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ing, when it comes to our turn, except. Juggernaut. This cloth costs some thoued. I became acquainted with A. Chi- sand rupees; and many officers of the niah, Esq. a few months ago.—He is Company's service send subscriptions a respectable native gentleman, of towards the support of idolatrous fessound mental acquirements, humble pi- tivals, some of which are honoured by ety, and a powerful influence among their own personal attendance. The both the Moslem and Hindoo popula- majority of converts, I should say contion. Few could be more zealous in the formists or nominal Christians, belong circulation of your books and tracts a- to the corrupt church of Rome, which mougst Europeans and natives. I would makes ample concessions. The church mention to you, gentlemen, that I am of Goa has thrown off the shackles of in the habit of corresponding with many Papal allegiance, and is pronounced Europeans of H. M. service in different schismatical. It affords a wide field for parts of the three Presidencies, and am the labours of the Christian ambassador, well acquainted with all the details of as its religion is deeply paganized. The the Christian missionary of every deno- natives who embrace Romanism find a mination. My communications, gene- flattering compensation for their abanrally, embrace controverted points of doned idolatry in the imposing ceremodoctrine, and I thank Him “who seeth nies and glittering images of that aposnot as man seeth," that I have succeed. tate church. The barrier of caste, couped, far beyond my wishes, in stirring up led with the bad example of the Eurothat spirit of free inquiry which the de. pean soldiery, constitutes the wall of nomination shibboleth has so long kept partition, or stumbling block of British in chains among the Calvinistic and India. If it does not annihilate, it neuWesleyan professors in the army. A tralizes the best efforts made for native young man of unimpeachable character, conversion. The Christian missionaries named Abbot, who received bis educa- cannot act on the non-interference printional religion from the Methodists, has ciple. Christianity should be proposed embraced Unitarianism. He belongs to to all Oriental tribes in its original puthe same company with me. But he could rity and simplicity, without any vulgar not resist the arguments of Priestley, compromise. It is thus, in my opinion, Lindsey and Milton. There are others the word would come with persuading who have declared their convictions, but power to the mind of the uneducated reI must decline mentioning their names, cipient. The only portion of the Bible as they have given me no permission to received by the Sikhs, or the militant do so. At all events, your books are followers of Guru, Goviad and Nanac, is producing an amazing revolution of sen. Christ's Sermon on the Mount. They timent amongst the European artillery place this sermon on an equality with the at this station.

sublimest passages of their own ScripAmong other particulars, I would inform tures, denominated the Grunth. But I you, gentlemen, that our rule in this have some anticipations that our concountry extends over 150 millions of bu. quest of Lahore will be subservient, unman beings, from Cape Comerin to the der a wise Providence, to the reception mountains of Thibet, one-half million of the gospel in the Punjab. The Sikhs of whom are only imperfectly coaveried are zealous professors of the unity of to Christianity. The majority of these God. - To give you some idea, gentleare sectarian Hindoos. The sectarian men, of Secunderabad, it is a large milprofessors of Islamism are in a minority, itary village, about four hundred miles' and, from their inevitable association distance from Madras, and nearly seven with the worshippers of Brama, Siva, miles from Hydrabad, the imperial city aud Visnu, the Hindoo Triad of Deity, of the Deccan, but nearer the celebrated are little better ihan semi-idolaters. Our fortress of Golconda. There is a large commercial policy comprehends the to- subsidiary force here of every arm of the lerating principle to an encouraging ex- service, amounting to about 7,000-all tent, as if the ignorance of the native for the protection of his Royal Highness was our power, though conversion is not the Nizam, who is a Mussulman soverpermitted within the pale of the Bra- eign. I have been stationed here close minical church. The Governor-gene- on eleven years, and never saw a mission. ral of India sends a cloth annually to ary of the gospel, if I except the clergy ornament the suicidal car of Orissa, or of the Anglican Church and the mercenary and interested priests of the Roman until they are enabled to depend our community. I can have little hesitation their own industry. My monthly clear. in asserting, that the Precepts of Jesus ance amounts to little more than five ru. and the Appeals of Rammohun Roy, pees, the most of which is absorbed in translated into the vernacular language stationery. I would, therefore, require of India, would operate as a successful a good Gazetteer; Atlas ; a pocket edi. medium of communicating the message tion of your Improved Version ; a Greek of redemption to natives of every caste. Testament, Griesbach's if possible ; a BiI would also suggest the printing, and ble Coinpanion ; your amended Prayercirculation of some thousand copies of book; a Concordance; a Walker's Dicthe Sermon on the Mount, with a brief tionary, re-modelled by Smart ; and some introduction, in order to give the natives stationery, including letter-paper, quills, an idea of the right morality of the a pen-knife or two, and some good penChristian Lawgiver. The Bramin would cils. These would complete the whole be enabled to contrast its high mor- of my library; and a small monthly doality with the laws of Menu, and the nation would enable me to set to work in Mahometan with the intolerant princi- earnest, and realize many of your wishes ples of the Arabian Prophet. My daily relative to the march of Unitarianism in intercourse with the natives, associated Hindostan. I should send all reports with some experience of their habits and through A. Chiniah, Esq. It my propoknowledge of their superstitions, con- sals meet your approval, you will be vinces me of the certainty of success in pleased to communicate directly with me, their conversion, if the discourses of by getting the letter marked post paid. Christ, detached or as a whole, were However, if you reject ny proposals, it circulated amongst them, and became shall cause no abatement in my sincerity class-books in their village schools. and zeal, but will only cripple my re

I would now, gentlemen, direct your sources to bear out your object to the consideration, for a small moment, to full extent of your wishes. — Trusting myself, in the full assurance that I am you will give some attention to the subinfluenced by no mean, mercenary or ject of this letter, sinister motive in making a few propo- I am, Gentlemen, with the greatest sals which, I trust in God, shall be lite

respect, your very obedient, humble rally borne out, under the sanction of Servant, your approbation. I ain disposed to

JOHN HOGAN. preach three or more sermons weekly to To the Gentlemen of the Home and Fothe Unitarian Christians at this station, reigo Unitarian Association, London. and to procure the attendance of those Europeans who may from time to time embrace our principles. I am disposed to communicate elementary and higher SUNDAY-SCHOOL OF THE FIRST PRESinstruction to the natives, both young BYTERIAN CONGREGATION, (SHOREand adults, and to send you a true copy STREET,) HOLYWOOD. of my first sermon, or the subsequent The regular half-yearly distribution sermons, if required. I am disposed to of rewards for punctual attendance took superintend your schools at Secundera- place on Sunday, 10th October, when bad, and to send you the details of all Dr M Kittrick delivered the address. relative to the rise or decline of Unita.

He had great pleasure in attending rianism, in quarterly returns, through A. and making a few observations on the oce Chiniah, Esq. But to qualify me, or casion, as he always felt that he was rather to afford me the means adequate benefited himself by making a visit to to this undertaking, I should require the Sunday School. After alluding to some money to enable me to correspond punctuality in attendance as the only with the press, and to meet other con- thing in which all had a nearly equal tingencies. The native converts be- chance of obtaining rewards, and the come pariahs, or outcasts, at the moment great value of punctuality, he dwelt of conversion. If they belong to our chiefly on the advantages which the service, their promotion is superseded scholars enjoyed, in having the privilege through policy. If they are civilians, of attending so well organized a Sunday we must make them some recompence School. The marked distinctions between the day-school, or mercantile influences undiminished. The scriptuschool, aud the Sunday-School were ral authority for total abstinence from all then dwelt upon; the former fitting them intoxicating drinks as a beverage, was for performing the duties connected with readily found in Romans xiv, 21. mercantile pursuits—the other teaching It is good neither to

drink them their duty to God, to their neigh- wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother bour, and to themselves, and pointing stumbleth, or is offended, or is made out a perfect example for their imitation, weak,”- An appeal was made to parents to fit them for leading a christian life on and others to assist in the good work, in earth, and for enjoying the christian's order that the fruits of the Sunday inreward in heaven. A number of ques- struction might be such as to bring all tions were then asked in a familiar at last to hear the blessed invitation of manner calculated to lead them to apply the Saviour" Come ye blessed of my the Scripture rules to their lives and con- Father, inherit the kingdom prepared versation-showing the hatefulness of for you from the foundation of the the unchristian spirit of revenge the pe

world." culiar distinguishing feature of Christi. There was a large attendance of chilanity, “ love your enemies,” the golden dren, and several parents were present rule which could be called to their assis. on the occasion. tance in all matters of difficulty, to do unto others as we would that they should do unto us. And “ who is my neigh- The Rev. JOHN MONTGOMERY of bour ?" The scholars took a great inte- Newtownlimavady has received and acrest in finding suitable replies, which cepted a call, or invitation, to the Pas.. were given in Scriptural language. The torship of the Remonstrant Congregation advantages of the Sunday school being of Banbridge, in the County Down, vathus pointed out, the great neglect of so cant by the lamented death of the late valuable an institution on the part of Rev. JAMES Davis, A.M. many parents and the public was commented on. It had been too customary, it was observed, for teachers and those delivering addresses on such occasions, to dwell in general terms on the great What, speaking in quite unofficial principles of faith and love ; but we had language, is the net purport and upshot the example of the Saviour in all his

of war? To my own knowledge, for teachings, sermons, and parables ; for example, there dwell and toil, in the making those great principles bear upon British village of Drumdrudge, usually the vices of the age, in order to correct some five hundred souls. From these, and remove them.

by certain "natural enemies" of the The interrogatory system was again French, there are successfully selected, resumed, and it was shown that the rea- during the French war, say ihirty ableson generally assigned by parents for not

bodied men.

Dumdrudge, at her own sending their children to the Sunday expense, has suckled and nursed them; school is want of clothes, and this want she has not without difficulty and sorrow of clothes too often proceeds from the Sa- fed them up to manbood, and even turday nights and Sunday mornings being trained them to crafts, so that one can spent in indulgence in intoxicating weave, another build, another hanımer, drinks. The much greater amount of and the weakest can stand under thirty money laid out in complying with the stone, avoirdupois. Nevertheless, amid “ drinking customs," than is expected much weeping and swearing, they are on all religious and educational objects, selected ; all dressed in red, and shipin all classes of society, being admitted ped away, at the public charge, some by all-occasion was taken to show that iwo thousand miles, or say only to the they are the greatest evil of our village south of Spain ; and fed there till wantand country, and unless many come for- ed. And now, to that same spot in the ward to assist in the work which Mr. M'- south of Spain, are thirty similar French Alester and some others have commen- artisans, from a French Dumdrudge, in ced here, the drinking customs were like manner wending ; till at length after likely to be handed down to another ge- infinite effort, the two parties come into neration with all their soul-destroying actual juxtaposition; and thirty stand



[From a selection by the Rev. H. A. Milos.]

fronting thirty, each with a gun in his hand. Straightway the word “ Fire!" is given ; and they blow the souls out of one another; and in place of sixty brisk, useful craftsmen, the world has sixty dead carcases, which it must bury, and anew shed tears for. Had these men any quarrel ? Busy as the devil is, not the smallest. They lived far enough apart, were the entirest strangers ; nay, in so wide a universe, there was, even unconciously, by commerce,

some mutual helpfulness between them. How, then ? Simpleton / their governors had fallen out; and, instead of shooting one ano. ther, had the cunning to make these poor blockheads shoot. Alas! so it is in Deutschland, and hitherto in all lands ; still, as of old, “what devilry soever kings do, the Greeks must pay the piper!" In that fiction of the English Smollet, it is true, the final cessation of war is

perhaps prophetically shadowed forth; where the two natural enemies, in person, take each a tobacco pipe, filled with brim. stone, light the same, and smoke in one another's faces, till the weaker gives in. But from such predicted peace-era, what blood-filled trenches, and contentious centuries, may still divide us !"Thomas Carlyle.

True religion is a life unfolded within, not something forced on us from abroad.

We never know a great character until something congenial to it has grown up within ourselves.

No punishment is so terrible as pros. perous guilt.

Statesmen work in the dark, until the idea of right towers above expediency or wealth

Every man is a volume, if you know how to read him.

Great effort from great motives, is the best definition of a happy Ife.

We cannot be happy beyond our love.

The Spirit of Society, not an outward institution, is the mighty power by which the hard lot of man is io be me. liorated.

This country has the best materials for an army in a righteous cause, and the worst in a wicked one.-Montreal Bible Christian.


Died, on the 6th instant, Mrs. Armor, relict of the late Thomas Armor, of Ballycruttle, Esq. She died full of years rich in faith and good works the faithful wife—the kind Mother, and the good friend and neighbour.

« She lived the life of the righteous, and her latter end was like his."


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