Automobile Repairing Made Easy, Shop Methods, Equipment, Processes: A Complete Treatise Explaining Approved Methods of Repairing All Parts of All Types of Gasoline Automobiles. Shows All Latest Developments Based on a Wide, Actual Repair Experience, Includes Electric Starting and Lighting System Instructions; Oxyacetylene Welding; Tire Repairing; Engine and Ignition Timing; Overhauling, Etc. Invaluable to Motorists, Students, Mechanics, and Repair Men; Every Phase of the Subject is Treated in a Practical, Non-technical Manner

Norman W. Henley Publishing Company, 1917 - 1054 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 1062 - ... concrete within the range of the home worker. Among the subjects treated are: Principles of reinforcing ; methods of protecting concrete so as to insure proper hardening; home-made mixers; mixing by hand and machine; form construction, described and illustrated by drawings and photographs; construction of concrete walls and fences; concrete fence posts; concrete gate posts; .corner posts; clothes line posts; grape arbor posts; tanks; troughs; cisterns; hog wallows; feeding floors and barnyard...
Σελίδα 13 - Ohm's law is given a simple explanation with reference to wiring for direct and alternating currents. The fundamental principle of drop of potential in circuits is shown with its various applications. The simple circuit is developed with the position of mains, feeders and branches; their treatment as a part of a wiring plan and their employment in house wiring clearly illustrated.
Σελίδα 15 - UPPS. learn how they run street cars, locomotives and factory trucks. Get an understanding of the important functions they perform in submarine boats, isolated lighting plants, railway switch and signal systems, marine applications, etc. This book tolls how they are used in central station standby service, for starting automobile motors and in ignition systems.

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