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“Love Hath a Language?

Lullaby, A, “Upon my lap my
H. S. Sheridan
480 Sovereign sits”.

Rowlands 74
Love in a Cottage: .. V. P. Willis 706 Lullaby, "Rockaby, lullaby, bees
Love in a Life, Robert Browning 615 in the clover"...J. G. Holland 82
Love in Dreams. J. A. Symonds 875 Lullaby, Sweet and low, sweet
Love in the Valley ....Meredith 538 and low" ...Alfred Tennyson 79
Love in the Winds, Richard Hovey 1226 “Lullaby, 0 Lullaby,”. Bennell 79
“Love in thy Youth, Fair Maid' Lullaby of an Infant Chief, Scott

Unknown 587 Lycidas..

John Milion 3297
“Love is a Terrible Thing"

"Lydia is Gone this Many a
G. F. Vorlon 994 Year"

L. W. Reese 1098
“Love is Like a Dizziness," llogg 724 Lyke-Wake Dirge, A.. Unknown 2548
Love is Strong, Richard Burton 491 Lyric, A, “There's nae lark loves
Love-Knot, The ... Nora Perry 770 the lift, my dear"..Swinburne 624
"Love me Little, Love me Long Lyric, “You would have under-

Unknown 872 stood me, had you waited'
"Love Me or Not"....Campion 507

Ernest Dowson 1092
"Love not me for Comely Grace"


Love on the Mountain ....Boyd 626 Mabel, in New Hampshire, Fields 765
"Love once was like an April Madonna Mia, A. C. Swinburne 54

R. U. Johnson 493 Madrigal, “ My Love in her attire
Love Symphony, A

doth show her wit".. Unknown 504
Arthur O'Shaughnessy 625 Masia's Song from "Farewell to
Love, Time, and Death


Robert Greene 2839
Frederick Locker-Lampson 3 244 Magic Mirror, The, H. M. Alden 2741
Love to the Church.....Dwight 3547 Mahogany Tree, The, Thackeray 1940
Love Triumphant. .F. L. Knowles 1119 “Maid of Athens, ere we Part
"Love who Will, for I'll Love

Lord Bryon 931
None Thomas Browne 789 Maid of Neidpath. The .- - Scott 1031
"Love Will Find out the Way” Maiden and the Lily, The, Fraser 1812

Unknown 478 Maiden Eyes. ....Gerald Griffin 009
Lovely Mary Donnelly

Maidenhood, H. W. Longfellow 313
William Allingham 536 Maiden's Idea of a husband, A
Lover thinks of His Lady in the

llenry Carey 696
North. The... Shaemas ( Sheet 976 Maid's Lament, The

Landor 1049
Lovers, The.. Phæbe Cary 1999 Maine Trail, A, G, H. McGiffert 1633
Lover's Choice, The, “A maid Make Believe. · Alice Cary 065
unto her lover sternly said" Malt worm's Madrigal, The
Unknown 840

Austin Dobson 1947
Lover's Choice, The, “You, Da- Man..

Henry Vaughan 355
mon, covet to possess"

Man and the Ascidian.... Lang 1827
Thomas Bedingfield 523 Man in the Moon, The....Riley 160
Lover's Envy, A....... Van Dyke 650 Man with the Hoe, The
Lover's Lullaby, A. Gascoigne 689

Edwin Markham 2893
Lover's Resolution, The, Wither 785 Man With the Hoc, a Reply. I be
Lover's Song, The. ,...E. R. Sill 553

J. V. Cheney 2895
Love's Calendar.....W. B. Scout 1169 Mandalay... Rudyard Kipling 2532
Love's Emblems, John Fletcher 466 Mannahalta..

Walt Whitman 2474
Love's Horoscope... Crashaw 408 Man's Mortality, Simon Wastell 3193
Love's Perjuries... Shakespeare 403 March, "Blossom on the plum".
Love's Philosophy. P. B. Shelley 662

Nora llopper 1307
Love's Prisoner, Van Rensselaer

905 March, “Slayer of winter, art
Love's Resurrection Day

thou here again”. Morris 1306
L. C. Moulton 1084 Marching Along, Robert Browning 2211
Love's Rosary..

Alired Voyes


Marco Bozzaris.. Halleck 2386
Love's Secret.. William Blake 805 Margaret and Dora.... Campbell 526
"Loves She Like Me,"Woodworth 627 Margaret to Dolcino... Kingstey 1181
Love's Spite..

A. T. de Vere 812 Marian.. ..George Meredith 544
Love's Young Dream.... Moore 844 Marian Drury.. Bliss Carman 1978
Lovesight.. D. G. Rosselli 1219

Mariana.. Alfred Tennyson 853
Lovewell's Fight. Unknown 2345 Mariner's Dream, The, Dimond 1500
Low-Backed Car, The.. , . . Lover 747

Maritæ Suæ.... William Philpop 1059
Lucifer in Starlight.... Meredith 35.26 Marlow Madrigal, A
Lucy, “Lucy is a golden girl”

Ashby-Sterry 2501
B. W. Procter 527 Marquis of Carabas, The, Brought 1775
Lucy, “Strange its of passion Marriage and the Care o't
have I known".... Wordsworth 1045

Robert Lochore 722
Lucy Gray..William Wordsworth 271 Marriage Charm, A, Nora Hopper 1165
Lucy Lake. . Newton Mackintosh 1858 Married Lover, The.... Patmore 1178
Lullaby. “Baloo, loo, lammy, Marseillaise, La, "Allons, entants
now baloo, my dear"..Nairne

77 de la Patrie"..Rouget de Liste 3586



Marseillaise, The, “Ye sons of Midsummer, "After the May
freedom, wake to glory," after time and after the Jupe time
Rouget de Lisle 2199

E. W. Wilcor 002
Marshes of Glynn, The, Lanier 1382 Midsummer, "Around this lovely
Mary Beaton's Song from

valley rise"..J.T. Trowbridge 1320
“Chastelard," A.C. Swinburne 1126 Midsummer Song, A...... Gilder 1322
Mary Morison.. .. Robert Burns 671 Midwinter .....J.T. Trowbridge 1349
Mary Qucen of Scotspina Turner 3412 “Mighty Fortress is Our God,
Maryland Battalion, The, Palmer 2362 A

F. H. Hedge 3556
Maryland Yellow-throat, The

Milkmaid, The.... Austin Dobsom 555
Henry Van Dyke 1495 Miller of the Dee, The.. Mackoy 2847
Mary's Lamb

Unknown 38 Mimma Bella, Sonnets I, II, IV,
Masquerade.. Olive Custance 2742 VI, VIII, XX
Master, The. E. A. Robinson 3406

Kugene Lee-Hamilton 300
Masters, The.... Laurence Blope 2805 Mimnermus in Church
Master's Touch, The..... Bonar 3471

Johnson-Cory 1705
Match, A. A.C. Swinburne 619 Miniver Cheevy..E. A. Robinson 1820
Mater Dolorosa.

Barnes 287 Minstrel-Boy, The....... Moore 2230
Matin Song, “ Pack, clouds, away, Minstrel's Song from "Ælla”
and welcome, day". . Heywood 670

Thomas Chatterton 1042
Matin Song, “Rise, Lady Mis- Miracle of the Dawn, The
tress, rise". Nathaniel Field 668

Madison Caweiß 1268
Maud Muller.....J.G. Whittier 885 Misadventures at Margate
Maureen.......John Todhunter 625

R. H. Barham 2052
May, “Come walk with me along Miss Nancy's Gown., .....Cocke 1730

this willowed lane,” Cornwell 1318 Missive, The..... Edmund Gosse 044
May, "May! queen of blossoms"

Mr. Molony's Account of the
Edward Hovell-Thurlow 1317 Ball .W. H. Thackeray 1902
May Burden, A.,,, Thompson 1314 Mr. Nobody

Unknown 152
May Margaret, T.J.H. Marzials 1111 Mistletoe Bougb, The.... Bayly 2018
May-Music. .R. A. Taylor 1116 Mrs. Judge Jenkins.. Brel Harie 1882
Mayflower, The.. E. W. Ellsworth 2317 Mrs. Smith. .F. Locker-Lompson 1675
Meadows in Spring, The

Mitherless Bairn, The..

Tkom 209
Edward Fitzgerald 1304 “Moan, Moan, Ye Dying Gales.”
Means to Attain a Happy Life,

Henry Neele

The... Henry Howard 2839 Modern Beauty Arthur Symons o84
Meddlesome Matty..Ann Taylor 104 Modern Hiawatha, The Unknown 1884
Mediocrity in Love Rejected

Modern Love, Stanzas I, II, III,
Thomas Carew 576 XIV, XVI, XXVI, XLI,
"Meet we no Angels, Pansie"

XLIX, L..... George Mereditk 1228
Thomas A she 549 Modest Wit, A...Selleck Osborn 1777
Meeting, “My Damon was the Moggy and Me... James Hoge 1193
first to wake"... George Crabbe 599 Moly..

E. M. Thomas 1445
Meeting. “They made the cham- Mon-goos, The...Oliver Herford 2013

ber sweet with flowers and Monterey .C. F. Hoffman 2403

leaves”...... Christina Rossetti 1223 Moods, The..... .F. S. Dasis 2018
Meeting at Night.....Browning 1123 “Moon, so Round and Yellow'
John Fletcher 3151

Matthias Bart 47
Memorabilia . Robert Browning 3423 Moral in Sevres, A. .....Howells 1735
Memorial Verses, Matthew Arnold 3436 Morality.. Mattheu Amold 3170
Memories. Arikur Stringer 1099 More Limericks
Memory, “Marina's gone, and


Kipling, d al. 2010
now sit I"...William Browne 911 Morgan.. E. C. Stedmom 2332
Memory, A, "The Night walked Morning....William D'Avenant 600

down the sky”, .F. L. Knowles 1118 Morning-glory, The, "Was it
Memory of the Dead, The

worth while to paint so fair"
J. K. Ingram 2190

F. E. Coates 1446
Men Behind the Guns, The

Morning-glory, The, “We
J. J. Rooney 2225 wreathed about our darling's
Men of Old, The..R. M. Milnes 2808 head".

Maris Lowel! 298
Mendicants. The.. Bliss Carman 1644 Mors et Vita . Samud Waddinglon 3210
Message, The, “Send bome my Morte D'Arthur....... Tennyson 2005
long-strayed eyes to me

Mortifying Mistake, A..... Pratt 158
John Donne 571

fosquito Triolet, A...Anderson 2017
Message, The, “Ye little birds

Jss-rose, The.. Henry Newbell 3322
that sit and sing"... Heywood 576 Most High Love Ernesi Douson 800
Messmates. Henry Newbolt 1583 Mother and Poet.....Bronning 3327
Metrical Feet. S.T. Coleridge 2925

Mother England. E. M. Thomas 2158
Middle Age. R. C. Lehmann 349 Mother Goose's Melodies
"Midges Dance aboon the Burn,

Unknown 29

Robert Tannahill 1606 "Mother, Home, Heaven".
.D. G. Rossetti 1720

W.G. Broren 3046

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.... Burns

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“Mother, I Cannot Mind my “My Mind to me a Kingdom Is "
: Wheel" ..:W, S. Landor 1022

Edward Dyer 2845
Mother in Egypt, A....Pickthall 3330 My Mistress's Boots
Mother Song, from "Prince Luci-

Frederick Locker-Lampson 1672
· Alfred Austin 86 "My Mother Bids me Bind my
Motherhood ..). D. Bacon 289

..Anne Hunter 022
Mother's Prayer, The....Shorter 290 "My Nannie's Awa'”

Mother's Song... Unknown 73 My Old Kentucky Home, Foster 3029
Mountain Heart's-Ease, The

My Other Me, Grace D. Litchfield 418

Bret Hurle 1446 My Owen....E.M. P. Downing 1166
“Mourners Came at Break of "My Own Cáilín Donn," Sigerson 1131

Day, The”. S. F. Adams 3292 My Peggy Allan Ramsey 516
Muckle-Mou'd Meg, Ballantine 752 My Playmate.

J. G. Whittier 952
Muckle' Mouth Meg, Browning 751 My Prayer. H. D. Thoreau 2821
"Multum Dilexit" Coleridge 3181 My Shadow R. L. Stevenson 150
Muses, The... .E. M. Thomas 2917 My Star. Robert Browning 1280
Music, “The God of Music My Terrier. ..Alfred Cochrane 1764

dwelleth out of doors," Thomas 2944 My Thrush... Mortimer Collins 1534
Music at Twilight . Sterling 2945 “My True-love Hath my Heart"
Music in Camp..J. R. Thompson 2217

Philip Sidney 1105
Music of the Dawn.... Harrison 1270 My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing
Musical Instrument, A

Robert Burns 1174
E. B. Browning 2938
Mutability.. P. B. Shelley 3171

My Aim.

G. L. Banks 3489
My Ain Countree. Demarest 3448 Nancy Dawson....A, P. Horne 068
My Ain Fireside Hamilton 3040 Nanny.

Francis Davis 631
My Ain Wife. . . Alexander Laing 1172 Nature, “O nature! I do not as-
My April Lady, Henry Van Dyke 554


H. D. Thoreau 1257
My Aunt. 0. W. Holmes 1682 Nature, "The bubbling brook
My Birthday. Thomas Moore 344 doth leap when I come by”.
My Bonnie Mary, Robert Burns 926

Jones Very 1255
My Catbird. W. H. Venable 1485 Nautical Ballad, A..C. E. Carril 2011
My Child..
John Pierpont 304

Nearer Home. .Phæbe Cary 3563
My Cross

.Zitella Cocke 3249 “Nearer to Thee .S. F. Adams 3555
My Daughter Louise.. ...Greene 308 Nearest the Dearest. Palmore 373
“My Days Among the Dead are Nebuchadnezzar... Irwin Russell 1972

Passed Robert Southey 2788 Needle, The.. Samuel Woodworth 2052
"My Dearling".. Elizabeth Akers 636 Nell Gwynne's Looking-Glass
"My Delight and Thy Delight”

Laman Blanchard 1704
Robert Bridges 1124 Nephelidia ....A. C. Swinburne 1878
My Early Home. ..John Clare 3035 Nested....,.Habberton Lulham 1142
My Familiar .J.G. Saxe 2083 Net of Law, The... J. J. Roche 1843
My Garden. .T. E. Brown 1398 “Never Give all the Heart" 1.
My Grandmother's Turkey-Tail

W, B. Yeats 496

S. M. Peck 1734 “Never the Time and the Place
My Heart and I, E. B. Browning 1053


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Robert Browning 865
My Heart is a Lute,” Barnard 598 New Arrival, The...G. W. Cable 1860
"My Heart Shall be Thy Gar- New England's Chevy Chase
Alice Meynell 651

E. E. Hale 2359
"My Heart's in the Highlands” New Jerusalem, The.. Unknown 3446

Robert Burns 1621 New Poet, A...William Canton 257
My Laddie. Amelie Rives 654 Newly-Wedded, The..... Praed 1161
My Lady Wind. Unknown 116 Next of Kin... ...C. G. Rossetti 3246
My Land.

.T. 0. Davis 2193 Nice Correspondent, A
My Last Duchess. . . . . Browning 824 Frederick Locker-Lampson 1742
My Last Terrier, John Halshan 1759 Night, "Mysterious night!
My Legacy... H. H. Jackson 3481 Spread wide thy silvery plume"
"My Life is Like the Summer

J. A. Symonds 1283
R. H. Wilde 3160 Night, “Night is the time for
My Little Doll. . Charles Kingsley 154

James Montgomery 1284
My Little Girl S, M Peck 86 Night, “The sun descending in
My Little Love...C. B. Hawley 969 the West" William Blake 1 280
My Lost Youth, H. W. Longfelloze 426 Night, "When the time comes
My Love, “Like rain-pools over

for me to die"..T. W. Rolleston 3255
Autumn leaves," R. A. Bowen 557 Night and Love... Bulwer Lytlon 684
My Love, “Not as all other Night Bird, The, Charles Kingsley 163

women are? .J. R. Lowell 1779 “Night Has a Thousand Eyes,
"My Love for Thee"

.Gilder 1227

The” .F. W. Bcurdillon 843
"My Love She's but a Lassie Night of Gods, The... ..Sterling 2740

James Hogg 525 Night-Piece: to Julia, The
My Maryland....J. R. Randall 2148

Robert Herrick 669




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Nightingale, The.

. Akenside 1500 "O Swallow, Swallow, Flying
Nightingale and Glow-worm, The

South" Alfred Tennysos 943
William Cowper 169 "O Were My Love Yon Lilac
Nikolina.. .Celia Thaxter 145 Fair".

Robert Burns 599
Ninety and Nine, The, Clephane 3500 “O World, be Nobler," Binyon 630

Thomas Hood 1980 Oblation, The..A.C. Swinburne 883
No and Yes. Thomas Ashe 875 Oblivion. George Sterling 2739
No Baby in the House, Dolliver 23 October's Party... George Cooper 144
“No Fault in Women,Herrick 1833 Ode, "Sleep sweetly in your hum.
No More.. B. F. Willson 3164 ble graves.... Henry Timrod 2249
Noble Nature, The.. Ben Jonson 2728 Ode, "We are the music-makers'
T. B. Aldrich 685

Arthur O'Shaughnessy 2942
Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonæ sub Ode in Imitation of Alcæus
Regno Cynaræ. Ernest Dowson 898

William Jones 2164
Nongtongpaw Charles Dibdin 1782 Ode in Time of Hesitation, An
Nonsense Verses, “The Window

W. V. Moody 2139
has Four little Panes," Burgess 2018 Ode on a Grecian Urn... Keals 2977
Nonsense Verses, “There was an Ode on Solitude, Alexander Pope 1589

old man with a beard"... Lear 1989 Ode on the Intimations of Im-
Nora's Vow... .Walter Scout 807 mortality from Recollections
Northern Star, The... Unknown 1575 of early Childhood, Wordsworth 357
"Not a Sou Had He Got"

Ode on the Spring, An ....Gray 1.301
R. H. Barham 1865 Ode on the Unveiling of the
“Not Ours the Vows," Barton 845 Shaw Memorial on Boston
"Nothing to Wear," Butler 2086 Common, May 31, 1897. An
November. ....C. L. Cleaveland 1339

T. B. Aldrich 3421
Now and Alterwards.....Craik 3344 Ode to a Butterfly.... Bigginson 1471
"Now I lay me down to Sleep" Ode to a Nightingale..... Koaks 1503

E. H. Pullen 448 Ode to Autumn... Thomas Hood 1332
"Now the Laborer's Task is Ode to Duty:

Wordsscorth 2815

J. L. Ellerton 3345 Ode to Evening, William Collins 1973
Now, What is Love"

. Raleigh 459

Ode to Master Anthony Stafford,
Nox Nocti Indicat Scientiam

Thomas Randolpk 1603
William Habington 3536 Ode to Psyche ......John Keats 2978
Nun, The.

.Leigh llunt 602 Ode to the West Wind, Shelley 1334
Nuremberg I. W. Longfellow 2526 Ode to Tobacco..C. S. Calverley 1915
Nursery Song, A E. Richards 157 Odyssey, The..... Andrew Long 2904
Nurse's Song. ....William Blake 143 Of an Orchard, Katharine Tynaa 1370
Nymph Complaining for the Of Clementina ....W. S. Landor 703
Death of her Fawn, The

Of Corinna's Singing...Campion 568
Andrew Morell 1747 “Of Old Sat Freedom on the
Nymph's Reply to the Passionate Heights". ... Alfred Tennyson 2163

Shepherd, The, Walter Raleigh 563 Of Phyllis...William Drummond 509
Nymph's Song to Hylas, The

Of Solitude... Abraham Couley 1598
William Morris 874 Of the Last Verses in the Book

Edmund Waller 381

Of Those who Walk Alone

Richard Burton 308

Off Riviere du Loup, D. C. Scott 1555
“O Captain! My Captain”.

"Oh, Breathe not His Name"
Walt Whilman 3395

Thomas Moore 3375
"O God! Our Help in Ages Past "Oh, Earlier Shall the Rosebuds
Isaac Watts 3540


Johnson-Cory 3172
“O, Inexpressible as Sweet"

"Oh May 1 Join the Choir In-
G. E. Woodberry 646 visible.

George Eliol 3265
"O, Lay Thy Hand in Mine, "Oh Mother of a Mighty Race"
Gerald Massey, 1194

W.C. Bryant 2131
“O Little Town of Bethlehem

"Ob! Snatched Away in Beauty's
Phillips Brooks 197 Bloom

Lord Byron 1052
"O, Love is not a Summer Mood” “Oh, that 'twere Possible"
RW. Gilder 488

Alfred Tennyson 1062
"O Mally's Meek, Mally's

"Oh! Where do Fairies hide

Robert Burns

523 their Heads". T. H. Bayly 227
"O Merry May the Maid be"

"Oh, Why should the Spirit of
John Clerk

Mortal be Proud". KOI 3197
O Nancy! Wilt thou go with "Old Books are Best

Chow 1701

Thomas Percy, 596 Old Churchyard of Bonchurch,
"O Nightingale! thou surely art


P. B. Marston 3224
William Wordsworth 1496 Old Clock on the Stairs, The
"O, Saw Ye Bonnie Lesley"

H. W. Longfellow 2014
Robert Burns 317

Old Familiar Faces, The, Lamb 437
“O, Saw Ye the Lass"....Ryan 1125 Old-fashioned Poet, An, Murray 2008

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Index of Titles


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Old Folks at Home, S.C. Foster 3030 On the Late Massacre in Pied:


John Milton 2332
Old Grimes. .A. G. Greene 2063 On the Life-mask of Abraham
Old Home, The, Madison Cawein 3035 Lincoln.. R. W. Gilder 3408
Old Ironsides.....0. W. Holmes 2389 On the Life of Man.. Henry King 2729
Old Jane.

Thomas Ashe 390 On the Loss of the Royal
Old Man Dreams, The, Holmes 445 George” .William Cowper 2368
Old Man's Comforts, The

On the Moor ...C. Y. Rice 293
Robert Southey 385 On the Morning of Christ's Na-
Old Man's Idyl, An.. ... Realf 1188 tivity.

John Milton 215
Old Man's Song, An, Le Gallienne 407 On the Picture of a “Child Tired
Old Mother Hubbard.. Unknown 49 of Play

N. P. Willis 266
Old October... Thomas Constable 1338 On the Portrait of Shakespeare
Old Scottish Cavalier, The

Ben Jonson 3418
W. E. Aytoun 2644 On the Prospect of Planting Arts
Old Sergeant, The..B. F. Willson 3134 and Learning in America
Old Sexton, The, Park Benjamin 3229

George Berkeley 2471
Old Squire, The...W. S. Blunt 1592 On the Quay.

J. J. Bell 1559
Old Story Over Again. The

On the Receipt of My Mother's
James Kenney 828 Picture out of Norfolk, Cowper 3053
Old Superstitions. . Unknown

On the Sea.

John Keats 1542
Old Tune, An..... Andrew Lang 900 On the Tombs in Westminster
Old Winter .. Thomas Noel 1342

Francis Beaumont 3295
O'Lincon Family, The..... Flagg 1482 On this Day I Complete my
Omar for Ladies, An

Thirty-sixth Year, Lord Byron 346
J: D. Bacon 1853 “On Wenlock Edge," Housman 1357
Omnia Somnia ....R. M. Watson 406 "Once Did I Love and Yet I
Omnia Vincit. . . Alfred Cochrane 718 Live".

Unknown 801
On a Bust of Dante. ... Parsons 3371 "Once Did My Thoughts both
On a Certain Lady at Court

Ebb and Flow" Unknoon 800
Alexander Pope 366 Once on a Time.. Benson 1461
On a Contented Mind ....Vaux 2838 One and One. .M. M. Dodge 156
On a Distant Prospect of Eton One by One. A. A. Procter 3511

College Thomas Gray 2489 One Gift I Ask...V, B. Harrison 3488
On a Fan

.Arstin Dobson 1722 "One Morning, Oh! so Early'
On a Girdle. Edmund Waller 513

Jeon Ingelow IIIO
On a Henpecked Squire ... Burns 1851 One Way of Love. Browning 864
On a Nightingale in April, Sharp 1499 One White Hair, The
On a Soldier fallen in the Philip-

W. S. Landor 348
pines.. W. V. Moody 2138 One Word More... . Browning 1246
On a Tear. Samuel Rogers 3774 Only.

H. P. Spofford 3
On an Intaglio Head of Minerva "Only a Baby Small”. . Barr 3
T. B. Aldrich 1690 Only a Year.

H. B. Stowe 3325
On an Old Song..W.E. H. Lecky 2006 Only Seven, ..H. S. Leigh 1857
On Elizabeth L. H... Ben Jonson 3294 Only Son, The Henry Newbolt 2254
On First Looking into Chap- "Onward, Christian Soldiers"
man's Homer.....John Keats 2903

S. Baring-Gould 3564
On her Coming to London

Opening of the Tomb of Charle-
Edmund Waller 316 magne, The.. Aubrey De Vere 3365
On His Blindness...John Milton 2736 Opportunity, “Master of human
On Melancholy..

John Keats 3151 destinies am I"...J.J. Ingalls 2789
On Music.. W. S. Landor 2945 Opportunity, "They do
"On Parent Knees" Jones 19 wrong, who say I come
On Salathiel Pavy... Ben Jonson 3294 more

Walter Malone 2790
On the Death of a Favorite Cat, Opportunity, "This I beheld, or
Drowned in a Tub of Gold

dreamed it in a dream".
Fishes...... Thomas Gray 1751 "Or ever the Knightly Years
On the Death of Joseph Rodman

were Gone"....W. E. Henley 633
Drake.. Fitz-Greene Halleck 3375 Orchard at Avignon, An
On the Death of Mr. Robert

A.M. F. Robinson 1370
Levet. ib. Samuel Johnson 3394 “Other World, The, H. B. Stowe 3462
On the Death of Mrs. Throck-

Ould Plaid Shawl, The .Fahy 732
morton's Bullfinch, W. Cowper 1756 Our Sister ..

H, N. Powers 375
On the Deaths of Thomas Carlyle Our Wee White Rose.... Massey 24

and George Eliot...Swinburne 3365 Out of Hearing... Jane Barlow 3332
On the Extinction of the Vene- Outgrown. .J. C. R. Dort

tian Republic

Outward. J. G. Neihardt 1553
William Wordsworth 2515 “Over the River"..N. W. Priest 3287
On the Fly-Leaf of a Book of Old Over the Water to Charley”
Plays.........Walter Learned 1736

Unknown 43
On the Grasshopper and Cricket Overflow

J. B. Tabb 1533
John Keats 1464 Owl, The. B. W. Procter 1508


Sill 2971

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