The unknown; or, Lays of the forest

Hoisington, 1831 - 240 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 239 - ... of tresses, spreading over her shoulders. Much time is consumed in combing and braiding the hair after bathing, and at the greater festivals in enriching and powdering it with small bits of silver gilded, resembling a violin in shape and woven in at regular distances. She is painted blue round the eyes ; and the insides of the sockets, with the edges on which the lashes grow, are tinged with black.
Σελίδα 33 - Spirits of earth ! Spirits of air ! Come to me over the silver sea ; Lay the locks of my tangled hair, For the lov'd, the lost one is coming to me ! I see her sailing on yon light cloud, With wreaths of roses upon her hung, And wildly around her moon-beam shroud Her glistening locks of jet are flung. I see the light of her polished brow — I feel the beam of her laughing eye ! Come, invisible Spirits, now, And bear me away to yonder sky ! Spirits of earth ! Spirits of air ! Throw your spells on...
Σελίδα 33 - Pépin, les vrais noms des premiers trifluviens. Il nous présente ses personnages au milieu des descriptions de la nature qui les entourait et souvent il a recours à la forme versifiée; de fait, son roman n'est qu'un prétexte pour faire des croquis de paysage: Spirits of earth ! Spirits of air ! Come to me over the silver sea ; Lay the locks of my tangled hair, For the loved, the lost one is coming to me. I see her sailing on yon light cloud, With wreaths of rose» upon her hung, And wildly around...
Σελίδα 233 - The whole ie of the diaphanous marble of Tabriz, in colour a combination of light greens, with here and there veins of red, and sometimes of blue. Some of the cypresses are very large, but Aga Besheer, the present chief of the queen's eunuchs, who happened to require timber for a building, cut down two of the most magnificent trees. This is a place of great resort for the Persians, who go there to smoke kaleoona...
Σελίδα 135 - I sought my native land And stood upon its well known strand A renovated thing ; Tis true, this hair is...
Σελίδα 225 - Piscaret — but the swan can never teach the eagle to forsake his path among the clouds for her own shadowy...
Σελίδα vi - I have essayed faithfully to delineate its unknown scenery, together with the dark traits of its early history, and to cheer the fire-side of our long winter evenings with " The deeds of days of other years," the attempt may claim some indulgence.
Σελίδα vi - Neither the polished strains of Campbell, the wild energy of Byron, nor the magic wand of Moore, wreathed with flowers, and glittering with gems...
Σελίδα 213 - Wahconnah,and no time was to be lost in making the necessary arrangements for securing the scout as he returned up the river.
Σελίδα 229 - The haven of Gaeta (called Mola) is built on the ruins of the town Formae, within the walls of which the Formianum of the philosopher was situated.

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