Bell's British Theatre: Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays


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Σελίδα 23 - This night, I'll change All that is metal, in my house, to gold: And, early in the morning, will I send To all the plumbers and the pewterers, And buy their tin and lead up ; and to Lothbury For all the copper.
Σελίδα 55 - She now is set At dinner in her bed, and she has sent you From her own private trencher, a dead mouse, And a piece of gingerbread, to be...
Σελίδα 34 - He will not have his name known, now I think on't. Sur . A very treacherous memory ! Mam. On my faith — Sur. Tut, if you have it not about you, pass it, Till we meet next. Mam. Nay, by this hand, 'tis true. He's one I honour, and my noble friend; And I respect his house. Sur. Heart! can it be, That a grave...
Σελίδα 75 - I have heard this distemper called a fever, but methinks 'tis like an ague ; for when I think of my husband, I tremble, and am in a cold sweat, and have inclinations to vomit; but when I think of my gallant, dear Mr. Horner, my hot fit comes, and I am all in a fever indeed...
Σελίδα 23 - Come on, sir. Now you set your foot on shore In Novo Orbe\ here's the rich Peru: And there within, sir, are the golden mines, Great Solomon's Ophir!
Σελίδα 31 - Why, I think that the greater miracle. No egg but differs from a chicken more Than metals in themselves.
Σελίδα 80 - Face. They did pass through the doors then, Or walls, I assure their eye-sights, and their spectacles; For here, sir, are the keys, and here have been, In this my pocket, now above twenty days: And for before, I kept the fort alone there.
Σελίδα 89 - Sir, I can take no knowledge That they are yours, but by public means.
Σελίδα 19 - And I would know by art, sir, of your worship, Which way I should make my door, by necromancy, And where my shelves ; and which should be for boxes, And which for pots. I would be glad to thrive, sir : And I was wish'd* to your worship by a gentleman, One Captain Face, that says you know men's planets. And their good angels, and their bad.
Σελίδα 62 - SUB. I will not treat with thee. What! sell my fortune? Tis better than my birthright. Do not murmur: Win her, and carry her. If you grumble, Dol Knows it directly. FACE. Well, sir, I am silent. Will you go help to fetch in Don in state?

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