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Rafile for the Elephant, the, 150 Canadian Winter Weather, 68 Lancaster, the Queen and the Duchy
Rosa Bonheur,
218 Censorship, the Dramatic, 158 of,

Rosebud, Little,
235, 252 | Cheapest Capital in Europe, the, 397 Landlords, Tales of My, -

Rousing Staves, the Last of the, 38 Chemistry, Solar,

95 Letter-opening at the General
Russian Suitor, a,
275 Chevaliers of Industry,
189 Post-office,

Savant, the Mad,
34) | Children,

177 Lewis, the ‘Crofter' Population of, 156
Squire Melford's Family, 375, 389 Coal-mine Accidents-In the Wa. Life on Ascension,

Story of the liermione,
45 ters under the Earth,

72 the Pains and Mitigations
Streets, Dogged in the,
202 Competition, By,
261 of Polished,

Tales of My Landlords,

257 Conical Growth of Trees, the, 326 | Little Bird' (or Two) has told me
Trap, Lady Courthope's,
138 Cook for the Army, a Good Plain, 51 about Himself, What a,

Underground, a Guide,


Navy, a Good Plain, 288 Livingstone, Our Campaign at, 316
Unreceipted Bill, the,
125 Cookery,

233 Llamas got to Australia, How
White House in the Dell, the Cornwall, the Prince of Wales and the,

Black and,

105, 116
the Duchy of, - 1
83 Lost and Found,

Correspondent, Our Homo, 230, 267 Mad Savant, the,

136 Making of a Pen, the,

Crofter' Population of Lewis, the, 156 Man, the Antiquity of,

Curiosities of Parish Registers, - 300 Mania, the Stamp,

Public Expenditure, 110 Marriages, Princes of Wales and
Date-palm, the, -
113 their,

Day in the Queensland Bush, a, 102 Metric System, the,

111 Mind, the Official,

Barnes's Poems,
281 Dorsetshire Poet, William Barnes, Missing, -

Booth's Epigrams, Ancient and the,

281 Modern Priests and Temples of
404 Dramatic Censorship, the, 158 the Sun, the,

Court Etiquette,

211 Duchy of Lancaster, the Queen Money-making and Money-makers, 193
Houdin's Sharper Detected and

and the, -

200 Month, the: Science and Arts-
189 Earth, In the Waters under the, 72

79, 142, 207, 270, 351, 415
Londoniad, the,

Starving the,
223 Moon, Sunrise on the,

J.yell's Antiquity of Man, 196 Easter Holiday, My,

305 My Easter Holiday,

Meyer's Procrustes ante Portas. Echo,

384 Friends who should be in the
Why the Shoe Pinches, 302 Elephant, the Raffle for the, 150 Poultry-yard,

Railway Travelling on Health, the Epic, an Advertising,

170 Naval Volunteer Reserve Force,
Influence of, -
1 Epigrams,
404 the Royal,

Selections from the Works of Etiquette,

211 Navy, a Good Plain Cook for the, 288
Robert Browning,

91. | Europe, the Cheapest Capital in, 397 New Lamps for Old Ones, - 147

Expenditure, Curiosities of Public, 110 York Bank-parlour, the, 250
Fair Isle, the,
330 Night-school, Our,


127 Non-combatant, a Romance of a, 321
Federal States, a Voice from the, 36 North and the South, the: a Con-
Fifteen Years at the Galleys, 6 trast,


81 Noxious Vapours,

INSTRUCTION AND ENTERTAIN: Florence, the Pantomime in, 284 | Obvious Void at Dr Swishem's,

Following the Trail,
401 How they supplied the,

Fools and Fooling,
121 Official Mind, the,

Advertising Epic, an,
170 Found and Lost,
294 Old Stories,

Against Possessing Two Tongues, 331 Galleys, Fifteen Years at the, 6 Omnibuses, Against Agriculturists
Agriculturists in

Ghosts in Australia,
363 in, -

Against, -

76 Gleanings from Dark Annals, 220 Our Campaign at Livingstone, 316
Andes, Peaks and Valleys of the, 313 Who cut off King Charles's

Home Correspondent:
Annals, Gleanings from Dark-

Head; and was he hung in The Steps He took to see the
220, 246, 311, 348 Chains on Tyburn-tree? 246 Royal Procession,

Antiquity of Man, the,
196 Child-stealing,

311 The London Feast of Lanters, 267
Apes, Anthropoid,
308 Modern Amazons,
348 Our School,

Army, a 'Good Plain Cook' for Evidence,

381 Pains and Mitigations of Polished
51 Golf as Imported,
29 Life, the,

Arts and Science-
• Good Plain Cook' for the Army, a, 51

Pantomime in Florence, the, - 284
79, 142, 207, 270, 351, 415

Navy, a, 288 Parish Registers, Curiosities of, - 300
As to the Jawbone,
337 Grinders, the Sheffield,

4 Patent-office, the, -

Ascension, Life on,

205 Growth of Trees, the Conical, 326 Pauper, Settling a : a'Curiosity'
Australia, Ghosts in, -
363 Hard Work in the Bakehouse,


of the Laws of England, 225
- How the Llamas got to, 340 Hermione, Story of the,

45 Peaks and Valleys of the Andes, 313
Back Again,
17 Holiday, My Easter,
305 Pen, the Making of a,

Bakehouse, Hard Work in the, - 43 Home Correspondent, Our, 230, 267 Photography—The Modern Priests
333 Hotels,
345 and Temples of the Sun,

Bank-parlour, the New York, 250 House of One's Own, i,

337 | Plants, the Sleep of,

Barnes, William, the Dorsetshire How I First Met Her,

81 | Poet without a Public, ,


281 the Llamas got to Australia, 340 Polish Subjects of Russia, the, 244
Battles, the Prosc of, -


they supplied the Obvious Population of Lewis, the Crofter, '156
62 Void at Dr Swishem's,

97 Postage-stamps -- The Stamp
Biblicæ, Sortes,
413 We help our Hands at Blea-

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Bill, the Unreceipted,
125 borough,

28 Post-office, Letter-opening at the
47 Improvement on a System, an, 289 General,

Bleaborough, How We help our Industry, Chevaliers of,

189 Poultry-yard, My Friends who
Hands at,
28 Ireland Twenty-one Years Ago,

should be in the,

Bonheur, Rosa,

218 a Passage from the History of Prince of Wales and the Duchy of
Boots, Tollemache on,
302 a Family in,
163 Cornwall, the,

Boys, Against,
145 Isle, the Fair,

330 Princes of Wales and their
Browning, Robert-A Poet with-

Jack Sprat,


out a Public,
91 Jawbone, As to the,

387 Problem of Transmutation Solved,
Bull-fight without Spectators, a, 175 | Jottings, Russian,

291, 398 the,

Burkinyoung's College, Miss, 406 | Knife-board, On the,

369 Prose of Battles, the,

Campaign at Livingstone, Our, 316 Lamps, New, for Old Ones, 147 | Public Expenditure, Curiosities of, 110



Queen and the Duchy of Lancaster, Sleep of Plants, the,

15 Transmutation Solved, the Problem
200 Solar Chemistry,

95 of,

Queensland Bush, a Day in the, 102 Sortes Biblicæ,

413 Trees, the Conical Growth of, 326
Raffle for the Elephant, the, 150 South and the North: a Contrast, 187 Turkey, the,

Registers, Curiosities of Parish, 300 Sovereign, Wearing the Hat before Unreceipted Bill, the,

Resurrectionists, the,
100 the,

272 Valleys and Peaks of the Andes, 313
Romance of a Non-combatant, a, 321 Spectators, a Bull-fight without, 175 Vapours, Noxious,

Rosa Bonheur,
218 Sprat, Jack,

31 Ventnor-My Easter Holiday, 305
Rousing Staves, the Last of the, 38 Stamp Mania, the,

353 | Victim to Science, a,

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Starving the Earth,

223 Voice from the Federal States, a, 36
Force, the, ·
372 Stories, Old, .

264 Volunteer Reserve Force, the
Russia, the Polish Subjects of, 244 Story of the Ilermione,

45 Royal Naval,

Russian Jottings,

291, 398 Sun, the Modern Priests and Wales, Princes of, and their
Savant, the Mad,
341 Temples of the,

33 Marriages,

School, Our,
241 Sunrise on the Moon,
229 Walking-sticks,

Science, a Victim to,

1 Swishem's, How they supplied the Water-cure-An Improvement on
and Arts-
Obvious Void at Dr,
97 a System,

79, 142, 207, 270, 351, 415 System, an Improvement on a, 289 Waters under the Earth, in the, 72

the Metric,

19 Wearing the Hat before the
361 Tales of My Landlords,
257 Sovereign

Settling a Pauper: a 'Curiosity Temper,

161 What a Little Bird' (or Two)
of the Laws of England, 225 Tollemache on Boots,

302 has told me about Himself, 209
Sheffield Grinders, the,
4 Tongues, Against Possessing Two, 331 Whist,

273 Trail, Following the,

401 Winter Weather, Canadian, 68

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light, when my eye lit upon a dreadful writing on the A VICTIM TO SCIENCE.

wall, which I had not before observed : *Caution.On the very first morning, this autumn, that I Before a full bench of magistrates at Sandstone, on essayed to leave Sandstone for London at 8.50, I July 9th, Thomas Jones was fined L.2 and costs for missed the train by exactly two minutes and a half. smoking in a railway-carriage. No smoking is perIt was more than a mile from my new residence to mitted either in the carriages, or in any part of the the station (without adding in the 'miss,' which is company's stations. This was a sad blow, indeed, said to be as good as a mile'), so I did not think for it was drizzling enough to make the going out of it worth while to retrace my steps, but determined doors unpleasant. I sat down and stared at the to remain where I was for the 10.5 express. No sixteen-shilling trousers until I felt all legs. Then railway waiting-room with which I am acquainted I stared out of the window that looked towards the is a pleasant spot for the passing of spare time; but town. Upon the horizon appeared a black speck, the apartment devoted to that purpose at Sandstone is which, after a great length of time, developed itself peculiarly cheerless. One of its windows looks out into a man with an umbrella. He moved with all on a blank wall about a foot distant from it, and the the slowness and deliberation of a geometrical body; other on the straight, white, treeless road that leads the motion of the point produced the line, the motion to the town. The walls are decorated with the usual of the line produced the plane, the motion of the advertisements : that enormous Bed, with Sent Free plane produced a very solid old gentleman carrying by Post printed under it, with which the public is so a carpet-bag. terribly familiar; Mr Bass's inverted pyramid ; and I was not displeased to find that there was another the sixteen-shilling Sydenham trousers. There is a victim to unpunctuality as well as myself ; but being missionary-box on the mantel-piece, with a half-penny a person of conciliatory disposition, I observed : ‘I am in it; but that dropped out at the slit so easily, that afraid, sir, that you have arrived a little late for the it did not afford me the least satisfaction in attempting train.' to get at it. There is also a time-table in a neat black The stout passenger's palo face became florid for frame.

an instant, and his eye dilated with terror; but I felt as though I had entered one of those hair- immediately afterwards he replied, with deliberate dressing establishments kept by a female, where the calmness : 'You are mistaken, sir; I go by the 10.5. proprietress inveigles you into that awful back-room There are still five-and-forty minutes to spare, which of hers, with the remark, that the young man will is sufficient time, though by no means too much. You be with you in a minute,' which you both know will should be careful, however, in making such alarming be half an hour at least. The book-stall was closed, observations : you might cause angina pectoris.' and the man who kept it had fled away immediately

'I was afraid, sir, that you had missed the 8.50,' after the train had gone. The clerk had shut himself replied I; 'I failed to catch that train myself by but into his mysterious den, and nothing but fire would a minute or two.' induce him to open the same again for fifty minutes,

*Are you, then, one of those imprudent persons who I knew. The two porters were playing some game, endeavour to catch the train ?' observed the stranger with which I was totally unacquainted, with a lugs with unaffected pity. Permit me to present you gage-truck and a turn-table. There were no less than with a little work, the perusal of which may tend seven severe, uncompromising chairs in the apartment, to prolong a life which you are doing your best to but I was ignorant both of Low and Lofty Tumbling, shorten.' He selected a small yellow pamphlet from and could make nothing of them.

about a dozen others which he carried in a capacious My wife had been urging me to make haste all the inside-pocket, and placed it in my hand; its title time I was at breakfast, for fear I should miss the was, The Influence of Railway Travelling on Health." train. I now regretted that I had hurried myself. 'I give you that,' pursued he, ' upon condition that My memory hovered sorrowfully over the marmalade, you do not read it in the railway-carriage. “Under with which I had not concluded my repast, as usual; the most favourable circumstances,” says Mr White my regretful fancy fluttered muffinward. I drew my cigar-case from my pocket, and was about to strike a

Reprinted from the Lancet.



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He is

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Cooper," there is on railways a vibration requiring of air in a full railway-carriage, capable of decomincessant efforts on the part of the muscles and posing the permanganate solution’adjusting apparatus of the eyes to follow the “The ticket-office is open, my dear sir,' intershaking words, and in proportion as the carriages rupted. La remark which had the desired effect of are ill-hung or the line rough, are these efforts great. immediately diverting the stout gentleman from his

atmospheric statistics. There can be no doubt that the practice is fraught

You go first-class,' said he, of course.

A good with danger.”. You will discover in that volume to deal of the impurity of the air is retained by the what conclusion the most eminent men of science woollen coverings, and is not given off, but oxidised have come upon the subject of catching the_train. in its place. In the second and third classes, also, "I have, like many others,” observes Dr Forbes there are often only boards to sit upon, and the Winslow,

removed my family during the summer vibrations are communicated directly to the system. season to a watering-place some fifty miles from An eminent chemist once counted no less than ninety London, and travelled to and fro night and morning thousand vertical movements in a railway-carriage by express train. I have been convinced that the between Manchester and London. The tendency of advantage of sleeping by the sea-side, and of an each of these movements is to produce more or less occasional day of rest there, was fully counterbalanced motion in the twenty-four pieces of which the human by the fatigue and wear and tear of mind and body spine is made up. Subject to concussions due to incidental to daily journeys over this considerable vertical movement and lateral oscillation, communi. distance. I went to bed at night conscious that I cated through the trunk, and actually transmitted by must rise at a given and somewhat early hour, or the bony walls of the head, when it rests against the miss my train. I am sure that this does not render back of the carriage, the brain is indeed apt to suffer. sleep more sound and refreshing; and every one Epilepsy ensues ; or- Now, there's a man I wouldn't sleeps best on the Saturday night, when this disturb travel with, on any account,' said the stout gentleman, ing element does not exist-since the next is the day interrupting himself hastily, and dragging me after of rest. In the same way, breakfast is eaten with this him into the carriage. Look at his wild eye! He necessity of being in time still on one's mind. Then, has evidently a predisposition to cerebral disease. It like every one else, I had to get the cab or carriage, is ten to one that he will go mad some day, and very and down to the station; to scramble for the likely destroy some of his fellow-travellers. morning paper, and get a seat.'

mad already, to be buying one of those cheap papers, It is impossible to render in words the gravity and the print of which is always dim and imperfect. That earnestness with which the stout gentleman delivered tall shambling-looking person, on the other hand, will this quotation. When he had concluded it, I was probably have paralysis; and even that would be about to reply, but he held up a plump finger, to disagreeable to a lady, or a passenger of weak nerves.' entreat my silence, got his breath again, after a short You draw a very frightful picture, sir,' said I, of struggle, and continued his discourse.

the dangers of Railway Travelling.' • Some of the worst cases of dyspepsia I meet 'I do not, however, overdraw them,' returned my with,” writes a gentleman, with large opportunities of companion. You will find them all, and more, in observation, “are amongst persons who habitually that little book. But observe for yourself the people hurry over their breakfasts to catch the train, and on that platform. Do you not see how gray and who have to work their very hardest in the day, that worn they are. They are habitual travellers, and the they may be at the station in time to get down to a habit has aged them, as you see.' late heavy dinner in the evening. Such people are dis- 'I have only just taken my house at Sandstone,' satisfied because the change into the country does not said I, “and therefore I have never seen any of them set them up, forgetting that even the healthiest person before. They seem, however, to be for the most part could not long bear the lives of regularly renewed elderly people.' excitement they lead-their meals, railway journeys, *They seem so, sir, but in reality they are nothing and their business all being done under a condition of of the kind. Travelling a few years since very freexcitement and a sense of racing against time.”) quently on the Brighton line,” observes one of the

I have never suffered any of these things myself,' leading physicians of the metropolis, “I became famisaid I, and I have travelled much.'

liar with the faces of a number of the regular passen* That is because you are fat,' returned the stoutgers on that line. Recently, I had again occasion to gentleman calmly. You will probably die of apo travel several times on the same line. I have had a plexy, without any previous warning whatsoever. large experience in the changes which the ordinary Dilatation and fatty degeneration of the heart are course of time makes on men busy in the world, and probably already going on within you.'

I know well how to allow for their gradual deteReally, sir,' said 1, 'these observations are most rioration by age and care ; but I have never seen any offensive; and permit me to add, that if I am inclined set of men so rapidly aged as these seem to me to to be stout, you are corpulent to rather an extra- have been in the course of those few years." ordinary degree.'

'I am myself a pretty constant traveller,' replied I, .Now, for goodness' sake, do not excite yourself,' and you really alarm me. I feel getting old while returned my companion ; 'motion and flurry are the you speak.' very worst things for a man of your habit of body. I 'I assure you, you look so,' observed my companion am quite aware that I am not thin, but I am by no with disagreeable frankness. “Only conceive a man means so stout as you think. I wear an abdominal of your size travelling without an abdominal bandage. bandage, as recommended by Dr Brown-Séquard, to Why, sir, I never move without all these things.' preclude any danger from locomotion. It is not quite The stout gentleman opened his carpet-bag, and disso safe as taking chloroform into the interior, but it is played a complicated apparatus such as I have seen less inconvenient. I wish I had a spare belt to offer you, put on by a professional diver before entering the but I have only one with me. In my carpet-bag, bell. ““ A small horse-shoe air-cushion" (like this), however- But I perceive there is only twenty says Dr C. J. B. Williams, “ around the neck of the minutes to spare.

I always secure a carriage for traveller, and another of larger size around the loins, myself, by payment of a crown a week to the guard; wonderfully intercept the noise and jarring motion of if you are willing to accompany me, however, you the carriages. All the motion and the worst of the shall do so. Two persons may occupy the same noise are communicated through the solid walls of compartment with safety; but beyond that, the the carriages, and the head and back leaning on them, experiment becomes most hazardous. Dr Angus feel the din and movement in proportion as they are Smith observes respecting the number of cubic inches imperfectly cushioned. Now, the air-cushion muffles

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