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Twelfth Annual Report of the Executive dreds of churches who have no pastors,

Committee of the Massachusetts Bap- and the wide moral wastes, where dwell tist Education Society, September, millions of souls, like our own, many 1826.

of which must perish for lack of vision

before our enlightened ministry can A mind highly cultivated, and stored reach them, and how does the object with treasures of knowledge, softened magnify before our eyes ! and enriched by the grace of the gospel, How far this society shall succeed in with all its sentiments and purposes ele-effecting its designs depends on the vated by the knowledge of God, is of guidance and blessing of the Lord. So great worth.

Having at its command much has already been done however, the whole range of the sciences, and of that this society and its friends have reaBiblical Theology, such a mind like that son to thank God, and take courage. of Paul, casts all these and itself too at

Beneficiaries. the Saviour's feet, seeking direction how to use them And receiving thence a

About thirty young men have received

more or less assistance fiom this comnew impulse, it goes forth in the spiritmittee since our last anniversary. At that and power of Elias ; infidelity is stripped time twenty-one were

on the list of of its mask, false sources of happiness beneficiaries; ten have since been receivare exposed, vain excuses are torn awayed, two have been dismissed, six have from men, the violated law of God with-drawn, one to receive ordination, speaks out its thunders, the overwhelming evidences of divine love and others, three to pursue other professions,

two to study under the patronage of the privileges of a believer in Christ are portrayed, until, accompanied by the all the monies they have received, shall

giving assurances to the committee that grace of the Holy Spirit, those who were dead do live; and the happy influence of speedily be refunded ; leaving under the such a mind cannot be limited to the patronage of the society twenty-one. Of present generation or to its own immedi-these, three are at Newton, fifteen are in ate sphere, but it will be felt on the oth: // college, and three are engaged in preer side the globe, in the islands of the paratory studies or in English. Their

character and standing and progress are sea, in our western wilds, in future in general spoken of by their instructers generations and in eternity.

in terms highly satisfactory. It is true highly cultivated minds, even without religious experience, have promen, recently beneficiaries of this com

Within the past year, several young duced great changes in human society, inmittee have received ordination as pasmany respects for the better. And on

tors of churches, and are labouring with the other hand minds with little cultiva. tion and discipline, but eminently pious,

happy prospects. Others are preaching

as candidates ; and from some who are have done and continue to do much good. But it is principally to those travelling as missionaries, we have re

ceived the niost pleasing intelligence of minds in which science and the power


their usefulness. godliness are blended, we are to look for ihe origin and execution of those great wishes should be fully realized in every

It would be in vain to expect that our plans, which are to give the bible to the nations, the gospel to every creature, and

No society of this character, eithto evangelize the whole world.

er in England or America have been These are the minds which are destin- of disappointment. If any occur among

long in existence without some instances ed to exert a wide and salutary influence, us it is earnestly hoped the churches may and to take hold with a strong grasp on the eternal destinies of man.

be excited by them to greater care in exNow that the church of God may

amining and recommending candidates,

have such’minds as these for her Pastors, and those who are licensed.

as well as to earnest prayer in behalf of that the wilderness and solitary, place may hear their voice and be glad for

It ought to be distinctly known that no them, is the great object for which this Charities of this Society, until the church

person is properly a candidate for the society was established, and for which of which he is a member, express its beyour committee' have laboured the past | lief that God in his wisdom has designed year. It is that the sons of Zion, who, him for the ministry. in indigent circumstances are called to the ministry, may have the best possi

Theological Institution. ble advantages, adapted to qualify them

At the time of the last Annual Meetfor this great work. Consider the bun-lling, your committee appointed the Rev.



Irah Chase as Professor of Biblical Lit-1 forts ; for the Lord is with the God of erature for the new Institution.

Jacob is our refuge. The two sub-committees that had been Your committee at their last meeting, appointed at the close of the last year, having been informed that the Trustees made their report at an early period. of the Seminary had assumed the salary

That on the location of the Institution, of the Rev. Professor Chase, and that in company with some other persons, vis- they had appointed the Rev. Henry J. ited several towns in the vicinity, and re-Ripley, Professor of Biblical Literature ported in favour of Newton, and refer- | and Pastoral duties, deemed it expedient red to an eligible situation there which to afford him support till other means are could be purchased at a low price. provided ; which they doubt not will Whereupon this committee, after serious soon be obtained. ly deliberating on the question, proceeded to decide by ballot on the place of lo

Benefactions. cation, and gave their votes in favour of Newton.

One duty, which your committee feel The sub-committee chosen to solicit deeply binding upon them, and which donations reported that it would not be they are not reluctant to fulfil, is, to nodifficult to obtain funds for the purchase tice, with gratitude to the great Author and repair of the Peck estate, so called, of all good, the timely aid they have rein Newton. They were then authorised ceived from Benevolent Societies and to purchase and repair the same, and to individuals, in the support of beneficiasolicit monies to meet the expense, which ries, and in laying the foundation of that we are happy to add has been accom- infant Seminary, which we hope is plished. The whole amount being about fraught with blessings to thousands of $8000, has been generously subscribed souls that are now ready to perish. by a few individuals in Boston and its

Although our treasury is now nearly vicinity, and the premises were pre

exhausted, yet the prompt and liberal sented to the Trustees free of incum- | assistance which has hitherto been af brance at their last annual meeting.

forded by the benevolent, is a kind of On account of the great accumulation pledge that this society shall never be of business in relation to this object, and suffered to languish, or to relax its efforts for other reasons, your committee de- || for want of funds, so long as its concerns cided in December last that it was expe

are managed with prudence and discredient to commit the management of this

tion. Institution to a Board of Trustees dis

Let every pious heart then, seek the tinct from this body. Accordingly they.l blessing of the Lord on this benevolent .with some other persons, presented a pe

society, let them pray the Lord of the tition to the General Court for an act o

harvest to send forth inore laborers, and incorporation, which was granted.

that he will replenish the managers of All the affairs of the Institution were

this society with grace and wisdom to do then cordially transferred to that Board, right, and to do with their might whatand are now by the blessing of God in a

soever their hand findeth to do, and we state of happy progress

nay hope to see, every year, new pasThus it will be seen that instead of tors and teachers rise, who, as servants of being disheartened, this society have the living God, shall show unto men the much to stimulate and encourage them way of salvation. to go forward and to make still greater ef

E. NELSON, Sec’ry.

Annual account of the Treasurer of the Executive Committee of the Massachusetts

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Receipts. 1825. Sept. 24. By amount received from H. Lincoln, Esq. late Treasurer,

By cash from Bap. Ch. and Soc. Charlestown,

African Church, Boston,
Female Mite Soc. Amesbury and Salisbury,
Third Bap. Church and Soc. Boston,
Miss M. Saltonstall

, Haverhill,
First Bap. Church, do.
Female Éducation Soc. in 1st Bap. Church, do.
Bap. Benevolent Soc. Newburyport,
Bap. Female do. do.
West Cambridge Church,
John Woodbridge, 2d, Marblehead,
Bap. Church and Society, Lynn,

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458,01 13,47 3,00 1,00 75,00 5,00 6,23 17,21

4,45 10,00 1,00 1,00 7,64

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Oct. 6.



Dec. 14.


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By cash from Bap. Church and Society, South Reading,

9,00 Second Bap. Church and Society, Boston,

33,57 Boston Bap. Female Education Society,

40,00 Bap. Church and Society, Salem,

51,50 Salem Female Bap. Education Society,

5,00 Salem Juvenile Education Society,

8,00 Rev. Josiah Convers,

5,00 Nathan Oliver, Chelmsford, a friend,

1,00 Jonathan Pierce,

52 Newton Female Education Society,

20,00 By interest of U. 8. Stock,

108,00 of State Bank,

75,60 of New England Bank,

180,00 By Cash of Thomas J. Goodwin, Executor to estate of David Goodwin, Esq. note and interest,

190,00 of Azubah Hayden, being 2 cents a week for one year, 1,04 of Oren Tracy, note paid,

17,50 from a friend,

1,00 from Rev. Bela Jacobs, presented by ladies in his Church and Society, to constitute him a Trustee for life, 50,00 By interest of U. 8. Stock,

108,00 By note paid,

3100,00 interest on do.

113,66 By note paid,

780,00 interest on do.

48,10 By Cash, dividend at Lynn Bank,

45,00 do. State Bank,

69,30 do. U. S. Stock,

108,00 interest on note, do. do.

60,00 do. do.

60,00 interest U. S. Stock,

108,00 from Rev. Joseph Grafton, from ladies in his Ch. and Society to constitute him a trustee for life, 50,00 interest on note,

57,00 dividend at Lynn Bank,

45,00 on note,

200,00 $6469,70

1826. Jan. 7.


Feb. 2.
Apr. 3.


29. May 4. June 20. July 8.


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29. Oct. 1.

27. Nov. 5. Dec. 1.



7. 28.

To cash paid Josiah West, a beneficiary at Brown Uni-

37,95 to Eli B. Smith, per note,

25,00 to Moses Gould, Waterville College, per note,

20,00 to E. Eveleth, Amherst College,

30,00 Ephraim Simonds, per note,

60,00 to Moses Gould, Waterville, per note,

12,00 paid for books for library of Theological Institution Newton,

23,50 to Eli B. Smith, per note,

25,00 to Professor Irah Chase, for one quarter's salary, 200,00 remitted the Agent of the beneficiaries, Waterville, 253,50 to Alden S. Bailey, a beneficiary,

33,00 let, on note and mortgage,

3800,00 paid at Register office,

2,00 To amount paid the Treasurer of the Baptist Mis

sionary: ociety of Mass. being the amount of in-
come from Mr. Cornish's legacy, agreeably to his

425,00 To cash paid for support of students at Newton,

150,00 To amount paid Agent of the beneficiaries, Waterville College,


1826. Jan. 14.


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Feb. 2.

Apr. 1.
May 4.

May 10.

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23. June 1.

10. Aug. 23.


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To cash paid Ezra Fisher, a beneficiary at Amherst College, 18,83


20,00 to Eli B. Smith, per note,

10,00 paid Clark Sibly, Amherst College,

32,00 Rev. Irah Chase, one quarter's salary,

200,00 Julius Bliss, Amherst,

5,33 paid J. Sawyer, for board of students, Newton, 38,00 Edward Mitchell, Dartmouth College,

34,00 John Greene, Amherst Academy,

15,00 Julius Bliss, do.

10,00 Clarke Sibly, Amherst College,

20,00 Ezra Fisher, do.

20,00 remitted the Agent of the beneficiaries, Waterville, 197,97 paid Lincoln & Edmands' bill for books for the Library, Newton,


6086,13 To balance credited on new account,


29. Sept. 16.

6469,70 E. LINCOLN, Treasurer.





Messrs. Editors,
The funds of our Foreign Mission are

The friends of Christ will be gratified often increased by the contributions of to learn that in several towns where Female Primary Societies, and their there are Baptist Churches the word of free-will offerings are frequently ac

the Lord has had free course and been companied by communications to the glorified. In Beverly between thirty and Treasurer, with the pious effusions of forty persons have been baptized on a the hearts of the donors. As a speci- | profession of their faith. They continue men, I hand you the enclosed for


to give the most satisfactory evidence perusal, and if you think proper for that they have passed from death unto

life. About the same number has been publication in your useful Magazine.

H. L.

received into the Church at South Read

ing under the pastoral care of Mr. Davis, Sedgwick, Aug. 25, 1826. | At Lowell the additions to the newly Dear Sir,

formed Baptist Church have amounted to Inclosed is the sum contributed by the place a pleasing attention to religion.

nearly forty; and there is still in that first Female Primary Society in Sedg. The large accession to the church of wick. We regret very much that it is

Christ at Haverhill deserves thankful nonot in our power to send a larger sum;

tice. It is sincerely hoped that what has but small as it is, we humbly hope it will occurred in each of these societies is onbe received, as the free-will offering of ly a prelude of still greater blessings to cheerful givers. Our Society is not be enjoyed by them. large, nor wealthy; the mite devoted to

In a letter from Rev. Asa Averill, the cause of Missions, is the fruit of in- || dated, Woodville, N. Y. Aug. 18, he dustry and self-denial; and we hope is says, " The Lord has granted us a show, accompanied with some prayers, that it

er of mercy; fourteen have been added may be blest to the salvation of some

to the church since the meeting of the poor Burman or Hindoo, who is now in | Association.” slavish fear and heathenish darkness, worshipping gods of their own hands

The following communication from making. May they, instead of going to Rev. John Peck, of Cazenovia, will be the Ganges to be cleansed from pollu- read with interest. tion, be by some dear Missionary direct

Dear Brother, ed to and find the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.

I am now visiting the associations in The amount inclosed and forwarded this state, and learn that our brethren feel by Captain T. is seventeen dollars and

a deep interest in all the objects contemten cents.

plated by the General Convention, and I Yours with respect,

trust its treasury will be replenished. In behalf of the Society,

The cloud of mercy still overspreads

this region, and drops of divine compasSALLY ALLEN, Treas. Dea. Heman Lincoln.

sion are falling and refreshing the churches. This town is sharing in the riches of

God's goodness. I attended a meeting this These essays were, in our judgment, week in the village, and I cannot describe of an uncommon value. They presentthe emotions of my heart, to see sinners ed a union, which we hope will ever weeping for sin and pleading for mercy, characterize the efforts of the students of young converts rejoicing in God, and this institution, of just views and elevated joy sparkling in the countenances of piety. old saints. I was constrained to say it The pleasure which the exercises of was the Lord's doings, and it was mar the day afforded to the friends of the invellous in our eyes. Pompey, Fabius, stitution, was increased by the fact, that Tully, and Homer, are also sharing in the Committee of Finance had succeed. the blessed work.

ed in obtaining, from a few generous inI attended this week the ordination of dividuals in Boston, and its vicinity, the Brother Jesse Eliot from your region, a whole


about $8000, requisite to deyoung man who graduated at Hamilton, fray all the expense incurred by the purlast June, at Oneida, and it was a pleas-chase of the estate, and the repairs and ant and interesting season. Brother Eliot "alterations which were needed. The is engaged as teacher and missionary at whole premises now belong to the Trusthis station. The Indian school is in a tecs, unincumbered with debt. prosperous state. In haste,

The Rev. Henry J. Ripley, of RiceYours in the bonds of the gospel, borough, (Geo.) was appointed Profes

JOHN PECK. sor of Biblical Literature and Pastoral Dea. Heman Lincoln, Boston.

Duties. It is expected that

will remove to Newton, without delay.

The present condition of the Institu

tion is far more prosperous than could NEWTON THEOLOGICAL INSTI- have been expected. A full statement TUTION.

will soon be laid before the public, and an The first annual examination in this appeal will be made to the friends of reinstitution, took place on the 14th of Sep- i ligion, and of an enlightened ministry, tember. The Board of Trustees, and a

for aid to enable the institution to fuifii number of other individuals, were pre

its sole end, viz. to assist persons who sent. It was a day of deep interest, of have been called to the ministry in acdevout gratitude, and joyous anticipa- quiring a solid and useful education. tion. The feelings of the friends of the institution were uttered in fervent prayer and thanks to God, by the Rev. Mr. Grafton and the Rev Dr. Bolles.

SWITZERLAND. The Junior Class were examined in the Hebrew language, and on various

Persecution still rages in Switzerland. other subjects, pertaining to Biblical Lit- M. A. Bost, an Evangelical Minister in crature. The proficiency which they Geneva, for publishing an answer to a had made, during the year, was equally scurrilous pamphlet, written by Mr. creditable to their own industry, and to Cheyssiere, one of the ministers of the the unweared assiduity of the Professor.

dominant party, has been prosecuted, Essays were then read, which gave ev

and condemned to pay a fine of 500 idence of careful research, sound ihought, francs (upwards of £20,) besides the and warm piety.

costs of the trial. The money was imOn the History of the Hebrew lan-mediately raised by subscription. In the guage, By Thomas W. Merrill.

Canton de Vaud, one of the pastors, On the Greek of the New Testament, and several other persons, have been

By Seth W. Whitman. banished, for holding separate meetings Historical Sketch of the common Eng for worship, and at Bex, the Monthly lish version of the Bible,

Missionary Prayer Meeting has been supBy Barnas Sears. pressed by the Police, There was no middle class, as it is hardly a year since the establishment of the Institution. But two students, who had spent the first two years of their

FRANCE. Theological course at Andover, having We are glad to hear that a Society has been admitted here to an advanced stand- | been formed in Paris “ for the Encour ing, and having finished the studies of || agement of Sunday Schools,” chiefly the senior year, received their dismission.

among the Protestant Churches. Their essays were ;

The Religious Tract Society of Paris On Preaching Christ crucified, held its Annual Meeting April 11. SevBy Eli B. Smith,

eral New Tracts have been published ; On the connexion between a Preach- the numbers circulated during the past er's private life and his official ministra- || year was 127,386. Several Auxiliary tion,

By John E. Weston Societies have been formed, and many

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