A Collection of Epigrams: To which is Prefixed, a Critical Dissertation on this Species of Poetry ...

J. Walthoe, 1735

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Σελίδα lxxix - Three poets, in three distant ages born, Greece, Italy, and England did adorn. The first in loftiness of thought surpassed, The next in majesty, in both the last. The force of Nature could no farther go ; To make a third she joined the former two.
Σελίδα xxxv - Flavia the least and slightest toy Can with resistless art employ. This Fan in meaner hands would prove An engine of small force in love ; But she, with such an air and mien, Not to be told or safely seen, Directs its wanton motions so, That it wounds more than Cupid's bow ; Gives coolness to the matchless dame, To every other breast a flame.
Σελίδα ccxxxi - Would-Be, wherefore should you fear, That love to make so well, a child to bear? The world reputes you barren: but I know Your 'pothecary, and his drug says no. Is it the pain affrights? That's soon forgot. Or your complexion's loss? You have a pot, That can restore that. Will it hurt your feature? To make amends, you're thought a wholesome creature. What should the cause be? Oh, you live at court: And there's both loss of time, and loss...
Σελίδα cccxlix - Each conquest owing to some loose advance; While vain coquets affect to be pursued, And think they're virtuous, if not grossly lewd: Let this great maxim be my virtue's guide; In part she is to blame that has been try'd — "He comes too near, that comes to be...
Σελίδα xv - WOULD'ST thou hear what man can say In a little ? reader, stay. Underneath this stone doth lie As much beauty as could die : Which in life did harbour give To more virtue than doth live. If at all she had a fault. Leave it buried in this vault. One name was ELIZABETH, The other let it sleep with death : Fitter, where it died, to tell, Than that it lived at all. Farewell 1 SONG.
Σελίδα cclxix - OF A TREE CUT IN PAPER. FAIR hand ! that can on virgin-paper write, Yet from the ftain of ink preferve it white : Whofe travel o'er that filver field does mow, Like track of leverets in morning fnow.
Σελίδα cxxvii - From which ingredients first the dext'rous boy Pick'd the demure, the awkward, and the coy. The Graces from the court did next provide Breeding, and wit, and air, and decent pride : These Venus cleans from every spurious grain Of nice coquet, affected, pert, and vain.
Σελίδα cclxix - For though a painter boughs and leaves can make, 'Tis you alone can make them bend and shake ; Whose breath salutes your new-created grove, Like southern winds, and makes it gently move.
Σελίδα cdxli - THE DUCHESS OF PORTSMOUTH'S PICTURE. "September 1682. " Who can on this Picture look, And not strait be wonder-struck That such a speaking dowdy thing Should make a beggar of a King, Three happy nations turn to tears, And all their former love to fears ; Ruin the great, and raise the small, Yet will by turns betray them all ? Lowly born and meanly bred, Yet of this nation is the head; For half Whitehall make her their court, Tho' th'other half make her their sport.

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