Cousin Elizabeth

Leonard C. Bowles, 1830 - 210 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 179 - I wish you would not use that ugly word; besides, it is not all sham." ' " If you mean kindness, or any thing real, it is one thing," said Charles; " but where is the kindness in taking off one's hat, or getting up when a stranger comes into the room ? What good can it do him ? " ' " I suppose he would feel uncomfortable if you did not...
Σελίδα 180 - " Yes ; Mr. Fyley is very glad to do any thing for one, but then he is not polite. He contradicts mamma so, sometimes when she is ill, that it makes her much worse, (mamma says so herself;) and he says such odd things. No, Charles, you cannot call Mr. Fyley polite." ' " I did not call him polite," said Charles, laughing, " I called Mr. Porceum polite." ' " Mr. Porceum is very formal, but he does not care whether he gives pain or not; do not you remember — ? " ' " Yes, I remember very well," said...
Σελίδα 30 - ... the more she thought of it the more she was convinced that the power of the human voice had never been realized.
Σελίδα 178 - ... Because I have heard her say, she should not wish any of us to be much with Mr. Fyley, and particularly not Arthur, because he would be the most likely to catch his odd ways." ' " He is very good and very clever," said Charles ; " I wish mamma would not be so particular about politeness, and all that sham stuff." ' " Sham stuff! " repeated Arabella, with a look of horror. " What would mamma say if she heard you ? but you are only joking, for you are polite yourself sometimes, and you like polite...

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