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that we were all naturally averse to such || put us to death to day, along with the new a sight, we only anticipated in every con- | prisoner? The latter seemed the most tortion and groan of the unhappy man, probable, and our minds were again fillthe state we might soon be in. He was ed with unspeakable anxiety, and sleep first jirked suddenly by the hair of the departed from our eyes. At 8 A. M. the head, from the floor of the hall, and land town clerk came in and informed Mr. ed on the ground; next his hands were that the king had sent to inquire after tied very tight behind him, and drawn up his watch. He said it was at his houseto a high pole, so as almost to dislocate " and the key of his strong box ?” it was the shoulder. Last of all, his knees were also at home. Now said Mr. , I am bound fast together, and two handspikes sure they will kill me on account of my put in the figure of the letter X between property. I shall never survive this day. his thighs, when with an immense advan. He became much agitated, requested me tage of power, the two levers were to pray with him once more, which I brought, each to a perpendicular, like the did, with many tears. He then gave letter H, the hip joints almost or quite me particular messages to be delivered, if dislocated ; and the wretched sufferer ut ever I escaped to his surviving friends. tering a horrid shriek, fainted away. “0, tell them above all,” said he, “ that After using means to recover him, he I die in faith and hope, Christ is my porwas ordered into five pair of fetters, astion, my Saviour, I die happy ?” My an incorrigible culprit, and turned into heart was ready to burst. I promised the prison.

nevertheless every thing that was requir

ed, little hoping however, that I should Arrival of a strange Prisoner.

ever live to deliver them ; and reOn Saturday evening June 12th, we

minded by the very circumstance of the were informed that Rangoon was sur reason I had myself of making the samerounded by the Burman troops, and that preparation. they were only waiting orders, whether

Remainder of the Journal has not been received. to catch the white men alive, or kill them at once :-also we were told for our satisfaction, that some great man, a general, perhaps, or more likely the

LETTER FROM REV. king himself, had been taken prisoner,

D. BOARDMAN, TO REV. BELA JACOBS. and was nearly arrived at Ava. Each began to imagine the probability that he

Calcutta, April 12, 1826. should be forced to behold in the new

My dear Brother, made prisoner, some bosom friend. It may be Mr. H. or Mr. W. it may be Mr. The joyful news of peace with Ava, S. or Mr. A. or Mr. T.; there was no and of the safety of our friends Dr. and, end to our fruitless conjectures. *At Mrs. Judson, and Dr. Price, you will length the celebrated prisoner arrives doubtless receive from other sources. about 12 at night, each of us looking out We can only say that the preservation of on the rack of intense curiosity; but he our friends, both at Rangoon and at Ava, was brought in covered with a cloak, and seems to us one of the most striking and no one could satisfy his mind on the in- gracious displays of God's special care teresting particular. At 3 o'clock, A. M. of his people and his cause, which has an order came to put us all inside again. been experienced in modern times. Oh ! what a prospect now presented it We have good news to relate respectself, “ that no faith should be kept with ing Christianity in Hindostan. This heretics” Was this the cause of our being evening we expect to attend an anniverput again inside, when they had promis- sary of the Independeut Missionary Soed us the outside, and taken an enor- || ciety in this place, and the Report, we mous sum of money from us on this ex are informed, will be extremely interestpress condition? Or were they about to ing. The substance of it is, that in a



village 10 miles below Calcutta, there

All these things look encourreside several fishermen, who on their | aging, and it appears to me, we have way to their fishing ground down the much cause to engage in our work with river, have frequently called at a Chris new and redoubled diligence. tian place of worship. The consequence Brother Wade and myself with our is, that they have renounced idolatry beloved companions expect to leave Caland embraced Christianity, and the cutta in six or eight weeks, to join brothwhole village is in a state of commotion, er Judson. As Rangoon is not retained and the current of feeling is quite in favour by the British, we do not think it best to of the gospel. The people have already re-commence the work there, but rather torn their idol from its temple, and pre to settle in some of the towns which are, sented it to Rev. Mr. Trawin; and they by treaty, ceded to the English. New are about tearing down the temple, with || Martaban is the place where we shall the intention of erecting a Christian most probably settle, and we expect the chapel of its materials on or near the || Burmans will resort thither in great numsame spot.

bers to avoid the heavy taxes which his We have also heard that in the Burman Majesty will impose on account district of Palamcottah, near Cape | of the late war. The members of the Comorin, two Church Missionaries have Church in Rangoon are collecting togethbeen greatly blest in their labours, so that || er, and will probably go with us. in the course of the last two years, elev We need much divine direction. We en hundred families have renounced consider the present an important crisis idolatry and embraced Christianity. I in the affairs of the mission. Not all these persons have been actu to New Martaban, we can doubtless have ally converted; but many of them have as many schools as our wives can subeen, if we may judge from the firmness | perintend. The minds of the people in and constancy with which they have | America, we are persuaded, are strongly endured persecution and imprisonment on in favour of Female Schools, and we have account of their new religion. Even every reason to expect that they will dewomen have visited the prisons where i vise liberal things at this interesting petheir husbands were confined, to per- | riod. suade them to fidelity in the service of We have great reason to be thankful their new master.

for the health we enjoy. We long to The Baptist Church in Circular Road || proceed to Burmah and engage in the deis also in a very flourishing state. Thir- || lightful work before us We hope God's teen young men have been baptized there strength will be made perfect in our since Mr. Lawson's death in October | weakness. last, and several other persons are de

Mrs. B. unites in most affectionate resirous of being baptized. Some others gards to yourself, Mrs. J. and family, Mr. are under deep convictions of sin, and and Mrs. F., Mr. and Mrs. B. the members of the Church are remark Yours in the gospel of Christ, ably united and engaged in their Master's


If we go

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The following Lines were written before the recent intelligence from the Missiona

ries in Burmah.

Prayer for the Deliverance of the Missionaries at Ava.

REMEMBER, Lord, thy servants dear,

Who for thy sake have suffer'd loss
On Burmah's distant shores, to rear

The sacred standard of the cross.

Poetry..... Extract of a Letter from Rev. Mr. Jones.


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Praise for the Deliverance of the Missionaries at Ava.

Written on hearing the late intelligence.
O Thou, that hearest prayer! to thee

The myriads of thy people kneeld;
And thou hast set thy servants free,

And spread for them an ampler field.
Accept, O Lord, the songs of praise

Which from ten thousand bosoms pour,
As musing thy mysterious ways,

Ten thousand hearts thy name adore.
The gloomy cloud of war is broke,

Which but of late o’er Burmah hung,
Thy sovereign voice in peace has spoke,

For captives from their fetters sprung!
Who is a God like unto thee!
In every place and


same ;
Grace, wisdom, power, and majesty

Shed their full radiance on thy name.
Now, Lord, according to the days

Of darkness, on their labours shed
Prosperity's enlivening rays,

As life sprung breathing from the dead.
Thy richest unction on the n pour,

Rain heavenly influence froin above,
Till Burmah to her farthest shure,

Echoes a dying Saviour's love.



Rev. and dear Brother,

Valley Towns, Sept. 23, 1826. I hasten to inform you of the arrival || tained an inventory or letter, I cannot of seven boxes from various friends in | acknowledge their receipt, and express the North. As only one of them con our thanks to the Societies, separately Nov. 1826.


These articles, have lain at Augusta, || of our pious friends and helpers in the nearly two years, for want of opportuni-| gospel, will not discourage them. We ty to convey them hither. I have known need their aid very much at this time. of their being at Augusta a long time, | Our stock of clothing was entirely exand some of our brethren there have hausted when these arrived, and the taken the trouble to have them opened || children's clothes were so much worn and aired, so that very little damage has and patched, that the supply will be al. been sustained. I have now made some most all taken up to furnish them afresh. temporary arrangements with a waggon. Our school goes on pretty well. I er, who trades from the Nation to Au- have just engaged a pious man, a memgusta, to bring our things whenever they ber of the Baptist church in Tennessee, arrive.

to take the lead in the farming work, I learn by marks on some of the boxes, which I hope will be advantageous to that part of the things came from Fram- the business, and also give me a little ingham, Worcester, and Newton. Il more time to attend to the great object shall feel obliged if you can devise some of the mission, the preaching of the gosmeans to thank these kind friends, in pel of the grace of God to the adjacent our name and that of our little Chero-towns. kees.

I am, dear Sir, I hope the delays which have occurred Your obedient servant in the gospel, in the transportation of the contributions



NEWTON THEOLOGICAL INSTI- || definite nature proposed and recommendTUTION.

ed. Immediately, the Executive Com

mittee of the Massachusetts Baptist EdNewton, Sept. 14, 1826. /ucation Society, at the request of a large At the annual meeting of the Corpo- number of ministers and private breth

ren, assumed the execution of this trust, ration of Newton Theological Institu- and adopted such measures as the provition, held this day at the Seminary, it | dence of God seemed to direct, and the was resolved, that Rev. Mr. Jackson, of attainment of the object necessarily to Charlestown, and Rev. Mr. Knowles, of require. The Rev. Irah Chase was ap

pointed Professor of Biblical Theology. Boston, be a Committee to address the || A site was purchased in Newton, about Christian publick, in behalf of this In-\8 miles from Boston, containing eighty.stitution, and solicit their aid, that its im. five acres, on elevated ground, and comportant objects may be carried into im- manding one of the most delightful pros

pects in this vicinity. A large mansion mediate execution.

house, situated on the premises, has been Attest, LEVI FARWELL, enlarged and repaired. This is designed Secretary pro.tem.

for the temporary residence of the Professors and Students. An expense of $8,000, including the purchase money,

has been thus incurred. This sum has Pursuant to the preceding resolution, li been subscribed by a few individuthe undersigned beg leave to present to als in Boston and its vicinity, and at the Christian publick a brief statement the annual meeting the whole premises of the condition and prospects of this were presented to the Trustees, unincumInstitution. They will first state a few | bered with debt. In addition to this libfacts concerning its origin and progress, eral aid, the ladies in this vicinity have drawn from a Circular Letter, published subscribed sufficient sums to furnish sevin the American Baptist Magazine for Ju- ) eral rooms for the students, and a few ly, 1826, to which the reader is referred. gentlemen in Boston have presented for

For a number of years au Institution the library several valuable books. of this kind has been conternplated, but The Committee deem it unnecessary not until May, 1825, was any thing of a to recapitulate and justify the motives

which led to the establishment of this | they doubt that there are sufficient Seminary. The principle, that the funds, at the disposal of the friends of ministers of the gospel ought to receive ministerial education. If 8,000 dollars as thorough an education as possible, is have been promptly subscribed by a few now settled ; and the person who ques- || individuals in this neighbourhood, what tions it, has fallen behind the age. sum might not be collected throughout

The simple object which the Trus those parts of our country to which tees have in view, is to aid individuals, | they may rightfully look for aid? The whom God has called to the ministry, Institution is not designed for Massain acquiring a solid education, adapted chusetts only—but for New-Englandto render them the more useful as Min for the whole country It is open for isters of Christ. The course of study | all who possess the qualifications al. is fitted to this end. The regulations ready specified. Large sums will be which have been adopted, provide needed to fulfil its designs. Two Proevery possible fecurity against the ail- fessorships, at least, must be endowed ; mission of any pupil, whose call to the suitable buildings must be erested ; a ministry, or character, or motives, are library must be obtained ; and funds in the least degree questionable. for the support of beneficiaries must be

Having this object solely in view, the raised. For these they appeal with Institution commenced its operations confidence to the piety and benevolence less than a year since, in Newton, un of every friend to religion and improveder favourable auspices. The annual ment. examination took place on the 14th of Brethren in the ministry, we appeal September, and gave ample proof of to you. There is no minister who may the proficiency of the students, and of not contribute to the interests of the the ability and zeal of the Professor. | Institution. If we have not personal The thoughts, feelings, and hopes, in- il funds, we may influence those who spired on that occasion, will never be have them, or at least we may bestow obliterated. The Trustees returned, our prayers. Let these be fervent. with a deeper conviction of the neces Let us remember the Institution fre. sity of devoting their influence and | quently in our private, family, and pubmaking personal exertions for the pros- || lick devotions—and let all our friends perity of the institution. They felt, know, that we not only feel a concern that the success which God had grant- ! for its welfare, but wish others also to ed to their limited efforts, within a sin- || be deeply interested. gle year, was a pledge of his approba To the members of the churches we tion, and an encouragement to proceed appeal. Here is an opportunity for you in the execution of their purposes. to aid in fulfilling the commission of

The present state of the Institution is our divine Lord, as he ascended on far more prosperous than could have high. You can do much. The smallbeen expected. Rev. Henry J. Ripley, l est sums will add to the funds. We of Riceborough, (Geo.) was appointed, hope that you will favourably receive at the annual meeting, Professor of Bib- the agents who may be sent forth,lical Literature and Pastoral Duties. || and that you will give them strong eviTwo Professors, therefore, are now at- | dence of your general and individual tached to the Seminary. A valuable interest in this Seminary. estate, with a house sufficient for the To the friends of the publick good, residence of the Professors, Students, and of whatever is beneficial to manand Steward, the ensuing season, is kind, we appeal. Upon other occasions, now the property of the Trustees. A and for other purposes, we have done few young men are now, and a number so before, and have not been disapmore are expected to become students | pointed. We could easily multiply at the opening of the next term, the considerations which entitle this object 27th inst.

to your favourable regard ; but we The Trustees feel that they ought to forbear, believing that you will be 6 thank God and take courage.” They prompt to aid, whenever requested. regard the Institution as now claim To procure the funds requisite for the ing the patronage of the publick, not as most pressing wants of the institution, an experiment, but as an undertaking, || immediate application will be made to on which the Lord has graciously smil- the publick. A Committee of finance ed, and which gives every promise of has been appointed, consisting of Dea. extensive benefit to our churches. L. Farwell, of Cambridge, Mr. N. R. They are persuaded, that the publick Cobb, Dea. H. Lincoln, and Rev. Mr.

mind is prepared to receive with favour Sharp, of Boston, and Rev. Dr. Bolles, • an appeal for efficient aid. Nor can of Salem : from which a Sub-Commit.

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