From palace to power: an illustrated history of Whitehall

Alpha Press, in association with Sussex Academic Press, 1995 - 212 σελίδες
From its early beginnings as a muddy track, later a site occupied by York Place, opulent London home of the archbishops of York; to the 23-acre conglomeration of offices and bedchambers, tennis courts and bowling greens that made up a royal palace, and the magnificent dream of Inigo Jones's designs for a new Whitehall Palace that was never realised; from the Great Fire that destroyed most of the earlier Whitehall to the rise of imposing government offices, and the architectural competitions that produced grandiose and ornate departments -- this lavishly illustrated and well-documented book juxtaposes the historical development and transformation of the buildings with the story of the political fortunes of their inhabitants.

The illustrations have been gathered from diverse sources: some hang as oil paintings in the corridors of power, known only to the privileged who occupy these offices. Others have been gleaned from contemporary journals, old sepia prints and postcards from the early days of the camera. Extended captions to the 120 illustrations, the 8-page coloured plate section, map endpapers -- as well as a select bibliography, chronology, list of statues in Whitehall, and index -- make this book easy to read and follow for the historian and the browser.

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