The New Testament

R. Edwards, and sold by T. Hamilton, 1810 - 275 σελίδες

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Σελίδα xviii - My confidence is not in my parents, nor in any man else, but only in God, in whom I trust, by whose assistance I will be bold to speak the truth.
Σελίδα xxiv - ... acts of piety, there were many abominable hypocrites, who entertained the most ridiculous opinions, and concealed the most enormous vices under the specious mark of this extraordinary profession.
Σελίδα 8 - That thou be not seen fastynge to men, but to thi fadir that is in hidlis, and thi fadir that seeth in hidlis schal yelde to thee.
Σελίδα lxxii - That no one should thereafter translate any text of Holy Scripture into English, by way of a book, or little book, or tract ; and that no book of this kind should be read, that was composed lately in the time of John Wickliff, or since his death.
Σελίδα xviii - if I had known what maisteries you would have kept in the Church I would have stopped you out from coming hither.
Σελίδα 39 - Here ye, lo a man sowinge goith out to sowe, and the while he sowith sum seed fel aboute the weye, and briddis of hevene camen and eeten it. other felde doun on stony places, where it hadde not myche erthe, and anoon it sprong up ; for it hadde not depnesse of erthe, and whanne the sunne roos up it welewide for hete, and it driede up, for it had no roote.
Σελίδα 7 - Blessid ben thei that ben of clene herte : for thei schulen se god. Blessid ben pesible men : for thei schulen be clepid goddis children. Blessid ben thei that suffren persecucioun for rightwisnesse : for the kyngdom of hevenes is hern.
Σελίδα xv - Rome shall not present or collate to any bishopric or living in England ; and that whoever disturbs any patron in the presentation to a living by virtue of a papal provision, such provisor shall pay fine and ransom to the king at his will, and be imprisoned till he renounces such provision : and the same punishment is inflicted on such as cite the king, or any of his subjects, to answer in the court of Rome.
Σελίδα 7 - Ye ben salt of the erthe, that if the salt vanishe awey wherynne schal it be salted ? to nothing it is worth over, no but it be cast out, and be defoulid of men. Ye ben light of the world, a citee sett on an hill may not be hid.
Σελίδα 87 - And whanne thei dredden and bowiden her semblaunt into crthe, thei seiden to hem, what seeken ye him that lyueth with deede men ? He is not here : but he is risun : haue ye minde how he spak to you whanne he was yit in Golilee, and seide, for it behoueth mannes sone to be bitakun into the hondis of synful men : and to be crucifyed : and the thridde day to rise agen...

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