Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence

Chris D. Geddes
John Wiley & Sons, 22 Ιουν 2010 - 624 σελίδες
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Discover how metal-enhanced fluorescence is changing traditionalconcepts of fluorescence

This book collects and analyzes all the current trends,opinions, and emerging hot topics in the field of metal-enhancedfluorescence (MEF). Readers learn how this emerging technologyenhances the utility of current fluorescence-based approaches. Forexample, MEF can be used to better detect and track specificmolecules that may be present in very low quantities in eitherclinical samples or biological systems. Author Chris Geddes, anoted pioneer in the field, not only explains the fundamentals ofmetal-enhanced fluorescence, but also the significance of all themost recent findings and models in the field.

Metal-enhanced fluorescence refers to the use of metal colloidsand nanoscale metallic particles in fluorescence systems. It offersresearchers the opportunity to modify the basic properties offluorophores in both near- and far-field fluorescence formats.Benefits of metal-enhanced fluorescence compared to traditionalfluorescence include:

  • Increased efficiency of fluorescence emission

  • Increased detection sensitivity

  • Protect against fluorophore photobleaching

  • Applicability to almost any molecule, including both intrinsicand extrinsic chromophores

Following a discussion of the principles and fundamentals, theauthor examines the process and applications of metal-enhancedfluorescence. Throughout the book, references lead to the primaryliterature, facilitating in-depth investigations into particulartopics.

Guiding readers from the basics to state-of-the-technologyapplications, this book is recommended for all chemists,physicists, and biomedical engineers working in the field offluorescence.

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CHRIS D. GEDDES, PhD, is a Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where he is the Director of the Institute of Fluorescence, and the Editor in Chief of both the Journal of Fluorescence and Plasmonics. With more than 190 papers and eighteen books to his credit, Dr. Geddes has extensive expertise in fluorescence spectroscopy, particularly in fluorescence sensing and metal-fluorophore interactions.

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