Flight Maneuvers

McGraw Hill Professional, 1999 - 256 σελίδες
Here is an illustrated, step-by-step manual for executing flight maneuvers—from beginning to advanced—that are the foundation of proficient, safe flight. The author, an instructor and acrobatic pilot, covers the fundamental skills necessary to fly straight and level, as well as turns, climbs and descents, takeoffs and landings, and emergency procedures. An excellent practical manual for pilots who want to supplement their training and improve their flying skills to their highest level.

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Forces Acting on an Airplane During Flight
Flight Controls
Basic Flight Maneuvers
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Michael C. Love (New Glarus, WI) is a flight instructor, aerobic pilot and holds a commercial pilot's rating. He is the author of Better Takeoffs and Landings and Spin Management and Recovery in McGraw-Hill's Practical Flying Series.

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