Kith and Kin

Fromm International Publishing Corporation, 1988 - 311 σελίδες

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Harry Zohn, 1924 - 2001 Harry Zohn was born in 1924 in Vienna and came to Boston in 1940 from London. He earned his Bachelor's Degree from Suffolk University, Boston, in 1946 and his Master's in Education At Clark University in 1947 and a Ph. D. in German language and literature from Harvard in 1952. Zohn went on to teach at Brandeis University in 1951 as an advisor to German majors and also coordinated scholarship programs for the German government. He became a professor of German in 1969 and eventually became chairman of the department of Germanic and Slavic languages twice for a term of 13 years. He was an executive director of the Goethe Society of New England and was decorated by both the German and Austrian governments. Zohn was the author, editor or translator for over 40 books. His favorite topic to write about was the Austrian poet, playwright and essayist, Karl Kraus as well as the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig and the German satirist Kurt Tucholsky. He translated everything from Freud's "Delusions and Dreams," to the complete diaries of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, to songs of his native Vienna. He was also the general editor of Peter Lang's "Austrian Culture." Zohn played the viola with the Brandeis Symphony Orchestra before retiring in 1996. Harry Zohn died on May 23, 2001 of leukemia, at the age of 77.

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