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He spoke; and on the Pyramid he laid
Bay-Leaves and Vipers Hearts, and thus he said;
As These consume in this mysterious Fire,
So let the curs'd * Dispensary expire;
And as Those crackle in the Flames, and die,
So let its Vessels burst, and Glasses fly.
But a sinister Cricket straight was heard,
The Altar fell, the Off’ring disappear'd.
As the fam'd Wight the Omen did regret,
Squirt brought the News the Company was met.

Nigh were Fleet-Ditch descends in sable Streams,
To wash his sooty Nuiads in the Thames;
There stands a “Structure on a rising Hill,
Where Tyro's take their Freedom out to kill.
Some Pictures in these dreadful Shambles tell,
How, by the Delian God, the Pithon fell;
And how Medea did the Philter brew,
That cou'd in Æson's Veins young Force renew.
How mournful ** Myrrha for her Crimes appears,
And heals hysterick Matrons still with Tears;
How Mentha and Althea, Nymphs no more,
Revive in sacred Plants, and Health restore.
How sanguine Swains their am'rous Hours repent,
When Pleasure's past, and Pains are permanent;
And how frail Nymphs, oft by Abortion, aim
To lose a Substance, to preserve a Name.




* See the Allusion Theoc. Pharm.
Apothecaries Hall.
** See Ovid Met.

132 Viper's 2_4

138 and th'Offring,' 135 Those nicht kursiv gedruckt in 24

143 Note am inneren Rand in 14 146 God 1 148 force 1 +

149–152 fehlen in 1-4 149–150 In healing Tears how Myrrha mourn'd her Fall, And what befel the beauteous Criminal. 153 Amorous 155 Abortion 14



Soon as each Member in his Rank was plac'd,
Th' Assembly Diasenna thus address'd.

My kind Confederates, if my poor Intent,
As 'tis sincere, had been but prevalent,
We here had net on some more safe Design,
And on no other Bus’ness but to Dine;
The Faculty had still maintain'd their Sway,
And Int'rest then had bid us to obey;
This only Emulation we had known,
Who best cou'd fill his Purse, and thin the Town.
But now from gath’ring Clouds Destruction pours,
Which ruins with mad Rage our Halcyon Hours:
Mists from black Jealousies the Tempest form,
Whilst late Divisions reinforce the Storm.
Know, when these Feuds, like those at Law, are past,
The Winners will be Losers at the last.
Like Heroes in Sea Fights we seek Renown,
To fire some Hostile Ship, we burn our own.
Who-e're throws Dust against the Wind, descries
He throws it, in effect, but in his Eyes.
That Juggler which another's Slight will show,
But teaches how the World his own may know.

Thrice happy were those golden Days of old,
When dear as Burgundy, Ptisans were sold;
When Patients chose to die with better Will,
Than breathe and pay th' Apothecary's Bill.




157 Kein neuer Abschnitt 1-4 158 address'd: 1-4 159 Confed' rates 24. 6

160 prevalent;' 161 We'd met upon a more serene Design, ' || more safe ) serene 2–4. 0 164 Interest 2-4 || then fehlt 1|| bid] directed 1 taught 2–4. 6 || t' obey.' but obey; 11. W1 165 Then we'd this only Emulation known, 1-4 168 Which ] And 1 | ruins ] threatens l_ || rage 1-4 || hours: 2–4 170 Whilst ] And 1 174 Fire L 175—176 fehlen in 1-3. 6 177 Jugler 1-4. 6 179 Kein neuer Abschnitt 1-4 180 sold. 1 181 will,

182 Than live to pay -4.8 || th' Apothecaries 1





And cheaper than for our Assistance call,
Might go to Aix or Bourbon, Spring and Fall.

Then Priests increas'd, and Piety decay'd,
Churchmen the Church's Purity betray'd.
Their Lives and Doctrine, Slaves and Atheists made.
The Laws were but the hireling Judge's Sense;
Juries were sway'd by vepal Evidence.
Fools were promoted to the Council-Board,
Tools to the Bench, and Bullies to the Sword.
Pensions in private were the Senate's Aim;
And Patriots for a Place abandon'd Fame.

But now no influencing Art remains,
For S-rs has the Seal, and Nassau reigns.
And we, in spight of our Resolves, must bow,
And suffer by a Reformation too.
For now late Jars our Practices detect,
And Mines, when once discover'd, lose Effect.
Diesentions, like small Streams, are first begun,
Scarce seen they rise, but gather as they run:
So Lines that from their Parallel decline,
More they proceed, the more they still dis-join.
'Tis therefore my Advice, in haste we send,
And beg the Faculty to be our Friend;
Send swarms of Patients, and our Quarrels end.
So awful Beadles, if the Vagrant treat,
Strait turn familiar, and their Fasces quit.




183 cheaper, 184 Might yield to Fine for Sheriff Spring and Fall." || Bourbon 2-4 184 Wi hat nach V. 184 die VV. 198-203 als Anmerkung 185—197 fehlen in 1-3 185 Then Priesthood thriv'd, and Piety decay'd ; * 186-193 lauteten in 4:

And Senates gave their Votes as They were paid.
Right was adjudg'd as Favour did prevail,

And Burgesses were made by nappy Ale. 195 Somers W1 198 For] But 1-4 199 And ] For 1-4 || th’Effect. 1.4 203 proceed, ] advance, 1-4.6 203 W 1 hat VV. 204--205 und 2114212 1_48 als Anm. zu V. 203. 205 Friend. 1_4.6 206 - 208 fehlen in 1-4.6




In vain we but contend, that Planet's Pow'r
Those Vapours can disperse It rais'd before.

As He prepar'd the Mischief to recite,
Keen Colocynthis paus’d and foam'd with Spight.
Sow'r Ferments on his shining Surface swim,
Work up to Froth, and bubble o'er the Brim:
Not Beauties fret so much if Freckles come,
Or Nose shou'd redden in the Drawing Room;
Or Lovers that mistake th' appointed Hour,
Or in the lucky Minute want the Pow'r.

Thus He Thou Scandal of great Pæan's Art,
At thy Approach, the Springs of Nature start,
The Nerves unbrace: Nay, at the Sight of thee,
A Scratch turns Cancer, Itch a Leprosie.
Cou'dst thou propose, That we, the Friends o' Fates,
Who fill Church-yards, and who unpeople States,
Who baffle Nature, and dispose of Lives,
Whilst Russel, as we please, or starves, or thrives,
Shou'd e'er submit to their despotick Will,
Who out o' Consultation scarce can kill?
The tow'ring Alps shall sooner sink to Vales,
And Leaches, in our Glasses, swell to Whales;
Or Norwich trade in Implements of Steel,
And Bromingham in Stuffs and Druggets deal!
Allys at Wapping furnish us new Modes,
And Monmouth street, Versailles with Riding-hoods;



fehlt in 1_4. 6

209-210 fehlen in 1-4 211—212 As he revolving stood to speak the rest, Rough Colocynthis thus his Rage express'd. [exprest: -471-4.6 213—218 fehlen in 1-4. 6 219 Thus He

1 great ) the mighty 1.-4.8 || Pæans 1-4 220 approach, 1-4 221 sight 1-4 222 th' Itch 1 - 4 223


that we 226 thrives; 1-6 227 despotick] imperious l_ * Imperious 226 The tow'ring] Th' aspiring 230 Whales, 231 Implements ] instruments Wi 232 deal: 1-4 233—234 fehlen in 1.-4. 6






The Sick to th’ Hundreds in pale Throngs repair,
And change the Gravel-Pits for Kentish Air.
Our Properties must on our Arms depend;
'Tis next to Conquer, bravely to Defend.
'Tis to the Vulgar, Death too harsh appears ;
The Ill we feel is only in our Fears.

To Die, is Landing on some silent Shoar,
Where Billows never break, nor Tempests roar:
E'er well we feel the friendly Stroke, 'tis o'er.
The Wise thro' Thought th’ Insults of Death defy;
The Fools, thro' bless'd Insensibility.
Tis what the Guilty fear, the Pious crave;
Sought by the Wretch, and vanquish'd by the Brave.
It eases Lovers, sets the Captive free;
And tho' a Tyrant, offers Liberty.

Sound but to Arms, the Foe shall soon confess
Our Force encreases, as our Funds grow less;
And what requir'd such Industry to raise,
We'll scatter into nothing as we please.
Thus they 'll acknowledge, to Annihilate
Shews no less wondrous Pow'r than to Create.
We'll raise our num'rous Cohorts and oppose
The feeble Forces of our pigmy Foes;
Legions of Quacks shall join us on the Place,
From Great Kirleus down to Doctor Case.
Tho' such vile Rubbish sink, yet we shall rise;
Directors still secure the greatest Prize.
Such poor Supports serve only like a Stay;
The Tree once fix'd, its Rest is torn away.




fess 14

235 in pale Throngs ] sooner shall 24. 6 236 Kentish ] Essex 1-4 237—249 fehlen in 1_4 250 No, no, the Faculty shall soon con

254 they'l 1. 3—4 || acknowledge 1 || Annihilate, ? 255 Shows [Shews ') as immense à Power [Pow'r 2-4) as

to Create. 1-: 257 Pigmy 258 Legions ] Whole Troops 1–6. 8 || joyn' 259 Kirleus, ' 260 rise, ' 262 Poor 1-4

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