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Σελίδα 154 - They heard, and were abashed, and up they sprung Upon the wing; as when men, wont to watch On duty, sleeping found by whom they dread, Rouse and bestir themselves ere well awake.
Σελίδα 156 - The village master taught his little school: A man severe he was, and stern to view, I knew him well, and every truant knew; Well had the boding tremblers learned to trace The day's disasters in his morning face; Full well they laughed with counterfeited glee At all his jokes, for many a joke had he...
Σελίδα 146 - N'est-il pas vrai que celui qui l'a fait est bien fat? Sire, il n'ya pas moyen de lui donner un autre nom. Oh bien! dit le roi, je suis ravi que vous m'en ayez parlé si bonnement ; c'est moi qui l'ai fait. Ah ! Sire, quelle trahison! que Votre Majesté me le rende; je l'ai lu brusquement. Non, M. le maréchal ; les premiers sentiments sont toujours les plus naturels.
Σελίδα 100 - Examination, as may be deemed necessary. 8. The marks obtained by each candidate, in respect of each of the subjects in which he shall have been examined, will be added up, and the names of the...
Σελίδα 109 - Europe, which, though of little or no value, is still reprinted among his works; a Life of Beau Nash, which is not reprinted, though it well deserves to be so; a superficial and incorrect, but very readable, History of England, in a series of letters purporting to be addressed by a nobleman to his son; and some very lively and amusing Sketches of London Society, in a series of letters purporting to be addressed by a Chinese traveller to his friends.
Σελίδα 150 - There is nothing which must end, to be valued for its continuance. If hours, days, months and years pass away, it is no matter what hour, what day, what month, or what year we die. The applause of a good actor is due to him at whatever scene of the play he makes his exit. It is thus in the life of a man of sense, a short life is sufficient to manifest himself a man of honour and virtue; when he ceases to be such he has lived too long, and while he is such, it is of no consequence to him how long...
Σελίδα 170 - To a given straight line to apply a parallelogram, which shall be equal to a given triangle, and have one of its angles equal to a given rectilineal angle.
Σελίδα 145 - Le maréchal, après avoir lu, dit au roi : Sire, Votre Majesté juge divinement bien de toutes choses ; il est vrai que voilà le plus sot et le plus ridicule madrigal que j'aie jamais lu.
Σελίδα 170 - AB into two parts, so that the rectangle contained by the whole line and one of the parts, shall be equal to the square on the other part.
Σελίδα 146 - Le Roi a fort ri de cette folie, et tout le monde trouve que voilà la plus cruelle petite chose que l'on puisse faire à un vieux courtisan. Pour moi, qui aime toujours à faire des réflexions, je voudrais que le Roi en fît là-dessus, et qu'il jugeât par là combien il est loin de connaître jamais la vérité.

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