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If these attempt to Hoot, or those to Bray.
Had W - never aim'd in Verse to please,
We had not rank'd him with our Ogilbys.
Still Censures will on dull Pretenders fall,
A Codrus shou'd expect a Juvenal.
Il Lines, but like all Paintings, are allow'd,
To set off, and to recommend the good.
So Diamonds take a Lustre from their Foyle;
And to a B-ly 'tis, we owe a B-le.
Consider well the Talent you possess,
To strive to make it more would make it less;
And recollect what Gratitude is due,
To those whose Party you abandon now.
To them you owe your odd Magnificense,
But to your Stars your Magazine of Sense.
Haspt in a Tombril, aukward have you shin'd
With one fat Slave before, and none behind.
Then haste and join your true intrepid Friends,
Success on Vigour and Dispatch depends.

Lab'ring in Doubts Mirmillo stood, then said,
'Tis hard to undertake, if Gain disswade;
What Fool for noysie Feuds large Fees wou'd leave?
Ten Harvests more, wou'd all I wish for give.

True Man, reply'd the Elf; by Choice deceas'd,



70 These _46|| Those 1 – 4.6 71 We-yl-3 Westley Wi 75 allow'd ! 78 B-Y* Bentley W ' || B-e. 3 Boyle. Wi 79 Neuer Abschnitt 1-4 80 wou'd 1-4 82 Those 6 83 Them 6 84 Magazine ] Penury 85 awkardly you've shin'd 1-4 87 But soon, what They've exalted They 'l discard, L4 But Those that can exalt, can soon discard; 88 And set up Carus, or the City Bard. 1—4. 0 An Stelle von 89—106 haben 1_6 folgende VV.: Alarm’d at this, the Heroe Courage took. And Storms of Terrour threaten'd in his Look. (Look, 6] My dread Resolves, he cry'd, I'll straight [strait ®) pursue, (pursue; 2-8) The Fury smild und sullenly with-drew. [The Fury satisfy'd, ( nodded, and in Smiles withdrew. 2–6)




Ever contriving Pain, and never pleas'd.
A present Good they slight, an absent chuse,
And what they have, for what they have not, lose.
False Prospects all their true Delights destroy,
Resolv'd to want, yet lab'ring to enjoy.
In restless Hurries thoughtlesly they live,
At Substance oft unmov’d, for Shadows grieve.
Children at Toys, as Men at Titles aim;
And in effect both covet but the Same.
This Philip's Son prov'd in revolving Years;
And first for Rattles, then for Worlds shed Tears.

The Fury spoke, then in a Moment fir'd
The Heroe's Breast with Tempests, and retir'd.

In boding Dreams Mirmillo spent the Night,
And frightful Phantoms danc'd before his Sight.
Till the pale Pleiads clos'd their Eyes of Light.
At length gay Morn glows in the Eastern Skies,
The Larks in Raptures thro' the Æther rise,
The Azure Mists scud o'er the dewy Lawns,
The Chaunter at his early Matins yawns,
The Amaranth opes its Leaves, the Lys its Bells,
And Progne her Complaint of Tereus tells.

As bold Mirmillo the gray Dawn descries,
Arm'd Cap-a-pe, where Honour calls, he flies,
And finds the Legions planted at their Post;
Where mighty Querpo fill'd the Eye the most.
His Arms were made, if we may credit Fame,




Sky, 14. 6

107 boding ) omnious 1 109 fehlt in 1–4. 6 110 glows ) smiles 1–4. 6

111 From rifling silent Graves the Sextons fly. 112 azure ] rising 1–4. 6 || skud 1-4

113 yawns.

114 The Vi'lets ope their Buds, Cowslips their Bells. 1-4. 6 115 Progne, ? ! Tereus, 1 116 Kein neuer Abschnitt 1-4 119 Where Querpo in his Armour shone the most. 1–4 || fill'd ] charm'd 6 120 His Arms were made, ] his Shield was wrought, 1-4



By *Mulciber, the Mayor of Bromingham.
Of temper'd Stibium the bright Shield was cast,
And t yet the Work the Metal far surpass’d.
A Foliage of the Vulnerary Leaves,
Grav'd round the Brim, the wond'ring Sight deceives.
Around the Center Fate's bright Trophies lay,
Probes, Saws, Incision Knives, and Tools to slay.
Embost upon the Field, a Battle stood,
Of Leeches spouting Hemorrhoidal Blood.
The Artist too express'd the solemn State
Of grave Physicians at a Consult met;
About each Symptom how they disagree,
But how unanimous in case of Fee.
Whilst each Assassin his learn'd Collegue tires
With learn'd Impertinence, the Sick expires.

Beneath this Blazing Orb bright Querpo shone.
Himself an Atlas, and his Shield a Moon.
A Pestle for his Truncheon led the Van,
And his high Helmet was a Close-stool Pan.
His Crest an ** Ibis, brandishing her Beak,
And winding in loose Folds her spiral Neck.
This, when the Young ++ Querpoïdes beheld,
His Face in Nurse's Breast the Boy conceal'd;



* See the Allussion Hom. Iliad. B. 18. Virg. Æn. B. 8.
* See Ovid. Met. B. 2.

** This Bird, according to the Ancients, gives itself a Clyster with its Beak.

+ Alluding to Astynax. See Hom. Il.

121 Bromigham. 4 Birmingham 11 122–123 fehlen in 1 124 of the Vulnerary ) dissembl’d Senna 1-4.0 125 the ) its l_4.0 || sight 126—127 fehlen in 1-4.0 126 the ] its 128 the ) its l_4.6 130 exprest 1-4 || state 1-4 132 Disagree, 1-4

134 And whilst one Assasin another plies l_ || each ) one 135 With starch'd Civilities, the Patieut dyes. 1-4 || learn'd ) quaint 6 ceal'd. 1-4


139 pan.

143 con

Then peept, and with th' effulgent Helm wou'd play,
And as the Monster gap'd, wou'd shrink away.

145 Thus sometimes Joy prevail'd, and sometimes Fear; And Tears and Smiles alternate Passions were.

As Querpo tow'ring stood in Martial Might,
Pacific Carus sparkled on the Right.
An * Oran Outang o'er his Shoulders hung,

His Plume confess'd tbe Capon whence it sprung.
His motly Mail scarce cou'd the Heroe bear,
Haranguing thus the Tribunes of the War.
Fam'd Chiefs,
For present Triumphs born, design’d for more,

155 Your Virtue I admire, your Valour more. If Battel be resolv'd, you 'll find this Hand Can deal out Destiny, and Fate command. Our Foes in Throngs shall hide the Crimson Plain, And their Apollo interpose in vain.

160 Tho' Gods themselves engage, a + Diamed With ease cou'd show a Deity can bleed.

But War's rough Trade shou'd be by Fools profest, The truest Rubbish fills a Trench the best. Let Quinsies throttle, and the Quartan shake,

165 Or Dropsies drown, and Gout and Colicks rack; Let Sword and Pestilence lay waste, whilst we Wage bloodless Wars, and fight in Theory. Who wants not Merit needs not arm for Fame, The Dead I raise my Chivalry proclaim.

170 Diseases baffled, and lost Health restor’d, In Fame's bright List my Victories record.

* The Skin of a dissected Baboon called so.

† See Hom. IU. B. 5. 144 peep't 1-4. 8

ll play; 145 And ] But 1-4.8 || gap'd 2-4 || wou'd ) he'd 1-* || away: 148—194 fehlen in 1 149 sparkl'd 6 156 Value 11 value W1 161 Diomed 10–11. W 1 164 truest ] grossest Garth-Leicht, Dispensary,



More Lives from me their Preservation own,
Than Lovers lose if Fair Cornelia frown.

Your Cures, shrill Querpo cry'd, aloud you tell, 175
But wisely your Miscarriages conceal.
Zeno, a Priest, in Samothrace of old,
Thus reason'd with Philopidas the bold;
Immortal Gods you own, but think 'em blind
To wbat concerns the State of Human Kind.

180 Either they hear not, or regard not Pray’r, That argues want of Pow'r, and This of Care. Allow that Wisdom infinite must know; Pow'r infinite must act. I grant it so. Haste strait to Neptune's Fane, survey with Zeal 185 The Walls. What then? reply'd the Infidel. Observe those num'rous Throngs in Effigy, The Gods have sav'd from the devouring Sea. 'Iis true, their Pictures that escap'd, you keep, But where are Theirs that perish'd in the Deep?

190 Vaunt now no more the Triumph of your Skill, But, tho unfee'd, exert your Arm, and kill. Our Scouts have learn'd the Posture of the Foe; In War, Surprizes surest Conduct show.

But Fame, that neither Good nor bad conceals, 195 That P-ke's Worth, and 0-'s Valour tells. How Truth in B-how in C-h reigns Varro's Magnificence with Maro's Strains. But how at Church and Bar all gape and stretch If W- plead, or S-or 0-ly preach,

200 184 Kein Kursivdruck in 6 186 Kein Kursivdruck in 187 Effigy. ? wohl durch Effigy, 6- 1--11. W zu ersetzen. 189—190 Kursivdruck

195 But Fame that whispers each profound Design, || Fate? Druckfehler 196 And tells the Consultations at the Vine. 1-4 || Pembroke's W 1 || Ormond's Wi 197—198 fehlen in 1-4 197 Burnet, W 1 || Cav'ndish W1 199 But ] And 1-4 || stretch 1-6. O 200 If Wi-ton [W-ton 2 W-n s] but plead, or 0-ly (0-y 3-4 preach; I-- || Winnington Wi|| South W | Only Wi


fehlt in 6

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