The Ravenstonedale Parish Registers


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Σελίδα xxii - ... archdeaconry, or to the justices of the peace at the general or quarter sessions of the peace for the county, city, or place in which such meeting shall be held, and registered in the said bishop's or archdeacon's court respectively, or recorded at the said general or quarter sessions...
Σελίδα xxiii - We have visited theii place of deposit, and saw enough of their state and condition to testify that they exhibit an admirable specimen of the state to which order and precision may be carried in the classification and arrangement of records of this description : they amount to 1432 volumes.
Σελίδα xiv - IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seal this fifteenth day of April in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and fforty ffive.
Σελίδα xvi - Ravistondale, sometimes preaching occasionally. Some ministers, who had conformed, once telling him that he had a bare coat, he made answer ' if it was bare, it was not turned.
Σελίδα 56 - ... shall be signed by the minister with his proper addition, and also by the parties married, and attested by such two witnesses ; which entry shall be made in the form or to the effect following ; that is to say...
Σελίδα vii - So far as phthisis is concerned, it is significant that in 1911, in the whole of England and Wales, 34 per cent, of the male and 22 per cent, of the female deaths, and in London 59 per cent, of the male and 48 per cent, of the female deaths from this disease occurred in public institutions.
Σελίδα xxii - Stephen, hosier £20. Isabel Langhorn £6. James and Mary Fawcet £20. George Murthwaite £10. All which sums have been laid out in the purchase of lands. There was also £100 in money contributed by Christopher Todd and others; £20 of which has been lost, and the rest is let out at interest by the trustees.
Σελίδα vii - Register in 1754 the signatures of the contracting parties were required, and the frequent occurrence of the ( x ) denoting " his " or " her mark," is at once noticeable. If this may be taken as a fair test of the educational status at that period it follows that 1 8 per cent of the male and 48 per cent of the female population were illiterates.
Σελίδα xv - Ld. ship for that great care yr Ld. ship shews for the Security of that Little which at present we have and shall ever pray for yr Ld. ship long continuance over us. Most Obedient sons & servants Jo : Dalton Curate Michael Bovell, Mathew Breaks, Stephen Dentt, Thomas Dent. Churchwardens.
Σελίδα xvi - ... and sent him to Cambridge, where he studied under Mr. Joseph Hill. He was a very pious man, of an holy life and competent learning.

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