The New Statistical Account of Scotland: Inverness, Ross and Cromarty

W. Blackwood and Sons, 1845

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Σελίδα 301 - But here, — above, around, below, On mountain or in glen, Nor tree, nor shrub, nor plant, nor flower, Nor aught of vegetative power, The weary eye may ken. For all is rocks at random thrown, Black waves, bare crags, and banks of stone...
Σελίδα 306 - How sleep the brave, who sink to rest, By all their country's wishes blest ! When Spring, with dewy fingers cold, Returns to deck their hallowed mould, She there shall dress a sweeter sod Than Fancy's feet have ever trod.
Σελίδα 301 - Hath rent a strange and shatter'd way Through the rude bosom of the hill, And that each naked precipice, Sable ravine, and dark abyss, Tells of the outrage still. The wildest glen, but this, can show Some touch of Nature's genial glow ; On high...
Σελίδα 10 - ... were seized at nearly the same time by consumption. In one the progress of the disease was rapid — he died two short months after he was attacked by it ; while the other, though wasted almost to a shadow, had yet strength enough left to follow the corpse of his companion to the grave. The name of the survivor was Fiddler — a name still common among the seafaring men of the town.
Σελίδα 10 - ... his coming ; but he waited long — lonely and dejected ; and then remembering that he for whom he waited was dead, he burst into tears. At this moment a large field-bee came humming from the west, and began to fly round his head. He raised his hand to brush it away ; it widened its circle, and then came humming into his ear as before.
Σελίδα 10 - He accordingly set himself to dig, and no sooner had he torn a sod out of the bank than a spring of clear water gushed from the hollow; and the bee taking a wider circle, and humming in a voice of triumph, that seemed to emulate the sound of a distant trumpet, flew away. He looked after it, but as he looked the images of his dream began to mingle with those of the waking world ; the scenery of the hill seemed obscured by a dark cloud, in the centre of which there glimmered a faint light ; the rocks,...
Σελίδα 263 - We were entertained with the usual hospitality by Mr. Macdonald and his lady Flora Macdonald, a name that will be mentioned in history, and if courage and fidelity be virtues, mentioned with honour.
Σελίδα 120 - Bart., whose mortal remains, transported from the field of glory where he died, rest here with those of his forefathers. During twenty years of active military service, with a spirit which knew no fear, and shunned no danger, he accompanied or led, in marches, sieges, and battles, the...
Σελίδα 10 - ... window. He rose, and, after digging the well, drank of the water and recovered. And its virtues are still celebrated ; for though the water be only simple water, it must be drunk in the morning, and as it gushes from the bank ; and with pure air, exercise, and early rising for its auxiliaries, it continues to work cures.
Σελίδα 334 - the person who had the management of the boat having beside him a rope, with a running noose at one end and a heavy stone at the other...

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