Mary's Grammar: Interspersed with Stories, and Intended for the Use of Children

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman, 1835 - 285 σελίδες
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Σελίδα 258 - I am. Thou art. He is. We are. You are. They are. I was. Thou wast He was. We were. You were. They were.
Σελίδα 46 - A verb is a word which signifies to be, to do, or to suffer ; as, I am — I rule — I am ruled.
Σελίδα 36 - AN or A is called the indefinite article, because it does not define or point out any particular object.
Σελίδα 101 - He started back with surprise, when he heard a small gentle voice speak as follows: — " The first thing I can remember was when I was only a grain of corn, lying in a large room, with a great many other grains. We remained there a long time ; when one day a man came and took out a quantity of us. He put us into a sack and carried us away.
Σελίδα 99 - Edward, a little boy six years old, was one day strolling about the garden, eating a large crust of bread; he threw himself on the grass, and lay idly basking in the sun. All at once there appeared before him a beautiful fairy, whose name was Instruction. Her dress shone with the brilliant colours of the rainbow, and she wore a crown of flowers on her head. In one hand she held a silver wand, with which she could perform wonderful things, and in the other a book, the leaves of which were all made...
Σελίδα 104 - We were then bound up in sheaves and set upright on the ground, leaning one against the other for support ; for, being separated from our roots in the ground, we were no longer able to stand upright. We remained some days and nights on the ground, and then we were put into a large cart, and carried to the rick-yard to be stacked.
Σελίδα 99 - ... rainbow, and she wore a crown of flowers on her head. In one hand she held a silver wand with which she could perform wonderful things, and in the other, a book, the leaves of which were all made of looking-glass, and which was no less wonderful than the wand. She smiled and looked so good-humouredly on Edward, that instead of being frightened he was quite pleased.
Σελίδα 12 - A Pronoun is a word used instead of a noun, to avoid the too frequent repetition of the same word: as, " The man is happy; he is benevolent; he is useful.
Σελίδα 100 - what shall I do when you are gone, and nothing to amuse me ?" " You seemed very well amused before I came," said the fairy, " lounging as you were on the grass, and eating your crust of bread." ** So I was," replied Edward; " but since you have shown me that pretty book I shall do nothing but long to see it again. I don't care for my crust of bread any longer.
Σελίδα 32 - An ARTICLE is a word prefixed to nouns, to point them out, and to show how far their signification extends ; as, a garden, the woman.

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