Industrial Engineering and the Engineering Digest, Τόμος 2

Contains each month an "Index to current technical literature."

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Σελίδα 340 - The Institution of Civil Engineers, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, The Institution of Electrical Engineers, The Institution of Naval Architects, The Iron and Steel Institute, The Institution of Mining and Metallurgy.
Σελίδα 336 - INDUSTRIAL ALCOHOL. A Practical Manual on the Production and Use of Alcohol for Industrial Purposes and for Use as a Heating Agent, as an Illuminant and as a Source of Motive Power. By JG MclNTOSH, Lecturer on Manufacture and Applications of Industrial Alcohol at The Polytechnic, Regent Street, London.
Σελίδα 561 - Charge and Discharge Characteristics — The cell under test must be fully charged before beginning the experiment on discharge characteristics. The end of the charge is best recognized by the density of the acid, which reaches its maximum and remains constant. The voltage also reaches its maximum and remains constant. The absolute values of density and voltage are usually given by the manufacturer of the cell, and may vary within certain limits. The time of charging should not be less than three...
Σελίδα 403 - ... by the initial temperature of the fuel. (7) It seems probable that all well-constructed engines of the same size will have approximately the same fuel consumption when working under the most advantageous conditions. (8) With any good small stationary engine as small a fuel consumption as 0.70 pound of gasoline, or 1.16 pounds of alcohol per brake horsepower hour may reasonably be expected under favorable conditions.
Σελίδα 290 - Change of volume in response to change of temperature is one of the most important causes of rock disintegration. It is more effective in crystalline rocks than in non-crystalline rocks of the same composition. The coarser the texture, the greater the strain. Rocks composed of several different minerals suffer more than those containing only one. A granite may contain quartz, feldspar and hornblende. The coefficients of expansion of these minerals are proportional to 36, 17 and 28, and as a result...
Σελίδα 290 - ... strength. Transverse stress is stress applied at right angles to the length of the block. The cracking of stone and brick walls is usually due to transverse stress resulting from unequal support throughout their length. This is also true in the cracking of a single block. In the cracking and separation of the two parts of a wall there is usually a component of tensile stress, but it is seldom great. Transverse stress generally results from the settling of foundations or from the failure of the...
Σελίδα 325 - In eight fluid ounces of rain water; let It partially dry, then expose In the room suspected of containing sewer gas. The presence of gas In any considerable quantity soon blackens the test paper.
Σελίδα 581 - CHURCH'S Laboratory Guide. A manual of practical chemistry for colleges and schools, specially arranged for agricultural students.
Σελίδα 437 - Atlantic cables are still doing business at the old stand and there is every reason to believe that they will continue to do so for many years.

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