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In Rockets, 'till they reach the wond'rings Skies. 210

If Mortals e'er the Stygian Pow'rs cou'd bend,
Entreaties to their awful Seats I'd send.
But since no human Arts the Fates dissuade;
Direct me how to find bless'd Harvy's Shade.
In vain th' unhappy Ghost still urg'd his Stay;

215 Then rising from the Ground, he shew'd the Way.

Nigh the dull Shoar a shapeless Mountain stood,
That with a dreadful Frown survey'd the Flood.
Its fearful Brow no lively Greens put on,
No frisking Goats bound o'er the ridgy Stone.

220 To gain the Summit the bright Goddess try'd, And Celsus follow'd, by degrees, his Guide.

Th’ Ascent thus conquer'd, now they tow'r on high,
And taste th' Indulgence of a milder Sky.
Loose Breezes on their airy Pinions play,

Soft Infant Blossoms their chaste Odours pay,
And Roses blush their fragrant Lives away.
Cool Streams thro' flow'ry Meadows gently glide;
And as They pass, their painted Banks they chide.
These blissful Plains no Blights, nor Mildews fear,

230 The Flow'rs ne'er fade, and Shrubs are Myrtles here. The Morn awakes the Tulip from her Bed; E’er Noon in painted Pride she decks her Head: Roab'd in rich Dye, she triumphs on the Green, And ev'ry Flow'r does Homage to their Queen.

235 So when bright Venus rises from the Flood, Around in Throngs the wond'ring Nereids crowd; The Tritons gaze, and tune each vocal Shell, And ev'ry Grace unsung the Waves conceal.

211 Kein neuer Abschnitt 1 || bend; :- 215 His 2 ll stay, ? stay;!-4 216 way. 1.- 219 puts 1–4 223 They l-4.8 An Stelle von 231-232 haben 1-4.6: And with refreshing Sweets perfume the way. (Way.] 228 Cold 1-4 | glide ; 1-4 231 ne’re * || there. L: 232–239 fehlen in 1-4

The Delegate observes, with wond'ring Eyes,

240 Ambrosial Dews descend, and Incense rise. Then hastens onward to the pensive Grove, The silent * Mansion of disastrous Love. Here Jealousy with Jaundice Looks appears, And broken Slumbers, and fantastick Fears.

245 The widow'd Turtle hangs her moulting Wings, And to the Woods in mournful Murmurs sings. No Winds but Sighs are there, no Floods but Tears, Each conscious Tree a Tragick Signal bears. Their wounded. Bark records some broken Vow,

250 And Willow Garlands hang on ev'ry Bough.

Olivia here in Solitude he found,
Her down-cast Eyes fix'd on the silent Ground:
Her Dress neglected, and unbound her Hair,
She seem'd the mournful Image of Despair.

How lately did this celebrated Thing
Blaze in the Box, and sparkle in the Ring,
Till the Green-sickness and Love's Force betray'd
To Death's remorsless arms th' unhappy Maid.
All o'er confus'd the guilty Lover stood,

260 The Light forsook his Eyes, his Cheeks the Blood; An Icy Horrour shiver'd in his Look, As to the cold-complexion'd Nymph He spoke :

Tell me, dear Shade, from whence such anxious Care, Your Looks disorder'd, and your Bosom bare ?

265 Why thus you languish like a drooping Flow'r, Crush'd by the weight of some unfriendly Show'r?

* See Virg. Æn. B. 6.


11. W


240 wondring || Eyes 243 Mansion 1–4 Die Note fehlt 1-4 244—247 fehlen in 1-4 251 Willough24 252 Olivia ] His Mistress L U solitude 2-4 255 mournful ] dying ll image 258 Greensickness :_ || force 1-4 260 All o'er ] Cold and 1-4 262 icy L-4. 263 Then softly in these gentle words, He spoke: 266 Flow'r. 6 267 unfriendly ) relentless 11. W 1 || shower.

Your languid Looks, your late ill Conduct tell;
O that instead of Trash you'd taken Steel!
Stabb'd with th' unkind Reproach, the Conscious Maid

Thus to her late insulting Lover said;
When Ladies listen not to loose Desire,
You stile our Modesty, our want of Fire.
Smile or Forbid, Encourage or Reprove,
You still find Reasons to believe we love:

275 Vainly you think a Liking, we betray, And never mean the peevish Things we say. Few are the Fair Ones of Rusilla's Make, Unask'd she grants, uninjur'd she'll forsake: But sev'ral Caelia's, sev'ral Ages boast,

That like, where Reason recommends the most.
Where heav'nly Truth and Tenderness conspire,
Chaste Passion may persuade us to desire.

Your Sex, he cry'd, as Custom bids, behaves;
In Forms the Tyrant tyes such haughty Slaves.
To do nice Conduct Right, you Nature wrong;
Impulses are but weak, where Reason's strong.
Some want the Courage oft, but Few the Flame;
They like the Thing, that startle at the Name.
The lonely Phoenix, tho' profess'd a Nun,

Warms into Love, and kindles at the Sun.
Those Tales of spicy Urns and fragrant Fires,
Are but the Emblems of her scorch'd Desires.

Then as he strove to clasp the fleeting Fair, His empty Arms confess'd th' impassive Air.

295 From his Embrace th' unbody'd Spectre flies, And as she mov'd, she chid him with her Eyes. 268 Your languid Looks, ) Your pale Complexion 1-: || ill fehlt in

269 Steel. 1 270—293 fehlen in 1-4 278-283 fehlen in 6 284 Custom, reply'd the Lover, is your Guide, 6 285 Discretion is but Fear, and Honour, Pride 6 289 the Courage, but how ) th' Assurance oft, but 294 Kein neuer Abschnitt 1-4 296 The umbody'd 1-4 297 She 6



Il tell,




They hasten now to that delightful Plain,
Where the glad Manes of the Bless'd remain :
Where Harvy gathers Simples to bestow,
Immortal Youth on Heroe's Shades below.
Soon as the bright Hygeia was in view,
The Venerable Sage her Presence knew.
Thus He

Hail, blooming Goddess! Thou propitious Pow'r,
Whose Blessings Mortals more than Life implore.
With so much Lustre your bright Looks endear,
That Cottages are Courts where Those appear.
Mankiod, as you vouchsafe to Smile or Frown,
Finds Ease in Chains, or Anguish in a Crown.

With just Resentments and Contempt you see
The foul Dissentions of the Faculty;
How your sad sick’ning Art now hangs her Head,
And once a Science, is become a Trade.
Her Sons ne'er rifle her Mysterious Store,
But study Nature less, and Lucre more.
Not so when Rome to th' Epidaurian rais'd
A *Temple where devoted Incense blaz'd.
Oft Father Tyber views the holy Fire,
As the learn'd Son is worship’t like the Sire.
The Sage with Romulus like Honours claim;
The Gift of Life and Laws were then the same.




* A Temple built at Rome, in the Island of Tyber, to Æsculapius Son of Apollo.

301 Heroes 2-4 305 Goddess, 306 more than ) next to 1-4 307 Such Graces in your heav'nly Eyes appear,

308 where Those appear. ) when you are there. 1–4 309 smile 1–4 || frown, 1-4 310 ease

L* || anguish 1-4 311 Kein neuer Abschnitt 2.4 312 foul]
Il Faculty. 1–4.6

313 How sick’ning Physick hangs her pensive Head, 314 And ) And what was || is become 1 now's l_4

317–322 fehlen in 1-6 319 lofty –11. W

mean l-4.6


I show'd of old, how vital Currents glide,
And the Meanders of their refluent Tide.
Then, Willis, why spontaneous Actions here,

And whence involuntary Motions there:
And how the Spirits, by Mechanick Laws,
In wild Careers, tumultuous Riots cause.
Nor wou'd our Wharton, Bates and Glisson lye
In the Abyss of blind Obscurity.

330 But now such wondrous Searches are forborn, And Paean's Art is by Division torn. Then let your Charge attend, and I'll explain How her lost Health your Science may regain. Haste, and the matchless Atticus Address,

335 From Heav'n and great Nassau he has the Mace. Th' oppress'd to his Asylum still repair; Arts he supports, and Learning is his Care. Ho softens the harsh Rigour of the Laws, Blunts their keen Edge, and grinds their Harpy Claws; 340 And graciously he casts a pitying Eye On the sad State of virtuous Poverty. Whene'er he speaks, Heav'ns! how the list’ning Throng Dwells on the melting Musick of his Tongue. His Arguments are Emblems of his Mein,

345 Mild, but not faint; and forcing, tho' serene; And when the Pow'r of Eloquence He'd try, Here, Light'ping strikes you; there, soft Breezes sigh.

To him you must your sickly State refer, Your Charter claims Him as your Visiter.




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326 motions,

327 Spirits
ll mechanick 1-4. 6

329 Bates ] Ent?

332 Divisions 1-4 334 How Physick her lost Lustre may regain. 1-4 || 336 Heav'n, 1-4 338 He __ || care. 339 rigour 1-4 340 grinds ] cuts 1-4. 6 | Happy Druckfehler Harpy 1_4. 6. 2_-11. w1

342 state 1–4 || vertuous 1-4 345 th' Emblems l_ || Mien, 2-4 346 faint, 1—4

|| Eloquence, 348 Here 2-4 || you, there 2-4 349 state 1-4

347 power


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