Acts of the legislature of west virginia


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Σελίδα 82 - the same name be capable in law to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, in all courts of law and equity, in all manner of actions, suits, complaints, and matters whatsoever; and they and their successors may have a common seal, and may alter,
Σελίδα 82 - procuring and preserving whatever may relate to the natural, civil, literary and ecclesiastical history of the United States in general, and of this state in particular, and have presented a petition to the legislature to be incorporated, that thereby
Σελίδα 156 - therefore, Resolved, That our senators in Congress be instructed, and our representatives be requested to use their best efforts to obtain such aid from the general government as will secure the early completion of
Σελίδα 19 - shall retain concurrent jurisdiction with the United States in and over the said land or lands, so far as that all civil process in all cases, and such criminal or other process as may issue under the laws or authority of the state of
Σελίδα 19 - against any person or persons charged with crimes or misdemeanors, committed within said state, may be executed therein in the same way and manner as if such consent had not been given or jurisdiction ceded, except so far as
Σελίδα 47 - that each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote for each share of stock which he, she, or they shall have held in his, her, or their
Σελίδα 93 - stock. one hundred thousand dollars, to be divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, and which may, at any time hereafter, by vote of the stockholders, be increased to an amount
Σελίδα 47 - made by such of the stockholders as shall attend for that purpose, either in person or by proxy; and that each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote for each share of stock
Σελίδα 158 - but no person who is a minor, or of unsound mind, or a pauper, or who is under conviction of treason, felony, or bribery in an election, or who has not been a resident of the state for one year, and of the county in which he offers to vote for thirty days next preceding such offer, shall be permitted to vote while such disability continues.
Σελίδα 149 - resolutions to the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and each, of the senators and

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