Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois, Τόμος 153


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Σελίδα 618 - The General Assembly shall provide such revenue as may be needful, by levying a tax, by valuation, so that every person and corporation shall pay a tax in proportion to the value of his, her, or its property...
Σελίδα 350 - ... uniform in respect to persons and property within the jurisdiction of the body imposing the same.
Σελίδα 29 - States, or any foreign government, for any of the purposes specified in this act, directly or indirectly to take risks or transact any business of insurance in this state, unless possessed of the amount of actual capital required of similar companies...
Σελίδα 515 - the rule of law is clear, that, where one, by his words or conduct, wilfully causes another to believe in the existence of a certain state of things, and induces him to act on that belief, so as to alter his own previous position, the former is concluded from averring against the latter, a different state of things, as existing at the same time.
Σελίδα 618 - The property of the state, counties, and other municipal corporations, both real and personal, and such other property, as may be used exclusively for agricultural and horticultural societies, for school, religious, cemetery and charitable purposes, may be exempted from taxation; but such exemption shall be only by general law.
Σελίδα 28 - First, upon the health of persons ; second, against injury, disablement 'or death of persons resulting from traveling, or general accidents by land or water...
Σελίδα 415 - ... unto the said party of the second part, and to Its successors and assigns forever: (Description.) Together with all and singular the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in anywise appertaining.
Σελίδα 117 - Good, as specified below, which appraisement and estimate by them, or any two of them, in writing, as to the amount of such loss or damage, as per the accompanying schedule, shall be binding on both parties, so far as regards such appraisement; it being understood that this appointment is without reference to any other question or matters of difference within the terms and conditions of the insurance, and is of binding effect only so far as regards the actual cash value of or damage to such property...
Σελίδα 560 - ... the capital stock of any railroad or private corporation, or make donation to, or loan its credit in aid of such corporation: Provided, however, that the adoption of this Article shall not be construed as affecting the right of any such municipality to make such subscriptions where the same have been authorized, under existing laws, by a vote of the people of such municipalities prior to such adoption.
Σελίδα 613 - ... persons or corporations owning or using franchises and privileges, in such manner as it shall from time to time direct by general law, uniform as to the class upon which it operates.

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