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turning away your ear from him; would be not refènt it highly? And has God any reason to bear with an indignity at your hand, that your master would not suffer? (3.) Ye have eason to admire that he has not turned you before now into hell. This would effectually have convinced you, and repaired the lesed honour, the injured glory of God. (4.) I say to you, ye have loft an opportu 'nity, and none can assure you that ever ye shall have the like again. God inay give over Ifriving with you, and never more atteinpt your convi. ction: and wo to you when he departs from you. 55.) I say, ye have slighted God's command, which enjoins you to take heed how ye bear, and what ye hear, - Mark iv, 24. Luke viii, 18. It is not for nothing that our Lord enjoins both to observe the matter and manier of hearing: as he gave those cominands, so he will take care that they be not Nighted. He will avenge himself of these who despise his auihority in them. And therefore I say, (6.) If ye refuse a little longer to hear, then it is like, nay, it is certain, he will speak to you him. self, and make you take heed, if not to what ye hear, yet to what ye shall feel, to your eternal dilquictment. He will speak to you in wrath and vex you in his hot displeasure. Aremarkable scripture to this purpose we liave, Ezek. xiv. 7. For every one of the house of Israel, or of the stranger that sojourn. eth in Israel, which separateth hiinself from me, and fets up his idols in his heart, and putteth the stumbling-block of his iniquity before his face, and coinetn to a prophet to enquire of him concerning me, I the Lord will answer him by myself! A lēt of people there was in this prophet's days, who were his hearers; and they came under pretence of hearing or enquiring into the mind of God;

but * $110;

but they were, but macking God,429 ye have done, and did not regard what was laid to them, by the prophet. Well, the Lord will no more deal with, them, by the prophet, but will take then into his own inmediate: Hande and deal with them by himself, The words in the firf language run-thuis,

Ithe Lord; it shall be answered to him in me, Jrill : not let any anfquer him but myself. As if he had

faid, My servants are too mild to deal with such wretches as mock me; I will not answer them any more with words; I will give over speaking to them, and will answer them by ideeds, and that pot of mercy, but of judgment. Now think on it in time, how terrible your condition is like to be, if God shall fay to you, I have spoken to these wretches, and laid their sin before them by-my servants; but their hearts, have been so taken up with their idols, that they have not heeded them; I will therefore speak to them by terrible deeds, I will set my face againf them, and will make them a sign and a proverb; and I will cut them off from the midst of my people, and ye mually know that, am the Lord, as it follows in the 8 verse of that forecited chapter. I leave you to think upon these things, and proceed i n pipo y nog! I ) . (2.) To speak to fuch as therefore are not cons vinced, because they did not believe what they have heard upon this head. I make no doubt that there are not a few fich here; nay, I may saya that all who are not convinced and awakened to a ferious consideration of their Itate and condition owe their security and unconcernedness to this won ful unbelief, that is a fin pregnant with all other fins, that alone has in it whatever iş hateful to God, of deltwctive w, the soul ofinan. Toluck as have leard bus do not believe, we fryrity) YS have not refused our testimony, but the testimony of God, who cannot lie: and he that believ. eth not the record of God, hath inade him a liar; than which none can charge a greater impiety upon the holy God, who values himself upon this, that he cannot lie, which is peculiar to God only; for however there be of the creatures that do not lie, yet of none of them can it be said, that they cannot lie; this is God's sole prerogative. (2.) Ye have shut your eyes upon clear light. Your fin and misery have been set before you in the clearest light, the light of God's word. The marter has not been minced, but ye have been plainly and 'freely dealt with upon this head: therefore ye need to look well to yourselves, that God strike you not judicially blind. This he is frequently wont to do to those who resist clear light; he leaves thein to Satan, the God of this world, to blind their eyes, and gives them up to strong delusions to believe lies, that they may all be damned that believe not. (3.) We did call in heaven and hell, the creator and the whole creation, as witnesses of that certain and fad truth, that man has finned and come short of the glory of God. I know not one witness' more but sense, and since no less is like to do, take care that sense of misery do not convince you of its truth. Hell will make you, even the most incredulous of you, believe, and tremi le too, as the devilsand damned do. . (3.) I come now to discourfe those who therefore are not convinced of fin, or induced to lay salvation to heart, notwithstanding the pains taken on them, because they have detinded theni&lves against the force of the truths proposed, by some Shifts, which upon occafion they use for quieting or keeping quiet their consciences. Of this sort I


fear there are many, too many hete present; and E, therefore I shall deal more particularly and closely

with such. We have laid before you all your sin and misery; but few are yet awakened ; few say with the jaylor in the text, What must I do to be faved? Whence is it fo? Has not lin been laid, open to your view ? Has not the sad but certain

truth, That all have finned and come port of the i glory of God, been plainly demonstrate from ma:

ny incontestable evidences? Nay more, has not
the particular concernment of every one of us in

this truth, been plainly unfolded? Yes, no doubt: for but whence is it then, that the most part are fo fe

cure that there is so little fear of hell, wrath and
damnation amongst us? Are there none here who
have reason to fear it? No doubt, there are many
too many such amongst us: but here it lies; when
the truth is pressed home upon the conseience, we
have a strange way of putting divinę truths away
from us. I Now, I shall lay open the nakedness of
these fences, behind which most of us screen our,
felves from convictions. :
- 1. When sin and misery are discovered, some
there are amongst the hearers of the gospel, who
take with the charge. If we fay to them, tas Na-
than did to David, in the application of the pa-
rable, Thou art the man, thou art the woman that
has sinned, that art in danger of the eternal wrath
of God: 0 then, answers the finner, it is very
true, what ye cell, I have sinned; and God be mere
ciful to us, we are allí sinners; I hope God will
be merciful to me.' And there the wound is skin,
ned over, as soon as made, and the person is heals
This is the refuge to which many of you betake
yourselves: but we shall pursue you to the horns
of God's altar, and ferch you down thence. Ye.

: : fay "

slay God in mereifid : 1 fay, 11. J: It is very true, he is for The Lord has long since prochained his name,o The Lord, the Lord God merciful and grass diansy and hendelights in fiehvast hope in his mercy, PANtcwlui, Bat (2.) notwith itanding of'the mercy of God, there are but few that all be fara ed, Loke xii. 23. Now, who has told you that ve Thall be among that few ye fast, ye hope to be amongst that few who thulb find merty, and I fear, ye Nati potrii Now, whether are your hopes of nyéfedes bent grounded? I can give fome account of its fears, but b doubt if ye can give any of your horsesuai fay, I fear thane many of you be damned wforzas o ifaid before, thepdater but few thatlaattiber fanety and thefe few are ałtopenitene Saniters,swlposhave been convinced of fin and mifery, and i haver-la i salvation to heard above all things, and have accepted of Chrift upon the sou foel terms. 1 Nokin, it is obvious that there are bug very few of you of this fort; and out Lord has farct positively, iThat hesteho bélierderheit, Thall not fee life, but shall be danined. Now wheres åre Are grounds of your hopédia Ye fal God is miercifut: and I amlwer, he is just also and his justice has ass fair ar plea againit you, as his mercy has for you: ye ky, he has saved Toma finners and there fore hope he still have mercy upon you. I an. fwer; He has damnad morei than he hath had mercy upon, and therefore he may deal fo with you too.

b bur, say ye, I cannot think that God will be fo eruel as to damn me ban säver, What more draeley will it be toi damn you, than to damn the heathen world? Whatimore eruelty to damn you want to damn the generality of unbe keveits, which makethe far grenterpartofthe hearers of thegofpel? IntiÁC: Is it cruelty to clailin youwlio

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