodness of God to them, while some

Pennsylvania. will express their anxious desires Rev. Benjamin Oviatt has spent for the salvation of their souls. 3 months in the service of the “Our meetings,” he says,

66 on || Board. His labours were chiefly the Sabbath have been very large. confined to Alleghany and Potter Many have come and returned be-counties, Pa. He found a state cause they could not get in so as of feeling among the people pecuto hear. Baptismal and com- liarly interesting. In his mismunion seasons have been very sionary tour he promoted and took interesting. God has manifested a part in the constitution of two his presence and approbation. Baptist Churches ; be attended am not able to state the nuinber one ordination, and gave the Right

hat have experienced a hope in hand of Fellowship to the candiChrist. Twenty-seven have unit-date; and having witnessed some ed with the Church. Nineteen remarkable instances of converby baptism and eight by letter. sion, he had the pleasure of bapSome came forward with letters tising *18 persons, and of seeing dated years since; and others them go on their way rejoicing. expressed a hope which they had But although this information is cherished years before, but had animating, he states one fact concealed it from their friends. which should excite our commiserA number more anticipate a Sabation. He says there is but one bath in two weeks, when they can Baptist minister within 60 miles manifest their publick attachment of the place from whence he adto Christ by obeying him in his dresses his letter. Who can lisordinances. The people here often to this statement without feelten express their gratitude to ing the importance of increased your Society for aiding them in exertions for the support of Dotheir destitute condition. In mestick Missions ? China there is nothing special ; ex

Ohio. cept that the Church enjoys a union which it has not had before for Rev. Squier Abbot has been years. In Freedom, a branch of employed by us as a Missionary the China Church, we have ex. for 3 months in Ohio.

Having perienced many interesting sea- given a minute account of the va

Eight have united by bap- rious places which he visited, the tism, and six by letter, and reception that he met with, and there is encouragement to hope the various degrees of success that the Lord is still among them. which apparently followed his laIn closing my letter, I submit bours, he remarks “I have rode with diffidence the following as a 711 miles ; preached fifty-nine brief sketch of my feeble services. sermons ; baptized 7 persons, and Since I engaged in the service of broke bread to one church. I your Society, I have preached have enjoyed many precious sea117 sermons ; attended nearly 70sons ; and have often heard the other meetings, and visited be- brethren express their gratitude to tween 170 and 180 families, be- | God, and their thanks to your sides a number of schools. 1|| Board of Missions, for sending have baptized 26 persons, and 15 them the blessed gospel. “Coul others were received by letter. christians in Busion, (he write

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hear the pressing solicitations that|States and Territories far West. other ministers, as well as my- | And if, after mature deliberation, self, receive, in which the Macedo- a system of means should be denian cry is repeated—Come over vised having this object in view, and help us--I am sure it would and duly authorized agents should affect their hearts. There are be appointed to receive aid from multitudes in this western region societies and individuals, it is who are perishing for lack of hoped that they will meet with knowledge. And although many due encouragement. are led away by erroneous doc The following persons have also been trines, yet, blessed be God, there appointed Missionaries. is reason to hope, that many do hunger and thirst for the bread Rev. Asa Niles, 3 :

These and the water of life.

6 : Isaac Kimball,

William Bentley, : 6 greatly rejoice when they hear the

Elisha Andrews, 3 :
tidings of salvation by Jesus

Thomas Barret, 2 :
James M'Coy,

6 : States bordering on the Missisippi

Hatch, 6 : river.

Adoniram Judson, 3 : In this region Rev. John M. William Spencer, 3: Peck has been employed 6 months Clark Cornish,

6 : as your Missionary. As most of

3 :

James Parsons, his letters addressed to the Board

Eli B. Smith, 3 : have already been published, it will not be necessary in this Re

Aid to Churches. port to give a particular account During the past year the Board of his excursions and labours. We have appropriated one thousand would however express the gratify- and two dollars for the purpose of ing conviction that he has been an assisting poor and infant churches instrument in the hand of God of in maintaining the constant and doing much good. His attempts regular ministry of the word. to set in order the things that are From the experience which the wanting, in many of the churches ; || Trustees have had on this subject, the zeal and industry with which they are convinced, that there is he has established Bible Societies no way in which they can more and Sabbath schools, and the in-effectually subserve the cause of terest which he has taken in the Christ. There

churches distribution of religious Tracts, | now, in a flourishing condition, cannot fail of receiving the appro which owe their visibility to our bation of christians, and the spec- timely aid ; and some are in posial blessing of the God of grace. session of commodious meeting

Mr. Peck has expressed his houses that, without appropriations deep anxiety that a circuit system from this Board, would have been should be established in supplying obliged to meet in private houses, the West with preachers of the and probably they would have gospel, and that specific funds met no where. In a letter from should be raised in the different one Society of this kind, thanking States to meet the necessities of us for past and soliciting future this case. We are fully impress- | aid, the following interesting stateed with the belief that his plan is ments are made. Until Nov. 1823, both wise and practicable. We there was no Baptist Church in can see no other way in which a this village. At that time, a suitable provision can be made for few scattered christians formed the religious instruction of the themselves into a church. The


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