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Adam Bede, remarks on, 611.

Administrative government, the func- view of, 397-Part II., 591.
tions of, 87.

Bright, Mr, his Napoleonic tendencies,
Administrative Reform, the cry for, 86. 363-as a speaker, 765.

1815 to 1852, review of, 441.

review of, 490.
All Saints' Church, Munich, 544. Budget, examination of the, 381 et seg-
America, general interest of, 103.

the debate on the, 762, 769.
ANGLO-GALLICAN BUDGET, THE, 381-the Buffalo hunt, description of a, 218 €

commercial treaty, 382-state of the seq.
revenue, 383--the proposed reductions BULL'S SONG—THE SLY LITTLE Man, 31
of taxation, 384-those involved in -HIS Second SONG, THE SLY LITTLE
the commercial treaty, 387.

Man, 244.
Arab, the, lord Cochrane in, 187. Bunder Goree, sketches at, 572 et seq.
Architecture, importance of a general BURNS, ROBERT, 196.
knowledge of, 154.

Burtou, lieutenant, expedition for ex-
ARCTIC SEAS, THE VOYAGE OF THE Fox ploring Africa under, 563 et seq.
IN THE, 117.

Busaco, the battle of, 409.
Arrow, the affair of the, 256.

Calcutta, sketch of, during the mutiny,
Art, unfavourable position of England 258.

as regards, 152—its association with Calf hunt, an Indian, 217.
use, 153_the three great schools of, CANNING, ELIZABETH, THE CASE OĖ, 581.
the Classical, Christian, and Natural. Canton, the storming of, 260—long re
istic, 546.

striction of the English to, 526.
Art criticism, Ruskin's, 32.

Caracciolo, the charges against Nelson
Art schools, formation, &c. of the, 157. regarding, 41-examination of these
Assaye, the battle of, 400.

charges, 320_alleged connection of
Atchafalaya, the lake of, 110.

lady Hamilton with the case of, 423
Austen, Miss, comparison of Fielding
with, 333.

Catholic emancipation, Wellington's con-
Austin, admiral, his expedition in search duct on, 606.
of Franklin, 118.

Cavalry Movements, see Volunteer.
Austria, present position, &c. of, 247. Chablais, the proposed annexation of,
Badajos, the capture of, 411.

638 et seq.

Chevreul's researches on colour, remarks
Ballot, the debate on the, 764.
Barracks for seamen, proposed, 229 et China, our POSITION WITH, its peculiar-
seq. passim.

ities, 430_delays of Government, ib.
Basque Roads, the attack on the French - the inonsoon, 431– terms proposed
fleet in, 190 et seq.

by Government, 432_opposition to
Bayou Têche, the, 110.

the treaty by the English community
Bayous of the Mississippi, the, 109. there, ib.--their obstructive policy,
Beechey Island, monument erected to 433-statistics of the country, 434-a
Franklin at, 120.

British resident on it, 436 — future
Bellot Strait, the Fox in, 121.

prospects of commerce, 437-outlet
Berbera, town of, 567.

for manufactures, 438.
Betsy BROWN, 327.

China, WAR AND PROGRESS IN, 525--De-
Blucher, operations of, during the Water- cessity and objects of military success
loo campaigo, 597 et seq.

there, ib.--failure of progress hitherto,
Bonneville, the election and annexation 526-our position now and in 1840,
question at, 640 et seq.

ib.--the operations in 1841, and their
Bourbons, restoration of the, 601.

success, 527--trade in the midst of
Brandy, the reduction of the duties on, war, ib.-objections to war answered,

528-statistics and resources of the
Brenton, captain, charges against Nelson country, 530 et seq. --statistics of the
by, 424.

grain trade, 533 et seq.-suggestions

et seq.

on, 158.

as to military operations to be followed, Douro, the campaign and battle of the,
535 et seq.

CAINA, LORD Elgin's MISSION TO, see Drama, principles of construction of the,

Chiva, general ignorance of, and want of DRAWING, THE ELEMENTS OF, 32.
interest in, 255.

Drill, system of naval, 235.
Chinooks, the, an Indian tribe, 215 et DUNDONALD, LORD, AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF

A SEAMAN, BY, reviewed, 176.
Chirkaree, the rajah of, his noble con- Dundonald, lord, the father of lord
duct during the mutiny, 505.

Cochrane, 179 et seq.
Christian art, the modern German school Dutch school of painting, diminished
of, 544.

taste for the, 155.
Church, position of Napoleon III. with Economy, the principle of, in the con-
regard to the, 364 et seq.

struction of the novel, 334.
Chusan, the seizure and surrender of, Education, the system of, for the work.

ing classes, 651 et seq.
Cintra, the convention of, 404.

Cis-Sutlej chiefs, fidelity of, during the 255—the former war and treaty, 256
mutiny, 499.

-origin of the war, ib.—his first mea-
Ciudad Rodrigo, the capture of, 411. sures, 257 — capture of Canton, 260
Civil Service, the system of the, 87 et et seq.- visit to Soo-Chow, 263-ad-

vance to the Peiho, 266 et seq.—capture
Classical epoch, Ruskin on the, 39.

of the forts, 268—treaty of Tientsin,
Coal, export of, under the commercial 269— visit to Japan, and treaty there,
treaty, 388.

273 et seq.
Cochrane, Admiral Sir Alexander, 180, Eliot, GEORGE, THE MILL ON THE Floss

BY, reviewed, 611.
Cochrane, lord, see Dundonald.

England, unfavourable position of, as re-
Cochrane, Robert, the favourite of James gards art, 152—the volunteer move-

III., 176— lord Cochrane's claim of ment in, 254–present position of, as
descent from, 177.

to foreign relations, 357--present state
Collingwood, lord, his estimation of lord of relations with France, 358—uncer-
Cochrane, 189.

tain character of our foreign policy,
Colonial produce, outlet for, in China, 359—danger from France, 362 et seq.

English school of painting, the, 152, 547.
Colour, relations of, to art, &c., as esta- Etty, the works of, 39.
blished by Chevreul, &c., 158.

Evangeline, the scene of, 108.
COLUMBIA RIVER, A VISIT TO THE, AND Faucigny, province of, its proposed

A CRUISE ROUND VANCOUVER'S ISLAND, nexation, 638 et seq.

Featherstonehaugb, sir H., and lady
Commercial treaty, examination of the, Hamilton, 418.

382 et seq.-reductions of duties under FEUILLETON, A, 629.
it, 387.

Fielding's Tom Jones, remarks on, 331
Congress of Vienna, Wellington at the, et seq.-account of the case of Eliza-

beth Canning by, 585.
Copenbagen, Wellington at the bombard- FIGHT FOR THE BELT, THE, 753.
ment of, 401.

Finances, state of the, and influence of
Corbould, Ruskin on, 42.

the commercial treaty on them, 383.
Cornelius, the Last Judgment and other Flathead Indians, the, 215 et seq.-origin

works of, 544, 545, 549 et seq.- his of the name, 216.
career, 546.

Cotton, outlet for, in China, 438.

226-a standing navy necessary, ib.-
Cree Indians, the, 215, 219,

on the means of manning it, 227—Sir C.
Cuesta, the Spanish general, 407.

Napier's scheme, 228-importance of
Customs duties, proposed reductions of, seamen's barracks, ib.et seq.-causes of

unpopularity of the service, 229—pro-
Darud-bin-Ismail, founder of the So- posed reserve force, 230—importance
malis, 565.

of ships having their own ports, 231-
Davison, Mr, Nelson's letter to, on the the French organisation into divisions,
Caracciolo case, 322.

232-evils of the hulk system, 234 -
Design, Wilkinson on unity of, 153. present excess of drill, 235—abolition
DIES IRÆ, 369.

of flogging, 236-solitary confinement,
Disraeli, sketch of, as a parliamentary ib. et seq. - rewards and punishments,
speaker, 516 et seq.

237 et seq.-classification o


-the barracks, 240 et


navy, 235.

ing-ships, &c., 241-general summary, Grand canal of China, injury to the, 534.

Grand Pré, the site of, 108.
Flogging, practical abolition of, in the Greece, favourable position of, as regards

art, 152
Foote, captain, connection of, with Carac- Greville, the Hon. C. F., and lady
ciolo's case, 320 et seq. passim.

Hamilton, 419.
Forbes, E., on symmetry in animal Gros, baron, French ambassador to
forms, 159.

China, 258.
FOREIGN CONNECTION OF THE HOUSE OF Guicowar, the, conduct of, during the
BULL, THE, 356.

mutiny, 509.
Foreign policy, changeable character of, H., The FIGHT FOR THE BELT, by, 753.

Hamilton, sir Wm., marriage of Emma
Fox, voyAGE OF THE, IN THE ARCTIC SEAS, Harte to, 421.

Houton, LADY, 417—her parentage
FRANCE AND CENTRAL ITALY, 245 — and early life, ib. — her connection

change of view with regard to the with Admiral Payne, &c., 418-the
Emperor, ib.-his present position, story of her alleged connection with Dr
246—prospects and difficulties of Italy, Grabam, ib. et seq.-her introduction
247-danger of a French kingdom to Romney, &c., 419–her marriage,
there, ib.-position of the Duchies 421-her life at Naples, and efforts
and the Legations, 248-inimical po- on behalf of England, ib. et seq.-her
licy of the Emperor, 250—naval pre- heroism, 422-her connection with
parations of France, 251-the volun- the affair of Caracciolo, 423 et seq.-
teer movement in England, 253.

her connection with Nelson, 425
France, naval danger from, 226—the Nelson's dying remembrance of her,

organisation of the navy in, 232- 426-conduct of his brother, 427
present state of our relations with, her latter days and deatb, 428 et seq.
358 et seq.--the new budget as regards, -her supposed connection with Ca
381 et seq.—the treaty of commerce racciolo's fate, 327.
with, 382, 387--the annexation of Harvey, admiral, and lord Gambier, 192.
Savoy by, 635 et seq.

Holkar, the Maharajah, his conduet dur-

THE DISCOVERY OF THE FATE OF, re- Holland, lord, charges against Nelson by,
viewed, 117.

Franklin, lady, fitting out of the Fox by, Hop duties, proposed reduction of the,

Freedom, various forms of, 359.

Horse-race, an Indian, 217.
French artisans, versatility of, 660. Horsman, Mr, Palmerston's reply to, 511
French commercial treaty, the, 382— -his reply to Gladstone, 521.

reductions of duties proposed by it, Huc, notices of China and the Chinese

from, 527, 528.
French school of art, the, 547.

Hudson's Bay Company, the, 215.
Fuentes d'Onor, the battle of, 410. Hulks, evils of the, as regards seamen,

Ice storm, description of an, 119.
Gambier, lord, and the attack on the Imperieuse, lord Cochrane appointed to

French fleet in Basque Roads, 190 et the, and his services in her, 188 et seq.

Income-tax, proposed increase of the,
Gamo, the capture of the, by Lord Coch-

382, 384.
rane, 184 et seq.

Geneva, feeling in, on the annexation of PRINCES OF, 497—the Maharajah of
Savoy, 637.

Puteealah, 499—the rajah of Jheend,
German school of art, the, 547.

ib.- the rajah of Nabha, 500—the
Gladstone, Mr, examination of his budget, rajah of Kupoorthulla, 501—the Na-

381 et seq.--former views of, on reduc- wab of Rampore, 503—the Nawab of
ing the wine duties, 393-sketches of, Kurnaul, 504—the rajah of Rewah,

as a parliamentary speaker, 511 et seq. ib.—the rajah of Chirkaree, 505-
Gleig, Mr, his translation, &c. of Brial.

Scindiah, 506—Holkar, 508-Jung Bar
mont's Life of Wellington, 397, 591. hadur, 509_the Rajpoot chiefs, 510.
Glyptothek, the, Munich, 544.

India, services of Wellington in, 399.
Government service, remarks on the sys- Indian village, visit to a, 215, 216.
tem of, &c., 86.

Italian school of art, increasing taste for
Graham, the quack, alleged connection the, 155.
of lady Hamilton with, 418.

Italy, favourable position of, as regards
Grain trade, statistics of the, in China, 533. art, 152—probable formation of French

rane, 182.

[merged small][ocr errors]

kingdom in, 247—sympathy with the Medicine-man, inauguration of a, among
present movement in, 359.

the Indians, 217.
Jameson, Mrs, the death of, and her art Medieval epoch, Ruskin on the, 39.
criticisms, 548 note.

MILL ON THE FLOSS, THE, review of, 611.
Japan, visit of Lord Elgin to, and con- MILTON, 673.
clusion of treaty with, 273.

Mississippi, the delta of the, 109,
Jheend, the rajah of, services rendered Modernism, Ruskin on, 39.

during the mutiny by, and his reward, Mulgrave, lord, and the Basque Roads
499, 501.

enterprise, 191.
Jhuggur, the nawab of, his treason dur- MUNICH AND ITS SCHOOLS OF CHRISTIAN
ing the mutiny, 500.

Art, 544—the churches and galleries,
Jub river, the, 564.

ib.—the artists, 545—the great schools,
JUDICIAL PUZZLES—ELIZABETH CANNING, 546—characteristics of the German

school, 547 et seq.-criticisms on its
Jung Behadur, conduct of, during the various works, 549 et seq.
mutiny, 509.

Nabha, the rajah of, his fidelity during
Junot, the evacuation of Portugal by, the mutiny, and reward, 500, 501.

Nagasaki, city of, 273.
Juvenal, Domitian and the Turbot from, Napier, Sir C., his plans for reorganising

the navy, 228.
Kaulbach, the works of, 545.

Naples, lady Hamilton at, 421 et seq.
Keith, lord, his estimation of lord Coch. Napoleon, the first dethronement of,

594—the return from Elba, 595 —the
Kensington training-school, the, 157. campaign of Waterloo, and his final
Kupoorthulla, rajah of, his fidelity during overthrow, 596 et seq.
the mutiny, and reward, 501.

Napoleon III., change of tone in England
Kurnaul, the nawab of, his fidelity dur- regarding, 245_his present position,
ing the mutiny, and reward, 504.

246—position of England with regard
“Lake, Cloud, and Sky,” Ruskin's, cri. to, 360—his own position in France,
ticism on, 34.

364 et seq.—views of, in the commer-
Larmour, lieutenant, sketch of, 181. cial treaty, 382—the annexation of
LAST FRENCH HERO, THE, chap. i. 45– Savoy by, 635 et seq.

chap. ii. 48 — chap. iii, 50-chap. iv. Napoleon, town of, Louisiana, 113.
53—chap. v. 65-chap. vi. 57—chap. NARCISSUS, 624.
vii. 60.

National character, remarks on, 715.
Lawyers, the French, their opposition to Navy, lord Cochrane on the abuses in
Napoleon III., 365.

the, 187. See Fleets and Navies.
Leonidas, Ruskin on, 40.

Native princes, services rendered by the,
Ligny, the battle of, 599.

during the Indian mutiny, and re-
Lindley, Dr, on symmetry in vegetation, ward bestowed on them, 497.

Negro hymns and songs, specimens of,
LUCK OF LADYSMEDE, THE, Part XI., chap. 106.
xxxi. 63 — chap. xxxii

. 68 — chap. Negroes, the, in the American slave
xxxiii. 74 — chap. xxxiv. 81. Part states, 105.
XII., chap. xxxv. 197 — chap. xxxvi. NELSON AND CARACCIOLO, 320_attack on
202—chap. xxxvii. 206-chap. xxxviii. Nelson in Rose's Correspondence, ib.
the Leaguer, 211. Part the last, chap. the capitulation, and its alleged breach
xxxix. 341-chap. xl. 346.

by Nelson, 321-defence of him, 323–
Lytton, Sir E. B., as a speaker, 767.

the treason of Caracciolo, 324-his
Macartney, lord, his Chinese embassy, trial and execution, 325.

Nelson, Ruskin's charges against, and
Macaulay on parliamentary talent, 88. refutation of these, 40 et seq.-charac-
M'CLINTOCK, CAPTAIN, HIS NARRATIVE ter of, by lord Dundonald, 182—

OF THE DISCOVERY OF THE FATE OF notices of, in connection with lady
FRANKLIN, &c., reviewed, 117.

Hamilton, 422 et seq.-baseness of his
Manilla, sketches of, 259.

brother toward her, 426.
Manufactures, importance of a diffused Nelson column and statue, the, 154.
taste to, 151-importance of art to, Nepaul, fidelity of the government of,
153—improvement in taste as regards, during the mutiny, 509.
155-outlet for, in China, 438.

Marlborough House Museum and Schools, 673.
the, 157.

Nice, the voting on annexation i
Marmont, the defe

413. Niebuhr, friendship of, with
Massena, the iny

&c., 546.
408 et seq.

NIGHT, 671.



Nogal, country of, 564.

Peninsular war, general review of the,
NORMAN SINCLAIR, an Autobiography, 594.

Part I., chap. i. Early Days, 14 — Perspective, Ruskin on, 32.
chap. ii. Uncle Buchanan, 21-chap. Photographs, Ruskin on copying, 33.
iii. George IV. in Edinburgh, 26- Pinacothek, the old and new, Munich,
Part II., chap. iv. Educational Period, 544.
127 chap. v. Scottish Politics as Pipe-dance among the Indians, the, 215.
they were, 134-chap. vi. The Gather- POETIC ABERRATIONS, 490.
ing of the Freeholders, 141-chap. Political government, the functions of,
vii. The Bailie's Visit to Paris, 145 87.

- Part III., chap. viii. The Prelimin- Portugal, landing of Wellington in, 403
ary Banquet, 300 — chap. ix. The et seq.-liberation of it, 406-Massena's
Election, 304 - chap. x. What to do invasion, 408 et seq.
with Myself, 313– Part IV., chap. xi. Prize-money, lord Cochrane's account of
Our Swiss Cottage, 468 — chap. xii. abuses regarding, 187.
The Avalanche, 471-chap. xiii. The Punishment, system of, in the navy, 235.
Glacier, 476 - chap. xiv. A Literary Puteealah, the maharajah of, services
Evening, 481 - chap. xv. The Party rendered during the mutiny by, and
breaks up, 483

chap. xvi. The his reward, 499, 501.
Steamer on the Rhine, 486—Part V., Pyrenees, battle of the, 592.
chap. xvii. The Spider and the Fly, Quatre Bras, the battle of, 598.
693-chap. xviii. Wilbury Hall, 702. Railway journey, a continental, 635.
North American Indians, sketches of, Rajpoot chiefs, fidelity of the, during the
215 et seq.

mutiny, 510.
Novel, principles of construction of the, Rampore, the nawab of, his fidelity

during the mutiny, and reward, 503.
Nuremberg, the town of, 543.

Ramsay, dean, his Reminiscences of Scot-
OLIPHANT'S NARRATIVE OF THE MISSION tish Life and Character, 719 et seq.

TO CHINA AND JAPAN, review of, 255. Raphael, Ruskin on, 32.
Oliveira, Mr, his motion on the wine Reform, Wellington's conduct regarding,
duties, 392 et seq.

Opelousas, the prairies of, 111.

Reform bill, the debate on the, 766.
Orthez, battle of, 593.

Rembrandt, Ruskin on, 32.
Osborne, lieut., during the mutiny, 505. Revenue, state of the, 383.

Rewah, the rajah of, his conduct during
Overbeck, the works of, 545, 553 et seq. the mutiny, 504.
-his career, 546.

Painting, the English school of, 152. Roliça, the battle of, 403.
Pallas, the, lord Cochrane in command Romney, the portraits of lady Hamilton
of, 188.

by, 419.
Palmerston, formerly opposed to re- Rosas, the defence of, by lord Cochrane,

ducing the wine duties, 394—his re- 189.

plies to Disraeli and Horsman, 511. Rose's Diaries, charge against Nelson in,
Paper duties, proposed abolition of the, 320.

384—the debate in the Lords on it, Ross, Sir James, his search after Frank.

lin, and services of M'Clintock under
Parkinson's Under Government, remarks him, 117.

Ruffo, cardinal, connection of, with Car-

acciolo's case, 320 et seq.
Parliamentary position, undue import- RULERS OF THE LAND, THE, 495.

ance given to, in administrative gov. RUSKIN'S ELEMENTS OF DRAWING, 32.
ernment, 88 et seq.

Russell, lord John, on the policy and

preparations of France, 360 et seq.-
Paton, Noel, remarks on the works of, former views of, on reduction of the

wine duties, 393.
Payne, admiral, and lady Hamilton, St Boniface, the Basilica of, Munich, 544.

St Ludwig, church of, Munich, 544.
Pechelee, statistics of province of, 531– St Louis, Ruskin on, 40.
the grain trade to, 533 et seq.

St Maria Hilf, church of, Munich, 544.
Peedee Swamp, the, 104.

St Sebastian, the siege of, 591—its fall,
Peiho, the British expedition at the, 593.

ST STEPHEN's, a poem, Part I. 1-Part
Pekin, the grain trade to, 533.

II. 162—Part III., 277.
Peninsula, Wellington's career in the, St Vincent, lord, and lord Cochrane,

on, 87.

403 et seq.

185 et seq.

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