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Here, sullen to the Sight, at large is spread
The dull unweildy Mass of lumpish Lead.
There, glimm'ring in their dawning Beds, are seen
The more aspiring Seeds of sprightly Tin.
The * Copper sparkles next in rudy Streaks;
And in the Gloom betrays its glowing Cheeks.
The Silver then with bright and burnish'd Grace,
Youth and a blooming Lustre in its Face,
To th' Arms of those more yielding Metals flies,
And in the Folds of their Embraces lyes.
So close they cling, so stubbornly retire;
Their Love's more violent than the Chymist’s Fire.

Near These the Delegate with Wonder spies
Where Floods of living Silver serpentize:
Where richest Metals their bright Looks put on,
And Golden Streams thro' Amber Channels run.
Where Light's gay God descends to ripen Gems,
And lend a Lustre brighter than his Beams.

Here he observes the Subterranean Cells,
Where wanton Nature sports in idle Shells.
Some Helicoeids, some Conical appear;
These, Miters emulate; Those, Turbans are.
Here Marcasites in various Figure wait,
To ripen to a true Metallick State:
'Till Drops that from impending Rocks descend
Their Substance petrifie, and Progress end.



* See Yald on Mines.

73 Here 2_4
75 There l-4

76 more fehlt 11 Wi haben dafür light 77 Note fehlt 1 | ruddy 1-6 81 To th' Arms of those more yeilding Metals flyes; (Alyes, 2–4] 1-4 82 lies. 2_4

86 Where living Floods of Merc'ry serpentize: 87 Looks ] Beams 1 88 While Silver Streams thro' Golden Channels run. 89-90 fehlen in 24

91 Kein neuer Abschnitt 1–4 || subterranean 1-4 94 emulate, 4* || are:

97 descend, 1_4


93 appear,


Nigh, livid Seas of kindled Sulphur flow;
And whilst enrag'd, their Fiery Surges glow:

100 Convulsions in the lab'ring Mountains rise, And hurl their melted Vitals to the Skies.

He views with Horror next the noisy Cave, Where with hoarse Dinn imprison'd Tempests rave: Where clam'rous Hurricanes attempt their Flight, 105 Or, whirling in tumultuous Eddies, fight. The warring Winds unmov'd Hygeia heard, Brav'd their loud Jars, but much for Celsus fear'd. Andromeda, so whilst her Heroe fought, Shook for his Danger, but her own forgot.

110 And now the Goddess with her Charge descends, Where scarce one chearful Glimpse their Steps befriends. Here his forsaken Seat old Chaos keeps; And undisturb’d by Form, in Silence sleeps. A grisly Wight, and hideous to the Eye;

115 An aukward Lump of shapeless Anarchy. With sordid Age his Features are defac'd; His Lands unpeopled, and his Countries waste. To these dark Realms much learned Lumber creeps, There copious M-safe in Silence sleeps.

120 Where Mushroom Libels in Oblivion lye, And, soon as born, like other Monsters die. Upon a Couch of Jett in these Abodes, Dull Night, his melancholy Consort, nods.

101 Lab'ring 1-4

102 And ) Which 1—4 103 Cave; 1-4 104 dinn l-4 Dinns 8–11 dins W || th'imprison'di 105 Clam'rous L4 107–110 fehlen in 1-4

112 cheerful 1-2 116 awkard 24 117 sordid ] forged '— 10 || defac'd, 1-4

118 unpeopl'd, 16.6 119—120 lauteten in :

Here Lumber, undeserving Light, is kept,

And P-p's Bill to this dark Region's swept: 120 Morton Wi 121 in Oblivion lye, ) silently retire; 1-4 122 like other Monsters die. ) with Decency expire. 1-4




No Ways and Means their Cabinet employ;
But their dark Hours they waste in barren Joy.

Nigh this Recess, with Terror they survey,
Where Death maintains his dread tyrannick Sway;
In the close Covert of a Cypress Grove,
Where Goblins frisk, and airy Spectres rove,
Yawns a dark Cave, with awful Horror wide;
And there the Monarch's Triumphs are descrg'd.
Confus'd, and wildly huddled to the Eye,
The Beggar's Pouch and Prince's Purple lye.
Dim Lamps with sickly Rays scarce seem to glow;
Sighs heave in mournful Moans, and Tears o'er-flow.
Restless Anxiety, forlorn Despair,
And all the faded Family of Care.
Old mouldring Urns, Racks, Daggers and Distress
Make up the frightful Horror o' the Place.

Within its dreadful Jaws those Furies wait,
Which execute the harsh Decrees of Fate.
* Febris is first: The Hag relentless hears
The Virgin's Sighs; and sees the Infant's Tears.
In her parch'd Eye-Balls fiery Meteors reign;
And restless Ferments revel in each Vein.

Then Hydrops next appears among the Throng;
Bloated, and big, she slowly sails along.
But, like a Miser, in Excess she 's poor;
And pines for Thirst amidst her wat’ry Store.

Now loathsom ** Lepra, that offensive Spright,




[ocr errors]

in 1-4


# Feaver. + Dropsie.

** Leprosie. 128 Sway: 1–4. o

129 1'th' middle of a dusky Cypress Grove, 131 with awful Horror ) most formidably 1–4. 6 133–140 fehlen

133 huddl'd 137–138 fehlen in o 139 Racks, Daggers and Distress ) pale Fear, and dark Distress o 141 Kein neuer Abschnitt 1_4 143 Die Fußnote fehlt in L_ || Hagg 1-4 145 Eyeballs 2_4. 6 147 Note fehlt 1-4 || Throng;

149 Excess, ? 151 Kein neuer Abschnitt 1 || Note fehlt 1-4.




With foul Eruptions stain'd, offends the Sight.
Still deaf to Beauty's soft-persuading Pow'r:
Nor can bright Hebe's Charms her Bloom secure.

Whilst meager * Phtisis gives a silent Blow;
Her Stroaks are sure; but her Advances slow.
No loud Alarms, nor fierce Assaults are shown:
She starves the Fortress first; then takes the Town.
Behind stood Crouds of much inferiour Name,
Too num'rous to repeat, too foul to name;
The Vassals of their Monarch's Tyranny:
Who, at his Nod, on fatal Errands fly.

Now Celsus, with his glorious Guide, invades
The silent Region of the fleeting Shades:
Where Rocks, and ruful Desarts are descry'd;
And sullen Styx rolls down his lazy Tide.
Then shews the Ferry-man the Plant he bore,
And claims his Passage to the further Shore.
To whom the Stygian Pilot smiling, said,
You need no Pass-port to demand our Aid.
Physicians never linger on this Strand:
Old Charon's present at their Command.
Our awful Monarch and his Consort owe
To them the Peopling of their Realms below.
Then in his swarthy Hand he grasp'd bis Oar,
Receiv'd his Guests aboard, and shov'd from Shoar.

Now, as the Goddess and her Charge prepare
To breath the Sweets of soft Elysian Air;
Upon the Left they spy a pensive + Shade,
Who on his bended Arm had rais'd his Head :




* Consumption. + See the Allusion, Virg. Æn. B. 6.

155 Kein neuer Abschnitt ' || In 1–3 die Note am rechten Rand || Phthisis l__4 159 Neuer Abschnitt 1 164 Shades. 1 shades. 2_4 165 Rocks l_m4 166 rouls 2—4 172 Charon ne'er refuses LS || present still 9–11. W 1 177 Now 6 178 breathe 1__3

179 left 16

Pale Grief sate heavy on his mournful Look:
To whom, not unconcern'd, thus Celsus spoke:

Tell me, thou much afflicted Shade, why Sighs
Burst from your Breast, and Torrents from your Eyes:
And who those mangled Manes are, which show

185 A sullen Satisfaction at your Woe?

Since, said the Ghost, with Pity you'll attend, Know, I'm Guiäcum, once your firmest Friend, And on this barren Beach in Discontent Am doom'd to stay, 'till th' angry Pow'rs relent. 190 Those Spectres seam'd with Scars that threaten there, The Victims of my late ill Conduct are. They vex with endless Clamours my Repose: This wants his Palate; That demands his Nose : And here they execute stern Pluto's Will,

195 To ply me ev'ry moment with a Pill.

Then Celsus thus: O much lamented State! How rigid is the Sentence you relate ? Methinks I recollect your former Air, But ah, how much you 're chang'd from what you were ! 200 Insipid as your late Ptisans you lye, That once were sprightlier far than Mercury. At the sad Tale you tell, the Poppies weep, And mourn their vegetable Souls asleep. The unctuous Larix, and the healing Pine

205 Lament your Fate in Tears of Turpentine. But still the Off-spring of your Brain shall prove The Grocers Care, and brave the Rage of Jove: When Bonfires blaze, your Vagrant Works shall rise


181 careful 1_3
183 Thou 1–4. 6

184 Eyes 185 mangl’d
187 Kein neuer Abschnitt 2-4 188 Guiacum, --- || firmest ) valu'd
189 Discontent, 1-4. 8

190 stay

194 Nose. ? 196 To ] Ando 198 How moving's the Disaster you relate ? 1 || relate! 2_4 201-210 fehlen in _4

207 Offspring 6.9–11. Wi 208 Grocer's 8.B-11. WI Garth-Leicht, Dispensary.


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