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ET The names of contributors are printed in SMALL CAPITALS; subjects treated, in ordinary type :

titles of books reviewed, in italics.

The, 409.

Abbot-Royce Controversy, The, 99.
Airy, Osmond, Text-Book of Eng-

lish History, 390.
Altamira, Rafael, I.a Enseñanza de

la Historia, 402.
Announcements, Authorized Educa-

tional, 407, 414, 519,
Appointing Public School Teachers,

Best Method of, 260,
Baldwin, James, The Industrial

Primary Arithmetic, 292.
BARDEEN, C. W.-The Text-Books

of Comenius, 223.
Bardeen, C. W., The Taxpayer and

the Township System., 404.
Barnard (Henry) Relief Movement,
Bartholomew, J. G., Physical and

Political School Atlas, 93.
BEERS, HENRY A.-Entrance Re-

quirements in English at Yale,

• Bergen, Fanny D., Glimpses at the

Plant World, 393.
Bergen, Joseph Y. See Hall,

BIGHAM, JOHN--An Instructive Ex-

periment in College Government,


olic Controversy about Education,

Bronson, Thomas Bertrand, Collo-

quial German, 95.
Brooklyn, Recent Progress in, 102.

the Classical Languages in Mod-

ern Schools, 270.
Buchheim, C A., Balladen und

Romanzen, 397.
Bureau of Education, 407, 519.
BURR, GEORGE L.-Duruy's His-

tory of the Middle Ages, 192.

On Permitting Students to take
Studies in Professional Schools
while Pursuing a Regular Under-
graduate Course, 54 ; The Peda-
gogical Seminary, 187; Mon-

BUTLER, N. M.--continued.

taigne's Education of Children,
189; The International Ency.
clopedia, 189; Russell's Philos-
ophy of Locke, 190; Shoup's His-
tory and Science of Education,
286; The Prussian Elementary
Education Bill, 355 ; Prince's
Methods of Instruction and
Organization of the Schools of
Germany, 401; Notes on Recent

Pedagogical Literature, 402.
Cambridge, Training Teachers at,


Colloquial German, 95.
Can English Literature be Taught?

Carpenter, G. R., Exercises in

Rhetoric and English Composi-

tion, 389.
Carr, Elias F., Educational Prog-

ress of the Individual, 405.
Carter, Franklin, Mark Hopkins,

Catholic Controversy about Educa-

tion, The, 237, 365, 462.
Certain Dangerous Tendencies in

Education, 145.
Certain Views of Herbart on Mathe-

matics and Natural Science

Chamberlain, A. F., Modern Lan-
guages and Classics in America

and Europe Since 1880, 404.
Chicago Exposition, Education at,

103, 307, 516.
City School Supervision, 65, 167.
Classical Languages in Modern

Schools, The Place of, 270.
Clubs, Schoolmasters', 410.
College, Entrance Requirements,

512; in English, 132 ; Government,
An Instructive Experiment in, 162 ;
President, The, 360; The Policy

of the Small, 59.
Colleges of the United States,

Growth of, 120.
Columbia College, 101, 329, 505.

I 20.

Comenius, John Amos, 209; Place Dyer, Louis, Studies of the Gods in

of, in the History of Education, Greece at Certain Sanctuaries Re-
211; Text-Books of, 223; Perma- cently Excavated, 196.
nent Influence of, 227 ; Celebration EARLE, MORTIMER L.— Williams's
of the 300th Anniversary of the Extracts from Various Greek
Birth of, 311.

Authors, 400; Coy's Greek for
COMEY, ARTHUR 'M.-Growth of Beginners, 400.
the Colleges of the United States, East and West, Education in the,

Compulsory Education in the United ECKOFF, WILLIAM J.-Rodriguez's
States, 444.

El Problema de la Educacion,
Congresses, Educational, 513.

Cook County Normal School, The Editorial, 99, 203, 294, 407, 512.
Attacks on, 100, 206, 517.

Educational Policy of Archbishop
Cook, E. H.—Marble's Sanitary Ireland, The, 462; Values, A Cri.

Conditions for Schoolhouses, 506. tique of, 1; Congresses, 513.
Cook, JOHN W.-The Value of Education, Certain Dangerous Tend-

Practice Teaching in Normal encies in, 145; Governor Flower's
Schools, 267.

Recommendations on, 204 ; Cath-
Cornell University, The Study of olic Controversy About, 237, 365,
Pedagogy at, 374:

462; Museum in, 254; Prussian
COULTER, JOHN M.-Woodburn's Elementary Bill, 302, 355,412; Syl-

Higher Education in Indiana, labus of Mr. Sully's Lectures on the

Science of, 383; in the East and
Coy, Edward G., Greek for Begin- West, 408; in the United States,
ners, 400.

Compulsory, 444; at the Chicago
Critique of Educational Values, A, 1. Exposition, 103, 307, 516 ; in For.
Cyclopedia, The International, 189. eign Periodicals, 72, 173, 271,
DABNEY, R. H.--Airy's Text-Book 379, 497 ; The Idea of Liberal, 105.
of English History, 390.

Elementary Science in School
Dangerous Tendencies in Education, Courses, 156.

Eliot (President), Annual Report of,
Davidson, Hannah A., Reference 295.

History of the United States, 290. England, School Savings Banks in,
Davies, J. LLEWELYN.–Free Din- 72.
ners for School Children, 61.

English, On Teaching the Effective
DAVIS, WILLIAM M.—The Teach- Use of, 22; College Entrance Re-
ing of Geography, 417.

quirements in, 132 ; Can English
Defective Vision in School Children, Literature be Taught, 337; En-

trance Requirements in, at Yale,
De Garmo, Charles, Language 427.

Work Below the High School, Experiment in College Government,

An Instructive, 162.
Department of Superintendence, The, Flower's (Governor) Recommenda-
102, 306.

tions on Education, 204.
Dinners for School Children, Free, X Free Dinners for School Children,

Discussions, 54, 156, 260, 490. Frye, Alex. E., Mind Charts : Pri-
DOUGLAS, CHARLES H.-Certain mary, Middle and High, 405.

Views of Herbart on Mathemat- Gardiner, S. R., Students' History
ics and Natural Science, 490.

of England, 405; School Atlas of
DRAPER, ANDREW S.-Public English History, 405.

School Pioneering in New York Geography, The Teaching of, 417.
and Massachusetts, 313.

Geometry, The Old and New Meth-
Draper (Superintendent). Removal ods in, 31, 264.

GILL, BENJAMIN.-Woodruff's Ex-
Duruy, Victor, The History of the ercises in Greek Prose Composi-
Middle Ages, 192.

tion, 198.

of, 304.

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GILL, THEODORE.-Zoological Ar-
ticles Contributed to the Encyclo-
pedia Britannica, 91.
Liberal Education, 105.
Gilman (President), Annual Report
of, 294.

Gilmore, J. K., Outlines of Rhetoric
for Schools and Colleges, 389.
Gordy, J. P., Rise and Growth of
the Normal School Idea in the
United States, 503.
Grammar, School Course, The Short-
ening and Enriching of 206, 308,
472, The Parallel Study of, 450,
GRANT, GEORGE M.-Religious In-

struction in State Schools, 40.
Greek in Germany, The Study of,

Mark Hopkins, 385.

Growth of the Colleges of the United
States, 120.

Gymnasium, The New Lehrplan for
the Prussian, 379.

Yale University, 486.

Hall, E. H., and Bergen, Joseph Y.,
Text-Book of Physics, 509.
Hallidie, Archibald R. S., The Cap-
tivi of Plautus, 194.
HAMILTON, C. J.-Henri Pestalozzi,

[blocks in formation]

HINSDALE, B. A.-The Language
Question in Switzerland, 494.
sen's A B C of the Swedish Sys-
tem of Educational Gymnastics,

mentary Science in School Courses,

Hughes, Thomas, Loyola and the
Educational System of the
Jesuits, 283.
HYSLOP, J. H.-Hamilton's The
Modalist, 394.

Idea of Liberal Education, The, 105.
Influence of Comenius, The Per-
manent, 227.

International Encyclopedia, The,

Ireland (Archbishop), The Educa-
tional Policy of, 462.
Glimpses at the Plant World,

JAMES, JAMES A.-Hart's Epoch
Maps Illustrating American
History, 392.
James, William, Briefer Course of
Psychology, 406.
of Educational Values, I.
Johnson, Charles F.-English
Words, 288.
Jones, Richard D., The Ethical Ele-
ment in Literature, 387.

Jost, M., Annuaire de l'Enseigne-
ment Primaire, 402.
Kiepert's Atlas Antiquus, 406.
Knight, William, Wordsworth's The
White Doe of Rylstone, 387.
Language Question in Switzerland,
The, 494.

Lankester, E. Ray, Zoological Ar-

ticles Contributed to the Encyclo-
pedia Britannica, 91.
LAURIE, S. S.-Place of Comenius

in the History of Education, 211.
Liberal Education, The Idea of, 105.
Literature for Younger Pupils, 203.
Longman's New School Atlas, 640.
Low (President), The Annual Report
of, 101.

Wendell's English Composition,

Bergen's Text-Book of Physics,


MAGNUS, SIR PHILIP.-Manual Nissen, Hartvig, A B C of the

Training in Relation to Health, 78. Swedish System of Educational
Manual Training in Relation to Gymnastics, 200.
Health, 78.

Normal Schools, The Value of Prac-
MARBLE, ALBERT P.-On Teaching tice Teaching in, 69, 267.

the Effective Use of English, 22. O'GORMAN, THOMAS.- The Educa-
Marble, Albert P., Sanitary Condi- tional Policy of Archbishop Ire-
tions for Schoolhouses, 506.

land, 462.
Massachusetts, Public School Pio- Old and New Methods in Geometry,
neering in, 313

The, 31, 264.
MATTHEWS, BRANDER.-Can Eng- OSBORN, F. W.-Steele's Rudimen-

lish Literature be Taught ? 337. tary Ethics, 398.

Short Analysis of English His- the Small College, 59.
tory, 199; Dr. Pick's 11ethod Oxford, Women Students at, 497 ;
Applied to Acquiring the French Training Teachers at, 515.
Language, 199; Davidson's Ref- PALLEN, ČONDÉ B.-Hughes's Loy-
erence History of the United ola and the Educational System
States, 290; Jones's Ethical Ele- of the Jesuits, 283.
ment in Literature, 387; K'night's PANCOAST, HENRY S. -College En-
Wordsworth's White Doe of trance Requirements in English,
Rylstone, 387 ; Webb's Tennyson's 132.
Aylmer's Field, 387; Gilmore's Parallel Study of Grammar, The,
Outlines of Rhetoric, 389; Car- 450.
penter's Exercises in Rhetoric and PECK, H. T.-Hallidie's Captivi of
English Composition, 389; De

Plautus, 194.
Garmo's Language Work Below Pedagogical Seminary, The, 187.
the High School, 389; Grammar Pedagogy at Cornell University, The
School Curriculnm, The, 472; Study of, 374.
White's Promotions and Ex- Pestalozzi, Henri, 173.
aminations in Graded Schools, 501. Pick, E., Dr. Pick's Method Applied
Melon, Paul, L'Enseig nement Su- to Acquiring the French Lan-
périeur et l'Enseignement Tech-

guage, 199.
nique en France, 403.

Place of Comenius in the History of
MILNE, JAMES M.-Bartholomew's Education, The, 211.

Physical and Political School POLAND, A. B.-Baldwin's Indus-
Atlas, 93.

trial Primary Arithmetic, 292 ;
MILNE, WILLIAM J.—The Value of Gordy's Rise and Growth of the

Practice Teaching in Normal Normal School Idea in the United
Schools, 69.

States, 503.
Modern Languages at West Point, Policy of Archbishop Ireland, The

Educational, 462; The Small
Montaigne, Michael (Seigneur de), College, 59.

The Education of Children, 189. Politics versus the Schools, 304.
MOONEY, JOHN A.–The Catholic Practice Teaching in Normal

Controversy about Education, 237. Schools, The Value of, 69, 267.
MUNROE, JAMES P.-Certain Dan- President, The College, 360.

gerous Tendencies in Education, PRINCE, JOHN T.-Methods of In-

struction and Organization of the
Museum in Educational Work, 254. Schools of Germany, 401.
National Educational Association: Professor, The Modern College, 412.

Journal of Proceedings and Ad- Progress in Brooklyn, Recent, 102.

dresses, Session of 1891, 404. Prussian Elementary Education Bill,
New York, Topographical Survey of, 302, 355, 412.

301 ; University of the State of, Public School Pioneering in New
301, 407, 414, 519; Public School York and Massachusetts, 313.
Pioneering in, 313; Schoolmasters' Purvis, John, Selections from the
Club, 410.

Dialogues of Plato, 406.

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