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march from Cape Victory upon April report, we are assured that at any26, 1848.

rate a portion of the crews-a forlorn After this no more written infor- hope, in short-reached the entrance mation was collected of their pro- of the Fish River, and that too with ceedings, except the melancholy relics a boat. The description of this which were strewn along their path, party, given from reports collected and too painfully tell their own tale. by Dr Rae in 1854, is confirmed by A large boat upon a sledge was found Captain M'Clintock's information; about half-way to Cape Herschel, and the Esquimaux of Repulse Bay, and Captain M'Clintock thinks she Boothia Felix, and King William's was returning to the ships for pro- Land, all agree in the account of the visions. In her there was found two eventual death by starvation of every skeletons, and a little tea and choco- soul in this advanced party. Who late, but no other provision. What they were that thus survived to see became of the large party of men evi- that summer of 1848 come in upon dently necessary to drag such a boat them, will perhaps never be known; and sledge, in their then debilitated but the Esquimaux description of the condition, we shall probably never officer or chief who reached Montreal know; for if they found her too heavy Island agrees with the appearance of to drag, and tried to march back to Captain Fitzjames, whilst the fact the ships, with the intention of stay- of a piece of wood being found on ing in them until death released them Montreal Island with the name of from their sufferings, it is to be fear- Dr Stanley carved upon it, and a ed the ships were never reached, as fragment of an under-flannel, marked the Esquimaux distinctly said that with the initials of Charles Des they only found one skeleton in the Væux, point to two more individuals, vessel that fell into their hands. If whose well-known vigour of constithe poor men fell by the wayside, tution renders it probable that they as seems likely from the unburied survived many of their more weakly skeletons found in the boat, and comrades. We need not dwell longer on the beach near Cape Herschel- on this painfully touching subject; it the wolf and bear would soon obli- would be profanation to attempt to terate all traces of their fate; and if picture the last hour of these gallant they walked and fell upon the smooth martyrs to their country's fame-it ice of the strait, a short distance off only remains for us to thank Provishore, the summer thaws would dence that, owing to the persevering soon allow the bones of the starved self-sacrifice of Lady Franklin, and seamen to sink through the ice to the devotion and zeal of M'Clintock their long rest in the sea beneath. and his worthy comrades, the meHad not the relics brought home by mory of the Franklin Expedition Dr Rae in 1854, and Mr Anderson in will ever be associated with their 1856, assured us of some portion of great achievement, the first disthis retreating party having reached covery of the North-West Passage ; Montreal Island, we should still not for on the day that Cape Herschel was have needed proof to show that, at reached by Franklin's sledge-parties, any rate, some of the 105 men had and that probably as early as on the rounded' Cape Herschel, for a few occasion of Commander Gore's jourmiles beyond it Captain M'Clintock ney in 1847, the Pacific and Atlantic found a skeleton on a ridge of Oceans were connected; and we have gravel. The poor creature had evi- little doubt that Sir John Franklin dently fallen on his face as he was died knowing that the great work to walking towards home, and had only which he had devoted so many years been disturbed subsequently by wild of his life was accomplished. animals, though not to any great With all this information carefully extent. He remarks that it was in- collected, and after having searched deed a melancholy truth that the old in a triple examination every nook woman at Cape Norton had spoke, and bay of the western coast of King when she said the retreating seamen William Land, M'Clintock and his “ fell down, and died as they walked comrade Hobson loaded their sledges along." By the light of Esquimaux with relics of the lost ones, and has

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tened back to the “Fox,” just in time College, Dublin. In it will be found to avoid being cut off by the summer not only a lucid summary of the rethaws. Success in the search was fol- sults of Captain M'Clintock's scienlowed by good fortune in the escape tific labours as a geologist, but a of the “Fox" from Bellot Strait, and geological map, the first that has subsequent voyage to England, where been drawn, of the Arctic regions, our stout little band of navigators in which we see at a glance the forarrived in September last, to be mation of that little-known quarter hailed, as they deserved, with the of the globe, and the relative posiheartfelt congratulations of all classes tion of its coal-beds and fossils. The of their countrymen - congratula- learned Professor bas discovered in tions which have re-echoed from some fossil fragments brought to across the Atlantic, where many a England, indubitable proof of the warm heart and generous purse have existence of Ichthyosauri in the lias for long years laboured with sym- of the Parry group; and apart from pathy and energy in the search for a very different climatic condition Franklin.

such fossils would indicate, he exThe Sovereign, whose navy Cap- presses an opinion, substantiated tain M'Clintock adorns, has grace- by many interesting facts, fully added to his laurels, by granting these Arctic lands have been subhim sea-time for every day he com- merged, but that this submergence manded the “Fox,” as if it had been must have been anterior to the one of her own war-ships—an act of period when pine forests clothed grace and courtesy only conceded on the low sandy shores of the slowlyrare and extraordinary occasions; emerging islands, the remains of and the Lords Commissioners of the which forests now occupy a posiAdmiralty, in the official letter in- tion at least 1000 feet above high forming the gallant officer of this water-mark.”. And we may add, that Royal act of approbation, gracefully it has been a long time since a work add, that it was in “consideration of of travel has appeared in England the important services performed by so lavishly illustrated with beautiful you, in bringing home the only au- woodcuts; and in this case their thentic intelligence of the death of Sir truthfulness is vouched for by the John Franklin, and of the fate of the talented artist being an officer in the crews of the 'Erebus' and 'Terror'”– navy-Commander Walter Mayan official acknowledgment which we who has largely shared in Arctic enterhave reason to know gives the cap- prise, and witnessed scenes very sitain and officers of the "Fox” a legal milar to those he has so graphically claim upon a very handsome parlia- depicted. As a mere Arctic album, mentary reward of £10,000.

the narrative of the “ Fox" will be In taking leave of this pleasing valuable to those who may not be narrative, we must call attention to interested in moving tales of adventhe valuable paper entitled Geological ture by ship and sledge in the frozen Account of the Arctic Archipelago, North. by Professor S. Haughton, of Trinity

Printed by William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh.

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HOWEVER pleasant it may be in and who, in inflicting chastisement after life—and I admit that it is very for your dulness, merely followed pleasant-to talk over school-days the recognised and ancient traditions with a crony who has a vivid recol- of his tribe ? For my part, looking lection of the mutual floggings you back to my early years, I can discern received, the scrapes in which you nothing in my school life worthy of were both involved, and the feuds in being narrated; nor do my first uniwhich you made common cause, I versity experiences suggest any imcannot help thinking that it is some- portant memorabilia. Like most Scotwhat impertinent to the public at tish students of the time, I acquired a large to thrust such narratives upon good knowledge of Latin, a smatterit. Grant that Thomson was a hero, ing of Greek, and a considerable stock Simpson a pickle, and Robertson an of general information, increased by unmitigated beast-what does the private reading of a desultory kind, public know or care about Thomson, which was of far more use to me Simpson, or Robertson? They were afterwards than anything I learned simply notorieties-good, bad, or in- in the schools. My uncle's library different—of the class to which you was but a poor one; but in it I found belonged; but in the great world the plays of Shakespeare, Anderthat lies beyond both school and son's edition of the British Poets, the university they made no figure, and works of the elder novelists, and you know not what has become of the histories of Hume and Gibbon. them. Surely they are not fitting sub- These I perused with absorbing injects for biographical reminiscence; terest, to the neglect, I must confess, and wherefore should you expose thé of the mathematical and metaphyfailings of a pedagogue, whose tem- sical treatises which ought to have per you sorely tried; who set you engrossed my attention, but on that down with considerable show of rea- account I cannot truthfully say that son as an impenetrable blockhead; I have any tears to shed. I'never VOL. LXXXVII.-NO, DXXXII.


took kindly to mathematics ; partly how it would not fly; and we tried because the practical use of that to make caustic, by steeping a shilstudy was not explained to me, and ling in nitric acid, the result of which partly because I could see nothing was, that our fingers became as black in it to interest the imagination. as the claws of an ourang-outang. It Metaphysics I detested. The science was God's mercy that we did not get appeared to me an elaborate diabo- the length of fulminating powder, lical invention for mystifying what else assuredly we should have been was clear, and confounding what was blown to smithereens.

That conintelligible ; it muddled the intellect, summation, however, we were very without refining the understanding; near attaining otherwise, and it took and the peculiar jargon in which it place after this fashion. was couched seemed to me destruc- I had discovered in an attic some tive of the purity of the English lan- old-fashioned apparatus which my guage. I do not say that such is my uncle had laid aside—troughs, jars, opinion now, but I feel no shame in syphons, and suchlike, which I reavowing my earlier impressions; and, garded as an inestimable treasure; judging from certain metaphysical and these were forthwith removed to discourses which I have heard de- a room on the ground-floor which I livered from the pulpit by gentlemen occupied as a kind of study. We had fresh from college, I have serious previously tried our hands at making doubts as to the fitness of the style oxygen gas, but had failed for lack of for edification and improvement. In implements. We now determined to chemistry I made some progress, and essay the production of hydrogen, and would have made more, but for the having procured the necessary mateoccurrence of an accident which fairly rials, we arranged our whole stock of cured me of the passion for experi- glass

, so that the gas from the retort ment. It so happened that at col- might, after passing through various lege I had an especial chum, Willie receptacles, be at last lodged in a Menelaws, with whom I was insepa- huge bell-shaped jar, surmounted by rably leagued. Whether in mischief a brass stop-cock, which was the or in study, we went together; and pride of our collection. Nothing bore each other's burdens, though could have succeeded better. The gas these were not very heavy, with a was generated, bubbled up through fidelity that might have done honour the water, and very soon reached the to Damon and Pythias. Willie never jar, as we soon discovered by the hesitated to accept responsibility for nauseous odour of its escape. my literary squibs, which sometimes "Now then, Willie," said I,“ supexcited the wrath of the students pose we apply a light, and see how against whom they were directed ; it burns.” and I, in return, stood between him We did so; and a pale-blue jet and the parental anger in the matter whizzed up, upon which we gazed of certain abstracted bell-pulls which with the delight of a couple of hand seven rise to a serious outcry. Ghebers ; but our adoration was unWat commenced the study of commonly brief, for a minute could nity with great xenl, and went hardly have elapsed before the flame

the preliminary stages of waxed dim, buzzed like an infuriated

el as in tobacco pipes; wasp, descended into the jar, and a sherspoons by rubbing tremendous explosion followed, which merry, which metal we dashed both of us to the ground.

ganancient baro- "Willie, man!” said I, recovering sent the walls with myself so far as to sit upon my rump,

operation which very and extracting a piece of glass from

onunate Peg my cheek, which bled profuselyw Then, in "Willie, man! are ye killed ?”

"No, I don't think I am," said noted Willie, sorambling to his feet; but

after Lord's-sake, Norman, bear á hand ismes with the water-jug! Fling it over me


ous man,

-fling it over my legs ; for the acid birth, gave me a partial respite has burned through my breeches, and throughout the years which are I feel it biting in my flesh !” really the most valuable ; because

"O Willie, what am I to do? The the career of every man depends jug's empty!"

upon the impressions he receives, « Take me out to the pump ! take and the aspirations he forms, during me out to the pump!” roared Willie, the period of his pupilarity. But it “or I'll be as raw as a skinned rabbit!" was so ordained that I was again to

“His presence be wi' us! What's be thrown upon my own resources, this o't, lads ?” cried Nurse Osett, at an age when individual exertion rushing into the room, greatly must necessarily be of slight apprealarmed, as she might well be, for ciable value. the explosion was violent enough to From the sketch I have already shatter several of the window-panes; given of my uncle's character and “surely ye've no been trying to raise habits, it will readily be understood the deevil ?”

that he was anything but a prosper“The pump! the pump !" screamed

That he did not pass from Willie, and accordingly we conveyed this world to the next, leaving a large him thither, where copious libations amount of debt bebind him, was, I diluted the acid, and saved my friend verily believe, owing to the circumfrom serious consequences, though it stance that nobody would give him was a month and more before he credit-a position which, by the way, could walk to lecture, without be- I cannot regard as wholly unfortutraying, by an absurd waddle, the date, insomuch as, on the one hand, temporary loss of his cuticle. On it checks extravagance; whereas, on investigating the apartment, we found the other, it saves the shareholders that we had great reason to be thank- of the banks, who of late years have ful for our escape with so little been severely smitten by the romantic damage. The brass stop-cock had passion of their managers for extendbeen driven an inch and a half into ing the circulation of their notes. I the plaster of the wall, in a direction do not mean to imply that my uncle which showed that it must have was extravagant; on the contrary, his passed close by the head of my com- wants were few and his tastes simple ; panion ; the carpet, fortunately not a but he was one of those easy-minded new one, was utterly destroyed; and people, who are marked out by nature an old hat that hung upon a peg as the ready victims of imposture. was cut through by splinters of the His car and purse were equally open apparatus, as clean as could have to every tale of distress, however been effected by the bursting of a suspicious it might be; and as from hand-grenade.

indolence, which was his besetting I confess that this catastrophe sin, he never instituted any inquiry quite damped my ardour in the into the character of the persons pursuit of chemical science. I had whom he relieved, he was systematino intention of adopting the medical cally swindled by a gang of miscreprofession, and therefore did not ants who lived in comparative luxury judge it necessary to expend my upon the abuse of charity. limited pocket-money or endanger I remember one notable instance of my life in making further investiga- imposture, the mention of which may tions as to the qualities of explosive be useful to those tender-hearted pergas; and perhaps it was fortunate sons who, like Dr Buchanan, are that I did so, for, in little more than addicted to indiscriminate alms-giva year afterwards, my beloved Willie ing., A tall, forbidding, female, atsuffered a far more serious loss than tired in rusty black, was in the habit that of his epidermis, a finger and a of way-laying my uncle. She reprethumb having been blown away by sented herself as the daughter of an the explosion of an infernal machine, old missionary belonging to the Incalled, I think, a "Papin's Digester.” dependent Church, who, worn out

But I must not linger over these with years and hard labour, could no educationary reminiscences. Fortune, longer earn a livelihood, and for whom which had not smiled on me at my no provision had been made. This

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