Εικόνες σελίδας
Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

Sum'mus, highest; consummate, | Tor'peo, I am numb; torpid, torsummit. pedo.

Su'mo, sump'tum, to take; assume. Tor'queo, tor'tum, to twist; extort, Sup'er, above; superior, insuper- torture.


Tor'reo, I parch; torrid, torrent. Surgo, surrec'tum, to rise; insur- To'tus, all, whole; total, factotum gent. (do-all).

Taber'na, a hut; tabernacle, tav- Tox'icum, poison; intoxicate, toxic



Tǎ'ceo, tǎ'citum, to be silent; tacit, Tra'do, trad'itum, to give up; tradireticent. tion, traitor.

Tan'go, tac'tum, to touch; contact,
contiguous, contingent, tact, tangi-

Tră/ho, trac'tum, to draw; attract.
Trem'o, I shake; tremble, tremulous.
Tres, tri'a, three; triple, trident,

Tar'dus, slow; retard, tardy.
Teg'o, tec'tum, to cover; detect, pro- | Trib'uo, tribu'tum, to give; dis-



Tem'er-e, rashly; temerity.
Tem'no, temp'tum, to despise; con-

Tem'pero, I temper; intemperate.
Tem'pus, tem'poris, time; temporal.
Ten'do, ten'tum,ten'sum, to stretch;

distend, extent, intense, pretend. Ten'ebræ, darkness; tenebrous. Ten'eo, ten'tum, to hold; retain, tenant.

Tu'meo, I swell; tumid, tumult.
Tun'do, tu'sum, to beat; contusion.
Tur'ba, a crowd; disturb, turbulent.
Tur'bo, tur'binis, a whirlwind; tur-

Ten'to, tenta'tum, to try; tentative.
Ten'uis, thin; attenuate, tenuity.
Tep'idus, warm; tepid, tepor.


Tur'geo, I swell; turgid, turgescent.

Ter'go, ter'sum, to rub off; de- Tur'pis, ugly, base; turpitude. terge, terse. Tur'ris, a tower; turret, turreted. Ter'minus, a boundary; termina- U'ber, n., an udder; U'ber, adj., full; exuberant.


Tes'tis, a witness; attest, detest,


Tru'do, tru'sum, to thrust; intrusive, obtrude, protrude.

Tu'ber, a swelling; protuberance,

Tub'us, a pipe; tube, tubular.
Tu'eor, tu'itus, to see; tutor, intui-

Těr'o, tri'tum, to rub; contrite, detri- Ul'timus, the last; Ultra, beyond; ment. Ulterior, further; ultimate, ultimatum, outrage.

Tĕr'ra, the earth; inter, terrace, terrestrial.

Um'bra, a shadow; umbrage, umbrella.

Těr'reo, ter'ritum, to affright; deter, terror.

Un'da, a wave; abundant, undulate.

Tes'ta, a tile, a shell; testaceous, Un'guo,unc'tum,to anoint; unction. testudo. (L.) U'nus, one; unit, unite, unison,


Tit'ulus, a title; entitle, titular.
Tol'lo, I lift up; Tol'ero, tolera'tum,

to bear; extol, intolerable, tolerate.

Urbs, a city; suburban, urbanity. Tex'o, tex'tum, to weave; pretext, Ur'geo, I press on; urge, urgent. U'ro, Us'tum, to burn; combustible. Tho'rax, thora'cis, the breast; tho- U'tor, u'sus, to use; abuse, usual, racic. utility.


Tim'eo, I fear; intimidate, timorous. Tin'go, tinc'tum, to dip, to dye; tincture.

Ux'or, a wife; uxorious (fond of a

Vac'ca, a cow; vaccine, vaccination.
Vacil'lo, I move to and fro; vacillate.
Vac'o, vaca'tum, to be empty; evac-

uate, vacant, vacation, vacuum.

Va'do, va'sum, to go; evade, per- | Ver'go, I incline; converge, diverge. vade, wade. Ver'mis, a worm; vermicular, vermicelli.

Vag'us, strolling about; extravagant, vagrant.

Val'eo, I am strong; avail, prevalent.

Ver'na, a home-born slave; Verna'-
culus, native, domestic; vernacu-

Ver'to, ver'sum, to turn; avert, sub-
vert, reversion, traverse, universe.
Ve'rus, true; aver, veracity, very.
Ves'ta, the goddess Vesta; vestal.
Vestib'ulum, an entrance-court;


Vesti'gium, a footstep; investigate, vestige.

Ves'tis, clothing; divest, investment, vestry.

Val'lus, a stake; Val'lum, a rampart (from being staked out); interval.

Val'væ, folding-doors; bivalve, valve.
Va'nus, empty; evanescent, vanity.
Vap'or, an exhalation; evaporate,

Văr'ius, diverse; invariable, vari


Va'rus, bow-legged; Va'rico, I strad-
dle; divaricate, prevaricate.
Vas, va'sis, vessel; vase, extrava-
sate, vascular.

Vast'us, empty, waste; devastate, Vi'a, a way; deviate, obvious, viavast, waste.


Va'tes, a prophet; vaticinate, vatici- | Vib'ro, vibra'tum, to brandish; vination.


Veg'eto, vegeta'tum, to quicken; Vi'cis, change; Vi'ce, in place of; vegetation. vicar, vice-president, viceroy, vicissitude.

Vi'cus, a village; Vici'nus, near; vicinity.

Vid'eo, vi'sum, to see; advise, visible.

Ve'ho, vec'tum, to carry; convex, vehicle.

Vel'lo, vul'sum, to pluck; convulsion.

Vello, I cover; develop, envelop, revelation.

Velox, velo'cis, swift; velocity.
Ve'na, a blood-vessel; vein, venous.
Ven-e'num, poison; envenom, ven- | Vig'or, liveliness; invigorate, vigor-

Vid'uus, bereft; divide, individual.
Vig'il, awake, on the watch; vigi-



Ven'eror, venera'tus, to worship; Vi'lis, of small price; revile, vilify. veneration. Vil'la, a country-seat; village, villa. Vin'co, vic'tum, to conquer; convince, victor.

Vin'dex, vin'dicis, defender; vindicate.

Ven'ia, favor, grace, pardon; venial. Ven'io, ven'tum, to come; advent, convene, venture.

Ve'nor, I hunt; Vena'tio, a hunting; venison.

Ve'num, sale; Ven'do, ven'ditum, to sell; venal, vend, vendible, vendue.

Ven'ter, ven'tris, the belly; ventral,

Ven'tus, the wind; vent, ventilate.
Ver, the spring; vernal, vernation.
Ver'bum, a word; adverb, verbal,

Vet'o, I forbid, I prohibit; ve'to.
Vet'us, vet'eris, old; inveterate, vet-


Ver'dis, green; verdant, verdure.
Věr'eor, I stand in awe; revere,


Vi'num, wine; vine, vinegar, vintage. Vi'olo, viola'tum, to injure; inviolable.

Vir, a man; Vir'tus, bravery; decemvir, virile, virtue, virtual. Vi'rus, poison; virulent, virus. Vis'cum, glue, bird-lime; viscid. Vis'cus, vis'ceris, bowels; viscera, eviscerate.

Vit'ium, a fault; vice, vicious, vitiate.
Vi'to, vita'tum, to shun; inevitable.
Vit'rum, glass; vitreous, vitrify, vit-

Vitu'pero, vitupera'tum, to blame; | Vol'vo, volu'tum, to roll; evolve, vituperate.


Vi'vo, vic'tum, to live; Vi'ta, life;
convivial, revive, vital, vivify.
Voc'o, voca'tum, to call; Vox, vo'-
cis, the voice; convoke, invocate,
vocal, vowel.

Vol'o, vola'tum, to fly; volatile, vol- Vul'gus, the common people; diley.

vulge, vulgar.

Vol'o, vol'itum, to will; Volup'tas, pleasure; benevolent, voluntary, voluptuous.

Vul'nus, vulneris, a wound; vulnerable.

Vul'pes, a fox; vulpine.





A a.

в в в..

I Y.....
A S...

E e.....

Z .................. Ze'ta...............

Η η
E'ta..................ĕ long
.............. The'ta............... th
I .................. Io'ta............. i
K_K.................. Kap'pa........... .... k or c
A A.................. Lamb'da............ 1


.................. Mu.................... m




g hard


Eps'ilon...... .... ĕ short


Vo'ro, I devour; carnivorous, vora-
Vo'veo, vo'tum, to vow; devote,

Vulca'nus, the god of fire; volcano.

Ach'Ŏs, pain; ache.

A'ēr, the air; aerial, aeronaut.
A'gō, I lead; demagogue, peda-


A'gōn, a contest; agony.

Aisthe'sis, a sensation; anaesthetic

(producing insensibility). Akou'ō, I hear; acoustics.

Ak'rŎs, high; acrobat, acrostic.
Al'gos, pain; neuralgia.
Allax'is, a change; parallax.




E §.

O o.

II π..

P p..

Σo, final s........ Sig'ma.....
T T.................. Tau................. t


Y v.................. Ups'ilon............ u or y
X X................ Chi (ki)... ch
¥ .................. Psi.......................... ......... ps
..................... O'mega.............. ō long


X Omi'cron.......... Ŏ short



p r ..... 8


Kappa and Upsilon are much more frequently changed into c and y in English than into k and u; the latter is of rare occurrence.

In the following pages, Epsilon, Eta, Omicron and Omega are distinguished as above by the long and short marks. In aspirated words the h is inserted, and a departure from the Greek orthography has been occasionally adopted to preserve the true sound of the word; thus, aggèllō, I bring tidings, is written anggĕllō. G in Greek never has the sound of j; ou is always as in out; u as in rule; ai and ei like i in ice; ch like k. See page 59.

Alpha, the first Greek letter; alphabet.

An'ěmos, the wind; anemometer,


Ang'gello, I bring tidings; angel,

An'thos, a flower; anthology,
Anthropos, a man; anthropology.
Ar'che, beginning, empire; an-
archy, archetype.

Ar'gos, inactive; lethargy.

Allos, another; allegory, allopathy. | Aris'tos, best; aristocracy.

Arith'mŎs, a number; arithmetic.
Ark'tŎs, a bear; arctic.
Arō'ma, spicy flavor; aromatic.
As'kĕo, I exercise; ascetic.
As'tron, a star; asterisk, astronomy.
Ath'los, a combat; athletic.
Atmos, vapor; atmosphere.
Au'lŎs, a pipe; hydraulic.
Au'tos, one's self; autocrat, auto-

Bal'lō, I throw; ballistic, hyperbole,
parable, problem, symbol.
Bap'tō, I dip in water; baptize.
Ba'rŎs, weight; barometer, bari-

Ba'sis, foundation; base, debase.
Be'ta, the second Greek letter; al-

Bib'los, a book; bibliography, bible.
Bi'Ŏs, life; amphibious, biography.
Bŏl'bos, an onion; bulb, bulbous.
Bot'a-nē, an herb or plant; botany.
Bou'kŎlŎs, a herdsman; bucolic.
Brong'chos, the throat; bronchial.
Brot'os, mortal; ambrosia.
Cha'lups, very hard iron; chalyb-
eate (impregnated with iron).
Cha'Ŏs, a chasm or abyss; chuotic.
Cha'ris, favor, grace; eucharist.
Cheir (kir), the hand; chirography,

Chulos, juice, moisture; chyle.
Chu'mos, juice, liquid; chyme, chym-


Dai'mon, a spirit; demon, demoniac.
Dak'tylos, a finger; dactyl.
Da'maō, I overpower; adamant.
Děk'a, ten; decagon, decalogue.
Dĕ'mos, the people; democrat, epi-

Deu'těrŎs, the second; Deuteronomy.

DiploŎs, double; Diplō'ma, a du

Děn'dron, a tree; rhododendror.
Der'ma, the skin; epidermis.
Děs'po-tēs, a lord; despot, despotic.

plicate; diplomacy, diplomatic. Dŏt'ŏs, given; anecdote, antidote. Dox'a, notion, glory; doxology, paradox.

Dra'ō, I do; Dra'ma, an action; dra-

Drom'Ŏs, a race; dromedary.
Drūs, an oak; druid, dryad.
Du'namis, power; dynamic, dy-

Dūs, weakness, pain; dysentery,

E'cheō, I sound, I teach orally; catechize, echo.

Ei'dos, form; kaleidoscope, spheroid.

Ekklesia, an assembly; ecclesiastic. Elau'nō, I drive, I beat out; elastic. | El-ě-gei'a, a mournful poem; elegy. El-ěk'tron, amber; electricity, electric.


Ep'os, a word; epic, orthoepy.


Chlō'rŎs, green; Chlō'ē, grass; chlor- Er'ēmos, a desert; eremite, hermit. Er'gon, a work; energy, metallurgy. Chŏl'e, bile; choler, colic, melan- Es'o, within; esoteric (private). choly. Eth'nos, a nation; ethnical, ethnology.

Chō'rěō, I retire; anchoret or anchorite.

Eth'os, a custom; ethics, ethical.


Chris'tos, the anointed; Christ, Et'umos, true; etymon, etymology.
Eu, well; eulogy, euphony, evangel,
Ex'ō, outside; exoteric (external.

Chroma, color; achromatic, chrome.
Chron'Ŏs, time; chronic, chronicle.
Chru'sŎs, gold; chrysalis, chrysolite. | Ga'la, galak'tŏs, milk; galaxy.

El'ĕŏs, pity, alms; eleemosynary.
Em'ěō, to vomit; emetic.
En'těron, bowels; dysentery, mes-

En'tŎmos, cut into; En'tŏmŏn, an insect; entomology.

Ga'měō, I marry; amalgam (ama, together), bigamy, polygamy. Gas'ter, the belly; gastric, gastritis. Gē, the earth; geography, geology. Genna'ō, I produce; genealogy, genesis, palingenesis (paʼlin, again). Ginōs'kō, I know; diagnostic, gno

mon, physiognomy, prognosticate. Glött'a or Gloss'a, the tongue; glos

sary, glottis, polyglot. Glu'phō, I carve; glyph, hieroglyph. Gō'nia, an angle; diagonal, polygon.

Graph'ō, I write; Gram'ma, a writ- | I'sŎs, equal; isochronous, isosceles ing; diagram, grammar, graphic, telegraph.

(skělōs, leg).

Kai'ō, kau'sō, I burn; caustic, cau-

Güm'nos, naked; gymnastic.
Gu'nē, a woman; gynarchy.
Gu'rŎs, a circle; gyre, gyration.
Hai'ma, blood; hemorrhage, hemor-

Ka'kŎs, bad; cacophony (a bad


| Ka'lŏs, beautiful; caligraphy.
Kalūp'tō, 1 cover; apocalypse.

Hai'rěō, I lay hold of; Hai'rěsis, a Ka'lux, the cup of a flower; calyx.
taking for one's self; heresy.
Kan'Ŏn, a rule; canon, canonize.
Har'mos, a fitting; Har'mōzō, I Kar'dia, the heart; cardiac, pericar-
join; harmony.


Ken'tròn, a central point; centre, eccentric.

Hěd'ra, a seat; cathedral, polyedron.

Kěph'a-lē, the head; cephalic, aceph-
alous (without a head), hydroceph-

Hěk'aton, a hundred; hecatomb.
Helios, the sun; aphelion, helio-

Kĕr'as, a horn; rhinoceros (rhin, the


Koi'mao, I sleep; cemetery.

Hěl'lēn, a Greek; Hellenic, Hellen- Kŏm'ŏs, an ode; comedy, encomium. ist.

Kong'che, a shell; conch, conchology. Kō'nōps, a gnat; canopy (a net to keep off gnats).

Kŏs'mŎs, order, the world; cosmos, cosmopolite, cosmetic, cosmogony. Kra'nion, the skull; cranium, craniology.

Hěb'domos, the seventh; Hěb'dŏ

mas, a space of seven days; hebdomadal.

He'měra, a day; ephemeral.

Hē'mi, half; hemisphere, hemistich.
Hěp'ta, seven; heptagon, heptarchy.
Hět'ĕros, other; heterodox, hetero-

Hěx, six; hexagon, hexameter.
Hěx'is, a habit; hectic (habitual).
Hi'ĕros, sacred; hierarchy, hiero-

Kra'tos, might; aristocracy.
Krě'as, flesh; pancreatic.

Krüp'tō, I hide; crypt, apocrypha. Hip'pos, a horse; hippopotamus, Krūstal'lõs, clear ice; crystal, cryshippodrome. talline.

Hod'Ŏs, a way; method (měť'a, after), Kük'los, a circle; cycle, cyclopædia. exodus. Ku'ōn, a dog; cynic, cynosure.

Hŏl'Ŏs, the whole; catholic, holo- Kūs'tis, a bladder; cyst, encysted. caust. La'Ŏs, the people; laity, lay.

Leg'o, I choose; eclectic (choosing at

Hŏm'alos, even; anomalous.
Hom'ilos, an assembly; homily.
Hom'Ŏs, similar; homogeneous, ho-

Lei'pō, I leave; eclipse, ellipsis.
Le'the, forgetfulness; lethean, leth-

Lěx'is, a word; lexicon.

Li'thos, a stone; lithography, chrysolite.

Horizō, I divide, I bound; horizon.
Hu'dōr, water; hydrant, hydraulic.
Hum'nos, a hymn; anthem (anti and

Hy-ge'ia, the goddess of health; Log'Ŏs, a word, discourse; dialogue. hygienic. Lu'sis, a loosening; analysis, paralysis.

Ich'nos, a footprint; ichnography

(the ground-plan of a building). Ich'thus, a fish; ichthyology. Id'ios, peculiar to one's self; idiom,


Mach'omai, to fight; monomachy (single combat).

Mak'ros, large; macrocosm (the great world).

Io'ta, the name of the smallest let- Ma'nia, madness; maniac, monoter in the Greek alphabet.


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