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grow old”.

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Green Things Growing ....Croik 1412 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Grenier, Le..... .de Béranger 3589

Austin Dobson 3411
Grey Horse Troop," The

Her Dwelling-Place. Murray 1101
RW. Chambers 2219 Her Epitaph.

T. W. Parsons 3317
E. B. Browning 3155 Her Gifts

D. G. Rossetti 1221
Grievance, A. ..J. K. Stephen 1863 Her Pathway. .C. K. Rathbone 641
"Grieve not, Ladies"... Branch 838 Her Sacred Bower.....Campion 565
Groves of Blarney, The

Her Triumph..

Ben Jonson 508
R. A. Millikin 2505 Herald Crane, The......Garland 1487
Growing Gray.... Austin Dobson 347 Hereafter.. 1. P. S pofford 002
Growing Old, “Sweet sixteen is Heredity. .L. A. C. Ward 3485

shy and cold"..Waiter Learned 716 “Here's a Health to Them that's
Growing old, What is it to

. Robert Burns 2203
Matthew Arnold 400 Heritage, The......J. R. Lovell 251
Guardian-Angel, The

Hermit Thrush, The, Bomberger 1535
Robert Browning 2516 Hero, The. Robert Vicoll 2016
Gunga Din.... Rudyard Kipling 2222 Heroes.. E. D. Proctor 2251

Heron, The ... E. Hroell-Thurlow 1492

Hervé Riel. Robert Browning 2339


Charles Lamb 3319

High Tide at Gettysburg, The
Hack and Hew
Bliss Carman 2953

W. 8. Thompson 2438
Hail! Columbia Hopkinson 2128 High Tide on the Coast of Lin-
Hallowed Ground.

Campbell 3221 colnshire, The... Jean Ingelow 3120
Hallowe'en.. John Mayne 1960 Higher Good, The., ...Parker 28 29
“Hame, Hame, Hame"

Higher Pantheism, The
Allan Cunningham 3028

Alfred Tennyson 2747
Hannab Binding Shoes.. Larcom 1578 Higher Pantheism in a Nutshell,
Hans Breitmann's Party, Leland 2084 The.. .A.C. Swinburne 1867
Hans Christian Andersen..Gosse 3359 Highland Mary.... Robert Burns 1043
Happiest Heart, The....Cheney 2852 Highway, The....Louise Driscoll 494
Happy Heart, The. .... Dekker 2841 Highwayman, The Alfred Noyes 2721
Happy Thought, R. L. Stevenson 94 "Hills o' my Heart".... Carbery 2195
Hare with many Friends, The Hills of Rest, The. .A. B. Paine 3349

John Gay 1785 Hindoo's Death, The..Birdseye 1831
“Hark, Hark! the Lark"

His Banner Over Me.... Massey 3518
William Shakespeare 668 His Further Resolution Unknown 786
Harp of Sorrow, The....Clifford 3162 His Heart was True to Poll
Harry Carey's General Reply to

F. C. Burhand 2008
the Libelling Gentry who are His Litany to the Holy Spirit
Angry at His Welfare. ..Carey 1927

Robert Herrick 3408
Harvest.....E. M. H. Cortissos 1326 His Pilgrimage..Walter Raleigh 3237
“Harvest Waits, The".. Mifflin 3488 His Winding-sheet...... Herrick 3240
Haunted Palace, The.. E. A. Poe 2082 Hoch! der Kaiser. . Rodney Blake 1781
Hawkbit, The..C. G. D. Roberts 1491 Hohenlinden.. Thomas Campbell 2373
He Fell Among Thieves, Newboll 2711 Holly-Tree, The, Robert Soulhey 1363
"He Liveth Long who Liveth Holy Baptism... George Herbert 3475

Well”, Horatius Bonar 3470 "Holy, Holy, Holy”.
He made the Night, Lloyd Mifflin 1285 Holy Innocents, Christina Rosselli 81
“He Never Smiled Again"

Holy Matrimony...Jokn Keble 1163
F. D. Hemans 2277 Holy Thursday, , .William Blake 104
He Standeth at the Door..Core 3561 Home, "O, Falmouth is a fine
Health, A.
.E. C. Pinkney 373

town with ships in the bay"
"Heart of my Heart"..Unknown 054

W. E Henley 3031
Heart oi Oak. David Garrick 2208 Home, “One rubber plant can
Heart's Content..

Unknown 3033

never make a home" Unknown 2019
Heart's Hope.. D. G. Rosselli 1219 Home, "There lies a little city in
Heaven..... M. G, Dickinson 1084

the hills”

E. R. Sill 3405
“Heaven Overarches Earth and

Home, "Two birds within one
.C. G. Rossetti 3460 nest”

Dora Greenwell 1170
Heavenward....Carolina Nairne 3454 Home, Sweet Home. .J. 8. Payne 3028

J. R. Lowell 832 "Home They Brought Her War.
"He'd Nothing but His Violin"

rior Dead"... Alfred Tennyson 1063
M. K. Dallas 1168 Home Thoughts, from Abroad
Height of the Ridiculous, The

Robert Broaming 1300
0. W. Holmes 2070

Honor and Desert. Parmore 370

.S.C. Woolsey 1074 Hope and Fear, A. C. Swinburne 2736
Helen of Kirconpel.

Unknown 1034 Hora Christi.. Alice Broua 3522
Heliotrope H. T. Peck 1096 Horatian Ode Upon Cromwell's
Hem and Haw.

Bliss Carman 1819 Return from Ireland, An
Henchman, The...J. G. Whillier


Andre Marell 2329
Henry Hudson's Quest, Stevenson 2310 Horatius at the Bridge, Mocaulay 2257




Heber 3543

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Index of Titles





Hot Weather in the Plains-India "I Lately Vowed, bui 'twas in
E. H. Tipple 3032

Haste' John Oldmixon 804
Hound of Heaven, The

"I Love little Pussy".. Unknown 96
Francis Thompson 3018 I Love My Jean, Burns-Hamilton 927
Hour of Death, The.... Hemans 3199 “I Love My Love", Mackay 1113
Hour of Peaceful Rest, The

"I Love Sixpence'

Unknown 40
W. B. Tappan 3553

"I Loved a Lass"..George Wither 692
House by the side of the Road, "I Never Could Love Till Now
..S. W. Foss 2892

M. G. Lewis 635
House of Life, The, Sonnets IV, "I Remember, I Remember"

Thomas Hood 425

"I Saw My Lady Weep"
D. G. Rosselli 1219

Unknown 843
House of Pain, The..P.E. Coales 3180 "I Saw Thee". Ray Palmer 3519
House that Jack Built, The

“I Saw Two Clouds at Morning"
Unknown 47

J. G. C. Brainard 1162
Housekeeper, The.. Charles Lamb 1468 “I Strove With None"..Londor 3271
“How Can the Heart Forget "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"
Francis Davison 577

William Wordsworth 1425
“How doth the little busy Bee" "I would not live Alway,"
Isaac Watts

W. A. Muhlenberg 3262
How My Songs of Her Began Ichabod. J. G. Whiltier 1769

P. B. Marston 1224 “I'd be a Butterfly," T. H. Bayly 1654
How Often..

Ben King 1884 Idaho Ball, An.. Unknown 2119
How Old Brown Took Harper's

Idea, Sonnets I, IV, XX,
Ferry.. E. C. Stedman 2417

“How Sleep the Brave," Collins 2122

Michael Drayton 1206
How They Brought the Good Idler. The.. Jones Very 2830
News from Ghent to Aix"

If, “If life were never Litter”
Robert Browning 2642

Mortimer Collins 1878
How we Beat the Favorite

If, “Oh, if the world were mine,
A. L. Gordon 3146

J. J. Roche 714
How We Learn, Horatius Bonor 3471 "If I Could Shut the Gate
“How's My Boy," Sydney Dobell 1566 Against My Thoughts.Daniel 3497
Hue and Cry after Fair Amoret, “If I Should Die Tonight,” King 1884
William Congreve 736

"If I Were Dead”. Patmore 282
Human Frailty, William Cowper 2751

If I Were King... McCarthy 1727
Human Life A. T. de Vere 398 "If Love Were Jester at the
Human Seasons, The .. Keats

Court of Death"
Humble-Bee. The, R. W. Emerson 1469

F. L. Knowles 3260
Humpty Dumpty.. Whitney 1966 “If she be made of White and
Hundred Years to Come, A


I. P. Lorne 552
W. G. Brown 3256 “If She but Knew"
Hunting Song, "Oh, who would

Arthur O'Shaughnessy 958
stay indoor, indoor"...Horey 1613 “If Spirits Walk," Sophie Jowell 1090
Hunting Song, “Waken, lords “If Thou Wert by my side, my

and ladies gay". Walter Scoll 1614 Love”. Reginald Heber 1175
Hyma before Sunrise in the Vale "If thou wilt Ease thine Heart"
of Chamouni, S. T. Coleridge 1386

T. L. Beddoes 851
Hymn of Apollo...P. B. Shelley :266 "If You were Here"....Marston 061
Hymn of Pan......P. B. Shelley 2976 Il Penseroso. John Milton 2961
Hymn of the West, E. C. Stedman 2132 "I'll Never Love Thee More'
Hymn to God the Father, A

James Graham 582
John Donne 3509 "I'm not a Single Man," Hood 1055
Hymn to the Night, Longfellow 1286 Impenitentia Ultima... Dowson 897

Impression.. Edmund Gosse 1701

lo a Rose Garden..John Bennett 639

In a Year... Robert Browning 907

“In After Days"..Austin Dobson 3282
"I am Lonely". .George Eliot 309 In City Streets.... Ada Smith 1626
Asked my Fair, One Happy In Early Spring, Alice Meynell 1293

S. T. Coleridge 700 In Explanation.. Walter Learned 717
“I do not Love Thee"... Norton 942 In Extremis..... George Sterling 3252
"I Fear Thy Kisses, Gentle In February ..Henry Simpson 556

Maiden". .P. B. Shelley 662 In Foreign Parts, L. E. Richards 2016
"I Give My Soldier Boy, a "In Green Old Gardens," Fane 1402
William Maginn 2215 In Harbor.

.P. H. Hayne 3273
"I had a Little Doggy" Unknown 44 In Memoriam, "Ah, not because
"I had a Little Husband”

our Soldier died before his field
Unknown 41 was won"

Edwin Arnold 3414
“I Heard a Soldier".

Trench 007 In Memoriam, " "Tis right for her
I in Thee and Thou in Me, Cranch 2834 **to sleep between".....Milnes 3317


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In Memory of “Barry Cornwall” "It is Great for Our Country to

A. C. Swinburne 3413 Die"..........J. G. Percival 2231
In Memory of Walter Savage "It is not Beauty I Demand"
Landor......A. C. Swinburne 3391

George Darley 529
In Our Boat....D. M. M. Craik 1551 "It Was a Lover and His Lass'
In Sorrow..... Thomas Hastings 3558

William Shakespeare 091
In the Children's Hospital

Italian Rhapsody
Alfred Tennyson 278

R. U. Johnson 2500
"In the Cool of the Evening' Italian Song, An, Samuel Rogers 3059

Alfred Noyes 1276 "Its Ain Drap-o' Dew"
"lo the Cross of Christ I Glory"

James Ballantine 2850
John Bowring 3552 Itylus.. A. C. Swinburne 1530
In the Dark...... George Arnold 3276 Ivry.

T. B. Macaulay 2302
"In the Dark, in the Dew"

Ivy Green, The.. Charles Dickens 1441
Mary N. Prescott 630
"In the Days of Old....Peacock 473

In the Fall o'Year, T.S. Jones, Jr. 1103
In the Highlands. .R. L. Stevenson 1627 Jabberwocky. . Lewis Carroll 1991
In the Hospital, M.W. Howiand 3249 Jack and Jill.. Unknown 37
In the Twilight...J. R. Lowell 432 Jack and Joan, Thomas Campion 737
Inchcape Rock, The.... Southey 1571 Jack Frost Gabriel Setorn 143
Incident of the French Camp

Jackdaw, The ...William Coupe 1492
Robert Browning 2382 Jackdaw of Rheims, The, Barkom 2073
Inclusions. E. B. Browning 852 Jaffár...

.Leigh Hunt 2865

Austin Dobson 1719 Jam-pot, The.. Rudyard Kipling 1871
Indian Burying-ground, The

Jane and Eliza.... Ann Taylor 103
Philip Freneau 3226 Jane Smith... Rudyard Kipling 1858
Indian Names, . L. H. Sigourney 2473 Janette's Hair. .C. G. Hal pine 1084
Indian Summer.. Dickinson 1329 Jeanie Morrison . Motherwell 935
Indifferent, The. Beaumont 784 “Jenny Kissed Me”..Leigh Hunt 001
Indirection.. Richard Realf 2758 "Jenny wi' the Airn Teeth
Infant Joy.
William Blake


Alexander Anderson
Ingle-side, The.

Hew Ainslee 3041 Jerry an' Me.....Hiram Rick 1185
Ingrateful Beauty Threatened

*Jerusalem the Golden," Massey 3445
Thomas Carew 788 Jessie. .... T. E. Brota 867
Inner Light, The

Jessie, the Flower o' Dunblanc
P. W. 6. Myers 3484

Robert Tannakill 526
Inner Vision. The... Wordsworth 2906 Jest 'fore Christmas..... Field 307
Inscription in a Hermitage

*Jesus, Lover of My Soul"
Thomas Warton 1594

Charles Wesley 3541
Inspiration, “If with light head Jesus the Carpenter.. ...Liddel 3518

erect I sing' .8. D. Thorcau 2821 Jim Bludso of the Prairie Belle
Inspiration, “Life of Ages, richly

John Day 3139
poured” Samuel Johnson 2833 Jock of Hazeldean. . Walter Scott 756
Integer Vitæ, “Integer vitæ

Jog on, Jog on". . Shakespeare 2838
scelerisque purus".. Florace 3578 John Anderson.. Robert Burns 1100
Integer Vitæ, “The man of life ‘John Anderson, My Jo".
Thomas Campion 2780

C. G. Blanden 3332
Inter Sodales. ....W. E. Henley 1918 John Barleycorn... Robert Burns 1932
Interlude, An, A. C. Swinburne 830 John Burns of Gettysburg, Harte 3440
Into the Twilight...W. B. Yeats 2745 John Grumlie......Cunningham 2050
Into the World and Out... Piatt

25 *Jolly Good Ale and Old," Still 1922
Invictus... W. E. Henley 3280 Jolly Jack.....W.M. Thacheray 1779
Invitation, An. Unknown 1918 Jolly Old Pedagogue, The
Io Victis..
W. W. Story 2803

George Amold 1688
Ireland, “Ireland, oh Ireland! Journey Onwards, The Moore 3102

center of nuy longings," Gwynne 2194 Jovial Beggar, The.... Unknown 155
Ireland, “Thy sorrow,

and the

Joy-Month D. A. Wasson 1533
sorrow of the sea”. .Johnson 2181 Joyful Wisdom, The.... Parmore 2813
Irish Astronomy, C. G. Ralpine 1898 Joys of the Road, The..Carman 1640
Irish Love-Song, An....Johnson 715 Juggling Jerry..George Meredith 31t4
Irish Lullaby, An...A. P. Graves 84 Jumblies, The..... Eduard Lear 1982
Irish Molly O. Unknown 019 June, “I gazed upon the glorious
Irish Wife, The..T. D'A. McGee 1173 sky"

W. C. Bryant 3243
Irishman and the Lady, The

June, "Over his keys the musing
William Maginn 1896 organist" J. R. Lowelt 1323
Isle of the Long Ago, The, Taylor 309 June. "When the bubble moon is
Isles of Greece, The.. Lord Byron 2519

H. S. Morris 1325

..E. A. Poe 2898 “Just as I Am".. Charlotte Elliott 3550
"It Cannot Be". D. B. Sickles 3466 “Just for To-day"...Wilberforce 3558
"It is a Beautious Evening, Calm "Justine, You Love Me Not"
and Free".
.....Wordsworth 1274

J. G. Saxe 833

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Index of Titles


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PAGE Lament for Culloden.

Burns 2353
Kate of Aberdeen, Cunningham 520 Lament for Flodden, A.... Elliot 2296
Kate Temple's Song ....Collins 627 Lament of the Border Widow,
Kathleen Mavourneen, Crawford 959


Unknown 1037
Kavanagh, he.. Richard Hovey 1949 Lament of the Irish Emigrant
Kearny at Seven Pines, Stedman 2429

11. S. Sheridan 1056
Keenan's Charge..G. P. Lothrop 2433 Lamentable Ballad of the Bloody
Kemp Owyne

Unknown 2537
Brook, The..

E. E. Hale 2334
Kentucky Babe.. R. H. Buck 87 Lamp in the West, The
Kentucky Philosophy, Robertson 1973

Ella fligginson 3259
Key-board, The.... Watson 2946 Lancelot and Guinevere, Gould 2725
Khristna and His Flute. ... Hope 896 Land o' the Leal, The....Noirne 3453
Kilmeny.. James Hogg 2965 Land of Counterpane, The
Kinchinjunga. .C. Y. Rice 1390

R. L. Stevenson 150
"Kind are Her Answers"

Land of Heart's Desire, The
Thomas Campion 569

E. A. Miller 1172
Kindness to Animals. . Unknown 95 Land of Story-books, The
King John and the Abbot of

R. L. Stevenson 151
Canterbury Unknown 2613 “Land Which no one knows,
King of Brentford, The

Ebenezer Elliott 3348
W. M. Thackeray 1780 Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers
King of Denmark's Ride, The

F.D. Hemans 2315
Caroline Norton 1058 Langley Lane. . Robert Buchanan 3177
King of Dreams, The... Scollard 2742 “Langsyne, when Lise was Bon-
King of the Cradle, The

nie Alexander Anderson 429
Joseph Ashby-Sterry 20 Larrie O'Dee.... W. W. Fink 1895
Kings, The.. .L. I. Guiney 2807 Lass o' Gowrie, The..... Nairne 743
King's Ballad, The, Joyce Kilmer 1095 Lass of Lochroyan, The Unknown 2556
King's Highway, The, “All in Lass of Richmond Hill, The
the golden weather, forth let

James Upton 594
us ride today." J. S. McGroorly 1637 Last Buccaneer, The, "Oh, Eng-
King's Highway, The, “I'll wake land is a pleasant place, for
and watch this autumn night

them that's rich and high"
8. W. Preston 3429

Charles Kingsley 1584
Kinmont Willie.. Unknown 2601 Last Buccaneer, The, "The
Kiss, The..

Ben Jonson 656 winds were yelling, the waves
Kissing's no Sin. Unknown 666 were swelling," T. B. Macaulay 1585
Kitty Neil. J. F. Waller 730 Last Camp-fire, The, S. M. Hall 3257
Kitty of Coleraine... Unknown 729 Last Hour, The... Ethel Clifford 1257
Knapweed. A. C. Benson 1443 Last Hunt, The...W. R. Thayer 2713

Frederii Manning 1338 Last Invocation, The, Whilmon 3274
Kubla Khan. .S. 1. Coleridge 2974

Last Leaf, The....0. W. Holmes 1683
John Payne 2732

Last Lines.. ... Emily Brontë 3266
Last Memory, The.. Symons 908

Last Night. George Barley 934
Last Redoubt, The,

. Austin 2457

Last Ride Together, The
La Belle Dame sans Merci, X eats 985

Robert Browning 857
La Grisette......0. W. Holmes 889 Last Sonnet.. .John Keats 3209
Labor and Love. . Edmund Gosse 2786 Last Verses.

Motherwell 3276
Lachrimæ Musarum.

Watson 3425

Last Word, The, "Creep into thy
Lad that is Gone, A. . Stevenson 420

narrow bed” Matthew Arnold 2802

K. L. Bates 1763 Last Word, The, “When I have
Ladies of St. James's, The, Dobson 1713 folded up this tent," Knowles 653
Lady Anne Bothwell's Lament

"Late Lark Twitters from the
Unknown 1019

Quiet Skies, A," W. E. Henley 3281
Lady Clara Vere de Vere

Late Leaves.. .W.S. Landor 386
Alfred Tennyson 813 Late Wisdom .George Crabbe 383
Lady Clare.... Alfred Tennyson 2037 Lauriger Horatius, “Laurel-
Lady Mary. Herry Alford 3323 crowned Horatius”.. Symonds 2776
Lady of Shalott, The.. Tennyson 3002 Lauriger Horatius, "Lauriger
Lady Poverty, The, “I met ber


Unknown 3581
on the Umbrian Hills,” Fischer 2801 Laus Infantium. . William Canton 341
Lady Poverty, The, “The Lady Laus Mortis,.. ..F. L. Knowles 3267

Poverty was fair".... Meynell 2801 Laus Veneris.. .L. C, Moulton 893
Lady's “Yes," The. Browning 610 Lay of Ancient Rome.... Ybarra 1976
Laird o' Cockpen, The

Lay of the Levite, The. . A yloun 1955
Nairne-Ferrier 2045 Leadsman's Song, The, Unknown 1586
Lake Isle of Innisfree, The, Years 1588 L'Eau Dormante..T. B. Aldrich 713

john Milton 2957 Leave-Taking, A. ....Swinburne 623
Lamb, The.. William Blake 46 Leetla Boy, Da.. T. A. Daly 292
Lament, A...Chidiock Tichborne 381 Lot Behind..... Elizabeth Akers 1001

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Praed 1739

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Legend of Heinz von Stein, The Little Brother of the Rich, A
C. G. Leland 1960

E. S. Martin 1701
Legend of the Northland..Cary 135 Little Dandelion, H. B. Bostwick 128
L'Envoi, “When Earth's last Little Dutch Garden, A, Durbin 776
picture is painted, and the Little Feet..


tubes are twisted and dried

Little Gentleman, The, Unknown 07
Little Ghost, The.

Tunan 288
L'Envoi, “Where are the
Rudyard Kipas 3284

Little Ghosts, The, T. Jones, Jr. 418
that we loved before," Cather 3217 Little Giffen. F. 0. Tickmor 2248
Leonidas. .

George Croly 2273 Little Gustava..... (dia Tharter 146
Les Amours. Charles Cotton 803 Little Hands... Laurence Binyon 18
Lesson of the Water-Mill, The Little Orphant Annie.... Riley 161

Sarah Doudney 2797 Little Parable, A, A. R. Aldrich 3248
Lessons from the Gorse

Little Red Lark, The....Grates 687
E. B. Browning 1438 Little Things.. E. C. Breezer

“Let Dogs Delight to Bark and “Little While I Fain would Lin-

Isaac Watts

ger Yet, A".

P. H. Hayne 875
"Let Me Enjoy," Thomas Hardy 2733 Little White Lily. Macdonald 129
“Let the Toast Pass". Sheridan 1931 Little Wild Baby, M. T. Janier 1017
Letter of Advice, A..

"Little Work, A”...du Maurier 2779
Letters, The... Alfred Tennyson 1143 Living Waters, Caroline Spincer 3511
Lettice. D. M. M. Craik 1174 Lobster and the Maid, The
Letty's Globe....
C.T. Turner 253

F. E Weatherly 2003
Lie, The Walter Raleigh 3235 Lochaber no More, Allan Ramsay 920
Lied, “Ins stille Land" Seewis 3582 Lochinvar.. Walter Scot! 751
Life, “I made a posy, while the Locksley Hall. . Alfred Tennyson 3097

day ran by"...George Ilerbert 2798 Long, Long Ago, “Old friend of
Life, “Life! I know not what thou

mine, you were dear to my
.A. L. Barbauld 3271 heart

Gerald Massey 2860
Life, “We are born; we laugh; we Long, Long Ago, “Tell me the

.B. W. Procter 2746 tales which to me were so dear"
Life, "When I consider Life and

T. I. Bayly 848
its few years”. L. W. Recse 2746 "Long Time a Child,” Coleridge 388
Life in a Love.. Robert Browning 616 Long White Seam, The, Ingelow 1507
Lise-Lesson, A......J.W. Riley 335 Longing.. Matthew Arnold 917
"Life on the Ocean Wave, A

Lord Lovel.

Unkner 2009
Epes Sargent 1548 Lord Randal,

Unkno 2577
Light of Other Days. The, Moore 438 Lord Ullin's Daughter, Campbell 2029
Light Shining out of Darkness

Loss of the Birkenhead, The
William Cowper 3546

F. A. Doyle 2105
Light Woman, A., Browning ron Lost but Found, Horatius Bonar 3507
“Like a Laverock in the Lift"

Lost Chord, A.....A. A. Procter 3100
Jean Ingelow 1166 Lost Colors, The E. S. P. Hard 2307
Lilian.it Alfred Tennyson 612, Lost Leader, The Browning 1708
Lincoln, the Man of the People

Lost Light..

Elizabeth Akers 090
Edwin Markham 3405 Lost Love

Andrew Lang 829
Lines, “In the merry hay-time Lost Mistress, The... Breuning 826

we raked side by side,” Paul 1074 Lost Sheep. The, E. C. Clephane 3500
Lines, “Love within the lover's Lotos-Eaters, The..... Trunyson 2002

breast........ George Meredith 1119 “Loudoun's Bonnie Woods and
Lines Composed a Few Miles

Braes Robert Tannuhill 029
Above Tintern Abbey, on Re. Love, All thoughts, all pas.
visiting the Banks of the W'ye,

sions, all delights"...Ccleridze 11 30
During a Tour, July 13, 1798 Love, "Love bade me welcome,
William Wordstorth 2478

yet my soul drew back"
Lines on The Mermaid Tavern

George Herbert 3472
John Keats 1921 Love Among the Ruins
Lines to an Indian Air, Shelley 676

Robert Brorening 11:3
Lines Written in Early Spring

Love and Age.. T. L. Peacock 702
William Wordsworth 1292 Love and Death, "Alas! that
Lion and the Cub, The ....Gay 1781 men must see".

Deland 3346
Lion and the Mouse, The, Taylor 112 Love and Death, "In the wild
Lips and Eyes...

Middleton 656

autumn weather, when the rain
Little Alabama Coon Starr 88 was on the sea ... Mulholland 1076
Little and Great. Charles Mackay 2793 Love and Life, “All my past life
Little Beach-Bird. The.... Dana 1474 is mine no more," John filmul 589
Little Bell... Thomas Westwood

247 Love and Life, "Give me a
Little Billee...WM. Thackeray 2072 Allet, Love,' quoth I”
Little Black Boy, The..... Blake 148

J. M. Lippman 904
Little Bo-Peep... Unknown 37 Love at Sea....A.C. Suinburne 11:5
Little Boy Blue, . . Eugene Field 284 "Love Came Back at Fall o'
Little Breeches..
John Gay 3141


L. W. Reese 900

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