Universal history, ancient and modern, Τόμος 13


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Σελίδα 353 - They are a mild, quiet, and timid people; perfectly harmless, honest, faithful; and, though extremely phlegmatic, they are kind and affectionate to each other, and not incapable of strong attachments. A Hottentot would share his last morsel with his companions. They have little of that kind of art or cunning that savages generally possess. If accused of crimes of which they have been guilty, they generally divulge the truth. They seldom quarrel among themselves or make use of provoking language.
Σελίδα 350 - Hottentots; and perhaps not a score of individuals who are not actually in the service of the Dutch. These weak people, the most helpless, and in their present condition perhaps the most wretched, of the human race, duped out of their possessions, their country, and their liberty, have entailed upon their miserable offspring a state of existence to which that of slavery might bear the comparison of happiness.
Σελίδα 78 - ... not expected, he withdrew it, and forsook the piece which he held. There were two large pieces, a leg and a shoulder, lying upon a wooden platter; into these he trussed both his claws, and carried them off, but I thought he looked wistfully at the large piece which remained in the warm water.
Σελίδα 375 - The BRITISH NEPOS ; or, MIRROR of YOUTH; consisting of select Lives of Illustrious Britons, who have been distinguished for their Virtues, Talents, or remarkable Advancement in Life, with incidental practical Reflections; written purposely for the Use of Young Persons, on the obvious principle, — that Example is more powerful and more se* ditctive than Precept.
Σελίδα 78 - ... he did not stoop rapidly from a height, but came flying slowly along the ground, and sat down close to the meat within the ring the men had made round it. A great shout, or rather cry of distress, called me to the place. I saw the Eagle stand for a minute, as if to recollect himself, while the servants ran for their lances and shields: I walked up as nearly to him as I had time to do.
Σελίδα 145 - To describe Egypt in two words, let the reader imagine on one side a narrow sea and rocks, on the other immense plains of sand; and in the middle, a river flowing through a valley of a hundred and fifty leagues in length, and from three to seven wide, which, at the distance of eighty leagues from the sea separates into two arms, the branches of which wander over a country where they meet with no obstacles, and which is almost without declivity.
Σελίδα 233 - A number of men and children present themselves at a distance, and there stand from humility, not daring to approach him. He then asks who these are, and they tell him that they wish to be deacons.
Σελίδα 375 - BIOGRAPHY, or the Lives and Characters of the principal Personages recorded in the Sacred Writings, practically adapted to the instruction of Youxh, and to the use of private families.
Σελίδα 380 - IOs. bound. THE HISTORY of ENGLAND to the peace of Amiens, 1802, with views of the state of Society and Manners in each age, written in a series of letters, addressed to a young lady at school, by CHARLOTTE SMITH. In three volumes, 8vo. price 15s.
Σελίδα 239 - The dead bodies of criminals slain for treason, murder, and violence, on the highway at certain times, are seldom buried in Abyssinia. The streets of Gondar are strewed with pieces of their carcases, which bring the wild beasts in multitudes into the city as soon as it becomes dark, so that it is scarcely safe for any one to walk in the night. The dogs used to bring pieces of human bodies into the house and court-yard, to eat them in greater security.

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