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is also the reason, why the verse under consideration continues : “ That he may rule over the fish of the sea, over the birds, over the cattle, and over the whole earth.” And the Psalmist says beautifully (8 Ps.):

97071 71321 d he pyn 17700ni " And thou madest bim but little

-less than angels , and crown תעטרהו תמשילהו במעשי ידיך כל שתה edst him with honour and תחת רגליו •

glory ; thou gavest him dominion over the works of thy hands, and placedst all at his feet.”

27. What do you understand byGOD is ONE AND ALONE ?

That this spiritual, self-existent Being, is simple, and the only true Deity. Simple, without parts and members; one, of whom no plurality can be imagined; and alone, to whom no other being, however great, can bear any similitude. And

• 70x 'n 130bx '07 Syu' you “ Hear, O Israel! the Eternal our God, is the only eternal being.” (Deut. 6 ch. 4 v.)

28. What is meant byGOD IS ETERNAL ?

That this solely self-existent Being has been from éternity, and will ever remain like himself and unchanged for eternity. God is without beginning and without end ; so that his notbeing or ceasing to exist is an impossibility and inconceivable. Thus also Isaiah : ;

o be po te qyhani yang 'IN9 10x7 28 "I am the first, and I am the last, and besides me there exists no God.” (44 ch. 6 v.)

29. What duty arises to us, from the acknowledgment of this truth, that the Eternal our God is one and alone, and that there is none besides him?

That we are bound to adore this only God solely, and no other being besides him ; that is, we ought ever to place before

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our mind, in the strongest and most iinpressive manner we are capable of, his infinite greatness, goodness, and mercy; and we should expect our temporal and permanent happiness from him only, and call upon him alone for blessing and prosperity, and for aid and assistance in our troubles.

.1925 ro's vaba oyn' d'obres noi - He, who sacrifices to any idol, shall be condemned ; to the Eternal only is this honour due." (Exo. 22 ch. 19 v.).

30. What do we express by the word ALMIGHTY ? God can do, make, and create all, that he wills, and requires not the assistance of any other being. Man, after exerting all his powers, can only give to already existing things an outward form, such as he may desire, but all creatures together are unable to create the slightest imaginable trifle, i. e. to produce something, without having previously the materials or matter to make the same. But God, on the contrary, has created and produced every thing we see, all creatures and beings, together with all their powers and inclinations—the whole system of nature—from nothing, without any previous matter, without any instrument; but solely and alone through his potent will. With the same goodness and almighty power he continues to maintain and to govern all his creatures, which he can utterly annihilate in a moment of time.

• 7974 713 817 10701 708 817 3 For he spoke, and it was : he commanded, and it stood.” (Ps. 33, v. 9.)

,Turnest thou thy face away * תסתיר פניך יבהלון תוסף רוחם ינועון •

they become affrighted; thou takest their breath—they perish.” (Ps. 104, v. 29.)

31. To what must the remembrance of the great and mighty wonder of the creation lead us ?

To a belief in the possibility of miracles; that God, who instituted the laws of nature, can easily change them for a short period, and thereby produce extraordinary occurrences, whenever it pleases his wisdom, to produce any effect on many persons, and to impress doctrines upon their minds, which they could not have attained in any other manner. This, for instance, was the case with Pharaoh and the Egyptians; the Israelites and many others. We read also: (Ex. 9 ch. 29 v.)

porn as a yon gyob “ That thou mayest experience, that the earth belongs to the Eternal" (and can, therefore, do thereon whatever he pleases).

• 1987 anpa '07 'IN 'Oyon gyo's “That thou mayest know, that I, the Eternal, am in the midst of the land” (and extend my watchfulness to every man in particular). (Ex. 8 ch. 18 v.)

no novy ons non 'n 378 778 “O Eternal God! Thou hast made

,the heavens and the earth השמים ואת הארץ בכחך הגדול through thy great power and ובזרעך הנטויה לא יפלא ממך כל דבר •

out-stretched arm; to thee nothing is impossible.” (Jer. 32 ch.

17 v.)

32. What is meant byGOD IS ALL-KNOWING ?

God knows all that ever has been done ; that which now happens, and all that can ever come to pass ; nothing is hidden from him. For he is omnipresent, the whole world is full of his glory, and nothing escapes his all comprehending knowledge. He notices the actions and thoughts of his creatures, and nothing can be done without his sufferance.

On7"wyo sa bayaan Dal 19' 78907 “ He, who formed the hearts of all, understands also all their actions.” (Ps. 33, v. 15.)

* הנטע אזן הלא ישמע אם יצר עין הלא יביט Should be not hear , who

Dis niavno you in nyt Ostobon fixeth the ear? Should

San and he not see, who formeth the eye ? He, who teaches man knowledge, the Eternal, knows the thoughts of man, though they be directed to vanity." (Ps. 94, v. 9.)

ninpo ya'y yux70 babyna 371 78 yn 572 Thou, Lord! who art

. על כל דרכי בני אדם לתת לאיש כדרכיו

great in council

..4b hyn no mighty in execution ! Whose eyes are fixed upon all the ways of the sons of man ; to give to each according to his deeds, and the fruits of his actions." (Jer. 32 ch. 19 v.)

33. What impression must this truth,the omniscience and omnipresence of God-make upon us?

That we ought to endeavour to lead an upright and a godpleasing course of life, and to preserve our hands always clean of wrong, and our hearts free from guilt. That we should always maintain truth, and never sin, even in the most secret corner, and always place the all-seeing, most just and holy God before us as present, and reflect, that he will reward the good and punish the evil. And thus also spoke the pious David:

• Toon o135 'n nug “ I always place the Eternal as present before me.” (Ps. 16. v. 8.)

sinua non nos yn7 “ Behold, thou desirest truth in secret even.” (Ps. 51, 8 v.)

9100°7yx 571377 0787° 317 x 607 “ Behold, he sees my ways, and numbers all my steps.” (Job. 31 ch. 4 v.)

If even a man conceal himself in ** אם יסתר איש במסתרים ואני לא

הי אראנו נאם ה' הלוא את השמים ואת

a secret place, should I not see shop 'Js porn him there? speaks the Eternal; do I not fill the heavens and the earth ?" (Jer. 23 ch. 24 v.)

s hayna as pr 'n '38 “ I, the Eternal, search the heart, and prove the kidneys” (that is—know the innermost thoughts of man). (Jer. 17 ch. 10 v.)

34. What is understood by-GOD IS ALL-GOOD?

God desires only the welfare of his creatures. He, in his wisdom, has organised them in such a manner, and given them such powers, inclinations and capacities, that all-each according to its kind and destination-should be perfectly happy. He also supports and preserves them through his grace and kindness; and when he punishes, he corrects us only from motives of pure love. Hatred, malice, and anger are defects of a weak mortal only, and they are therefore incompatible with the character of the most mighty and perfect of all beings.

. 1000 isa's ng una ay ng '770n “ The goodness of the Eternal has no end, for his mercy never ceases.” (Lam. 3 ch. 23 v.)

'Twyn sa Syronu sas'n 310 “ The Eternal is good to all, and his mercies are over all his works.” (Ps. 145, v. 9.)

•7772 Dixon 7771913 by 'n w09 210 ~ Good and just is the Eternal, therefore he leads the sinners upon the right path.” (Ps. 25, v. 8.)

35. To what must the proper reflection upon the foregoing lead us?

That we should always submit with cheerfulness to the holy will of this benignant God; to receive with filial resignation all his dispensations, although we may sorely feel their pressure, and not be able to discover their beneficial consequences; and it is our duty, to thank him, our Father, for whatever he may be pleased to mete out to us. nx 31 M'Or '77 277% U ng y " For the Eternal corrects him,

778912 whom he loves, like a father who will make bis son better.” (Prov. 3 ch. 12 v.)

* וידעת עם לבבך כי כאשר ייסר איש את And know in thy heart , that

•970' 7058 'O132 the Eternal has punished thee, as a father punishes his son.” (Deut. 8 ch. 5 v.)

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