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Ηλεκτρ. έκδοση

* Arms meet with Arms, Fauchions with Fauchions clash, 180 And sparks of Fire struck out from Armour flash. Thick Clouds of Dust contending Warriors raise, And hideous War o'er all the Region brays. + Some raging ran with huge Herculean Clubs, Some massy Balls of Brass, some mighty Tubs

185 Of Cynders bore. ** Naked and half burnt Hills with hideous Wreck. Affright the Skies, and fry the Ocean's Back.

As he went rumbling on, the Fury strait
Crawld in, her Limbs cou'd scarce support her Weight. 190
A rufull Rag her meager Forehead bound,
And faintly her furr'd Lips these Accents sound.

Mortal, how dar'st thou with such Lines adress
My awful Seat, and trouble my Recess?
In Essex Marshy Hundreds is a Cell,

Where lazy Fogs, and drisling Vapours dwell:
Thither raw Damps on drooping Wings repair,
And shiv'ring Quartans shake the sickly Air.
There, when fatigu'd, some silent Hours I pass,
And substitute Physicians in my place.


* K. Arth. p. 307.

* K. Ar. p. 327.

** Pr. Ar. p. 130.

180—188 haben in 1–4 Anführungszeichen am Anfang jeder Zeile, doch fehlt der Cursivdruck.

180 met 2_3

183 o’re 1-4 187 half burnt 1–4 || Hulls, 1–4 || wreck, 1-4 Hinter 188 folgen in 1-4 folgende VV. Die Noten finden sich nur in 1:

„* High Rocks of Snow, and sailing Hills of Ice,
„Against each other with a mighty crash,
„Driven by the Winds, in rude rencounter dash.
„+ Blood, Brains, and Limbs did the high Walls distain,
„And all around lay squallid Heaps of Slain.


* Pr. Ar. p. 136. * K. Ar. p. 189. 189 straight 191 rufull ] noysom

1_4 noisom 6 ruful 11 rueful W? || meager Forehead) pensive Temples

meagre Forehead 10. wi 192 parch'd 14.0 196 drizzling Wi 199 Neuer Abschnitt 1_?




Then dare not, for the future, once rehearse
The Dissonance of such untuneful Verse.
But in your Lines let Energy be found,
And learn to rise iu Sense, and sink in Sound.
Harsh Words, tho' pertinent, uncouth appear,
None please the Fancy, who offend the Ear.
In Sense and Numbers if you wou'd excel.
Read W-, consider D-n well.
In one, what vig'rous Turns of Fancy shine,
In th'other, Syrens warble in each Line.
If D-s sprightly Muse but touch the Lyre,
The Smiles and Graces melt in soft Desire,
And little Loves confess their am'rous Fire.
The gentle Isis claims the Ivy Crown,
To bind th' immortal Brows of A-n.
As tuneful C-greve tries his rural Strains,
Pan quits the Woods, the list’ning Fawns the Plains;
And Philomel, in Notes like his, complains.
And Britain, since Pausanias was writ,
Knows Spartan Virtue, and Athenian Wit.
When St, paints the Godlike Acts of Kings,
Or, what Apollo dictates, P- sings:
The Banks of Rhine a pleas’d Attention show,
And Silver Sequana forgets to flow.

Such just Examples carefully read o'er,



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1-4. 6

unequal 1_4.6

202 Th' offensive Discord of such hideous Verse. 1-2 || untuneful ] 205 words,

208 W-y,

1-4 Wicherley W'! D-den 1-4. 6 Dryden W1 209 vigorous

211 D-sets l_4 Dset’86 D'88-11 Dorset's W1 212 desire, 1–4 213 amorous 1-4 Hinter 213 folgen in 1-4, sowie in W (hier als Anm.) die Verse:

The Tyber now no gentle (courtly 2–4] Gallus sees,

But smiling Thames enjoys his Nbys. [Nobys. 2–4 Normanby. W] 214 The ] And 1-4 215 A-son 1–4. 6 Addison. Wi 216 Congreve Wi|| trys

221 St-ny

Stepney W1 222 Or Psome Facetious Fancy sings ' || P—, 2–4 Prior W 225 o're, 1-6



Slide without falling, without straining, soar.
Oft tho' your Stroaks surprize, you shou'd not chuse
A Theme so mighty for a Virgin Muse.
Long did * Apelles his Fam'd Piece decline,
His Alexander was his last Design,

230 'Tis M-ue's rich Vein alone must prove, None but a Phidias shou'd attempt a Jove.

The Fury paus'd 'till with a frightful Sound A rising Whirlwind burst the unhallow'd Ground, Then she – The Deity we Fortune call,

235 Tho' distant, rules and influences all. Strait for her Favour to her Court repair, Important Embassies claim Wings of Air.

Each wond'ring stood, but Horoscope's great Soul That Dangers ne'er alarm, nor Doubts controul;

240 Rais'd on the Pinions of the bounding Wind, Out-flew the Rack, and left the Hours behind.

The Ev’ning now with Blushes warms the Air, The Steer resigns the Yoke, the Hind his Care. The Clouds aloft with golden Edgings glow,

245 And falling Dews refresh the Earth below. The Bat with sooty Wings flits thro' the Grove, The Reeds scarce rustle, nor the A spine move, And the feather'd Folks forbear their Lays of love. Thro' the transparent Region of the Skies,

250 * See Hor. B. 2, Ep. 1, Plin. Plut. Cic. Ep. Val. Max. 226 sore. 227 Strokes 10.-11. Wi || choose,

229 Appelles 1-4 231 M-gue's 1–4. 6 Montague's Wi 233–363 fehlen in 1–4, Canto IV hinter V. 232 mit folgenden 4 Versen schließt:

The Fury said; and vanishing from Sight,
[She said; and as She vanish't from their Sight, ']
Cry'd out [She cry'd, 'l to Arms; so left the Realms of Light.
The Combatants to th’ Enterprize consent,

And the next Day smild on the great Event. 234 th'unhallow'd 6. 9-11. w1

238 claim ) ask 11. WI

240 control; 246 Earth ] Flow'rg 6 249 And ] And all 11. W 1




Swift as a Wish the Missionary Aies.
With Wonder he surveys the upper Air,
And the gay gilded Meteors sporting there.
How lambent Jellies kind'ling in the Night,
Shoot thro' the Æther in a Trail of Light.

How rising Steams in th' azure Fluid blend,
Or fleet in Clouds, or in soft Show'rs descend;
Or if the stubborn Rage of Cold prevail,
In Flakes they fly, or fall in moulded Hail.

How Hony Dews embalm the fragrant Morn, 260 And the fair Oak with luscious Sweats adorn. How Heat and Moisture mingle in a Mass, Or belch in Thunder, or in Lightning blaze. Why nimble Coruscations strike the Eye, And bold Tornado's bluster in the Sky.

265 Why a prolifick Aura upwards tends, Ferments, and in a living Show'r descends. How Vapours hanging on the tow'ring Hills In Breezes sigb, or weep in warbling Rills Whence Infant Winds their tender Pinions try,

270 And River Gods their thirsty Urns supply.

The wond'ring Sage pursues his airy Flight,
And braves the chill unwholesome Damps of Night;
He views the Tracts where Lumiparies rove,
To settle Seasons here, and Fates above.

The bleak Arcturus still forbid the Seas,
The stormy Kidds, the weeping Hyades:
The shining * Lyre with Strains attracting more
Heav’n’s glitt'ring Mansions now, than + Hell's before.
Glad Cassiopeia circling in the Sky,

280 And each bright Churchil of the Galaxy.

* Orpheus's Harp made a Constellation.

+ See Manil. 260 honey-dews W 277 kids, Wi 281 bright ) brave W1 || Churchill




Aurora on Etesian Breezes born,
With blushing Lips breaths out the sprightly Morn;
Each Flow'r in Dew their short-liv'd Empire weeps,
And Cynthia with her lov'd Endymion sleeps.
As thro' the Gloom the Magus cuts his Way,
Imperfect Objects tell the doubtful Day.
Dim he discerns Majestick Atlas rise,
And bend beneath the Burthen of the Skies.
His tow'ring Brows aloft no Tempests know,
Whilst Light’ning flies, and Thunder rolls below.

Distant from hence, beyond a waste of Plains,
Proud Teneriff his Giant Brother reigns,
With breathing Fire his pitchy Nostrils glow,
As from his Sides he shakes the fleecy Snow.
Around this hoary Prince, from wat'ry Beds,
His Subject Islands raise their verdant Heads;
The Waves so gently wash each rising Hill
The Land seems floating, and the Ocean still.

Eternal Spring with smiling Verdure here
Warms the mild Air, and crowns the youthful year.
From Crystal Rocks transparent Riv'lets flow,
The tub'rose ever breathes, and Violets blow.
The Vine undress'd her swelling Clusters bears,
The lab'ring Hind, the mellow Olive cheers;
Blossoms and Fruit at once the * Citron shows,
And as she pays, discovers still she owes.
The Orange to the Sun her Pride displays,
And gilds her fragrant Appels with his Rays.
No Blasts e'er discompose the peaceful Sky,
The Springs but murmur, and the Winds but sigh,

* Wall.





282 borne, W 283 breathes 11. W 1

296 this ) their 303 The Rose still blushes, and the Villets flow, 308 And the glad Orange courts the am'rous Maid | the ] her Wi 309 With golden Apples, and a silken Shade. 6


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