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Science Manuals. Elementary, 1s.; Advanced, ls. 6d.; complete,

28. 6d. For Science Classes, Pupil Teachers, and Upper Classes in Sohools. ANIMAL PAYSIOLOGY, PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, MATHEMATICS, STEAM. Also Elementary only, TH EQ

RETICAL MECHANICS and Acoustics. PHYSIOGRAPHY and ZOOLOGI. “A greatly condensed, compact presentation of the leading facts of the science (Animal Physiology). Small and unpretending as the book is in appearanco, it is a manual for the teacher." _" School Board Chronicle."

"This Manual (Physical Geography) is highly useful to science classes, seeing that it om. bodies the results of the most recent researches made public by the Royal Geographical Society. Its information is clearly laid before the student; and studied in connection with the Author's “Science Questions and Answers" it can hardly fail of achieving the success its compiler, a practical teacher, has arrived at."_"Scholastic Register.”

“A clear and intelligent exposition 'of the leading facts of Physical Geography, nothing masential being apparently omitted.”_" Educational Times."

“Like most of the author's publications it is a valuable "multam in parvo.” The ground covered and details given are both comprehensive and precise. From beginning to end it is a compact mass of facts, and no time is wasted in undue explanation."_" Schoolmaster."

“Carefully compiled, and will prove a very aseful and handy book.”_"Schoolmaster."

“I am highly pleased with your Science Manuals, and am asing them myself, and recom. monding them to my friends for their clearness and suitability."—Mr. Green, Grammar School, Mirfield.

"Books are wanted that are cheap, correct, and complete. Mr. Majoris Mannal on Inorganic Chomistry is a book of this kind. It is conveniently divided into sections, and illustrated with diagrams, where necessary."_" Irish Teacher's Journal."

" An admirable book that should be in the hands of every one seeking certificates at the Science Examinations. The type is small, so that here is compressed as large an amount of information as is to be found in larger and more costly manuals. Mr. Major divides his subject clearly into its various heads, makes use of tables to put down statistics, and gives numerous diagrams to illustrate the text."_" Schoolmaster."

“This (Physical Geography) is a little manual for the use of students in science and other classes, and in Government schools, training colleges, and such like. The whole subject is dealt with in a careful, scientific, and philosophic spirit. The volume is so unpretentions that the reader is surprised at the solidity and completeness of the treatment of the subject." — " School Board Chronicle."

“The diagrams and illustrations are accurately and clearly defined and constructed, gene. rally so as to produce permanent impressions on the mind of the students. Our aathor's description of the formation and action of glaciers is clearer, more comprehensive, and mora scientife than that contained in any work of treble the size and cost, with which we are acquainted. We have to thank Mr. Major for the excellent little work he has prodaced, which we have no hesitation in saying contains more accurate information in Physical Geography than any other book of the same cost published, and in all cases the latest views are given. There is no better elementary book on Physical Geography published.”—" Irish Teachers' Journal."

“These are expressly written to impart a sound knowledge of elementary science, and will be found cheap, accurate, and original. They are eminently suited to private and public schools dealing with those subjects."_"Scholastic Register."

“ We are very pleased with this work (Steam). It shows a thorough practical knowledge of the subject, and it cannot fail to be asofa' in science classes."_" National Schoolmaster."

"A pupil who mastered its contents could not fail, and it shows that Mr. Major is a sensible and judicious writer of educational books. He avoids formality, and is careful not to alarm his pupils by anything like pedantry. He assumes on the part of the student, ordinary capacity and nothing more, and he endeavours to start from the ordinary knowledge of words and things possessed by such students, and to pass by easy steps from the known to the un. Iown. Notwithstanding the colloquial style of the work, Mr. Major has compressed a great Amount of Physical Geography into the 200 pages of this cheap Science Mandal.”—“ School Board Chronicle."

"I found your Science Manuals excellent, and am greatly indebted to you. I presented 22 to Physical Geography, and I had not a single failure."--R. H. HIGHAM, Board School, Ycovil.

"I have carefully perused your Complete Physical Geography, and like it exceedingly. The explanations are clear and precise, and trom the highest authorities."-J. W. STORT, Manshestor Grammar School.

The Science Questions and Answers. (Elementary and Advanced,

separate, 6d. each subject,) or Questions and Answers. Each Question answered as fully as requisite in the May Examinations,

by H. MAJOR, B.A., B.Sc. (Honours, London, F.R.G.S.) "A very aseful book, teachers will find it a great aid."—(Physical Geography.-F. C. Richardson, Science Teacher, Islington.

“I am well pleased with your Physical Goography and Animal Physiology, they are the best books that have yet appeared, and I would advise all who go in for examinations to procuro copies, and success will be certain."-James Gray, Rathbone, Ireland.

“I have examined your Examination Series (Inorganic Chemistry) and am highly pleased with it, no student who studies it can fail to gain a First Class. I would recommend overy teacher to procure them."—W. Bettel, Laboratory, Middlesborough.

“I am very pleased with the Science Examination Series. I consider them useful to all studenta."—W. J. Lancaster, F.M.S. (Author of Physics.)

“The Physical Geography is a model of what such a publication should be; the answers are well grouped, clear, concise, and correct."-T. B. Smith, People's College, Nottingham.

“Physical Geography contains a large amount of information compressed into a small compass. These books contain the essentials of the subjects of which they treat, and are models of answering to students."-J. Stevenson, Carrickfergus.

"I strongly recommend all Science Lecturers to procure copies for their classes, they will materially assist in framing their answers at the May Examinations, and thus reduce the labour of teachers to a minimum."—W. T. Clements, Science Teacher, Maghera.

“I am much pleased with the plan of Questions and Answers in Animal Physiology. The hints given about the method of answering will prove of great service to many students."Rev. R. H. Morris, Principal, Training College, Carmarthen.

“ Your idea is a very excellent one, and is well carried out."-T. Viccars, Torquay. “The answers will be found very valuable to students, and onght to take well.”—P. Magennis.

“I like your Series very much, and think them well calculated to raise the per-centage of passes ; they contain much information in a brief space, the answers are given in a good systematic form, greatly assisting the stadent in applying his knowledge at the Science Es. amination."-J. Fox, Orphan Working School.

"I heartily recommend all teachers at once to supply their papils with this excellent little work (Physical Geography). I heartily wish you success.”—J. S. Card, Bristol.

“ Your Science Questions and Answers are exceedingly useful, the answers are fall, comprehensive, and determine the proper scope of the questions."-J. McGinley, Dunkenelly.

“A truly inestimable boon to teachers (Physical Geography); the whole series is a happy idea. Your answers to Magnetism, &c., are all that could be desired ; students intending to sit should give them their best attention.”—F. Spencer, Nottingham.

"The Mathematics and Mechanics are neatly worked out, and will be of great service to students unaccustomed to examinations."-J. Hayes, Liverpool.

“The Science Examination Series must be of great value to Science Students, by affording them excellent models of appropriate answers to Science and Art Questions. We heartily commend it to teachers as a valuable adjunct to their class examinations."--"Schoolmaster."

“ There is a great deal of art in knowing how to properly answer a question, even if the mind be stored with an amount of knowledge amply sufficient for the purpose. Consequently Mr. Major deserves the thanks of Science Teachers for issuing these little works, that will show scholars how to answer their questions. These books are a vast improvement on the old catechism, inasmuch as each question is here answered at considerable length, and as fully as would be necessary in a Government Examination. Scholars accustomed to them will not waste their time, but remembering the model answers they have here studied, will at once state what they know clearly, accurately, and intelligibly."-"National Schoolmaster."

“They supply a want that has long been felt by all who have to prepare for the May Ex. aminations, and will, I am confident, be favourably received by Science Teachers." —J. House, Dalham Training College.

“I liko your Inorganic Chemistry much."-M. Knowles, Science Teacher, Bradford.
“I like the Science Questions and Answers much."-J. Kinton Bond, Plymouth.

"A student cannot fail to get a First-Class if he studies how the answers in the Science Questions and Answers are pat together."-F. S. Lewis, Science Teacher, Bristol. Science Questions, only, given by the Science Department, for the

last ten years. 2d. each subject, 28. por doz., post free.


Adopted by Leicester and other School Boards.

Messrs. GBIFFITH & FARBAN have the pleasure to announce that they

are issuing



To meet new requirements, Code 1882. Specially adapted to the requirements of the Education Department, as expressed in the Circular to Her Majesty's Inspectors, No. 187. They are written by Mr. H. MAJOR, B.A., B.Sc., who is well known as the author of many popular series of School Books; and Teachers may place the utmost confidence in their suitability to the purpose. N.B.-Special pains have been taken to secure a strong and durable

Highly commended by School Board Chronicle, 8c.


For Standard III. Reader, Code 1882 BRITISH HISTORY, from B.C. 55 to A.D. 1066, with Descriptions of Manners and Customs, Biographies, and Pictures of Former States of Life as contrasted with the present. Arranged in forty Sections, each containing sufficient matter for a Reading Lesson of due length. For Standard II. in Elementary Schools, and Juniors in Public and Private Schools. Uniform with MR. BLAKISTON'S " Glimpses of the

Globe.” Cloth limp, price ls. Very interesting, and much liked by children and teacherswith short and

easy ballads in English History.

GRIFFITH AND FARRAN, West Corner of St. Paul's Churchyard, LONDON,


Scripture Manuals for Pupil Teachers. Old Testament, 28. ;

New Testament 2s.; Prayer Book 28.; complete, 58. ...As a compilation and commentary we can speak in high terms of this volume; the method of its arrangement and general fitness for school use are highly praiseworthy."--"Schoolmaster."

“There is a great deal of information given in this Manual. Besides the history contained in the four gospels and the Acts of the Apostles, an Analysis of the Epistles is given; a useful table of geographical names, a number of questions already set at Diocesan Examinations, and notes of lessons suitable for Scripture teaching."- " National Schoolmaster."

"This (Prayer Book) is an admirable book, and if we are not mistaken will be soon in aso among all teachers of Church Schools. The experiences of many will call to mind the great trouble they have had merely to make useful selections from larger works. It is no small demand on a teacher to ask him to call from Pearson, Palmer, &c., just those parts he deems useful to his pupils. Mr. Major does all this for him. In speaking thas strongly of this book we are not unmindful of the claims of another admirable series. The book is properly tree from particular dogmatic teaching.". -"Schoolmaster.”

“Mr. Major has endeavoured to provide for the growing wants of those teachers who have to prepare for the Examinations in Scripture. There is commendable discretion in giving genealogies, good illustrations, and at the end of the book, within the compass of a dozen pages, all the prophecies and types relating to our Lord.”_" Schoolmaster."

“I am much delighted with your Prayer Book.”—Mr. JENKINS, Highworth. “Much useful information in a handy form,

and will fill up a gap in Papil Teacher literature."-Rev. W. T. SMITH, Diocesan Inspector, Canterbury.

“A valuable addition to a Pupil Teacher's library. I shall have much pleasure in recom. mending them for general use."-Rev. J. W. GEDGE, Diocesan Inspector, Surrey.

“No scholar can work through it, with study of the sacred text, and fail to get an improved knowledge of the times and character of the ancient people."-Rev. W. MICHELL, Diocesan Inspector, Bath and Wells.

“Your Manuals seem well adapted for use with the Bible and Prayer Book in preparing for examinations in religious knowledge. They would be helpful to the various classes of candi. dates examined in this Archdeaconry." —Rev. J. HOWARD TWIST, Diocesan Inspector, Bakewell.

"Very useful and suitable for the object proposod. I trust it may be the means of doing much good.”—Rev. B. W. WILSON, Diocesan Inspector, Carlisle.

“These meet a great want, as they embrace the course prescribed by the examiners for the Local, University, and other Examinations where the Scripture is studied. They are strictly undenominational, and suited to the wants of youths from 12 to 16 years of age." ** Scholastic Review."

“This little book contains—(1) A short and succinct history of the Book of Common Prayer. (2) An analysis of its contents, moderately full, showing where the versicles are taken from the Bible, and explaining such names as “ Septuagesima," "Maunday Thursday," &c. (8) An explanation of the Church Catechism, with Scripture proofs. (4) A short analysis of the offices of Confirmation, Baptism, &c. (5) A list of dates connected with the history of the Prayer Book. (6) A number of questions already set on this subject, with specimen answers, and notes of lessons. (7) A Glossary of Terms used in the Prayer Book. The Book is sold for two shillings."--National Schoolmaster."

“This work contains a short analysis of each book in the Bible, with a running summary on its contents. Such points are selected for treatment as would be most likely to be set in examinations. At the end of the book there is an exhaustive list of the Old Testament prophecies relating to Christ. There is also a list of questions given that have been set at previous examinations."-"National Schoolmaster." Major's Note of Scripture Lessons, specially prepared for Head

Teachers and Pupilo Teachers, for the preparation of Scripture

Lessons. Old Testament, 2s. 6d.; New Testament, 2s. 6d. Pupil Teacher's Geographies, for each year of apprenticeship, cloth,

averaging 112 pp. each, with copious questions already given by H.M. Inspectors. Expressly written for Papil Teachers, full of

information, and logically arranged. One shilling each year. Pupil Teacher's Grammars, 1s. each year of apprenticeship. These

have been prepared on the same principle as above. Pupil Teacher's Histories, 1s. each year of apprenticeship, see above.

Ta aur Readers.



To reduce stocks before stock-taking, the Editor will supply any of his Educational Works (Catalogues post free), at half published prices, plus postage. They comprise every requirement for Schools, Papil Teachers, Ex-Pupil Teachers, and Assistants, as Readers, Grammars, Geographies, Arithmetics, Drawing Books, Registers, Class and Specific Subjects; Papil Teacher's Questions and Answers, and especially books saited to the New Code, 1882, viz. :—History Reader for Standards IV., V., VI., 6d. Geography Readers.-British Isles, ls., Colonies 1s., Europe 1s., Asia and Africa 1s., America and Oceans ls. ; Poetry 6d.; Mental Arithmetic 19.; Notes of Lessons 2s.6d.; Ditto for Infants 2s.6d.; Graduated Answers in Arithmetic 2s. 6d.; Diocesan Scripture Manuals, Old Test. 2s., New Test. 29.; Prayer Book 28.; Notes of Scripture Lessons, Old Test. 2s.6d., New Test. 2s.6d.; Guide and Text Book to Scholarship and Certificate Examinations 59. Crowon Readers.-MAJOR's New Code Readers; Midland Readers, in 6 Stand. ards; Crown Drawing Books (Freehand), in 7 books of 2d.; and all the other Books advertised in this Number of the PUPIL TEACHER.

Knight's Algebra, 23., post free from Editor for 1s. 6d. Best

Algebra yet published for Pupil Teachers and Assistants. Acrostic History of England, 6d. post free from Editor. Excel.

lent notion.
Afghanistan, 1d., post free from the Editor.
Cyprus, 1d., post free from the Editor.
All Stewart's Extra Subjects, post free at published prices.


LEICESTER CLASS REGISTER, 1s.; Summary, 5s.6d.; Pronounced by the Educational Press and practical Teachers to be the best

got ap Register in the market.

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