Die Nigritier: eine anthropologisch-ethnologische Monographie, Τόμος 1

Wiegandt, Hempel & Parey, 1876 - 526 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 518 - Those portions of the skeleton, however, which hud been exposed above the surface of the clay, were partially consumed by the fire, and a layer of wood-ashes and charred bones, varying in thickness from two to six inches, indicated that the burning had been continued for some length of time. The fire appeared to have been most destructive around the head of the animal. Mingled -with the ashes and bones was a large number of broken pieces of rock, which evidently had been carried to the spot from...
Σελίδα 196 - Hamitic and other Asiatic nations; and that this primeval people, who occupied the whole of Northern Africa, bore much the same relation to the Berber or Berabra tribes of Nubia, that the Saracens of the middle ages bore to their wandering and untutored, yet cognate brethren, the Bedouins of the desert.
Σελίδα 518 - ... which was covered by twenty feet in thickness of alternate layers of sand, clay, and gravel, one of the arrow-heads lay underneath the thigh-bone of the skeleton, the bone actually resting in contact upon it, so that it could not have been brought thither after the deposit of the bone," a fact which he was careful thoroughly to investigate.
Σελίδα 196 - Seven years of additional investigation, together with greatly increased materials, have convinced me that they are neither Asiatics nor Europeans but aboriginal and indigenous inhabitants of the Nile or some contiguous region — peculiar in their physiognomy, isolated in their institutions, and forming one of the primordial centres of the human family.
Σελίδα 518 - The two arrow-heads found with the bones — " were," in the words of Dr. Koch himself,1 " in such a position as to furnish evidence still more conclusive, perhaps, than in the other case, of their being of equal, if not older date, than the bones themselves ; for, besides that they were found in a layer of vegetable...
Σελίδα 35 - Dense masses of powerful creepers-crept up the ruins, rending the solid masonry; and the seeds of the trees dropping year by year had produced a rapid undergrowth, those which had once been valuable fruit-trees having degenerated into wild ones. Chaos had, in a word, re-appeared where once trade and prosperity, order and regularity reigned. «Let us gather some of the custard apples, and climb yonder ruin,« said the missionary, speaking for the first time.
Σελίδα 515 - Geräthschaften vorgefunden, die nicht von Schwarzen verfertigt werden konnten. Wo diese weisse Bevölkerung geblieben, ob sie verjagt oder getödtet oder an Krankheit gestorben sei, kann Niemand mittheilen. So weit geht die Kenntniss der Makalaka, der jetzigen Bewohner.
Σελίδα 193 - Jan. 1«1, 8. 10. dem Zweistromlande, wahrscheinlich über Arabien, in den Nordosten des afrikanischen Continentes ein. Vielleicht sonderte sich eine Schaar der Emigranten ab und schlug freudig ihre Zelte in den gesegneten Fluren der Arabia felix auf. Derjenige Zweig, welcher dem Nil begegnete, fasste an den Ufern dieses wohlthätigen Stromes, bis in die heisse Zone hinein, festen FUSS...
Σελίδα 518 - About one year after this excavation, Dr. Koch found at another place in Benton County, Missouri, in the bottom of the Pomme de Terre River, about ten miles above its junction with the Osage, several stone arrowheads mingled with the bones of a nearly entire skeleton of the Missourium. The two arrow-heads found with the bones — " were,
Σελίδα 187 - Bttial -Verehrung durch niederägyptische Retu und palästinäische Aamu uns eine nationale Verwandtschaft zweier von uns für grundverschieden erachteter Völker zu demonstriren, verschafft er uns für die rein anthropologische, dh entscheidende Seite jener Frage durchaus keine Belehrung. Diejenigen, welche die alten Aegypter aus Asien stammen lassen, haben stets nach einer Verwandtschaft zwischen jenen und den Völkern Vorder- wie Innerasiens gesucht. Man hat auf die »Wiege der Menschheit...

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