Campaigning for Children: Strategies for Advancing Children's Rights

Stanford University Press, 15 Αυγ 2017 - 232 σελίδες

Advocates within the growing field of children's rights have designed dynamic campaigns to protect and promote children's rights. This expanding body of international law and jurisprudence, however, lacks a core text that provides an up-to-date look at current children's rights issues, the evolution of children's rights law, and the efficacy of efforts to protect children.

Campaigning for Children focuses on contemporary children's rights, identifying the range of abuses that affect children today, including early marriage, female genital mutilation, child labor, child sex tourism, corporal punishment, the impact of armed conflict, and access to education. Jo Becker traces the last 25 years of the children's rights movement, including the evolution of international laws and standards to protect children from abuse and exploitation. From a practitioner's perspective, Becker provides readers with careful case studies of the organizations and campaigns that are making a difference in the lives of children, and the relevant strategies that have been successful—or not. By presenting a variety of approaches to deal with each issue, this book carefully teases out broader lessons for effective social change in the field of children's rights.



The Evolution of Childrens Rights
Female Genital MutilationCutting
Juvenile Justice
Child Marriage
Child Labor
Corporal Punishment
Child Sex Tourism
Child Soldiers
Access to Education
Attacks on Education
Lessons for the Future
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Jo Becker is Advocacy Director for the Children's Rights Division at Human Rights Watch and Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. Her first book, Campaigning for Justice (Stanford, 2012), won the APSA Human Rights Section Best Book Award in 2014.

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