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"Owl and the Eel and the Warm-

kept sheep along the western
ing-Pan, The"..L. E. Richards 45 plains". Robert Greene 738
Owl and the Pussy-Cat, The, Lear 1984 Phillis and Corydon, “Phillis
Owl-Critic, The...J. T. Fields 1813 took a red rose from the tangles
"Owre the Moor Amang the

of her hair" .. Arthur Collon 667

Jean Glover 721 Philomel.. Richard Barneheld 1497
Ozymandias of Egypt... Shelley 2736 Philomela, "Hark! ah, the ght-

ingale" Matthew Arnold 1498

Philomela, “The nightingale, as

soon as April bringeth," Sidney 1502

Philosopher's Scales, The, Tavlor 1811
Paddy O'Rafther..Samuel Lover 1894 Phyllis..... Charles Sedley 802

St. John Lucas 3155 Pibroch of Donald Dhu....Scott 2203
Palabras Carinosas, T. B. Aldrich 585 Picket-Guard, The...E. L. Beers 2427
Palace of the Fairies, The

Picture of Little T. C. in a Pros-
Michael Drayton 226 pect of Flowers, The., Martell 261
Palm-tree and the Pine, The

Pied Piper of Hamelin, The
R. M. Milnes 943

Robert Browning 186
Pamela in Town: .Cortissoz 774 Pilgrim, The......John Bunyan 3460
Pan in Wall Street, E. C. Siedmon 7693 Pilgrim Fathers, The ...Pierpont 2318
Paradise, "O Paradise, O Para- Pillar of the Cloud, The, Newman 3554

..F. W. Faber 3449 Pin, The.. Ann Taylor 102
Paradise, “Once in a dream I Pine, The...... Augusta Webster 1364

saw the flowers," C. G. Rosselli 3459 Pines and the Sea, The, Cronch 1545
Paradox of Time, The... Dobson 405 Pious Selinda. William Congrene 195
Parental Ode to My Son, A

Pipe of Pan. The, Elizabeth Åkers 1262
Thomas Hood 256 Pipe of Tobacco. The ....Usher 1916
Parting, “If thou dost bid thy Piper on the Hill, The, Shorter 124
friend farewell”.

Patmore 2866 Pipes o' Gordon's Men, The
Parting. "Too fair, I may not call

J. S. Glasgow 2235
thee mine"....Gerald Massey 964 “Place in Thy Memory, A,"
Parting at Morning.
Browning 1123

Gerald Griffin 851
Parting Hour, The, Olive Custance 965 Plaidie, The...... Charles Sibley 729
Parting of the Ways, The, Gilder 2145 Plain Language from Truthlul
Pass of Kirkstone, The


Brch Horle 2100
William Wordsworth 2482 Plaint of the Camel, The, Carryl 2013
Passer-by, A..... Robert Bridges 1554 Plantation Ditty, A... Stanton 1975
Passing of March, The, Wilson 1309 Planting of tbe Apple-Tree, The
Passionate Reader to His Poet,

W.C. Bryant 1367
The..... Richard Le Gallienne 2918 Playgrounds...L. Alma-Tadema 112
Passionate Shepherd to his Love,


W. S. Londor 1842
The.....Christopher Marlowe 562 "Please to Ring the Belle," Hood 2003
Passions, The... William Collins 2933 Plighted.......D.M. M. Craik 1127
Pastoral. A, “Along the lane be- Plow, The. .R. H. Horne 1606

side the mead"..Norman Gale 718 Plymouth Harbor.. Dollie Rodjord 645
Pastoral, A, “Flower of the Med-

Pobble Who Has No Toes, The
Théophile Marzials 1133

Edward Lear 1985
Patriot's Pass-Word, The

Poet and Lark...M. A. de Vere 2008
James Montgomery 2281 Poetry... ... Ella Heath 2005
Paul Revere's Ride. .Longfcliow 2355 Poets and Linnets.... Tom Hood 1879
Peace.. ...Henry Vaughan 3449 Poets at Tea, The... Barry Pein 1887
"Peace to the Slumberers”

Poet's Song to His Wife, The
Thomas Moore 2230

B. W. Procler 1189
Peaceable Race. The, T. A. Daly 1910 Politeness... Elizabeth Turnar 04
Peaks, The..... Stephen Crane 1389 Poor Jack

.Charles Dilin 1551
Peddler's Caravan, The.. Rands 153 “Pope He Leads a Happy Life,
Peggy at the Brook..S. M. Peck 1733 The". Charles Lover 2010
Perfect Woman..... Wordsworth 366 Poplar Field. The....... Core per 137
Persicos Odi..

Horace 3577 Porphyria's Lover. . Browning 083
Person of the House, The

Port o' Heart's Desire. The
A. C. Swinburne 1871

J. S. M Groarty 1558
Persuasions to Enjoy.....Carew 575 Portrait, A, “I will paint her as I

A. H. Clough 2404 see her".....E. B. Browning 324
Pet Name. The, E. B. Browning 439 „Portrait, A, “In sunny girlhood's
Petition to Time, A, BW. Procter 352 vernal life"...). Ashby-Sterry 1700
Petrified rern, The, M. B. Branch 2749 Portrait, The, “Midnight past!
Pewee, The....J. T. Trowbridge 1510 Not a sound of aught"
Phantom of the Rose, The, Bart 903

Bulwer Lytton 1007
" Philip, My King," D. M. Craik

19 Post that Fitted, The ..Kipling 1078
Phillida and Coridon. Breton 690 Poster-Girl, The, Carolyn Wells 1875
“Phillida Flouts Me".. Unknown 696 Power of Love, The, Joan Fletcher 466
Phillis and Corydon, “Phillis Power of Malt, The....Housmas 1948

Index of Titles


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Power of Prayer, The

Rain on the Roof, Coates Kinney 442
Clifford and Sidney Lanier 1970 Rainbow, The.. Wordsworth 352
Praise of his Lady, A...Heywood 364 Rainy Day, The.. .Longfellow 3152
Praise of My Lady : . Morris 544 Raven, The. .E. A. Poe 2984
Prayer, “Lo, here a little volume, Razor-Seller, The...John Wolcot 2033

but great book,". Crashaw 3477 Readin ov a Head-Stwone
Prayer, A, “Lord, not for light in

William Barnes 3341
darkness do we pray”.

"Ready, Ay, Ready".. Merivale 2162
John Drinkwater 2811 Reaper and the Flowers, The
Prayer in the Prospect of Death,

H. W. Longfellow 3206

Robert Burns 3241 Reason, The..James Oppenheim 1130
Prayer of the Beaten Men, The Reason Fair to Fill My Glass,
W. H. Woods 2802 A”

Charles Morris 1929
Prayer to the Trinity, Edmeston 3557 Reasonable Affliction, A...Prior 1841
Precept of Silence, The

Rebecca's After-thought, Turner 94
Lionel Johnson 3153 Recessional. ... Rudyard Kipling 2176
Pre-Existence.....P. H. Hayne 2747 Recognition, The...w. Sawyer 1867
Prelude, A... Maurice Thompson 2902 Reconciliation, The... Tennyson 1134
Prelude to "The New Day"

Recruit, The....R. W. Chambers 1911
R. W. Gilder 1267 Rectius Vives...

Horace 3579
Preludes, from "The Angel in the Red Breast of the Robin, The
.Coventry Palmore 370

Unknown 134
Pretty Girl of Loch Dan, The

Red, Ked Rose, A.. Roberi Burns 926
Samuel Ferguson 749 Red Riding Hood. .G. W. Carryl 2009
Prevision... .A.F. Murray 1329

Reeds of Innocence. .. Blake 118
Prime of Life, The, Walter Learned 776 Reflections, Jean Ingelow 1107
Primrose, The... Robert Herrick 1447 Refuge.

William Winter 901
Primrose Dame, A, Gleason White 714 Relapse, The. Thomas Stanley 801
Prince Tatters, Loura E. Richards 147 Relief of Lucknow, The... Lowell 2413
Prisoner of Chillon, The, Byron 3075 Religious Use of Tobacco, A
Private of the Buffs, The, Doyle 2416

Robert Wisdome 1915
Problem, The...R. W. Emerson 2826 Remedy Worse than the Disease,
..J. G. Whillier 2899 The..

Matthew Prior 1842
Progress of Poesy, The ....Gray 2011 Remember....Christina Rossetti 1224
Promissory Note, The.... Taylor 1880 Remember or Forget ...... Aidé 967
Prospice....... Robert Browning 3264 Remembrance.....

.Emily Brontë 1065
Prothalamion... Edmund Spenser 1144 Renouncement... Alice Meynell 1227
Proud Maisie. Walter Scott 1048 Renunciation, A... Edward Vere 779

Unknown 60 Requiem, "Hush your prayers,
Providence. .Reginald Heber 3480 'tis no saintly soul”...Connell 3280
Psalm of Life, A. . Longfellow 2782 Requiem, A, "Thou hast lived in
Pulley, The. George Herbert 356 pain and woe,James Thomson 3323
Purple Cow, The, Gelett Burgess 2017 Requiem, “Under the wide and
Puzzled Census Taker, The, Saxe 2079 starry sky". R. L. Stevenson 3265
Pyramus and Thisbe. J. G. Saxe 2080 Requiescat, "Bury me deep when

I am dead”

R. M. Watson 1094
Requiescat, “Strew on her roses,

Matthew Arnold 1068
Qua Cursum Ventus. ....Clough 2885 Requiescat, “Tread lightly, she
Queen, The.....William Winter 649 is near"

.Oscar Wilde 1ogi
Queen Mab, “A littie fairy comes Resignation, "There is no flock,
at night". Thomas Hood


however watched and tended”
Queen Mab, “This is Mab, the

H. W. Longfellow 3288
Mistress-Fairy"...Ben Jonson 225 Resignation, “Why, why repine,
Queen of Hearts, The.. Unknown

37 my pensive friend"... Landor 2851
Quest, The, E. M. 4. Cortissos 343 Resolve, The.. Alexander Brome 799
Question, The.....P. B. Shelley 847

..Christina Rossetti 1224
Question and an Answer, A

'Rest is not Here".

Nairne 3455
H. P. Horne 492

Retirement, The..Charles Cotton 1595
Question Whither, The

Retort, The.... .G. P. Morris 2107
George Meredith 2750 Retreat, The.... Henry Vaughan 416
Questionings.. .F. I. Hedge 2830 Rêve du Midi..

.R. T. Cooke 1271
*Qui Sait Aimer, Sait Mourir" Reveille...... Michael O'Connor 2214

Dora Greenwell 2009 Revel, The, Bartholomew Dowling 3338
Quiet Life, The...William Byrd 1608 “Revenge.” The...... Tennyson 2305
Quiet Nights, The.... .Tynan 3026 Reverie of Poor Susan, The

William Wordsworth 267

Revival Hymn ....J. C. Harris 1969

Rhodora, The...R. W. Emerson 1449
Rabbi Ben Ezra...... Browning 393 Rhyme of Life, A, C.W. Stoddard 3279

.J. F. Clark 2813 Rhyme of One, A
Raggedy Man, The..J. W. Riley 158 Frederick Locker-Lampson 6



Riddle, A.. William Cowper 650 Rose, The, "Sweet, serene, sky-

Unknown 58 like flower". Richard Lovelace 670
Riddles Wisely Expounded

Rose and the Gauntlet, The
Unknown 2579

John Wilson 1041
Riding Down.

.Nora Perry 771 Rose and Thorn, The.... Hayne 1010
Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Rose Aylmer. W. S. Landor 600

S. T. Coleridge 2661 Rose of May, The.. Mary Hotrill 1451
“Ring out, Wild Bells"

Rose of Stars, The....Woodberry 490
Alfred Tennyson 206 Rose of the World, The, "Lo,
Ripe Grain.
D. R. Goodale 3347

when the Lord made North

Unknown 2840 and South"..Coventry Paimore 371

William Walsh 804 Rose of the World, The, “Who
River of Life. The.....Campbell 387 dreamed that beauty passes
Road of Remembrance, The

like a dream" W. B. Yeats 376
L W. Reese 431 “Rose Will Fade, A”.

Shorlet 1029
Road to Slumberland, The


A. J. Hanradan 905
Mary D. Brine 65 Roundel of Rest. A.... Symons 3211
Robert Burns, William Alexander 3364 Rover's Adieu, The, Walter Scott 028
Robert Louis Stevenson... Reese 3423 “Row Gendly Here"

Moore 674
Robert of Lincoln..W.C. Bryant 1480 Rowan Tree, The .

Vaimne 30;8
Robin Adair....Caroline Keppel 959 Rubaiyát of Omar Kháyyám,
Robin Hood and Allen-a-Dale

The.... .Edaard Fitcgerald 2763

Unknown 2588 Rubicon, The... William Winter 3277
Robin Redbreast, “Good-by, Rubies and Pearls, Robert Herrick 510
good-by to Summer"

Rule, Britannia, James Thomson 2100
William Allingham 1515 Rule for Birds' Nesters, A
Robin Redbreast, "Little Robin

Unknown 05
Redbreast sat upon a tree"

Rus in Urbe.. Clement Scott 634
Unknown 43 Ruth...

Thomas Hood 318
Robin Redbreast, "Sweet Robin,
I have heard them say," Doune 1515

Robin's Come...W.W. Caldwell 1513
Robin's Secret.....K, L. Bates 1514 Sabine Farmer's Serenade, The
Robinson Crusoe...C. E. Curryl 2116

F. S. Makony 1905
Rock me to Sleep

Sage Counsel, A.T. (willer-touch 2014
Elizabeth Akers 449 Sailor, The. William Allingham 1579
Rock of Ages. ...A. M. Toplady 3547 Sailor's Consolation, The, Dibdin 2037
"Rocked in the Cradle of the Sailor's Song.. T. L. Beddnes 1547

,E. H. Willard 1553 Sailor's Wife, The..W.J. Mickle 1183

A. C. Swinburne 880 St. Agnes' Eve, Alfred Tennyson 3517
Roi d'Yvetot, Le. de Béranger 3590 St. James's Street
.N. G. Shepherd 2241

Frederick Locker-Lampsok 2409
Romance, “I will make you St. John Baptist, O'Shaughnessy 3494
brooches and toys for your de- St. Michael's Mount. . Daridson 2406

Á L. Stevenson 632 Saint Patrick. ...Henry Bennett 1000
Romance, “My Love dwelt in a Salad, A.. Sydney Smith 1919

northern land", Andrew Lang 1093 Sally from Coventry. The
Romance of the Rose, The

Walter Thornbury 2655
Austin Dobson 836 Sally in Our Alley. Henry Carey 739
Rondeau, The.
Austin Dobson 2925 Salve.

T. E. Brouin 2855
Rondeau Redoublé. John Payne 524 Samela

Robert Greene 501
Rondel, "Kissing her hair. I sat San Lorenzo Giustiniani's

against her feet”..Swinburne 1112 Mother Alice Meynell 3525
Rondel, “These many years since Sandman, The.. Margaret Jamie 08

we began to be”....Swinburne 882 Sandpiper, The. Cclia Tkarter 1516
Ronsard to His Mistress

Sands of Dee, The Kingsley 1573
W. M. Thackeray 613 Santa Barbara....F. F. Browne 2477
Rory O'More; or, Good Omens Santa Claus

Unkaro 2018
Samucl Lover 727 Sapientia Lunæ, Ernest Dorsak 2853

Walter Scott 2021 Saturday Night : Oppenheim 2876
Rosalind's Madrigal..

Lodge 401

"Saw Ye ne'er a Lanely Lassie
Rosalind's Scroll, E. B. Browning 1055

Carolina Fairne Say

Thomas Lodge 502 Saxon Grit.. Robert Collyer 2155
Rosary, The

R. C. Rogers 1104 “Say not the Struggle Naught
Rosary of My Tears, The, Ryan 3175 Availeth A. 1. Clough 2731
Rose, A, " Bloom in the morning, Scholar-Gipsy, The

Arto 3107
thou shalt fade ere noon

Scotland Yet. I S. Riddell 2100
Richard Fanshawe 1452 Scythe Song

Andreu lant 1337
Rose, A, 'Twas a Jacqueminot Sea, The. “The sea! the sea! the
.Arlo Bales 719

open sea B. W'. Procter 1546
Rose, The, “A rose, as fair as Sea, The, “There is a pleasure in

ever saw the north,” Browne 1450 the pathless woods"...Byron 1540


Index of Titles



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Sea, The, "Through the night, Shemuel

Edward Bowen 3350
through the night," Stoddard 1573 Shepherd. The William Blake 145
Sea-Birds. Elisabeth Akers 1474 Shepherd Boy, The ... Landon

Sea Child, A., Bliss Carman 1023 Shepherd Boy Sings in the Valley
Sea Dirge, A
Shakes peare 3293

of Humiliation, The... Bunyan 3468
Sea Gipsy, The... Richard Hovey 1640 Shepherdess, The, Alice Meynell 377
Sea Lyric, A. W. II. Hayne 1544 Shepherd's Wife's Song. The
Sea-mew, The... E. B. Browning 1517

Robert Greene 1176
Seal, A.

Oliver Herford 2015 Sheridan's Ride. T. B. Read 2446
“Seamen Three"..T. L. Peacock 1938 Sherwood.. .Alfred Noyes 2491
Seaweede 1. W. Longfellow 2914 Shoogy-Shoo, The. Packard
Second Crucifixion, The

Sic Itur.

A, H. Clough 2889
Richard Le Gallienne 3503 Siege of Belgrade, The, Unknown 2004
Second Review of the Grand Sigh, A.

H. P. Spofford 991
Army, A.

Bret Harte 2449 “Sigh no More, Ladies”
Secret, The. .G. E. Woodberry 489

William Shakespeare 779
Seekers, The... .John Masefield 2753 Silent Noon. .D. G. Rossetti 1220
Self-Dependence, Mathew Arnold 2735 Siller Croun, The

Blamire 923
Sentinel Songs. A. J. Ryan 2250

Silvia... William Shakespeare 499
Separation.. Matthew Arnold 946 Similar Cases...C. P. S. Gilman 1823
Sephestia's Lullaby, from "Mena- Simple Nature...G. J. Romanes 1612
Robert Greene 70 Simple Simon


September George Amold 1327 Simplex Munditis... Ben Jonson 303
Serenade, "Ah, sweet, ihou little Sin of Omission, The, Sangster 2794

knowest how". Thomas Blood 678 Since We Parted, Bulwer Lytton 619
Serenade, A, "Awake!--The Sincere Flattery. J. K. Stephen 1885

starry midnight hour," Procler 674 “Sing a Song of Sixpence"
Serenade, “Awake thee, my lady-



George Darley 677 “Sing Heigh-Ho”. ..Kingsley 709
Serenade, "Hide, happy damask, “Sing on, Blithe Bird
from the stars". Henry Timrod 679

William Motherwell 06
Serenade. "Look out upon the Singer's Prelude, The .... Morris 2901

stars, my love". . E.C. Pinkney 678 Singing Lesson, A. “Far-fetched
Serenade. "Softly, ( midnight and dear bought, as the prov-

A. T. de Vere 675 erb rehearses Swinburne 2905
Serenade, "Stars of the Summer Singing Lesson, The “A night in-

night" H. W. Long fellow 679 gale made a mistake,Ingelow 139
Serenade, "The western wind is Sir Galahad. ...Alfred Tennyson 2634

blowing fair" Oscar Wilde 686 Sir Humphrey Gilbert
Serf's Secret, The, W. V. Moody 045

H. W. Longfellow 2296

Lloyd Mifflin 2739 Sir Lark and King Sun: A Parable
Seven times Five--Widowhood

George Macdonald 170
Jean Ingelow 412 Sir Marmaduke, George Colmar 1665
Seven times Four-Maternity

Sir Patrick Spens. .: Unknown 2581
Tean Ingelow 411

Sir Peter...

T. L. Peacock 1937
Seven times One-Exultation

**Sister, Awake"! Unknown 1317
Jean Ingelow 408 “Sit Down, Sad Soul," Procter 3173
Seven times Seven Longing for Skeleton in Armor, The
Jean Ingelow 413

H. W. Longfellow 3125
Seven times Six-Giving in Mar- Skeleton in the Cupboard. The

Jean Ingelow 413 Frederick Locker-Lampson 1676
Seven times Three-Love

Skipper Ireson's Ride.. Whittier 2378
Jean Ingelow 410 Skylark, The, “Bird of the wil.
Seven times Two-Romance


James Hogg 1520
Jean Ingelow 409 Skylark, The, “How the blithe
Seven Years Old. Swinburne 213 lark runs up the golden stair"
Seventy-Six.. W.C. Bryant 2304

Frederick Tennyson 1521
Shadow Boat. A. Arlo Butes 419 Sleep, “Come, Sleep, and with
Shadow Dance, The, ... Moulton 836 thy sweet deceiving." Fletcher 3024
Shadows. R. M. Milnes 815 Sleep. “0 happy Sleep! thou
Shakespeare. ... Matthew Arnold 3410 bear'st upon thy breast"
Shameful Death, William Morris 2660

A. L. Martin 3026
Shamrock, The.... M.F. Egan 1453 Sleep. The......E. B. Browning 3200
She and He.... Edwin Arnold 3351 "Sleep, Angry Beauty,” Campion 068
She Came and Went.
300 "Sleep, Baby, Sleep". ... Witker

"She Died in Beauty". Sillery 3320 “Sleep, Silence' Child'
“She is Far from the Land'

William Drummond 3024
Thomas Moore 1050 Sleeping Beauty, The,... Rogers 673
“She Walks in Beauty"...Byron 369 Sluggard, The... aac Watts
Sheep and Lambs..

Tynan 3509

Smack in School, The.... Palmer 2008
Sheepfol', De

Small Celandine, The
S. P. McL. Greene 3505

William Wordsworth 1421

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my heart”



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a kiss"



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“Smile and Never Heed Me" Song, “I prithee send me back
Charles Swain 608

John Suckling 735
Snail, The. William Cowper 1468 Song, "I try to knead and spin”
Snake, The.
Thomas Moore 80g

L. I. Guiney 3163

Leigh Hunt 1953 Song, "In vain you tell your

Elizabeth Akers 1346 parting lover".. Matthew Prior 017
Snow-Shower, The, W.C. Bryoni 1347 Song, "It is the miller's
Snowdrop... W. W. Story 834 daughter"... Alfred Tennyson 611
“So Sweet Love Seemed”

Song, “I've taught thee love's
Robert Bridges 900 sweet lesson o'er' Darley 6c5
Society upon the Stanislaus, The Song, “Ladies, though to your

Bret Harte 2102 conquering eyes".. Etherege 572
"Softly Woo Away Her Breath” Song, "Let my voice ring out and
B. W. Procter 3320

over the earth".

Thomson 594
"Soldier, Rest! Thy Warfare Song, "Love, by that loosened
Walter Scott 22 29

Bliss Carmen 559
Soldier's Dream, The, Campbell 2209 Song, “Love in fantastic triumph
Solitary-Hearted, The


Aphro Bern 802
Hartley Coleridge 367 Song, "Love is a sickness full of
Solitary Reaper, The

Samuel Daniel 362
William Wordsworth 319 Song, “Love me if I live," Procter 003
Solomon Grundy Unknown 43 Song, "Love still has something
“Some Day of Days” .Perry 636 of the sea"....Charles Sedley 470
"Some Time at Eve".

...Hardy 3254 Song, A, “My dear mistress has
Somebody's Child, L. C. Moulton 331 a heart". John Wilmot 588
Somebody's Darling, Lo Conte 2246 Song. My Love bound me with
M. R. Smith 3291

Unknown 058
“Sometime It May be,Colton 907 Song, “My silks and fine array."
Sometimes.. T. S. Jones, Jr. 418

William Blake 081
“Son of God Goes Forth to War, Song, “Nay but you who do not

.Reginald Heber 3544 love her Robert Browning 535
Song, "A lake and a fairy boat" Song, "O Brignall banks are wild
Thomas Hood 608 and fair"

Walter Scott 2626
Song, “A violet in her lovely Song, “0, do not wanton with
Charles Swain 530 those eyes

Ben Jonson 570
Song, Again rejoicing Nature Song, “O, let the solid ground"
Robert Burns 1299

Alfred Tennyson 48
Song, All the flowers of the Song, "O, like a queen's her
John Webster 3295

happy tread
Song, "April, April”..
Watson 1310

William Watson 559
Song, "Ask me no more where

Song, "O mistress mine, where
Jove bestows.. Thomas Carew 512 are you roaming," Shakes peore 010
Song, “At setting day and rising Song, "O ruddier than the
Allan Ramsay 920 cherry".

John Gay 517
Song, "Beauty clear and fair"

Song, "O sweet delight, O more
John Fletcher 504 than human bliss," Campion 1105
Song, “Because the rose must Song, “Often I have heard it
R. W. Gildes 2733

.W. S. Landor 560
Song, Closes and courts and Song, "Oh! say not woman's
John Davidson 2498 heart is bought".

Peacock 473
Song, "Come, Celia, let's agree Song, "Oh! that we two were

John Sheffield 590 Maying” ..Charles Kingsley $65
Song: * Earl March looked on his Song, “Oh! the nice green neuk!

dying child." Thomas Campbell 1049 the sly green neuk," Bailey, 1132
Song, "Fair is the night, and fair

Song, “Only tell her that I love
the day" William Morris 957

John Cutts 591
Song, “Flame at the core of the Song, "Over the sea our galleys

.. Arthur Upson 1117 went Robert Browning 3006
Song, “Go and catch a falling

Song, “Phæbus, arise
John Donne

William Drummond 1265
Song, “Had I a heart for false-

Song, “Rarely, rarely comest
hood framed”. R. B. Sheridan 598 thou

P. B. Shelley 3166
Song, “Has summer come with-




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at last"



Song, “See, see, she wakes!
out the rose.” O'Shaughnessy 877 Sabina wakes' Congrere 671
Song, "How delicious is the win-

Song, “Shall I tell you whom I
Thomas Campbell 474

.William Browne 787
Song, "How many times do I love

Song, "She is not fair to outward
thee, dear”

T. L. Beddoes 610 view ...Harlley Coleridge 530
Song, “I came to the door of the Song, "She's somewhere in the

House of Love". . Alfred Noyes 496 sunlight strong," Le Gallienne 075
Song, I made another garden, Song, : Sing me a sweet, low song
Yea"... Arthur O'Shaughnessy 876 of night

.....Hawthorne 1130



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