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66. In distress at sea they threw out 17.hhds, of sugar, worth 34. £2 hhd, the worth of which came up to but the # of the indigo they threw overboard; besides which they threw out 13 iron guns worth 18). 10s. a piece, the value of all these amounted to 3 of 2, of that of the ship. and lading: what value came into port : Answ. 4337]. 15s. 6;d. - .

67. A gay young fellow, had 182001, left him by an

old uncle, to whose memory he expended 3 #' cent. of his

whole fortune, in a sumptuous funeral and monument; 9 d?' cent of the remainder he made a present of to his cousins, forgotten by the old man; with 3 of the remainder he bought a fine seat, and with of the residue a stud of horses; he squandered 550l. in gaming; and after having lived at the rate of 2000l. a year for 19 months, and ruined his health, he died. What was there left for his sister who was heir at law 2 Answ. 6324!. 0s, 1 10. 68. Three persons purchase a West India sloop, toward the payment whereof A advanced 3, B3, and C 1401, how

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74). is, and B 521. 10s. The quantity of brandy dealt

for is required, and the gain upon the anker?

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71. In an article of trade, A gains 14s. 6d. and his ad

venture was 35s. more than B's, whose share of the pro

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74. A and B in partnership equally divide the gain : A's money, which was 841. 12s. 6d. Iay for 19 months, and B's for no more than 7: the adventure of the latter is sought 2 Answ. 229). 13s. 1 i !d. 75. In 117 times 406 pieces, worth 3s. 8; d. a piece, how many reas at 20 for 3...? Answ. 14145040. 76. Lent 100 guineas, at 4 of cent. which by the 18th November 1756, was raised to as many moydores, bating half a crown. Pray what day did the bond bear date Answ. October 7, 1749, or rather allowing for the alteration of style, September 26, 1749. 77. A for a nine month's adventure received 201. B for one of 7 months received 23 guineas and 1s. 9d over; and C for lying out of his contribution 5 months, had a title to 321. the total of their adventures, multiplied into their respective times is 640: what were their particular stocks Answ. A’s 18l. 3s. 6d. B's 30l. 13s. 6d. and C's 521. 6s. 10; d. ' 78. A had 15 pipes of Malaga wine, which he parted with to B at 4 op' cent profit, who sold them to C for 38l. 1 1s. 6d advantage; C made them over to D for 500l. 16s. 8d, and cleared thereby 6% of cent, what did this wine cost A àp gallon 2 Answ. 4s. 4d. 79. I have imported 80 jars of Lucca oil, each containing 1130 solid inches what came the freight to at 4s. 6d. Cwt. tare 1 in 10; counting 73 lb. of oil to the wine gallon of 231 cui,ic inches 2 Answ. 6]. 15s. 5d. 80. A, B and C company, and put in together 3860l. A's money was in 3 months, B's money was in 5 months, and C's was in 7 months; they gained 234). which was so divided that 4 of A's gain was equal to ; of B's, and ; of B’s to # of C's: what did each gain and put in

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81. There are 7 chests of drawers, in each of which there are 18 drawers, and in each of these are 6 divisions; in each of which is 161. 6s. 8d, how much money is there in the whole 2 Answ. 12348l. -

82. If 3 dozen pair of gloves be equal in value to 2 pieces of ribbon: 3 pieces of ribbon to 7 dozen of points; 6 dozen of points to 2 yards of Flanders lace; and 3 yards of Flanders lace to 81 shillings; how many dozen of gloves may be bought for 28 shillings? Answ. 2 dozen. 83. A

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83. A with intention to clear 30 guineas, on a bargain with B, rates hops at 16d. the pound, that stood him in 10d. B apprized of that, set down malt which cost him * 10s. 10d. 4P barrel at an adequate price: how much malt did they contract for Answ. 420 bushels. 84. A and B, venturing equal sums of money, clear by joint trade 1541. By agreement A was to have 8 #P cent. because he spent time in the execution of the project, and B was only to have 5: the q estion is, what was allotted A for his trouble : Answ. 35 l. 10s. 9;d. 85. A, in order to put off to B 720 ells of damaged Holland, worth 5s, an ell, at 6s. 84. proposes, in case he has half the value in money, to give B a discount of 10 4P" cent. The rest A is to take out in saffron, which B apprized of the whole management, rates in justice 30s. fb. Pray what was it realiy werth in ready money; and what quantity of saffron was he to deliver on the change? Answ. 725. worth 20s, so it. 86 Laid out in a lot of muslin 480i. 1 1s. upon examination of which, 2 parts in 7 proved damaged; so that I could make but 5s. 6d. a yard of the same, and by so doing I lost 49]. 6s, by it. At what rate {Pell am I to part with the damaged muslin to make up the said loss? Answ. 12s. 31% od. - 87. A young hare starts 5 roods before a greyhound, and is not perceived by him, till she has been up 34 seconds; she scuds away at the rate of 12 miles an hour, and the dog in view makes after her at the rate of 20 : How long will the course hold, and what ground will he run, beginning with the outsetting of the dog Answ. 58.5% seconds, 1702; feet run. 88. A leaves Exeter at 10 o’clock in the morning for London, and goes at the rate of 2 miles an hour without intermission. B sets out of London for Exeter, at 6 the - same evening, and rides 3 miles an hour constantly : the question is, whereabouts on the road will they meet if the distance of the two cities be 130 miles Answ. 613 miles from Exeter. , - 89. A reservoir of water hath 2 cocks to supply it : by the first it may be filled in 44 minutes; by the second in just an hour; and it hath a discharging cock, by which it may, when full, be emptied in half an hour: now suppose these three cocks, by accident, should all of - them

them be left open, and the water should chance to come in: what time would this cistern be in filling Answ. 23 hours. 90. A set out from London for Lincoln, at the very same time that B set out from Lincoln to London, distant 100 miles: at 8 hours end they meet on the road, and it then appeared that A had ridden 24 miles an hour more than B. At what rate an hour did each of them travel Answ. A 74 miles, B 5. 91. Bought 7 tons of wine at 171. 4P hogshead, which I sell again at is. #' pint, what is the whole gain and how much #' cent. Answ. the whole gain 2291. 12s. and 48l. 4s. 8-Pro {p, cent. 92. There are iOO stones which lie 1 yard ene from the other, and there is one employed to gather up the stones 1 by 1, and bring them to a basket which is standing a yard from the first stone: the question is, how many miles he will go, before the last stone is brought into the basket Answ. 4 miles, 4 furl. 2 perch. 6 yds. Irish. Joneasure. 93. A minor of 12 years of age was left an estate of 150l. if annum : his guardian was allowed by his father's will 401. #” annum for his board, education, and other eontingent charges, and was to put out the surplus to interest for his benefit, at 5 of cent, simple interest : Now supposing no loss of principal or interest, what sum had his guardian to pay him when he was of age. Answ. 1 1881. 94. A person said he had 20 children, and that it happened there was a year and a half between each of their ages, his eldest was born when he was 24 years old, and the age of the youngest is now 21: what was the father's age 2 Answ. 73; years. 95. One at a conntry fair had a mind to a string of 20 fine horses, but not caring to take them at 20 guineas the head, the jockey consented that he should, if he thought good, pay but a single farthing for the first, doubling it only to the 19th, and he would give the 20th into the bargain: this being accepted, what what were they sold for a piece Answ. 27 i. 6s. 133d. each. 96. What ought a man to give down in ready money for the reversion of 1000l. a year, to continue 20 years, on a lease, which cat not commence till 5 years are at an

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end, allowing the purchaser compound interest at 6 P. cent. Answ. 8570l. 19s. 10d. 97. A minor of 14 had an annuity left him of 70l. a year, the proceeds of which, by will, was to be put out both principal and interest yearly, as it fell due at 5 $” cent. until he should arrive at 21 years of age. The utmost improvement being thus made upon this part of his fortune: what had he then to receive? Answs 5691. 18s. 9;d. - 98. Value the lease of a house in tolerable repair, the pent 54]. 17s, a year, the ground-rent 7 guineas; 3 years of it only to come ; the rent payable every 6 months, discount of compound interest on this kind of purchase, at 10 do cent. Answ. 120l. 10s. 11; d., the guineas being taken as English currency; but at 11.2s. 9d. #' the Answ. is 1181. 19s. 10d. 99. A lease for 7 years is agreed for, at 250l. fine on the old rent 441. a year; but the purchaser being desirous to reduce the rent to 201, a year and pay a proper fine, computing as before, after the rate of 10l. a year: to what must the fine be advanced 2 Answ. 336l. 16s. 10d. - 100. Suppose I would add 5 years to a running lease of 15 years yet to come, the improved rent being 1861. 7s.6d. {{P annum; what ought I to pay down for the favour. Discount being allowed at 4 tp’ cent. ‘P annum compound interest? Answ. 460l. 14s. 14 d. 101. A person dying left a piece of land, let on a 20 year's lease for 31). 10s. tax free ; the profits of this he bequeathed to the poor of the parish where he was born, for the first 4 years after his decease; the proceeds of the next 6 years he left to the poor of the parish where he lived; and the residue or last 10 years he gave to his niece; now this young woman having money, and being willing to come into the immediate possession of her uncle's . land, comes to a compromise with the parishes, on a discount of 10 dip' cent. What did it cost her Answ, 1931. 1 1s.


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