Physics With Illustrative Examples From Medicine and Biology: Mechanics

Springer Science & Business Media, 9 Ιουν 2000 - 549 σελίδες
A reissue of a classic book, corrected, edited, and typeset, to be published in the Biological Physics Series. Intended for undergraduate courses in biophysics, biological physics, physiology, medical physics, and biomedical engineering, this book is an introduction to mechanics with examples and problems from the medical and biological sciences. The book covers standard topics of kinematics, dynamics,statics, momentum, and feeedback, control and stability but with emphasis on physical and biological systems. Chapters include problems and references. The book can be used as a supplement to standard introductory physics courses, and as a text for medical schools, medical physics courses, and biology departments. The three volumes combined present all the major topics in physics. Originally published in 1974 from the authors's typescript, this reissue will be edited, corrected, typeset, the art redrawn, and an index added. These books are being reissued by Springer in the Biological Physics Series in response to frequent requests to provide these texts to satisfy the growing need among students and practitioners in the medical and biological sciences with a working knowledge of the physical sciences. The books are also in demand in physics departments either as supplements to traditional intro texts or as main text for those departments offering courses with biological or medical physics orientation. A solutions manual will be available. The authors are recognized experts in the field, and are under contract for an upperlevel/grad text in biological physics. Benedeck was the recepient of the 1995 Irving Lanmuir Prize from the American Physical Society for Chemical Physics, and the 1994 Biological Physics Prize by the American Physical Society.

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Static Equilibrium and the Forces Acting on Muscles
Hip Joint
Pressure with Height
iii Buoyant Force on Bodies Immersed in a Fluid
iii Oxygen Storage and Delivery by the Blood
Work and Energy
iii Motion in a Nonuniform Gravitational Field
Feedback Control and Stability in Physical and Biological Systems
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