Napoleon's Regiments: Battle Histories of the Regiments of the French Army, 1792-1815

Greenhill Books, 2000 - 327 σελίδες
"This book details the combat histories of the individual regiments which formed Napoleon's vaunted Grande Armee." "Napoleon's Regiments examines each unit in turn, giving an overview of the unit's origins, its organisational history, the fate of standards issued, battle honours borne on all colours and standards, details of the unit's eventual fate after Napoleon's abdication in 1815 and a complete listing of its officer casualties at all the major Napoleonic battles. Also included are 200 biographies of regimental officers, giving a unique insight into the careers of these neglected figures during the Napoleonic conflict."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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The Imperial Guard
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Digby Smith is a respected historian of the Napoleonic Wars and the author of a number of acclaimed books on the period. For Greenhill he has produced Napoleon's Regiments, 1813: Leipzig and Charge! Great Cavalry Charges of the Napoleonic Wars.

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