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PAGE Violet, The, “O faint, delicious. "Were I as Base as is the Lowly spring-time violet" Story 1456

Joshua Sylvester 1217 Violet and the Rose, The

"Were My Heart as Some Men's Augusta Webster 1457

Thomas Campion o$ Virginians of the Valley, The

West Country Lover, The
F. 0. Ticknor 2151

Alice Bromen 647 Virtue.

George Herbert 3474 "Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea, Vision of Belshazzar, The, Byron 2256

. Allan Cunningham 1546 Visit from St. Nicholas, A

“What Can an Old Man do but C. C. Moore 209 Dic".

Thomas llond 389 Vitæ Summa Brevis Spem Nos What Christ Said.. Macdonald 3524 Vetat Incohare Longam

“What do we Plant".

Abbey 1358 Ernest Douson 3192 "What does little Birdie suy Viva mus, Mea Lesbia, Catullus 3577

Alfred Tennysom 143 Vixi.

Unknown 3025 What is Good....). B O'Reilly 1786 "Voice by the Cedar Tree. A” What is Love John Fletcher 63

Aljred Tennyson 534 "What is to Come" Henley 3210 Voice from Galilee, The, Bonar 3560 What Mr. Robinson Thinks Voice of the Grass, The Boyle 1439

J. R Lovell 1771 "Voice of the Western Wind

What My Lover Said.... Greene 1115 C. E. Stedman 428 What of the Darkness Voice of Toil, The . Morris 2869

Richard Le Gallienne 3293

What the Blackberry Girl leamed

at Church...Nancy D. Sprout 178

"What Will You Do, Love Wacht am Rhein, Die

Samud Lorem 038 Max Schneckenburger 3583 When.... S.C. Woolsey zago "Wae's Me for Prince Charlie” "When as a Lad," Isabel Mackay 342

William Glen 2630 “When Banners are Waving"
John Burroughs 3275

UnknoNr 2207 Wake, Lady.... Joanna Baillie 672 “When Daffodils begin to Peer Waking Year. The.... Dickinson 1290

William Shakespeare 1295 Waldeinsamkeit, R. W. Emerson 1354 "When, Dearest, 1 but Think of Walrus and the Carpenter, The


John Suckling 570 Lewis Carroll 1994

"When Death to Either shall Wander-Lovers, The.....lovey 1638 Come"

Robert Bridges 1134 Wandering Knight's Song, The “When First I Saw Her J. G. Lockhart 604

G. E Woodberry 553 Wanderlust Gerald Gould 1631 "When Good King Arthur Ruled Warden of the Cinque Ports, The

this Land”. Unknown H. W. Long sellow 3434 “When I Have Fears", Keats 3 208 Warren's Address, John Pierpont 3261 When I Have Gone Weird Ways Wastrel, The, R. W. Kaufman 422

J. G. Neikardi 3278 Watch on the Rhine, The

"When I Loved You' ...Moore 810 Mar Schneckenburger 2197 “When I Saw You List. Rose" Water Lady, The, Thomas Hood 849

Austin Dobson 1723 Waterloo.. .Aubrey De Vere 2385 “When I was a Bachelor' Way, The S. II. Moore 2833

Unknoon 41 Way of It, The.. .J. V. Cheney 1032 “When I was One-and-Twenty" Way, the Truth, and the Life,

A. E. Housman 838 The. Thcodore Parker 3484 “When in the Woods I Wander Wayfarer, The, :

Il untington 2744

all Alone,” E. Horell-Thulme 1355 "We Are Brethren A'," Nicoll 2887 "When Lilacs Last in the Door “We are Seven Wordsworth 302 yard Bloomed." Walt Whitman 3.390 “We need not Bid, for Cloistered "When Lovely Woman." Cary 1855 Cell”

John Keble 3501 “When Lovely Woman Stoops to
We Twain..
.A.T. Jones 973

Folly". Olirer Goldsmith 1033 Weakest Thing, The, Browning 3179 "When Molly Smiles" Unknoten 100 Wearin' o' the Green, The

“When that I was and a Little Unknown 2177

Tiny Boy". Shakespeare 380 Wedded Bliss....C.P. S. Gilman 1830 “When the Grass Shall Cover Weighing the Baby, E. L. Beers


I na Coolhrith 1036 Welcome, A, “Welcome, wel. When the Great Gray Ships Come come, do I sing"

. Browne 509


G. W. Carryl 2109 Welcome, The, “Come in the "When the Hounds of Spring" evening, or come in the morn

A. C. Swinburne 1297 ing

T. 0. Daris 616 When the Kye Comes Hame “We'll go no more a Roving"

James llops 745 Lord Byron 816 "When the Most is Said" Well of St. Keyne, The, Southey 2016

M. A. de l'ere 3211 “ Were but my Spirit Loosed When the Sleepy Man Comes upon the Air,” L. C. Moulion 1226

C. G. D. Roberts

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Tabb 3321


When the Sultan goes to Ispahan Winter..

.J. H. Bryant 1340
T. B. Aldrich 834 Winter: a Dirge... Robert Burns 1342
“When We are Parted"

Winter Glass, The, ... .Cotton 1926
Hamilton Aidé 967 Winter Nights, Thomas Campion 1341
“When We Two Parted," Byron 932 Wise.

L, W. Reese 3181
When will Love Come, Beatty 488 Wisdom of Folly, The ....Fowler 1977
“When You are Old” Yeais 614 Wish, A, “I ask not that my bed
“Where be You Going, You

of death"

Matthew Arnold 3245
Devon Maid”. John Keats 706 Wish, A, “Mine be a cot beside
“Where Lies the Land," Clough 3202 the hill" .. Samuel Rogers 1588
Where Love Is... Amelia Burr 637 Wish, The, Well, then, I now do
“Where Runs the River"

plainly see . Abraham Cowley 1609
F.W. Bourdillon 2734 Wishes to His Supposed Mistress
“While Shepherds watched their

Richard Crashaw

Flocks by Night," Nahum Tate 199 Wishing.

William Allingham 130
While the Days Go by ... .Abbey 2743 Wistful Days, The
White Azaleas, II. McE. Kimball 1418

R. U. Johnson 1305
White Flag, The. .John Hay 768 Witch in the Glass, The... Piatt 149
White Island, The.....Herrick 3452 With a Guitar, to Jane, Shelley 2940
White Jessamine, The.

“With Pipe and Flute," Dobson 1721
WE Rose, A, J. B. O'Reilly 635 “With Ships the


“Whither is Gone the Wisdom

Sprinkled" Wordsworth 1543
and the Power". Coleridge 2916 “With Strawberries," Henley 1702
Whiting and the Snail, The

With Thee...... Elizabeth Akers 974
Lewis Carroll 1866 Woman, “Not she with traitorous
“Who has seen the Wind."

kiss her Saviour Stung," Barrett 363
Christina Rossetti I 22 Woman, “There in the fane a
Whole Duty of Children

beauteous creature stands
R. L. Stevenson 94

Calidasa 363
“Why Art Thou Silent"

Woman's Last Word, A
William Wordsworth 1218

Robert Browning 856
“Why Don't the Men Propose" Woman's Love, A....John Hay 1020

T. I. Bayly 1837 Woman's Question, A....Procler 1128
Why I Love Her

Brome 584 Woman's Shortcomings, A
"Why, Lovely Charmer"

E. B. Browning 479
Unknown 592 Woman's Thought, A. ...Gilder 892
Widow, The... .... Allan Ramsay 1952 Woman's Will, “Men, dying;
Widow Machree... Samuel Lover 1908 make their wills, but wives
Widow Malone, The.....Lever 1907

J. G. Saxe 1842
Widow's Mite, The

Woman's Will, “That man's a fool
Frederick Locker-Lampson 3326 who tries by art and skill”
Wife, Children and Friends,

Unknown 1842
W. R. Spencer 1194

Women Folk, The... James Hogs 723
Wife from Fairyland, The

Women's Longing. John Fletcher 1835
Richard Le Gallienne 1102 Wonder-Child, The, Le Gallienne

Wife of Usher's Well, The

Wonderful World, The, Rands 118

Unknown 2546 Wood-Dove's Note, The. Miller 1537
Wife to Her Husband, The

"Woodman, Spare that Tree"
Unknown 1182

G. P. Morris 1365
Wife's Song. A...W. C. Bennett 1183 “Woods that Bring the Sunset
Wild Honeysuckle, The

Near, The

R. W. Gilder 1356
Philip Freneau 1440 “Wooed and Married and A'”
Wild Ride, The....L. I. Guiney 326 1

Alexander Ross 720
Wild Roses, .Edgar Fawcell 1450 Wooing Song, from “Christ's
Wild Wishes E. M. Hewitt 642 Victory". Giles Fletcher 400
William Blake, .James Thomson 3302 “Word of God to Leyden Came,
Willie and Helen...llew Ainslic 921 The".

J. E. Rankin 2314
Willie Winkle.... William Miller


Word of the Lord from Havana,
Willow, The. Elizabeth Akers 1362 The...

Richard Horey 2461
Willow-tree, The. .Thackeray 1868 Wordsworth's Grave....Watson 3438
Willowwood. D. G. Rosselli 1222 World, The, “I saw Eternity the
Willy Drowned in Yarrow

other night," Henry Vaughan 3450

Unknown 1035 World, The, “The World's a bub-
Willy Reilly,

Unknown 2574

ble, and the life of Man," Bacon 379
Wind and Sea.... Bayard Taylor 1544 World I am Passing through, The
Wind and the Moon, The

Lydia M. Child 390
George Macdonald 125 World is Mine, The F. E. Coates 1114
Wind's Song. The, Gabriel Setoun 123 “World is too Much with Us.
Wing Tee Wee...J. P. Denison 1731 The”

William Wordsworth 1254
Winged Worshippers, The

World's Justice, The....Lazarus 3057
Charles Sprague 3504 World's Music. The.. Setoun 119

.Unknown 1187 World's Way, The, T. B. Aldrich 1792



“Wouldn't You Like to Know" Yarrow Unvisited...Wordsworth 2484

J. G. Sare 708 Yarrow Visited.. Wordsworth 2486
“Wreathe the Bowl”....

Moore 1935 “Yaw, Dot is So” C. F. Adams 1962
Wreck of the Hesperus, The

"Ye Mariners of England”
H. W. Longfellow 2394

Thomas Camphill 2161
Wreck of the “ Julie Plante"

Year that's Awa', The, Dunlop 1932
W, 1. Drummond 1965 Years... .W. S. Londor 387
Written at an Inn at Henley

Year's End, The, Timothy Cole 407
William Shenstone 2846 Yellow Jessamine, C. F. Woolson 1447
Written in a little Lady's little

R. D. Blackmore 1138
Album... .F. W. Faber 116 Yes or No.. W. M. Praed 1839
Written in March, Wordsworth 1308 Young and Old, Charles Kingsley 399
Written on a Looking-Glass

Young Beichan and Susie Pye
Uoknown 1851

Unknown 2562
"Wrong Not, Sweet Empress of "Young May Moon, The"
my Heart"....Walter Raleigh 564

Thomas Moore 673
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

Young Soldiers.

Unknown 105
Eugene Field

64 Youth and Age, “Verse, a breeze

'mid blossoms straying",

S. T. Coleridge 383

Youth and Age, Youth bath
Yak, The..
.Oliver Herford 2015

many charms," George Arnold 403
Yankee Doodle, Edward Bangs(?) 2126 Youth and Art.... ..Browning 860
Yarn of the “Nancy Bell,” The “Youth, Thou art Fled"
W. S. Gilbert 2109

Hartley Coleridze 388

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