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Central Law Journal

C. P. BERRY, Editor






Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1924, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington



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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Im-
portant Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially—R. D.,
cases commented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann, case, annotated case.

Aetna Casualty Co. & Sur. Co. v. Apple (Okla.),

Plate Glass Insurer Liable for Glass Broken

by Workmen While Replacing Broken Glass,

R. D. 348.

Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. v. Cartmel (Fla.),

Automobile Collision Insurance, Ed. 363.
Ambler Realty Co. v. Euclid (U. S. D. C.), Zoning

Ordinance Held Invalid, R. D. 203.
Asakura v. Seattle (U. S. S. C.), Ordinance Ex-

cluding Japanese from Business of Pawn-

broker Invalid, R. D. 331.

Banks v. Morris & Co. (Mo.), Obliviousness to

Peril as Part of Last Clear Chance Doctrine,

R. D. 132.

Becker V. Illinois Life Ins. Co. (Mich.). Non.

Contestable Clause in Policy Effective Though

Insured Dies Within Prescribed Time, R. D.


Belliveau v. Bozoian (R. I.), Right of Pedestrian to


Part of Highway Used for Vehicular

Travel, R. D. 331.
Benninghof-Nolan Co. v. Adcock (Ind.), Requiring

Driver to Keep Close as Possible to Right

Curb, Not Reasonable Regulation, R. D. 113.
Blanchette v. Union St. R. Co. (Mass.), Liability

of Operator of Bathing Beach, R. D. 186.

Brigham v. Kidder (N. J.), Legal Status of Rent

Contract for Law Office, R. D. 184.

Brust v. First National Bank (Wis.), Power of

State to Prohibit National Bank Doing Busi-

ness in State, R. D. 239.

Burns Baking Co. v. Bryan (U. S. S. C.), Statute

Fixing Weight of Bread Held Invalid, R. D. 222,

Ed. 309.

Cahill v. Inecto (U. S. S. C.), Negligence--Injurious

Hair Dye, ann. case, 123.
Campbell v. Richmond Ins. Co. (La.), Holder of

Contract for Deed Not Owner of "Fee-Simple

Title," R. D. 348.
Chastleton Corp. V. Sinclair (U. S. S. C.). Emer-

gency Justifying Rent Regulation May Have

Ceased, R. D. 223.
Christ v. Pacific Mut. Life Ins. Co.( Ill.), Death

from Typhoid from Drinking Polluted Water

as Within Accident Policy, R. D. 311.
City of Columbia v. Alexander (S. C.), Municipal

Corporations-Regulating Vehicles for Hire,

ann. case, 8.
City of Shenandoah v. Replogle (Iowa), Constitu-

tional Law-Building Ordinance, ann. case, 339.
Com. ex rel. v. Ball et al. (Pa.), Book as Ancient

Document, R. D. 39.
Cunard S. S. Co. v. Mellon (U. S. S. C.), Inter-

national Law-Application National Prohibition

Law to Ships, ann, case, 25.
Dante v. Miniggio (D. C.), Damages-Measure in

Foreign Exchange, ann. case, 320.


Boss (Oregon), Master and Servant-

Salesman on Commission, ann. case, 194.

Des Moines Nat. Bank v. Fairweather (U. S. S.

C.), Taxation--National Banks, ann. case, 64.

Dykema V. Story and Clark Piano Company

(Mch.), Contract for Services for One Year

Commencing the Following Day as Being

Within the Statute of Frauds, R. D. 203.

Elder v. Eastwood (Colo.), Attorney and Client-

Liability for Printing Brief, ann. case, 49.

Eliot v. Freeman (U. S. S. C.), Status of "Massa-

chusetts Trusts" Under Tax Laws, R. D. 346.

Ex parte Liotard (Nev.). Owner Permitting In-

toxicated Person to Operate Car Causing Death

of Another, Guilty of Manslaughter, R. D. 3.

Ezell V. Tipton (Tenn.), Failure to Use Safety

Appliance Not "Willful Misconduct," R. D. 405.

Federal Trade Commission v. American Tobacco

Co. (U. S. S. C.), Power of Federal Trade

Commission to Compel Production of Books

and Papers, R. D. 185.

Ferguson v. Cady-McFarland Gravel Co. (.a.).

Workmen's Compensation-Injury from Blow

by Fellow Employee, ann. case, 373.

Fidelity Phoenix Fire Ins. Co. v. Oldsmobile Sales

Co. (Tex.), Theft by Bailee Covered by Auto-

mobile Policy, R. D. 238.

Fireman's Ins. Co. v. Savery (Ind.). Collision In-

surance, R. D. 222.

First National Bank v. State of Missouri (U. S.

S. C.). The Branch Bank Case, Ed. 93.

Fitzhugh v. City of Jackson (Miss.), Validity of

Ordinance Restricting Use of Real Property,

R. D. 39.

Gans v. Columbia Ins. Co. (N. J.), Insurance-

Collision, ann. case, 173.

General Accident. Fire and Life Assurance Cor-

poration V. Cohen (Colo.), Burglary Policy

Held to Cover Two Buildings Connected by

Bridge, R. D. 77.

Great Eastern Casualty Co. v. Solinsky (Tenn.),

Automobile Collision Insurance, Ed. 363.

Great Southern Life Ins. Co. v. Churchwell (Okla.),

Injury in Battle as Covered by Accident In-

surance Policy, Ed. 255.

Green_v. United States (U. S. C. C. A.), When

Officer May Arrest Suspected Narcotic Dealer

Without Warrant, R. D. 2.

Guaranty Mortgage Co. v. Wilcox (Utah), Agree.

ment to Take Stock Held Not a Subscription.

But a Purchase Under Blue Sky Law, R. D. 60.

Guyandotte Coal Co. v. Virginian Electric & M.

Works (W. Va.), Sales-Implied Warranty,

ann. case, 101.

Harwi, Adm'r, v. Metropolitan Ins. Co. (U. S. D.

C.), The "Incontestable Clause" and Fraud,

R. D. 150.

Hayward v. Employers' Liability Assur. Corp.

(Mo.), Extent of Insurer's Liability for Stolen

Liquor Based on Lawful Market. R. D. 133.

Hertzler v. Manshum (Mich.), Liability of Miller

for Injury Caused by Poisonous Substance in

Flour, R. D: 406.
Hopkins v. Droppers (Wis.), Parent and Child-

Liability for Tort of Child, ann. case, 298.
Howell v. Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. (Mo.). Com-

pliance With Motor Vehicle Law in Sale of

Car, R. D. 134.

In re Bakke's Will (Minn.), Blind Testatrix Pre-

sumed to Know Contents of Her Will, R. D.


In re Conneautville Bank's Assigned Estate (Pa.).

Bank is Bailee of Contents of Safety Deposit

Box, R. D. 329
In re Fujimoto's Guardianship (Wis.), Statute Pro-

hibiting Appointment of Alien as Guardian

Held Valid, R. D. 364.
James Everard's Breweries v. Day (U. S. S. C.),

Intoxicating Liquors-Supplemental Prohibi-
tion Act, ann. case, 283.

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Jammal v. Girard Fire & Marine Ins. Co. (N. Y.),

Fire Policy in Name of One Tenant in Com-
mon Held Void Under Clause Requiring “Sole

Ownership," R. D. 366.
John H. Kaiser Lumber Co. v. Industrial Commis-

sion (Wis.), Injury by Attack of Insane Em-

ployee as Compensable, R. D. 40.
Kahn v. Aetna Casualty & Surety Co. (N. J.),

Insurance-Property Covered by Theft Policy,

ann, case. 88.
Keeney v. Wells (Mo.), Automobile Driver Stop-

ping and Looking for Street Car Then Crossing

Without Again Looking, R. D. 167.
Kokomo Steel & Wire Co. v. Irick (Ind.). Injury

Due to Horseplay as Compensable, R. D. 112.
Korner v. Cosgrove (Ohio), Taxicab Owner Liable

for Acts of Driver Performed Outside Regular

Hours of Service, R. D. 95.
Kunglig v. Jarnvagsstyrelsen (U. S. D. C.), Cus.

tom and Usage as Affecting c. i. f. Contracts,

R. D. 407.
Lee V. Southern Life & Health Ins. Co. (Ala.),

Murder of Insured by Beneficiary as Defense
When policy Contains Incontestable Cause,

Ed. 111.
Lewis v. National Fire Ins. Underwriters (Miss.).

List of Goods by Lot Not "Itemized Inventory"

Within Iron Safe Clause of Policy, R. D. 367.
Maduro V. City of New York (N. Y.), Laborer

Seeking Shelter from Thunder Storm is in

Course of Employment, R. D. 367.
McDonald v. Pittsburgh & L. E. R. Co. (Pa.),

Freight Conductor in Interstate Commerce
After Interstate Cars Had Been Switched Off,

R. D. 149.
Meredith, v. Business Men's Acc. Ass'n (Mo.). Pas-

senger in Airplane is Within Insurance Policy
Exception of Participating in Aeronautics.

R. D. 77.
Michaelson v. United States ex rel. Chicago, St.

Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Ry. Co. (U. S.
S. C.), Right of Trial by Jury Under the Clay-

ton Act for Contempt of Court, Ed. 399.
Miller v. Union Indemnity Co. (N. Y.), Insurance

Company Assuming Defense of Action Waives

Want of Votice, R. D. 257.
Missouri Pac. R. Co. v. Baldwin (Tex.), Railroad

Employee Handling Mail Engaged in Interstate

Commerce, R. D. 257.
Moorhead Motor Co. v. Walker Auto Co. (Miss.),

Lien for Automobile Repairs as Superior to

Rights of Conditional Seller, R. D. 59.
Moran v. Kelley (N. J.), Validity of Bequest for

Prayers, R. D. 223.
Mutual Life Ins. Co. v. Hurni Packing Co. (U. S.

$. C.), Effect of Death of Insured Within Con-

testable Period of Policy, Ed. 381.
Novelty Advertising Co. v. Farmers' Mut. Tobacco

Warehouse Co. (N. C.), Measure of Seller's
Damages on Buyer's Repudiation of Order for

Goods to be Manufactured, R. D. 94.
Oster v. Chicago & A. R. Co. (Mo.), Wife's Negli-

gence in Driving Husband's Automobile Not

Imputable to Him, R. D. 112.
Otero v. Banco De Sonora (Ariz.), Jurisdiction of

Court Not Ousted by Contract Provisions,

R. D. 274.
Overland-Reno Co. v. International Indemnity Co.

(Kan.), Automobile Theft Policy as Covering

"Swindle," R. D. 132.
Panama R. Co. v. Johnson (U. S. C. C. A.), Effect

of Jones Act on Right of Seamen to Recover

for Personal Injuries, Ed. 75.
Panama R. Co. v. Johnson (U. S. S. C.), Act Giv-

ing Seamen Right of Action for Injuries, Up-

held by U. S. Supreme Court, R. D. 184.
Paolilli v. Piscitelli (R. I.), Effect of Liquidated

Damage Clause Real Property Contract.
R. D. 21.

Park Hotel Co. v. Ketchum (Wis.), Right of Abut-

ting Owner to Confer Special Privileges in Use

of Street, Ed. 273.
People v. Weller (N. Y.), Regulation of Theater

Ticket Brokers, R. D. 202.
Peoria & P. U. R. Co. v. United States (U. S. S.

C.), I. C. C. Not Authorized to Require Switch-

ing Service Without Hearing, R. D. 168.
Petkus v. Lietuvos Ukio Bankas (N. Y.). Plaintiff

Paying for Stock in Marks Entitled to Recover

Only in Marks, R. D. 293.
Piper v. Ekern (Wis.), Constitutional Law--Limit.

ing Height of Buildings, ann. case, 155.
Ploe v. International Indemnity Co. (Wash.), Au-

tomobile Collision Insurance, R. D. 205.
Power Motor Car Co. v. U. S. Fire Ins. Co. (Mont.),

Violent Contact With Banks of Ditch Heid

Covered by Collision Policy, R. D. 184.
Pred v. Employers Indemnity Corp. (Neb), Colli-

sion With Embankment as Within Automobile

Policy, R. D. 238.
Rothenheber v. Pulitzer Publishing Co. (Mo.), Bulk

Sales Act Not Applicable to Sale of Automobile

Repair Shop, R. D. 329.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. V. Loftin (Miss.),

Damages-Illness from Foreign Substance in

Tobacco, ann. case, 231.
Russell v. Russell (English), Legitimacy of Child

Born During Wedlock, R. D. 238.
Sandefur v. Canoe Creek Coal Co. (U. S. S. C.),

Right of Trial by Jury Under the Clayton Act

for Contempt of Court, Ed. 399.
Saratoga Building & Land Corporation v. Roland

Park Apartment Stables Co. (Md.). Covenants

--Property Restrictions, ann, case, 392.
St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins, Co. v. American Com-

pounding Co. (Ala.), Automobile Collision In-

surance, Ed. 363.
The Shelburne Inc. V. Crossan Corp'n (N. J.),

Electric Light Sign as a Nuisance, R. D. 239.
Silverstein Commercial Casualty Ins. Co. (N.

Y.), Policy Excepting Liability While Insured
"Riding a Motorcycle" Covers Death

Riding in Side Car, R. D. 205.
Slingluff v. Tyson (Pa.). Nuisance-Garage, ann.

case, 248.
Slocum V. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. (Mass.), Dis-

position of Insurance Funds When Insured is

Murdered by Beneficiary, Ed. 1.
Society of the Sisters of the Holy Name, Etc., v.

Pierce (U. S. D. C.), Oregon School Law De-

clared Invalid, Ed. 201.
Standard Auto Ins. Ass'n v. Neal (Ky.), Policy

Excluding Loss While Automobile Being

Driven in Violation of Law is Valid, R. D. 22.
Standard Lumber Co. v. Pierce (Ore.), State In-

come Tax Act Held to Deny Equal Protection

of Law, R. D. 382.
State Compensation Insurance Fund v. Industrial

Accident Commission (Calif.), Injury to Hotel
Maid While Leaving Premises on Day Off Held

Compensable, R. D. 349.
State v. Auerbach (Ohio), Opinion Evidence as to

Speed, R. D. 94.
State v. Dawson & Co. (U. S. S. C.), Act of Con-

gress Extending Effect of State Compensation

Laws Held Invalid. Ed. 165.
State ex rel. v. Erickson (Minn.), Statute Exempt-

ing Minors from Obtaining Hunter's License

Invalid, R. D. 256.
State v. Lock (Mo.). Showing of Belief Held Not

Probable Cause for Issuance of Search War-

rant, R. D. 168.
State of Missouri v. Duncan (U. S. S. C.), Banks

and Banking-National Bank as Executor, ann.

case, 265.
State of Missouri ex rel. v. Kansas Natural Gas

Co. (U. S. S. C.), State Cannot Regulate Price
of Gas Charged by Interstate Pipe Line Com-
pany, R. D. 313.


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